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Chat log from R9 of 2020: Fremantle vs Collingwood

Chat log for Fremantle vs Collingwood, R9 of 2020

Ooost: Opponent has Grundy C, for percentage sake I hope he stays low
amigaman: Sit back and relax now. We both have Grundy only so I’m safe
boxy36: Grundy, Maynard on ground for me with Noble and Cameron on the pine
CozzieCan: C on Grundy , Cameron & noble in this one , need the pies to have a sizzler
Ooost: Serong, Grundy, Cameron and Maynard.. I can only lose if they all go down
CozzieCan: I reckon Grundy 172 sc with a goal
Poliyagon: Grundy, Treloar!
circle52: Grundy, Cameron, Watson
circle52: Keane on bench
Kidult: Honestly think Grundy will ruck a half and Cameron the second
Ooost: Luke Ryan has been consistent of late
kascadev8: come on grundy, make up for rankine
MrWalrus: Grundy & Brayshaw for me
Poliyagon: Anyone kept fyfe?
DrSeuss: Grundy, Maynard, Adams and Brayshaw – need a big finish lads
CozzieCan: Be watching Fyfe & that hamstring before I trade him back in
BRAZZERS: c’mon pies, need them to win to pick up $1400 from my 6 leg multi
Ash777: What happen to Darcy being out.
pcaman2003: Just Grundy
Pokerface: i did poli. and i captained him on a hail mary
Stu7: Go Brayshaw and Noble adn Grundies
CozzieCan: Noble & Cameron great start boys !! Cmon Grundy
The Hawker: Darcy up and about already
Ooost: Good starts Maynard, Cameron
Stu7: Noble looking good early – keep it up mate
Pies20: early day’s maybe should have gone Grundy over treloar c
Kidult: I knew Starc was playing so traded out Noble, probably end up with 80+ now
rupertmarn: Tobe Watson has come to play.
Yelse: Grundy please lift need 150 from you
Donzoes: Treloar is in my plans, so would be nice if he keeps this up
rupertmarn: I’m seriously thinking Grundy to Draper with Cameron as back up on the bench
NewFreoFan: wtf is this game
CozzieCan: A goals going to be worth 50 sc points far out
MrWalrus: Rupert, that is crazytalk
Yelse: peddles seems to be pies most important player struggle without
MrWalrus: And this game is awful so far
Water: damn that shitload of scaling came through
CozzieCan: @mOnty bring the gun out early for Grundy , he’s back
BigGryan: need cerra and brayshaw to disappear, and grundy to get a low score so i can bring him in for cheaper
pcaman2003: Proj now dropped to 2412 after Greenwood and Rankine’s effort.
Apachecats: Cozzie he’s 26SC at 1/4 time ,it would have to be a pop gun.
wadaramus: Carn Grundy, more HOTA’s!
Apachecats: I would dream of 2412 pca.
Stu7: Grundy is going to kill me 2 weeks running with his score
amigaman: Proj is a load of crap. Mime is still 2410 but finished with 2285
Avarax: 2362 for me pca
CozzieCan: @apache you cracker , pmsl hahaha
MrWalrus: Where did grundy go? 5rnd ave around 120…. what a spud.
pcaman2003: @Amigaman. Was that your proj before last game played? How did you miss by so much otherwise?
amigaman: Dunno
Pies20: Karn pies put them away
CozzieCan: Grundy will come good he’ll ton today
pcaman2003: Avarax. Still a pretty decent score
kascadev8: lost 60 points from the gold coast game (almost 50 of those points from rankine) can grundy make that up?
Water: i have 77+crisp vs noble and brayshaw, am i taking the win?
amigaman: God I’m stupid. Grundy still playing *Embarrassed*
pcaman2003: kascadev8. Yes,if he pulls his finger out
Apachecats: Ok gents ,Nearest the pin time. Grundy again.Apache goes 112.
amigaman: @CozzieCan are CozzieCats your team
Apachecats: By the way reigning NTP holder is Stu.
Avarax: 138 for me apache
MrWalrus: Freo are lucky the crows are so terrible, is taking focus off how bad they are
CozzieCan: Yeah mate why’s that
pcaman2003: @Amigaman. Lol! Thought there may have been good reason for the differential.
CniglioSsn: @apache 118
Nurfed: 142 apache
Water: 145 for me apache
MercAm: Grundy 141
MrWalrus: 147 here apache
Gotigres: 152 Apache
amigaman: @CozzieCan playing you in a public league
pcaman2003: Grundy 129
CniglioSsn: gawn vs nicnat screwed me this week. projected at 2400 but doesnt matter, opp to 2550
CozzieCan: Burragate bombers?
amigaman: Yep that’s the one 🙂
boxy36: 133 for Grundy I reckon
Ash777: Grundy still doesn’t look 100% but better than last week.
