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Chat log from R10 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs, R10 of 2020

Roksta: is this on tv?
CozzieCan: Bont & b.smith in this one , anyone have Dunkley??
kascadev8: good afternoon lads
MrWalrus: Is on 7 mate in SA, arvo all,
CozzieCan: Was tempted to bring in McRae this week , just concerned about Dunkley & his impact
stemy1243: @Roksta on 7mate
amigaman: Fox only in NSW
teachrtony: I have him in Fantasy Draft Cozzie, been looking forward to having him back on the park.
CozzieCan: Foxtel only here in NT
kascadev8: brought in duncan woodcock and stewart this week. dropped docherty rankine and anderson
teachrtony: Same regarding Macrae, going with Clarry cos he’s had his bye.
CozzieCan: Good luck @tony hopefully has a good game for ya
MrWalrus: Urrgh, Rozee, Houston, bont & Mayes for me, looking anything from 250-500 from that lot.
kascadev8: im now up into the top 18k places, im happy with that
LeGoat1996: Need a big game from the Bont tonight. Due for one
Smac34: Smith only for me but dunk has me worried
teachrtony: Where in the NT are you Cozzie?
boxy36: Evening all, I’ve only got Bailey Smith tonight – bit nervous about him with Dunks back in the side
MrWalrus: Got in skinner, Draper and Witho, couldn’t get to Stewart. Covid cash flow issues….
teachrtony: I teach in remote communities.
CozzieCan: @tony Rosebery work at Robinson barracks
kascadev8: mckenzie woodcock and macrae for me
kascadev8: and georgiades, forgot him
teachrtony: Am in SA atm, missing the warm weather.
feralmong: No donuts this week.
amigaman: CD at it already
feralmong: Serious CD. two tackles is two tackles. George getting scammed
MrWalrus: George also grassed an easy mark
pcaman2003: Only Macca and Georgi in this.
Legix: Good to see dunks back
amigaman: @MrWalrus That grassed easy mark waskicked to him by Butters. He was punished also
Napper: How many are you guys fielding this week have you got 20 21?
pcaman2003: Wobbie looks a bit sore
heppelitis: Better start by Georg. This point last game he had given away a free and 2 fifties.
amigaman: CD having it both ways
CozzieCan: Bont flower out of the ruck geez
Apachecats: 22 if Doedee gets up Napper.
DrSeuss: Rocky back to tackling again it seems
GroupOne: Hi All, traded Starcevich for Mayes. @Napper 21. Georg emerg could loop he goes hugeoth
pcaman2003: Same here 22 if Dodo plays.
Bezzina: gday fellas, another day another game
BigChief: Mayes in trouble.
MrWalrus: Haha amiga, sounds about right, CD probably just saving points for Bont.
Apachecats: Don’t think you have to loop him Group one ,as long as he is a named emergency.
Poliyagon: hi all, first week with macrae in. Does he normally start slow?
Apachecats: No poly its because you bought him haha.
Bezzina: I’ve traded in Smith so sorry for all owners, probably broke him
Legix: yeah he has big second halves Poliyagon
circle52: Still to decide on trades Bennell/Rankine to Draper – Gaff/Yeo to Duncan and Starc to Stewart.
amigaman: Third try. Is Sam Mayes jumper 32
circle52: Need to do one trade to get extra cash to do Starc to Stewart before tomorrow
Napper: I have everyone playing in my forward line, if i put emergencies on my forward line will they cover other players in
Napper: different lines who aren’t playing?
DrSeuss: Hoping that Dunkley doesn’t make BSmith’s scores turn to crap
Snarfy: Gee the crowd are into it!
softwhitee: the possible no Gawn meant Macrae VC for me tonight
heppelitis: I traded Rank…moved Dusty into Fwd and allowed me to get rid of Starch and get Lloyd
Bezzina: @soft – Gawn will play, according to Fox
pcaman2003: Who else has VC on Macrae?
teachrtony: Lloyd bye next week Hepp
Poliyagon: Will be doing rankine to skinner in order to get stewart!
Ash777: macrae going huge
Apachecats: vc McCrae and C on Whitfield.
heppelitis: Dont care…looks good on paper lol
Stu7: Has Mayes been reported?
softwhitee: @Bezzina thats good news, might still go for Neale C if Gawn is 100% but still plays
pcaman2003: Hope so Ash.
casey22: Welcome back Dunks
softwhitee: isnt*
wadaramus: Dunks is a gun.
