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Chat log from R10 of 2020: Richmond vs Brisbane

Chat log for Richmond vs Brisbane, R10 of 2020

CozzieCan: Who wins dusty or Neale ?
Ooost: Neale
amigaman: Hope tigers don’t kill this with negative crap
CozzieCan: Just chucked the C on dusty , wish me luck fellas
MrWalrus: High score Neale, actual impact neck tatt
MrWalrus: Tiges don’t play negative, our opponents do
Ooost: VC Neale for me
Ash777: This week I bought in dusty, skinner & witherden &
MrWalrus: Same Ooost
Apachecats: 23 degrees up there ,4 degrees down here.
Napper: If my emergency say scores 70 and my on field player scores 40 will my it take the emergencies score?
pcaman2003: Hi all! Hoping Neale won’t attract a tagger.
MrWalrus: Nope unless you have a doughnut on field
kascadev8: good after lads. no @Napper , unless you have someone not playing in the onfield position you wont get the higher score
Grazz: Am I right in saying this game isn’t live into SA tonight. Gave up membership fees to not be able to watch footy
pcaman2003: Napper. No it won’t.
teachrtony: Oooh, big call Cozzie. SC or Fantasy?
Napper: Ok that’s what I thought, do I start Aarts or Skinner
kascadev8: tom lynch is a flog, hope andrews gives him a clean up. id belt lynch every chance i got
pcaman2003: And,here we go.
Gotigres: Expect Pickett to only score about 50 as I started him on field.
Poliyagon: got the C on Neale, my Opponent has it on Dusty, I also brought in skinner!
CozzieCan: @tony sc m8
circle52: Enjoying game on FTA in Qld – Go Lions
pcaman2003: Thanks Gotigres.
CozzieCan: @poli you playing cozziescats ?
Ooost: I have Skinner on the bench
Ooost: 3 clearances to Neale already, they’ll surely give him some attention soon
teachrtony: Gutsy call, best of luck.
BOMBRBLITZ: let’s go Piggy Neale
pcaman2003: Neale off to a flyer. Go Lachie go.
casey22: Dont care who scores what, as long as Neale goes huge
GroupOne: Hi All, VC Neale, hope last nights 190pts call from one of the crew salutesor 190 rings true
Bezzina: Brought his own ball again Neale
DrSeuss: How TF to teams not put work into Neale – it is dumbfounding.
Bezzina: question fellas, can i loop using a player with a bye or no?
Gotigres: 300 please Neale.
CozzieCan: Dusty looks interested tonight great start
Yelse: so if u put the C on a zero to get the VC does your sub come in with this top 18 starters?
teachrtony: I’m in 10 leagues, 7 pretty tough FF leagues, and 9/10 have VC on Neale.
circle52: I am Bezzina – I am using Walters to loop Aarts – Budarick
MrWalrus: Terrible umpiring so far do they not know the rules?
circle52: Yes Yelse so long as he is in top 18 scorers
teachrtony: The fun will start if he gets 130ish.
Avarax: yes @ yelse
Bezzina: so assume it works the same way with a player not being selected – circle
Avarax: best 18, from any position including emergencies reuired
The Hawker: straight up chucked the C on Neale cause you know he will rip it
Avarax: just stop complaining walrus. too much every game
MrWalrus: Never!
teachrtony: @Hawker, that was the 1 oppo who didn’t VC him, straight to C. I did the same in Fantasy, hope it comes off.
Napper: Does Skinner got points for that half tackle?
Ash777: grime n jroo are dirty players
Donzoes: if the umpiring is half as bad as last week, you’re in for a long night walrus
AuroraBore: Traded mcluggage to Lyons this week, i reckon the suitcase will slow down for the season
Sillybugga: Skinner them alive Lions
MrWalrus: Also true and relevant unlike player x is crap because they dont have all the supercoach points
Donzoes: I think pressure acts are some point reward napper
DrSeuss: Ok Egg Smith – one last week before I cover my mistake of bringing you in
TheLegend6: Grow up Ash
Yelse: what happens if you have 2 emergencies playing in same line?