The39Steps: @apache, 99 for me.
spdysaint: I’m looking at 2350 should have got 70 more though but messed up the c
circle52: 136 Grundy
CozzieCan: Can’t see you up there at#1 in our league .. cmon down abit lol .. nice work m8
Grimes Jr: carn freo
DrSeuss: What is with Brayshaws TOG this week? Not back to this crap again.
Apachecats: Last call for NTP Grundy.
heppelitis: I got you in my League to amigaman in the Bigfooty Bombers one.
ajconodie: Grundy 161
The39Steps: Thoughts on Witherden? One off or worth considering?
MercAm: Prom 2423 and have Cameron, Maynard, Grundy and Adams left
MrWalrus: Just saw Brayshaw for the first time this 1/4, left of screen doing FA
amigaman: @hepp team name?
heppelitis: Bogie Train
Yelse: 151 well hoping
Ash777: Grundy 112. I He’s being managed again ffs.
amigaman: Good to match names to teams
NewFreoFan: What on earth Schultz haha
satch7: Fyfe and Watson vs Treloar and 61
chilipowdr: free brayshaw
kascadev8: grundy please get to 150, i believe in you
DrSeuss: Be great if you could get involved Brayshaw
Apachecats: NTP closed
MercAm: How is that not in the back
NewFreoFan: Serong for rising star?
cwall66: Come on Treloar
The Hawker: Sorry to the person i said to captain Treloar 🙁
pcaman2003: Grundy out of sorts last week and now.?
Pokerface: why did i play fyfe over serong
CozzieCan: Never seen Grundy so quiet in two games before bizarre
CniglioSsn: serong going crazy
cwall66: That’s better
SC-STAR–: Grundy too much tiktok I reckon
DrSeuss: Brayshaw back on the bench – come on coach
pcaman2003: His score hasn’t moved in 9 minutes
BigChief: @pcaman yeah it has, it’s gone backwards 😛
wadaramus: Lift Grundy!
kascadev8: grundy dead? was gonna enjoy my first 2400 for the year 🙁
Napper: Has there been any rookies this week to trade in?
Yelse: brayshaw TOG gone crap again ridiculous
Kidult: Pies are stuggling fwd this year so much disconnection
satch7: cwall66 tell Fyfe now please
pcaman2003: NTP for Grundy will be interesting now.
st_steve: Bringing in Crisp last fortnight wasn’t my best trade decision
Ooost: So glad I held onto Serong!
kascadev8: @Napper keane is playing his first game
MrWalrus: What is going on here, pies should be 5 up but are doing headless chook impersonations up fwd
Ash777: Fyfe has shook his tag
Apachecats: testing 1 2 3.
PlungeMe: do we think blakely is worth a look?
The Hawker: anyone traded Watson in this week? well done to yous
rupertmarn: Collingwood have a substandard forward line.
CozzieCan: Buckley to give a mouthful at half time , players are about to cop it
feralmong: uggh if crisp is gonna be a tagger then time to trade him.
Apachecats: Good ,back on air ,Ash777 you’ve got 113 Grundy ,112 was already taken.
pcaman2003: Best I’ve seen Freo play for some time.
Ash777: Pies have to manage their players more and freo has a bye.
spdysaint: Hawker, yep went for a punt and it is working out
kascadev8: grundy still needs 74 more points?? oh boy
Bezzina: Fyfe just give me a ton!
rupertmarn: Take a bow Tobe
MrWalrus: Might just give them a serve hey cozzie?
Bezzina: @hawker yessir, jumped from Starfish to Watson
kascadev8: if we are guessing grundys score can i have the closest to 123
NewFreoFan: Pretty happy with our depth given we’ve got 10 of our best 22 out
satch7: Umps put the whistle away this game?
CozzieCan: @walrus didn’t look like a happy-chappy that’s for sure after that play in the last 2 minutes . Looks infuriated
pcaman2003: saqtch7. Nah! They put them away every game.
HugeHead: need sidey and crisp to lift for me to have a chance at winning
Apachecats: It closed 15 minutes ago kascadev8.Sorry.If he gets 123 I’ll give you an honourable mention.
Water: anyone trade in keen, looks like he might be having a snack with the police.
Ooost: Did anyone roll the dice on Keane?
Avarax: i wouldnt bring in anyone before theyve played a game
heppelitis: Whatsyour user over the Amigaman? ScrappyCoCo
Apachecats: 7 is pretty good ,imagine if he had stats.