DrSeuss: Houston hadn’t touched since about the 5 minute mark – get involved
amigaman: Getting sick of Butters going backwards because his team mates can’t c atch
feralmong: English Houston Macrae BSmith nice qtr
Badgerbadg: I dunno why but I get this feeling port are massive pretenders
88360: Should I keep or trade Simpkin, also who is CD
stemy1243: Scary midfield with dunks, in form McRae and the Bond. Quality players.
wadaramus: CD = Champion Data.
Napper: Does emergencies in one line cover other lines who have players that have a bye?
wadaramus: Come on Woodcock, stiffen up!
kascadev8: @Stu7 no, but it’ll be looked at, deserves a week
navy_blues: mayes is wearing 32 not 34
BigChief: @napper no, same as normal with E
wadaramus: Hey m0nty, I think Mayes is 32?
Apachecats: Napper just checked the rule ,you DO have to loop an emerg on to get their score.
Nurfed: mayes number is wrong btw
Snarfy: I’m in the same boat 88360. I’ve decided to keep him. His value compares with not much at the moment.
kascadev8: rowell would of been nice in our midfields, probably gonna run out of trades cos of premos brought in then injured
wadaramus: Two thumbs up m0nty.
Apachecats: Take Mayes points off him -wrong jumper.
AuroraBore: Traded him for Dusty this week @88360, so keep him and he’ll score a double tonne
Snarfy: I’m listening to triple M and I honestly haven’t heard them mention Houston’s name yet!
Apachecats: Bont getting looked after by CDas usual ,his the target twice out of 7 ,no tackles but on 28.
hokkien34: I also traded Simpkin for dusty! Hoping it doesn’t come back to bite me!
pcaman2003: Someone wake up the umpires
casey22: Just saw 2 port fans taking up 6 seats
The Hawker: please have another ripper 160 Macrae
wadaramus: Lower your eyes for FFS!
MrWalrus: Incorrect disposal if your team mate takes the ball out of your hand, basic rule, umps no idea what they’re doing
Silz90: did anyone vc macrae tonight?
CozzieCan: Port Adelaide aren’t getting smashed , just lucky not on the scoreboard
pcaman2003: @casey22. I counted 7 seats with steel reinforced concrete supports.
Apachecats: Too many pies casey?.
Raspel31: Even if big Maxie plays it’s Macrae to Neale for me. Go you good thing.
cmperrfect: Dunkley 0 touches this qtr
casey22: Wheres Dunks?
Yelse: why did i get rid of bailey smith
Apachecats: yes silz. C on Whitfield..
88360: @aurorabore I have dusty, Whitfield and tracca
Silz90: port have nailed their draft picks in the last few years.
DrSeuss: Houston fallen asleep again I see
hokkien34: Do you get extra points for VC? Sorry first year of SC!
AuroraBore: Oh i reckon you keep him then @88360, you’re not really missing anyone. Could maybe look at Brayshaw?
Silz90: whitfeld in hot form. i’m thinking neale or whitfield since gawn might be injured this week?
Rilian: Is Dunkley off concussed after Mayes hit?
Raspel31: No hokken- just cover for cap and to work the loop.
Apachecats: Yeah silz I like him against Bombers makeshift forward line.Won’t need him if Macrae keeps going.
Rilian: Nope, there he is. TOG well down though.
pcaman2003: Have VC o Macca,and hard to go past Neale for C
Avarax: VC Neale, C whitfield for me
hokkien34: Oh awesome. Thank you Raspel!
Stu7: Has Mayes been reported?
AuroraBore: @rilian nah mate, in the mids
Avarax: @Rilian, you would expect that coming back from a syndesmosis injury
Raspel31: Google the loop hokkien if you don’t know- handy weapon.
pcaman2003: Gotta love Port fans. Boo anything and everything
hokkien34: Thanks Raspel. I had heard about it but haven’t tried it! Will look into it!
Rilian: @Avarax Yeah, was just looking at the numbers and saw he hadn’t been on (much?) in Q2 after big Q1.
Apachecats: Bont will be top dog any minute.
cmperrfect: Robbie Gray was my first picked FWD for years, a fallen star now.