Cr1cketeer: Grimes seems like a great bloke. Still a bit of a dirty player tho. Learnt from Rance after all
OnTheRocks: 200 please Neale
Sillybugga: Hi guys anyone roll guns & rookies still? Always hear talk of speculative midprice gambles
SC-STAR–: Neale need to pop off
TheLegend6: Learnt from Rance to be one of the best modern defenders? Yep!
heppelitis: get moving googy egg
pcaman2003: Brissie def really struggling
pcaman2003: Another 15+pts for the qtr please Lachie.
DrSeuss: Andrews trying to do too much on Lynch. Payne is a massive unit though
Gotigres: Balta is the perfect replacement for Rance.
Ash777: Grimes likes to flop.
LeGoat1996: @Yelse lowest point emergency gets allocated to the free spot
navy_blues: htb rule sucks every game diff interpretation
MrWalrus: Did Grimes personally do you some wrong ash? So much angst
pcaman2003: Nice work Lachie. Same again next qtr.
scboy123: If i start a bye player will an emergency come in?
Poliyagon: neale just jumped from 24 to 47. idk why but i’ll take it!
circle52: agree navblues a real lottery. Going both ways tonight so far
Bezzina: @silly only premos or rookies for me
Badgerbadg: Skinnner!
Napper: How many premiums do you guys have out this week?
circle52: yes scboy but ensure he is listed as e
RooBoyStu: People who brought in Skinner this week have been skinned
wadaramus: Is that Superintendent Chalmers Badger?
cogs94: Neale and Martin on practically identical stats, but Neale has 20 more points
MrWalrus: @ circle, also agree but why is incorrect disposal never paid
Avarax: pre-emptive scaling done each quarter @poli
Apachecats: McLuggage is turning into excess baggage
Sillybugga: @bezzina good stuff! I feel the word premo is used loosely these days
heppelitis: was hoping skinner was on 4 points for the lols
Kidult: Skinner only had 1 more game left in him with Mcstay due back
Sillybugga: @cogs94 that is the difference between dt and sc. Impact > stats
The Hawker: surely mcstay swaps for ballenden
boxy36: Come on Neale, 200 pls
kascadev8: great start Neale, keep that up Mr 2020 Brownlow winner. would like to see lynch cop a fine, no need for the head wack
MrWalrus: Kind of feel like Martins impact has been greater myself
Kidult: Riewoldt probably be dropped at another club been so out of form
cmperrfect: Cape for Lynch
circle52: 2Hawker Ballandeen has been doing the relief ruck so maybe not
DrSeuss: Martin has had greater impact than Neale though
kascadev8: got neale (c) dusty short pickett, aarts (bench) reasonable start for me, very happy
Gotigres: Derek is the Eggman and you are the Walrus, MrWalrus
MrWalrus: Agree kascdev, id give him a week
DrSeuss: Neale has started this qtr better though
GobChuck: Neale VC, Dusty, Zorko, Pickett (Bench) Aarts (Bench) for me here
hokkien34: Neale has more contested poss Seuss and I think they’re worth more
Silz90: Nobody is coming close to neale in the brownlow. noah balta a close 2nd lol
kascadev8: @MrWalrus 100% would love him to get a week, hate lynch, head wack stuff is the crap i did as a defender in junior footy
MrWalrus: Why thankyou Gotigres, co co ca choo 🙂
StacksOn: what the actual flower castagna
heppelitis: too many look like eggman. get excited to only see others scores going up.
cmperrfect: How about an egg icon m0nty?
Gotigres: lol MrWalrus
circle52: Kicking ourselkves out of the game
Breezey: JRoo threatened with the chop and delivers
CozzieCan: Gee dusty what an awesome kick , absolutel legend
Water: im sick of watching players pass from 30 out on a slight angle what the fuck is that shit
DrSeuss: Egg started on the bench Hepp.