BigChief: @NewFreoFan about time Blakely played. Been very good so far mate.
circle52: I rolled dice on Keane but on bench
Nurfed: cant wait to watch collingwood forget to show up in the 3rd
NewFreoFan: The Freo facebook groups have caught Blakely fever BigChief. Hope he keeps his spot
Apachecats: Jeez half time is long now.
kascadev8: cant believe the end of the round is going to ruin my score for the 4th week in a row 🙁
Napper: What’s everyone’s score looking like for this round?
Poliyagon: starc for t stewart and budarick to Macrae for me. Been saving for this moment!
CozzieCan: Fyfe & Treloar to drop down in price
Ooost: starc for stew will be very popular
Avarax: very nice poli
Apachecats: S house napper.
kascadev8: mckenzie to stewart will happen a bit too, i know a few people who r doing that swap
amigaman: Luke Ryan is in stunning form
scboy123: Keep itup Serong
scboy123: Crisp gotta be released, tagging fyfe kiling his sc
Ooost: Luke Ryan has been great
amigaman: He is going for 5th ton in a row. Not many defenders doing that
V@lks: Crisp tagging is going to lose me my league game.
Ooost: Serong striaght up, good work
Water: pretty sure Crisp has been relieved from his tag on Fyfe.
CozzieCan: Grundy 50 point qtr coming up
Ooost: Serong should see me to 2500 + if he keeps this up.
heppelitis: that was given as a missed target to fyfe…because his knuckle head team mate looked away…but hit him in the back
Water: maybe
Gryan goat: Gryan miers is the beat agreed
Gryan goat: Gryan miers is the best I captained him this week
Gryan goat: And Christopher Burgess is a great in this week with 197
NewFreoFan: Can’t wait till we have someone better than Matera
CozzieCan: Gryan goat put the crack pipe down mate , way over your head
Gryan goat: Freo is shocking
pcaman2003: Grundy finally!
Ooost: Grundy coming good
wadaramus: Go Grundfos!
beerent11: You can’t bite cozzie he’ll get bored
Water: cmon Crispy!!!!
Gryan goat: Cozzie can you don’t know the real goat of afl
The Hawker: how did cameron beat matera on ground ball get
pcaman2003: Loving some of these throws. Better than most baseball pitchers.
Gryan goat: Type Gryan if you think Gryan miers is the goat
scboy123: Big quarter from Crisp so far
NewFreoFan: Serong is the goat mate
PlungeMe: gryan
Gryan goat: Serong is nothing compared to the big Gryan miers
CozzieCan: @Beer roger , cheers for the heads up
Breezey: Have t seen a legit troll,for awhile on here.
Ooost: Keane with some action
heppelitis: Serong bowled my kid out in a Vic champ game. Goat
Grimes Jr: carn freo
Gryan goat: I’m not a troll mate Gryan is a legend
MercAm: Oh my god, this is horrible footy
Baldfrog: Geelong sups are so weird whats next Cat Man to make an appearance
Nurfed: crisp definitely not tagging fyfe anymore
Yelse: pies have lost the plot last couple of games
Gryan goat: What a not a
hokkien34: Need quaynor to get into it a bit
Grimes Jr: #hotpies
Gryan goat: I’m not weird because I like the goat gryan miers
Grimes Jr: pies getting a lot of assistance from the umps here
pcaman2003: Throwing the ball is now a legit disposal. The rules truly suck alps
MercAm: @Grimes r u serious rn how lol
DrSeuss: Brayshaw, Maynard and Adams – need to pick it up boys
MrWalrus: I should hope so Grimes, came 3rd in their b&f last year
The Hawker: Fyfe is back
MercAm: @yelse couldn’t agree with you more, do we rely that much on Pendlebury
Yelse: moore should have had a free before that goal
wadaramus: AFL rules are different to every other grade of Aussie Rules football.
jbjimmyjb: since when are collingwood this bad, their midfielders cannot dispose of the ball
Badgerbadg: In another world and Gold Coast and GWS had held onto all of their players, who would have won a flag first?
CozzieCan: Glad I kept noble , will be a good cash boost after this week
kascadev8: come on grundy, 70 points to go pleassse
BOMBRBLITZ: stay down Fyfe
SC-STAR–: free kicks 8 to 6 freos way
Grimes Jr: obviously not watching the game u blokes
Pies20: Lift pies
Baldfrog: What does frees have to do with it SC Star?
Haydo: Need Grundy to get to 120 for 2500
Nuffman: Ryan, Noble, Treloar, Grundy… and Adams… urgh
scboy123: Serong finally getting proper game time and hes going nuts
NewFreoFan: Sure can’t accuse Margetts of Freo biased umpiring
beerent11: Fyfe 227 breakeven can you pick him in the condensed fixture?