DrSeuss: Where is Houston – haven’t seen him all quarter
heppelitis: spray worked as usual cmperrfect
Apachecats: Yeah cmp ,plays a blinder about every 8 games now.
Snarfy: Houston- We have a problem son. I’ve rung Hinkley and he’s goin to tear you a new one at half time!
88360: Lol left it too late now Aurora
Baldfrog: Dogs bought their own umps tonight?
DrSeuss: Bailey Smith win a freaking contest ffs – and someone stop Macrae
wadaramus: Players begging umpires to pay a free kick is embarassing.
casey22: Bruce is too slow & unskilled to be playing
pcaman2003: How many more frees will these umpires miss?Hopeless!
MrWalrus: Houston is busy actually defending, not off chasing chips, Kenny will be happy with him.
Apachecats: Mayes too busy working out his tribunal defence -gone very quiet.
casey22: Might be taking Mcrae vc loop again this week
wadaramus: Stop begging for free kicks, get the ball on your own merit!
The Hawker: Macrae looks stuffed last 5 minutes of 2nd quarter
Breezey: Good half of footy DBJ. Keep it up son
scboy123: Houston disappeared
Avarax: id rather they miss some than call ones that arent there pca….can’t have it both ways
Poliyagon: what do you think mcrae will end on?
GroupOne: My Starcevich to Mayes trade has worked well. Might not get Starc’s avg and on report.
wadaramus: l, another high quality half of AFL footy.
Raspel31: 2nd half will tell casey- don’t trust Maxie so on to Neale?
jbjimmyjb: Neale will go 190 vs tiges so he’s got my VC
Raspel31: Banked $200,000 so goodbye 3 week experiment with Simpkin and welcome Titch.
MrWalrus: 150% with you Avarax, apart from a couple dud calls been much better letting it go
Apachecats: 7 tackles Jack ….noice.!
Snarfy: It will be interesting to see how Dunkley runs out the game.
Jolles: Will Richmond tag Neale?
Snarfy: Did you get a good score out of Simpkin Raspel31?
Raspel31: No- but he lost me $100,000 so very happy Snarfy.
MrWalrus: Everyone ripping Houston learn how footy works, he’s doing great shutdown down back, dogs should be well up
marls: Mayes in this week….yesssssss
MrWalrus: Richmond don’t tag, prefer to just beat the opposition
Poliyagon: can’t stand tagging
Avarax: yeah, Richmond have no tagger of note
BumSniff: How much is Simpkin priced coming into the round
Avarax: It’s almost impossible to tag Neale. He just scores anyway.
88360: Simpkin is 425k
BumSniff: I see no point in getting rid of Simpkin at this point
heppelitis: Amigaman is second in my league…the bloke above him is ranked 2 in SC lol
BumSniff: Who else can you get in the foward line thats better at that price
88360: Come on bailey smith I need a first quarter performance from you
MrWalrus: Simpkin still struggling from the ankle too, when that comes good he will, can play a bit.
BumSniff: Thought it was just a rolled ankle. Didn’t think it would stick with him for 3 weeks.
MrWalrus: I thought he still looked proppy the other day, ok straight line but couldn’t turn
Poliyagon: i’m sticking with simpkin. love the guy! He’ll come good in a week or so
DrSeuss: Simpkin sore ankle one week, hard tag the next – hopefully this will be the week he comes good.
BumSniff: Got enough of the ball in quarter one, just couldn’t get the efficiency.
Migz: have you ever rolled an ankle bum. That shit can stick around for months
Moona: Premos come good – I’ve learnt to never trade a premo – cuts me to pieces every time i do it
DrSeuss: English making every opposing ruckman look good
Collywoble: baily smith you are shit
88360: Yes georgy!!!
CozzieCan: B.Smith into McRae next week before he starts losing money
DrSeuss: Houston on the Bench and Bailey Smith playing lazy af
cwall66: Why does b smith score so low for the amount of possies he gets
wadaramus: In such a low scoring game , free kicks like that are game changers.
Stu7: Come on Mayes get off you arse ffs
st_steve: @cwall66 low DE most times
pcaman2003: cwall66. Cos his name isn’t Bont.
Baldfrog: Finally dogs get done for a throw
MrWalrus: Smith going ok, some people aren’t happy unless their entire team goes 120+
Stu7: Guess it was a bad move trading Daicos for Mayes
FlyinRyan2: yeah 90+ from smith is good enough
Bulky: I think Howie has almost taken the mantle as worst AFL commentator. Ear bleeding stuff.