DrSeuss: Brissy need to fix their shots on goal or will never win finals
heppelitis: bad egg…thx dr
circle52: agree Dr 3 easy ones missed
bhg26: Everyone has to do the “team thing” Water
DrSeuss: If you watch Egg Smith – Richmond rarely seek him when open
Legix: martin’s a freak man
heppelitis: They used in his first game…looked a Houli clone. what a trap
CozzieCan: Dusty you bloody legend
Breezey: Touched
wadaramus: Score review spoils it!
Nuffman: big touch.. boo for my SC
Water: muppet for skinner
AuroraBore: skinner why
wadaramus: Brisbane doing everything they can to make sure they lose.
Silz90: harsh but muppet for skinner
pcaman2003: Muppet for Skinner
scboy123: yeah good luck sam skinner owners lol
Raspel31: Squeezed home by 8pm- still no war criminal. Go Neale you good thing.
Ash777: Lions should be winning this.
Breezey: Skinner skinner skinner
Napper: Thanks Skinner
pcaman2003: C’mon Lachie and ton up by half time.
TheLegend6: How Ash? We should have 2-3 more goals
Kidult: Neale would get 200 if he tackled…
wadaramus: If you accidentally kick it close to the boundary line and it goes out?
wadaramus: Deliberate!
Bluebagg11: Skinner! NNnoooo
Yelse: starcevich lift and picket get to 50 at QRT
wadaramus: Yes, you meant to do it!
casey22: Lachie gets points when he’s not even seen in the play
StuL: They call him Skinner, faster than lightning
DrSeuss: Egg Smith doing absolutely nothing – should have taken Tobe Watson’s average for the bye FFS
88360: Skinner hurry up you fool
CozzieCan: Is anyone else’s fox footy really behind ?
Ash777: Lions have had more scoring shots but wasted them.
Ooost: Neale 😀
MrWalrus: It’s ok legend, ash just hates the tiges, mum got run over by the team bus or something
wadaramus: Seymour! Yes Mother?
kascadev8: minimal offences from Lynch starting to stack up. plays for richmond so will get off anyway
Ash777: why you tigers supporters so sensitive lmao
Silz90: on ya faarts! keeping mooing
TheLegend6: Bit rich of you to say Ash lmao
Napper: They always got something to say against Collingwood but when we say something about Richmond they mad
GobChuck: It’s just the northen lights Wada
navy_blues: lions should be in front but bad kicking is bad football
DrSeuss: If Brisbane kick straight they are in front – no question. But they can’t kick straight to save themselves
Gotigres: Surely a free against Jack then
Nuffman: how was that not a free against JRoo?
circle52: Missed the head high befoire HTB Free kick umpires
heppelitis: unrealistic attempt lol
Raspel31: So very happy I kept Skinner on the bench for Vandemeer who scored a fab 32.
BOMBRBLITZ: Skinner, Ballenden and Payne look way out of their depth.
DrSeuss: How is that not a free for Jack piggybacking him??
bhg26: So jumping on someones back is now legal?
scboy123: Jack unrealistic attempts and then trips a player and gets a free kick. seems legit
Bezzina: if i captain walters, emergency close and all my other forwards are playing. Will my VC get the captaincy?
TheLegend6: You take that luck when you can
casey22: So Payne misses a plus 6 & goes minus 3 instead
heppelitis: it wasnbt jacks free too…the other tiger tackler imo
Avarax: @bezzina, yes
OnTheRocks: Keep getting those sneaky +s on SC Neale and I’ll love you long time
StacksOn: yep @bezz the vc/c loophole applies only to players on field
Raspel31: That’s the idea Bezzina.
kascadev8: richmond very looked after, but their stupid supporters will still say they arent. genuinely no clue
circle52: Yep Bezzina that is how it works
Bezzina: thanks @stacks, just wasn’t sure if it worked the same with the players having the bye
Napper: Great fielded Skinner over Aarts
hokkien34: Umpires giving Brisbane a hard time here
MrWalrus: Terrible umpiring still do they not know the rules?
heppelitis: I can’t get arts on too.
