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Chat log from R10 of 2020: Geelong vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Geelong vs North Melbourne, R10 of 2020

CozzieCan: Have Simpson, Dangerfield, Stewart , Close, Duncan & Simpkin in this one
navy_blues: goldy simpkin close stewartand simpson here
NavyMan: need Simpkin to remember how to score so as to not drop in price too much
The Hawker: If Simpkin scores under 80, im jumping off the boat
NavyMan: oh i’m jumping off i just don’t want to lose too much cash in the process
kascadev8: good afternoon, ive got close (loophole) stewart and duncan in this. hoping for a good score from the boys. go the cats
bhg26: Close, Simpson and Stewart for me
Water: mahony, close, stewart and simpson for me
NavyMan: close, simpson, danger and simpkin
GOD: Geelong losing?
vartic: Took the opportunity to trade Simpkin to Duncan, so Simpkin owners can thank me later when he goes huge
The Hawker: @Navyman I would love to but I have other players to be traded first like budarick or starc
TeamRMPG: Close, Duncan, Stewart, Simpkin
Water: what the fuck mahony and daws scores lmao
kascadev8: @vartic can you tell me who you are trading out each week so i know who to get?
NavyMan: get the cash from buda and starkers and trade up simpkin.. that’s my plan 🙂
GOD: Stewart struggling tonight, not looking good
circle52: Evening all Stewart, Duncan, Simpson and Close for me.
DrSeuss: Stewart on the ground for a whole 3 minutes so far
kascadev8: @GOD he’ll work into it, not much game time, think he started on the bench
Avarax: whre is gryan goat?
CozzieCan: Who’s the muppet that said kangaroo’s are back lol
DrSeuss: Higgins ignores Simpkin then kicks in front of Goldy. Nice work spud
kascadev8: umpire thats a throw, come on
FlyinRyan2: is there something wrong with duncan?
The Hawker: nice ‘handball’ simpkin haha
Water: yeah where is that muppet who thought the roos smashing the crows was impressive
NavyMan: geez Cozzie they smashed the crows in Adelaide… LOL
Pies20: enjoying game’s every night everyone else?
bhg26: Was wondering that too Avarax
CozzieCan: @Navyman haha couldnt of said it any better pmsl
kascadev8: @FlyinRyan2 nothing wrong with Duncan, they just wanna play an overrated hasbeen in steven more
The Hawker: B.B does not look good
CozzieCan: Brown in big trouble
GroupOne: g’day crew, match of the cash cows for me with mckay, mahony, simpson, close.
kascadev8: i never got simpson in, other team issues prevented it. probably too late to trade him in
Avarax: maybe he was telling the truth all along @bhg
hokkien34: Wakey wakey Duncan
Nurfed: Gryan goat inc in 3,2,1
MrWalrus: Steven is a fair way off over rated has been, dude can play
FlyinRyan2: gryan the goat
DrSeuss: Stewart, Simpkin and Simpson for me. Not a great start
scboy123: ofc my trade ins are doing absolutely shite house.
StuL: Stewart has been at the wrong end a lot. Will junk it up
DrSeuss: Simpkin on the bench again. Stay on the freaking ground
CozzieCan: Gryan goat ya funny bugger where are ya
Napper: Thanks Simpkin
Silz90: oops forgot tonight’s game started at 5.40 lol missed out on duncan and stewart 🙁
FlyinRyan2: i think simpkin forgot how to play footy
Ooost: Stewart playing on an injured Ben Brown, excellent!
The Hawker: Dammit Scott… couldve been Simpkin’s goal
NavyMan: i never had grey hair till i put simpkin in my side…
kascadev8: can hosie relax with his scoring, dont want to trade him in just to go through a rankine 2.0
Avarax: i would kasca…free 150k
Bezzina: Simpkin mate come on
StuL: You can flower right off Simpkin.
StuL: Hosies scoring inflated by 2 of the softest goals you will ever see
SneakySC: Traded Simpkin to Titch this week despite the bye, just wanted to avoid having to pay a comparative 50k more
Ooost: Simpkin has and always will be a TRAP
navy_blues: simpkin not the same since he hurt his ankle
StuL: Steven finally looking good but he’s still fat
cmperrfect: Great start again Simpkin, love your work
bhg26: Trade or keep Walters? He’s missing the next game as well apparently
88360: Duncan I brought you in because you hadn’t gone below 114. Don’t start now! Please
kascadev8: blicavs… anyone considering trading him in? i had steven at the start but jumped off him too early, regret a lot rn
Water: hold walters
cmperrfect: Anyone not taking Lachie Neale’s VC score?