Baldfrog: Can’t name one good fox footy commentators
DrSeuss: Smith going ok? He is running around behind the play and not getting involved at all – not tackling – no pressure
Nurfed: mayes can not get near it tonight
pcaman2003: Port all over the bullies like a rash
Snarfy: Robby Gray is getting busy!
amigaman: Butters being raped by CD
Silz90: gotta disagree with you bulky. I would rather listen to howie then bt/bruce
kascadev8: mckenzie wake up
Snarfy: Good boy Georgi!!!
TeamRMPG: I’m with ya Silz90
The Hawker: Not even gonna look at Bonte next year
Moona: Agree Silz. BT doesn’t know players and makes sh!t up. Bruce is so insecure he always asks question when he commentates
Water: bont plays too much forward these days, really ruins his scoring
Collywoble: B Smith what a terrible player and trade
MrWalrus: Or Dermie, not sure he is even speaking English half the time, more likely in tongues
AuroraBore: Bont is so far on the never again list it’s not funny
Stu7: Where is our spray man??? Mayes needs a spray!!!!!!
Baldfrog: And dogs have so many minds that someone has to suffer
BumSniff: What avg. did you expect Baz to get as you traded him in?
Stu7: Houston needss a spray too please
DrSeuss: Should have traded out BSmith and moved Ladhams forward – at least he looks interested
Gandhi: Pretty happy to have held Ladhams in my keeper league!
Silz90: baz is a 2nd year player. he can still ton up? i really need to macrae to pull out a big score though 🙂
LeGoat1996: You’d think if your team was getting smashed in the midfield, you’d have your captain in there. Bev no idea
pcaman2003: With the VC on Macca, he’ll need a massive last qtr,or Neale is my man.
MrWalrus: Do half you people know footy or just fantasy? Smith playing pretty well and scoring ok too.
CozzieCan: Not fussed from b.smith, wasn’t thought of in my top 18
Poliyagon: bsmith is on track for 90-100 that sounds good to me?
The Hawker: Butters could be a sneaky POD next season
BumSniff: Why is everyone upset at a 68 3q score from a 400k player?
DrSeuss: Are you watching Walrus or just looking at his SC? Smith has had no impact this game as far as I have seen
Raspel31: You and me pcaman and take a chill pill MrWalrus.
Grimes Jr: how can u be upset with smith’s sc nuff nuffs
Baldfrog: Everyone on here expects every players including rookies to get a hungy at least every game
LeGoat1996: Tbf no dogs have since half time
DrSeuss: I am not commenting on his SC score. He just hasnt looked involved or interested – great if he still gets 100 SC
CozzieCan: Cmon B.Smith was going to get hurt with Dunkley coming back in & if you didn’t than quit SuperCoach & whinging
The Hawker: Thoughts on Woodcock? Getting him in?
Gryan goat: Cozzie can it’s me Gryan goat!!!!!!
Nurfed: mayes no where to be seen after that high bump on dunk
Donzoes: doubt for me hawker
Raspel31: Well, Hell still be $105,000 next week Hawker so frees up some cash.
MrWalrus: Yeah Seuss watching & know footy too, Smith been pretty good, hitting contests & being a physical presence
st_steve: CozzieCan, what’s your SC ranking?
CozzieCan: Gryan goat don’t let the door hit you on the way out
The Hawker: 102k with 8 possies on 75% does not look that bad!
Gryan goat: Cozziecan what do you mean by that
BumSniff: could get to a cheeky 50 by the end too
DrSeuss: Will have to agree to disagree @Walrus – have seen Smith sitting off the back of packs and dropping off tackles
Poliyagon: cmon macrae shoot for 130+
Baldfrog: Not the smartest goat are you?
bones351: Need a goal from Wallis for my multi. He gets the free and bloody McClean takes his kick. Grr.
Bezzina: cmon smith and bont, ton for me
heppelitis: Sorry Bones..I got McClean and loved it!
Gryan goat: Cozzie reply now
Breezey: Don’t entertain the Gryan troll people. Now watch him respond with a half smart troll comment.
Stu7: Wallis looks like Larry off the 3 stooges
Stu7: Earth to Houston!!!!!!
bones351: Haha Hepp well done. So hard to tip goal kickers this year.