TheLegend6: @Kas we can all see it tonight mate, not sure what your point is?
kascadev8: umps love richmond and so do the commentators, hate richmond the most
circle52: Cant blame umpires thogh for bad kicking 2 less shots only but railing by 27
spdysaint: If I captain somebody with a bye will the vc trick work still
StuL: He’s not the real Seymour Skinner anyway
kascadev8: yeh brisbane are kicking woeful, but if brisy could get away with the stuff richmond do itd be a different game
pcaman2003: Have the E on Georgiades on team view,but gameday doesn’t show the E on Georgiades. Anyone?
kascadev8: @spdysaint yeh it will, or at least it did for me last year
Breezey: The Tigers at home are definitely hard to beat.
BRAZZERS: lol the cats are pure garbage tho
heppelitis: name too long? @pcaman
DrSeuss: Brisbane have kicked awful all year – need to fix it before finals or will be out in straight sets again this year
Torz: Skinner playing more like Armin Tamzarian
MrWalrus: Not sure the umpiring has much to do with it, brisbane just getting outplayed by a better team
kascadev8: @pcaman2003 think its just a visual glitch, should be fine
spdysaint: Thanks kascadev8
teachrtony: I had that once when I loopholed Gawn with a dodgy satellite internet connection and missed out on a lot pcaman.
FlyinRyan2: got a multi on for chol, martin and neale to kick goals… ffs
Legix: @Torz haha nice one
pcaman2003: @Heppelitis. Possibly. I hope that’s all it is.
MrWalrus: Nice but backwards torz, Tamzarian was a badass
pcaman2003: Thanks Kascadev8. Hopefully that’s it
GroupOne: @pcaman2003 I have same thing with E on Georg so I thik @hepp is right name too long for condensed field size
Snarfy: Am I correct in saying that if Neale slows down scoring wise the tigers players will start taking points from him?
Poliyagon: thankfully got skinner off my field, however this is still not great for him!
pcaman2003: Onya GroipOne. Felling relief!
kascadev8: rayner done his hamstring apparently, dont know if anyone in here has him
Sillybugga: best of 18 skinner score meaningless
teachrtony: He’ll be Emergency colour pca.
88360: You still want him to make cash sillybugga
Napper: Even though Skinner won’t be in best 18, picking Aarts would probably got rid of George’s score
pcaman2003: teachrtony. He shows the E colour in Team view,just not showing his E in the game view page
thommoae: I have Rayner. Nice steady earner. Not any more.
heppelitis: I think I recall it happened to me and was fine. I did not pay too much attention to it though.
teachrtony: I’ve had him E the last few weeks and they are right. Name too long.
pcaman2003: Are we doing a NTP tonight for Neale?
Poliyagon: yeah but i only have 18 playing, skinner not included
DrSeuss: Lynch is such a tosser. Was that a correct disposal from Lync there?
Kidult: The Big O probably lose his fwd status next year now with him doin bulk ruck for rest of year
TheLegend6: @Seuss a tosser for what? hahaha
Stu7: Get of your ar5e Bailey
StuL: McIntosh admiring his rug. Im sure he was bald or balding not long ago
DrSeuss: Getting angry and bumping smaller players, taking a dive right in front of the Ump. Fake tough guy
DrSeuss: Meanwhile – Dusty get involved FFS
navy_blues: brissy cant buy a goal
Raspel31: Might I politely say- come on you Brisbane chappies- good show and all that eh what?
gazza39: So happy i picked Short early on
pcaman2003: Good stuff Neale. Keep it going big.
Ash777: Despite the lions domination cant kick a goal.
AuroraBore: pls jarryd
Stu7: Woeful kicking by Brisbane should be in front
Lofty9: Someone in the commentary box got the Rona?