StuL: Keep Walters.
SneakySC: What are you looking to trade walters to though? There’s not many options
MrWalrus: Wow kascade, rankine not good enough, Steven not good enough, Lynch cant play. High standards there
Napper: Have Stewart, Simpson, Close, Simpkin bloody hate Simpkin
Ooost: Taking Neale, not rolling the dice on Gawn or Grundy
bhg26: Might downgrade Rankine this week depending on how he goes, upgrade Simpson or Georgiades
NavyMan: not a chance in hell re bliss
bhg26: *Next week
NavyMan: out Rankine in Hosie?.. 🙂
FlyinRyan2: only players you’d look to trade walters for would be greenwood or petracca
Water: hosie is a trap calling it now
TheLegend6: Walrus if last nights comments are anything to go by, Kas is an airhead
MrWalrus: Surely the only people not taking Neale didn’t have him or have no idea how SC works cmp
bhg26: Have both of them FlyinRyan
BigChief: Brown ruled out
m0nty: Hosie sounds like a spray merchant
Avarax: or whitfield @flyinryan
bhg26: Have him too Avarax, has the bye next round anyway
Raspel31: So, had Simpkin for four weeks. Hold onto him they said. He’ll come good. Yeah, right.
FlyinRyan2: gryan about to kick 10
Nurfed: Gryan goat getting his kleenex out
kascadev8: jy simpkin on 7, ahah thank god i got rid of you 2 weeks ago
Avarax: dusty?
MrWalrus: True legend, just giving benefit of the doubt for peoples anti mighty tiges bias
DrSeuss: Simpkin about to screw my team harder than Houston did on Monday
bhg26: Miers is going to beat Brownies highest sc score
Searly34: Jy Simpkin is very bad
Bezzina: Ablett has reincarnated as Miers and simpkin has got his football abilities taken by the monstars
NavyMan: here comes Simpkin.. look at him go >>>
BumSniff: All Simpkin does is throw the fucking ball
kascadev8: tom stewart?? please dont ruin me, get out of my backyard and go to the ground
pcaman2003: Evening one and all. I got Stewart in this week,so sorry for the poor scoring
Yelse: Not home we’re is danger playing?
scboy123: fuck me mitch duncan what was that
DrSeuss: Tom Stewart get off the bench ffs
bhg26: Duncan, how dare you not pass the ball to Simpson
BumSniff: Stewart be a good man and miss your break even
heppelitis: Stewart sore I think
kascadev8: @Yelse he is playing forward, blicavs on the wing, stewart on the bench, assuming his tog was so low cos of Brown
pcaman2003: Keep it up Goldy.
Poliyagon: Lets go Simpkin thats the Spirit!
MrWalrus: Soo, anyone else roll the dice on Jack Steven? Finally looks like I have made a decent move this crazy season
kascadev8: simpkin sit on the bench, you’ve done too much
DrSeuss: Simpkin remembered what a football looks like, unfortunately Simpson has forgotten now
hijikata: bloody zero work rate in this team
hokkien34: Are scores frozen?
VodkaHawk: Lol, non of the Geelong players wanted to rough up Majak
Avarax: is anyone else bored? this game actually is not entertaining at all….
BigGryan: simpkin danger stewart close and simpson pick up
Gryan goat: who’s the goat now!!!
BigChief: Nathan Lyon is the GOAT
Avarax: there he is!!!
Nurfed: finished blowing your load in the kleenex goat?
Ooost: Welcome Gryan goat
Gryan goat: He is the goat I’m no troll
Donzoes: Needed Atkins to kick that open goal for my multi
The39Steps: Bored @avarax is no football, no cold beer, no chinese takeaway and an empty TAB account. Got all 4 so happy despite DAN
Poliyagon: Happy with Simpsons score from technically 1 quarter!
scboy123: Stewart Duncan Close and SImpson – gotta pray for a low simpkin score, get him under 400k for a good pickup
casey22: m0nty; do I have to tolerate comments from goat?
VodkaHawk: Will the Cats do a Brisbane and lose a game they should have won by now…?
Poliyagon: cmon close and simpson!
StuL: How about we kick straight from 25m out ffs?