Silz90: is GOD related to gryan?
casey22: Sharpest tool in the shed?
CozzieCan: @steve 12301 in sc wbu m8
Gryan goat: Breezey that hurt my feelings
Stu7: Go home Mayes!!
Breezey: It’s meant to ya tool.
Gryan goat: I’m not a troll I’m just enjoying the footy with my mates
StuL: Where is the prior opportunity though? Ridiculous
Gryan goat: Breezey Collingwood supporters only have 3 teeth
Raspel31: Chill lads.
Stu7: Come on Mayes limp to 60 at least
bhg26: What’s the point having goal umpires if they don’t do anything
Breezey: Yawn champ. Boring.
Gryan goat: Raspel31 I agree
Stu7: Dixon is having a good year
GroupOne: Cmon Mayesy .. chug a chug … you can beat Starcevich 56 avg … #postradeitis
pcaman2003: Raspel. Looks like Neale will be the go to guy again this week.
heppelitis: That will teach C Daniel for having 12 inch long arms.
Gryan goat: Gryan is a champ
Gotigres: Why don’t apostraphies work on this site?
heppelitis: Think Wallis looks more like the clown from IT
Donzoes: LOL who had the wallis multi
Napper: Who’s the guy that had the multi of Wallis kicking a goal?
The Hawker: Whoever had that money on Wallis to kick a goal…bad luck bud
Gryan goat: Lets predict what Gryan will get this week I reckon 66
MrWalrus: After being stuck with rozee since r3 finally getting a half not abominable score
Gotigres: Wait, mine worked.
bones351: Haha that one did Gotigres
Stu7: Mayes 115, 39, 124 previous scores – crashing back to earth tonight
Stu7: @hepp hah ha pi55a 🙂
heppelitis: Again Bones..feel your pain
Seb78: Macrae stopped?
bones351: My hand is up boys
DrSeuss: Anyone seen Houston since the 1st quarter?
The Hawker: How mad were you Bones
bones351: I had Bont and Georgie to kick a goal too so not my only miss
Yelse: macrae seriously haven even done anything this QRT
Collywoble: Smith is terrible should be dropped
Stu7: @DrSeuss he’s playing skippy with Mayes
Kidult: Butters will be a lock for me in 2021 if he maintains fwd status
Searly34: Ton up Marcus
bones351: My initial comment didn’t show up. May have been censored.
Gotigres: Houston to Lloyd in a couple of weeks will be a nice relief.
Napper: Want Macrae to ton and Smith 95
Grimes Jr: jeez port are a scummy club
Poliyagon: sorry for trading macrae in everyone, my bad
SC-STAR–: Bont, Macrae and B smith need to ton up
Stu7: Llyod is a gun
GroupOne: Josh Bruce up for a symbol tonight?
Raspel31: Well, definitely looking like Neale now. Wherfore art thou Macrae?
Snarfy: Thats what I’m doing Gotigres
pcaman2003: You still playing Macca? Hello!
runners47: Just a few more, Daniel…
Legix: Give Bruce the potato
MercAm: Was looping george, do I take his score?
Yelse: is macrea rucking??
LeGoat1996: Raise the bat Bont, solid last quarter
CozzieCan: @merc top 18 only ?
kascadev8: how does McKenzie not tonne up ffs
Raspel31: Depends who looping for Mercam?
Silz90: wow how did macca jump from 92 to 113 in 3 mins lol
Kidult: @mercam haha funny best of 18 it won’t matter
Stu7: @MercAm – who were you looping over, what player@?
Raspel31: Yep, rucking Yelse.
pcaman2003: Bont has the ball on a string this qtr.
casey22: Got the feeling Bruse will be going the way of Ben Brown
Breezey: CD giving the Bont a nudge
MrWalrus: Llyod is a disgrace, probably wouldn’t get a game anywhere else, can’t wait to get him in.
Grimes Jr: who was the nuff nuff slaying bont earlier????
Napper: Had Macrae Smith George and WoodCock on the bench
CozzieCan: Catch ya lads have a good night
clfabre: hey wen i’m indian
V@lks: Gun for Bonty M0nty
MercAm: Looking to look Cameron possibly
MrWalrus: I’d go Gray for gun, old boy still has it
MoreMidTim: @Breezey Bont was huge in that last quarter

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