Water: 3 goals 11 is embarassing
boxy36: 3 goals 11 – disgusting
GobChuck: zorks kicking his sc score and absolutely shooting himself in the foot tonight
Stu7: 10 Shots at goal
kascadev8: just me or did lynch try elbow andrews in the head after the tackle?
Silz90: wow what is ah chee doing. this is not good enough.
pcaman2003: Lions killing themselves with terrible goal kicking
heppelitis: good egg kick them in. only way upwards
Fatbar5tad: Lynch is a massive tosser.
VodkaHawk: Stop ignoring Berry ya muppets
pcaman2003: Move along Pickett. No one gave you the night off.
kascadev8: lynch thinks he is 1000x better then he is, makes me want to play top level football as a defender just so i can hit him
Lofty9: Lions forwards shooting blanks
Ash777: Ah chee needs to stop blazing away with a kick as soon as he gets it.
TheLegend6: Lynch is a gun lads, ease up haha
valkorum: @kascadev8 yep, he is definitely being a douche tonight
Breezey: You must be one tough bugger Kascade.
GobChuck: yes drop dusty drop
Raspel31: Um, er, no he’s not TheLegend.
Napper: Why do they play Dusty forwards come on
kascadev8: lynch and “is a gun” can not be used in the same sentence. gun key forwards dont miss from 5 metres out
Stu7: 12 shots at goal who’d be a coach!
Majump96: @GobChuck that didn’t last long
TheLegend6: Haha love the hate, keep it coming!
Nuffman: mark, long effective kick I50, goal assist… = 8 SC 🙁
Stu7: Go Bailey go
Jukes82: lol i remeber Carey and Lloydy missing from the goal square
Donzoes: Painful to watch this kicking now
pcaman2003: Is this a comedy show from Brisbane.
Ash777: what hate? we’re just cringing at Lions woefull goal kicking.
kascadev8: look at lynch try to sprint past that brisbane player, brisy man isnt even trying and stays infront xD what a “gun fwd”
StacksOn: swear all the tigs supporters in this are so soft!
DrSeuss: This is getting beyond a joke – much like Egg Smiths score
TheLegend6: Everyone hating on Richmond @Ash
kascadev8: anyone wanna provide predictions on the number of behinds brisbane kick?
Stu7: Come on Bailey you d1ck
Ash777: Also only brisbane are the reason Tigers in front not tigers.
Breezey: I’d take Lynch before the grub Tomahawk anyday.
pcaman2003: Where r u Dusty and Pickett?
MrWalrus: Hey jukes, don’t forget the great Richoman!
Raspel31: They are not at all hating on Richmond TheLegend- they just don’t like them which is understandable.
navy_blues: lol
BigChief: Amazing kick from “The Gun”.
Stu7: Pickett is so hold and cold
kascadev8: hahahahah your gun key forward missed xD. easy shot for a key forward
CozzieCan: Dusty such a sensational kick , mind blowing
StacksOn: big lol
Gandhi: That’s all that free kick deserved. Should have been against Lynch.
valkorum: yep gun – hits the post from directly in front
Donzoes: why couldnt they kick like this last week
AuroraBore: I’d certainly take Lynch at the pies
kascadev8: @Gandhi 100%, lynch didnt deserve a free
wadaramus: Neale VC looking plump and juicy 🙂
Silz90: thank you neale <3 can he hit 160 tonight
Poliyagon: get to 50 at least Starc! 1 week till you’re finally gone!
circle52: Interesting all the stats favour us but we are 27 points down.
Raspel31: WellMr Neale, welcome to the captaincy once again.
Nuffman: agree Donzoes
wadaramus: Lynch is unnecessarily arrogant, a trait which elicits dislike.