Gryan goat: Please tolerate me because Gryans POPPING OFF
StuL: I was ready to trade Steven to Grovedale. This is better
Gryan goat: Big Gryan are you the owner of Big-Gryan Instagram
kascadev8: can anyone explain to me who gets the tackle? initial tackler or the 2nd man in? feel like stevens have all been 2nd man
Poliyagon: Simpkin will be 380k next week, and will probs get lower before he rises again
Switcheyes: Ben brown couldn’t organise a root in a brothel atm
scboy123: tbf he did his knee like 2 mins in to the game
CozzieCan: Gryan what’s wrong m8 , no one paying you attention?? My misses gets frustrated also , funny lot you women
penguins00: The initial tackler. Provided it qualifies as a completed tackle.
Apachecats: Just trying to work out my trades guys ,how many rounds left including finals for Super coach?
heppelitis: The player awarded the tackle is the player most common to CD teams.
Switcheyes: I know but that’s the point
Gryan goat: Cat deny that
Avarax: 7 rounds left apache
pcaman2003: Apache. 7 after this game
Gryan goat: Gryan is having a great night and you can’t deny that
Poliyagon: might be a dumb question but what does CD mean?
MrWalrus: Can it be McDonald is the real deal? I need him to start sucking so i don’t get sucked in to getting him
pcaman2003: Poliyagon. Champion Data
CamT: CD = Champion Data = The people who dish out the SuperCoach scores.
Apachecats: Thanks Avarax and PCA ,got 13 trades left.
pcaman2003: @Walrus. Please don’t get him. He won’t be a top 6 defender.
BigChief: Cats miss yet another sitter. Nth will steal this if Cats not careful.
pcaman2003: Lat night and tonight,the goal kicking is shower.
StuL: This os trying to play too many games too quick. Turning in to a mess
kascadev8: duncan and stewart. any chance of some points for me?
MrWalrus: If he holds his form he will be, of course if I get him he won’t
zadolinnyj: Apologies,I got Stewart this week so hope he does not bomb
DrSeuss: Simpkin why do you keep going to the bench so early. Every damn quarter
Donzoes: Had Polec for 20 touches and he has only had 2 since quater time
pcaman2003: Lift Stewart! Onya Simmo
kascadev8: first time ive ever had duncan… not enjoying it
NavyMan: he needs to get tutorials on what the ball looks like as he goes missing so often..
Ash777: Pittard should never play as a defender ever again.
bhg26: Simpson eh?
Napper: Why doesn’t Stewart’s score go up after that mark and kick still stuck on 49
The39Steps: Smith out for the crows. Crocker in.
BigGryan: stewart danger simpkin pick up please
StuL: Duncan? You say you want to dive again?
Gryan goat: Big Gryan do you love Gryan with a passion
Catatafish: Me too @kascadev8…
Catatafish: @bhg26 I’ll remember that name
StuL: Too many other cats to take points off Duncan. They cant all go big all the time
Ash777: everyone jumped the gun on duncan but forgot he plays outside mid when selwood plays.
kascadev8: seen duncan take kickins this year too, not many of those tonight
BumSniff: Fuck Aaron Hall has an inconsistent foot
Bezzina: Simpkin cmon lad finish your dinner
pcaman2003: Gee I’m glad I brought Goldy in ,but really need Stewart to get a move on.
Poliyagon: yess simpkin!
Breezey: Anderson getting it done again. Fantasy wise that is.
kascadev8: stewart hasnt had much to do tonight to be fair, if brown was still on his score would probably be higher
Bezzina: pcaman – I brought him in too so don’t expect much
CozzieCan: Finally Simpkin wrong
bhg26: Thank you for getting the reference Catatafish
pcaman2003: Bezzina. I’m not now.
BigChief: Thoughts of L. Fogarty? Can he hold his place?
kascadev8: ffs steven, coulda brought him in over duncan. this has been fun
Avarax: fogarty won’t keep his spot
Avarax: garry rohan gets it when he comes back
Catatafish: @bhg26 I was thinking the exact same thing, but you beat me to it!
Donzoes: Chose Zerrett over Duncan just because everyone picked duncan
bhg26: Stewart must have seen the amount of people who brought him in to their SuperCoach side and shat himself
zadolinnyj: I think he will keep his spot. Very good in clearances
heppelitis: Higgins is a great POD. oozes class
BigChief: Fogarty is a mid, Rohan a fwd. I like him as possible cash cow
pcaman2003: Goldy quiet this qtr. Pick it up
kascadev8: frustrates me when i see a teams defenders chip the ball around, but they ignore my defender and kick it past him
pcaman2003: @bhg36. Haha! I think you’re onto something.
StuL: Only two behinds for North. No chips for Stewart
Poliyagon: My question to all is do u follow supercoach when its your team playing, I can’t find myself doing that.
StuL: Simpson can be held deep in to finals at this rate.
amigaman: @kascadevv8 same
Avarax: yes he is chief, but they will drop simpson back to the centres, to bring in rohan
DrSeuss: Big final quarters for Stewart and Simpkin would be ideal
BigChief: B. Smith out for Crows
kascadev8: @StuL henderson looked at stewart for 3 seconds then kicked it to steven who was under pressure. big brain time
pcaman2003: Very happy with Simpson again. He’ll go alright
StuL: I have to put the phone down and commemt in the ads a bit poly
Avarax: @poli, 100% i do. no point hoping to win…. FML
bagger2217: @StuL agreed.
Napper: Need Stewart to 110, Simpkin 110, Simpson 130 and close 60
BigGryan: need danger and stewart to get going, might actually kill my supercoach team
zadolinnyj: As a crows supporter my answer is yes @poli as otherwise it would be not worth watching
bhg26: I do Poliyagon, because my team is showerhouse, and nothing brings a smile to my face like seeing Seagull Lloyd ton up
Gotigres: Numnut award this week goes to me surely. Simpkin and Brander out. Stewart and Darcy Cameron in. Then teams are named
kascadev8: can Geelong please let north kick 10+ behinds, need duncan and stewart to share the kickins and kick it to the other
heppelitis: jake kolodjashnij letting me down big time once again, lift…ffs lol
Gotigres: and Cameron is omitted. Lucky he is a backup only.
BigChief: @napper I think you might be a little short mate.
pcaman2003: What’s the go with Selwood these days? Massive dropoff this year in performance.
BigChief: @hepp I feel for you. I guess you are going to have to take 149 from Neale.
amigaman: Hosie looking a likely type
Avarax: not at all pca….he was killing it. then got injured
Ash777: the short breaks has started taking toll on SC
Avarax: this is his 1st game back. cant expect him to go huge
Breezey: @ Heppel. Is Jake Kolo playing. He’s not on the list
CozzieCan: Hope Simpkin tons
heppelitis: Not playing…was kidding. Output similar though!
pcaman2003: Not expecting him to go huge,but should be better than this.
heppelitis: At least he is not dropping in $
Breezey: Righto. I’m not watching and when I seen lift I looked and couldn’t find him.
BigChief: I thought you had looped him for VC Neale @hepp
Breezey: Come on now Stewart. Chips to be had champ
pcaman2003: Goldy was 75 at 1/2 time. He’s starting to let me down now.
BumSniff: Hard to find someone with a more punchable face than Tom Hawkins
Social: Kolo is resting up
kascadev8: hawk could be a shout, reasonably cheap and easy to trade in to, might look at that
wadaramus: R10 and the leading goalkicker has 22!
heppelitis: That will teach you Simpson for going for the ball.
pcaman2003: @bumsniff. And Lynch
amigaman: Daw perfect tap = 1 point. Joke
Ash777: Tom Greene way more punchable face
Ash777: *Toby Greene
Social: Clarko @bumsniff?
The Hawker: ton up Simpkin!!
Yelse: do you take neale or risk gawn? for C. and danger seriously ton up
Poliyagon: need danger to stay where he is
The Hawker: Am I the only one who loves Toby? 😉
heppelitis: I could @bigChief…Docs doing the job though.
Poliyagon: lets just remmeber simpson was on 7 at quarter time
Ash777: dont tempt fate take neale
88360: You take Neale. Lol I had skinner and now close to put up with
pcaman2003: @Social. The Scott Bros before Clarko.
snake_p: Toby great Hawker old fashioned footballer
Yelse: danger been a waste up fwd
BigChief: @Yesle you must be joking. 149 guaranteed and want to risk it?
bhg26: Sicily is the most punchable player in footy
Ash777: This is why I dont take cats players in SC
BigGryan: danger close and stewart ur all absolutely useless
The Hawker: Papley is the most punchable player in footy
pcaman2003: C’mon Goldy .FFS get moving. Shower 2nd half mate.