Ash777: Lynch is a much better forward than most. Eagles Kennedy over any other forward tho.
circle52: and have said a few times bad kicking will hurt us and how true tonight.
boxy36: 130 at 3qtr time is lovely for a VC – keep it going choccy
kascadev8: can pickett touch the ball please, if i wanted to be screwed over id prefer it from woodcock 😉
MrWalrus: Not hating on them, sure, keep it coming boys it just makes us stronger
Raspel31: Who else wada? Put vc on Macrae-not enough and do we know if big Maxie cleared to play?
pcaman2003: Sshh!you guys on Neale. You may mozz him for the last qtr.
circle52: and for me the real turning point of the game was the mark and miss by Skinner and then goal the other end 11 point tur
Donzoes: I think Maxie cleared himself Raspel
CozzieCan: @ash what about Franklin ?
Raspel31: Yes, your and my secret pcaman.
circle52: and the start of tigers run
Bluebagg11: Big last q please Seymour Skinner!!
Breezey: Maxie has been named.
Badgerbadg: Carn Seymour!!!!
Water: maxy cleared to play raspel
Switcheyes: @ donzoes what difference would it make Brisbane 3/4 time score beats Essendon full time score from last week
Raspel31: Cheers Donzoes- but would you risk it?
wadaramus: Don’t have Macrae Raspel, if not for Neale, it would be a tough choice!
Ash777: Franklin in his prime yes but not now.
Donzoes: Have you ever watched The Butterfly Effect Switcheyes
VodkaHawk: Media probably brings dislike for Tigers. Dusty has 1 good game all year and they start talking Brownlow
Raspel31: Cheers all- collective sigh of relief Maxie playing.
Donzoes: and dont need to risk anything, have VC Neale
wadaramus: It’s nice to see Richmond having to earn road wins like most other teams.
heppelitis: Thank goodnes I don’t have to put up with Starfishes 45s anymore
wadaramus: Instead of playing every game right next to their training base at the MCG.
Switcheyes: The butterfly effect means nothing when your team plays like they are under 12s
Nuffman: it does when the other team is playing like U10s, Switcheyes
Gotigres: That’s the way Aarts.
pcaman2003: @Heppelitis. Absolutely! I traded him up to Stewart this week.
pcaman2003: That’s better Pickett.More of that please.
Gotigres: That’s the way Pickett.
StacksOn: love watching baker, wish he was sc relevant
AuroraBore: and gives away a 50
Ash777: All that points from pickett gone.
Avarax: did anyone fall for the witherden trap
heppelitis: Lift Derek….Giving all Dereks a bad name…Bo, Derek and Clive.
Raspel31: Neale is dropped- hasn’t touched the ball in 5 minutes.
BigChief: Nice push in the back from Dusty.
pcaman2003: Tigers able to find space way too easily
DrSeuss: Egg Smith has quickly become a joke- what was I thinking bringing you in
Raspel31: Yes Avarax.
Breezey: Gotta love a good smashing.
casey22: Gold jacket, wig, stuffed toy tiger: says it all about tiger supporters
pcaman2003: I said you blokes could mozz Neale. Now look what you’ve done.
CozzieCan: Keep going dusty awesome job
TheLegend6: Witches hat is stiff on andrews
Breezey: Absolute turd that Zorko.
Switcheyes: Essendon couldn’t get a kick against aus kick
Raspel31: Pretty sure that Zorko goal was only a behind
Napper: Andrews is probably the best player so many spoils, only good player in defense for Brisbane, that’s harsh
MrWalrus: Baker is what Richmond is about, love him
hokkien34: Happy with my McInerney pickup this week!
Fizzy343: hows harris andrews get the witches hat but have 108 SC lol
Patty19: Calling Andrews a witches hat is a bit ott
Gotigres: Didn’t realise Jeff Fering’s kick was 85 metres. Knew it was long though.
wadaramus: I thought he sprayed it too.
boxy36: I’ll take another 70+ from Aarts – never going to argue with that score from a rookie
Ash777: Stack’s mouth guard looks pretty bad.
Stu7: Anis icon for Starfish once again!
GroupOne: @GoTigres One of the grat torps from centre square free kick at Moorabin.
GroupOne: @GoTigres One of the great torps from centre square free kick at Moorabin.