boxy36: Duncan and Stewart were great ins…
Breezey: Zorko for me. Can not stand him.
kascadev8: why is danger up forward?? chuck duncan on ball with danger, get forgarty forward for a bit
clay007: Danger goes to ground too often
Ash777: Toby good player but his head the most punchable on the planet.
bhg26: Sicily is a massive flog Hawker, always hated him
vartic: Simpkin to Duncan trade worked out exactly as I expected, brb deleting my team
cogs94: 4 clangers from Stewart hurts
kascadev8: i like sicily.. north should be further behind then they are, geelong learn to kick
clay007: Papley is the most punchable player, maybe Gresham
Bezzina: Geez i know Stewart hasn’t had much opportunity but this 67 hurts
MrWalrus: Might be time for simpkin to get in my team so
pedsz: What’s the opposite of a ball magnet? That’s what Duncan’s been tonight.
Ash777: Also why did no 1 here listen when I said to take Dumont.
heppelitis: They were for me Boxy…last week though
The Hawker: Understandable @bhg26 haha
Crave: Papley more of a flog though
DrSeuss: Need seem Tom Stewart kick to kick down back to finish this game off
scboy123: What an absolute shocker from stewart and duncan
CozzieCan: Thank you Simpkin , you came good
Donzoes: polec to get dropped again
Raspel31: How a year or 2 changes things. Who has Danger now?
DrSeuss: What’s Guthrie doing taking kick-ins – that is Tom’s job
88360: The first times I have Duncan he drops below 114. Just my luck, and Simpkin does well
heppelitis: Pittards head would be a good speedball
Legix: loved that from Duncan
wadaramus: Stewart, just get some chips mate, be more like Lloyd!
88360: Duncan!!! Duncan!!! Duncan!!!
CozzieCan: Oh danger & Duncan you beauty
Breezey: Ballantyne was the all time most punchable head.
pcaman2003: Who’s complaining about Duncan? Hasn’t bee a total disaster.
pedsz: Never thought I’d cheer for a Geelong goal! onya Duncan
Pies20: really bad game for dt and I’m gathering sc not much better?
FlyinRyan2: should i bring in simpkin next week?
scboy123: Duncan out of no where, would be nice if Stewart got the same memo
pedsz: He was on 69 a minute ago pca
88360: Breezy, agree. I will consider bringing in Simpkin depending on his be. Will wait a week if it is still high
boxy36: @Heppel that hurts me
BumSniff: Someone loves their bike riding
pcaman2003: Get Stewart in and he kicks his lowest injury free score this year. That’d be right.
kascadev8: can we chuck stewart on ball now? get a goal then im happy
MrWalrus: I have Danger, ave 110 before tonight, ease up raspel can’t all go 150+ each week
kascadev8: gonna kill me but idc, im gonna run out of trades, steven ur cheap and playing mid get in, idc what ive said about u b4
pcaman2003: You’re a spud Goldy. You roped me in you sly devil. 23 point 2nd half.
Raspel31: This from the most argumentatative and disruptive person on this site- thanks MrWalrus.
88360: Sorry for doubting you duncan
BumSniff: Was that a free kick because Cam had a topple
The Hawker: Sam simpson solid 2 points last 7 minutes
clay007: Goldy took a mark, effective handball, got 2 points. How does that work?
bagger2217: thought Duncan was stinky. Late redemption
Breezey: What is that symbol next to Fogartys name.
DrSeuss: Stewart spending way too much time off the ground
kascadev8: is duncan likely to scale up to 100? and stewart to 70?
Raspel31: And okay, that goal destroys my last post.
Ash777: Forget Sympkin go Dumont.
CozzieCan: Go Simpkin you good thing
kascadev8: went stewy over blitz… my dumb ass will c me with 8 geelong players nxt week (in blitz steven hawk). try not to though
cogs94: Zach Guthrie outscoring Selwood – we really are in the strangest timeline
bhg26: Dangerfield’s 90 is disgraceful
BumSniff: Odds on Close keeping his spot next week?
MrWalrus: Just saying 110 average is good, thats all, sorry if you take offence to that
bhg26: Deserved 70-75 at best
Napper: If only Simpkin had no muppets or clanger or FA
Legix: they missed a duncan kick off the ground in the stats
Legix: sportsbet have paid the 20+ leg though
kascadev8: @BumSniff he’ll play again, is playing lukey d’s role, so wont be dropped till he is back

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