Silz90: comon berry got u in draft – time to lift
pcaman2003: Neale only 7 pts this qtr?
lukefield9: bit stiff to chuck the cone on andrews me thinks
Gandhi: Witches hat for Andrews is a bad call. The midfield is to blame for most of the goals against.
Kidult: @Stu as I call it the Golden Patrick
CozzieCan: Lots of 50’s paid .. hope it’s not the next trend
boxy36: Neale gone to sleep this qtr
satch7: X factor for lyons, Cameron and McCarthy. Won the game for Richmond
BigChief: Hipwood more deserving of the witches hat.
Gotigres: Definately GroupOne. Perhaps the longest goal in history.
NugzNiggle: Brisbane goal mouth needs the witches hat. We’ve gone around it all night.
pcaman2003: @boxy36. And he’s now just gone off.Grrr!
missmagic: lions need to beat pies when they play them,or they are just fodder against top teams
Donzoes: Neale please
Fatbar5tad: Man. Harsh hat on Andrews.
Gotigres: The Great Zorko has taught Neale how to do a disappearing act.
Stu7: Brisbane need to back to Auskick
boxy36: @pca don’t think I’ve had a blowaway vc score yet this year – no Macrae is hurting me
heppelitis: breaking my hearts aartsy. at least your value is rising
Fatbar5tad: Aarts growing in confidence
Poliyagon: neale is somehow trickling +1’s
Silz90: good boy aarts – love your work
pcaman2003: Aarts earning some nice dollars for an upgrade soon.
Kidult: Neale with B2b2b 1 tackle games only 34 tackles for the year now 3.4 avg
Napper: How do I leave Aarts on field I still don’t understand why would I go Skinner
Stu7: Come on Bailey you’re killing me
Raspel31: Still emergency Napper with others yet to play?
pcaman2003: Neale got a touch. Yippee!
Ash777: Pickett on the trade table. Yoyo scorer.
Napper: Got everyone playing traded woodcock in
Gotigres: Aarts loopholed in for Budarick.
teachrtony: What score gets the C for Neale? Have been away for a bit.
Raspel31: You warned me pcaman- sorry. But good enough to go Ithink.
Beast_Mode: did charlie cameron play?
Kidult: @ash he will become Cripps for me
Stu7: Time to go Pickett – your new name is kickett. – kickett to the trade table
thommoae: Dusty and Neale are possie winners and creators – tackling is not their job. Tackles are bonuses for their scoring.
StuL: Times up Spudovich
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I have no choice as Macca failed me as VC. Gopefully they scale up Neale another 20 pts lol
Raspel31: Kickett to Titch for me next week.
Bezzina: Short, Neale (C) and pickett lovely
The Hawker: Skinner………sigh
DrSeuss: Seriously – Richmond backs must hate Egg Man – just look away from him when he runs into space
amigaman: Neale vs Lyons CD joke
BRAZZERS: brissy rubbish, pretenders . didnt want the smoke. pathetic
Misternick: You can loophole with bye players correct?
Ash777: Smith first gone when Houli back
teachrtony: Short 100^ accurate. Good pick up those who did.
hokkien34: Was hoping Neale would go 160+ but can’t complain too much haha
CozzieCan: Neale 150 sc
redwallis: Superintendent Chalmers: “SKINNNER!!!”
teachrtony: You can in SC Misternick, not in Fantasy. Bit me this round.
Gotigres: Yes Misternick
robbieg: witherden and lyona, good night
Napper: Do you think Woodcock and Skinner will keep their spots
StuL: Supernintendo Chalmers
Majump96: Dusty 111 sc
GobChuck: gdi zorko, simpkined his sc score with shocking kicking
StuL: Lions went too tall. Skinman could be on thin ice
bhg26: I’m learnding
scboy123: can Neale get 150 with scaling?
circle52: agree Stu and some experience needed. Very young –
The Hawker: Witherden looking juicy
CozzieCan: Gee lynch has a head on him hahaha
scboy123: gee 149 thats rough
MercAm: Do we take neales score for C
Misternick: Thanks mate Teachrtony

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