Grimes Jr: its about all the dropping and htb’s which haven’t been given
Ooost: Maynard needs to steal some of Nobles points please.
The Hawker: Matera singularly dragging the team down
Napper: Someone has always got something to say against collingwood
beerent11: Has a bye next week
MrWalrus: Good point wada, funnily enough seems to work at lower levels too
MercAm: What a goal!!! Come on Sidebottom
Ooost: @scboy123 We are serongs biggest fans right now
StuL: Freo fans are feral too but its a desperation rather than entitled arrogance of eagles fans
Pies20: well said @napper
amigaman: That was a free to Darcy. Umps are clowns
CozzieCan: Good work Grundy , I appreciate ya
Gelly: why is bucks allowed to be at the ground? should he not be isolating?
Pies20: Go pies!!
scboy123: @Ooost been on him since the start. Finally reaping the rewards 🙂
ajconodie: I got laughed at last week for saying Serong will win a Brownlow one day. He might win multiple.
scboy123: Would be nice if Crisp got a ton as well
amigaman: I have Serong in a keeper league. You don’t rate
Ooost: Same
casey22: How does a Mayne with all of his experience only get 4 possies in a game of footy?
CozzieCan: Good tackle Grundy more of them please
kascadev8: anyone tempted to drop grundy?
MercAm: @casey 5*
Avarax: ajconodie, he will be luckyh to get MOM
Nurfed: he never racks em up anymore casey, seems to just do jobs all game
wadaramus: Grundy you hack!
WobWobble: Which current player has the biggest Cyril factor? 50pts just for running thru the banner
scboy123: damn Serong turn over to end the third lol
Ooost: No way @kascadev8
CozzieCan: @kas you’d be stupid too , he’s going to ton
st_steve: @kascadev8 In which comp?
Grimes Jr: casey, mayne is what u call a spud
Haydo: Bont wobble
Ooost: Serong 120 incoming
CozzieCan: Noble on field for me making up for my muppet of a team
ajconodie: Avarax – I’m not saying he will win one this year but he has all the attributes of a champion. Rate him highly.
Water: dusty wob
HugeHead: I need Maynard, Sidebottom and crisp to score whatever noble gets in this last quarter
casey22: I did a late trade for Watson & he has won me a match up
Baldfrog: Thank me cozzie I got rid of noble this week
beerent11: Casey Mayne is a shit sc player but a pretty valuable role player for his side. Not all about possessions.
Yelse: need grundy to have a 50+ quarter
Desi: Grundy looks tired, pies 4 day turn around, could rest him.
casey22: @grimes – a true spud but I got desperate in a draft league
CozzieCan: @baldfrog spewin mate always the way
heppelitis: nice knocked off a bloke who is ranked about 1000…with dodee on my bench
Grimes Jr: come on freo!
Baldfrog: Like to go to Optus just to hear that guitar guy
Misternick: Depending on how Noble and Grundy finish, looks like I am getting 2500
Bezzina: opp has captained Grundy, beautiful
StuL: I reckon having a genuine r2 is taking points off Grundy
Apachecats: Done well with my trades ,sold Mayes and Schulz.
beerent11: Grundy to ton up still probably allowed a couple of quiet ones
CozzieCan: Grundy could go 130 from here if colllingwobble win
Poliyagon: Go Treloar you Beauty!
kascadev8: considering dropping grundy now, especially if cameron stays
Gotigres: You legend Noble. Will you be the one who leads my team to victory?
Grimes Jr: lol grundy will still get 120, simmer down chaps
CozzieCan: Keep going Grundy you good thing
BOMBRBLITZ: Wow Grundy went BANG
wadaramus: Still time to go bug Grundy!
beerent11: Go for it kascadev
CozzieCan: &grimes already on 109 lol open your eyes mate
Poliyagon: why did treloar just lose like 10 points??
Avarax: lol @ beer
Silz90: Lol y would u trade Grundy. Blokes
wadaramus: Desperation Silz 🙂
Pies20: there’s only 1 talking smack @silz
Bezzina: Fyfe please ton
MrWalrus: Surely no one is that desperate
wadaramus: Must have a team full of keepers if you’re considering trading Grundy!
st_steve: Trade Grundy and then burn trades getting him back in a few weeks time
beerent11: Bradshaw still scoring ok with Fyfe back
beerent11: Brayshaw
Ash777: Brayshaw’s TOG is still poo tho
MrWalrus: Brayshaw is too, doesn’t seem to be getting as much mid time though
beerent11: You can’t go against the grain on this forum kascadev. Get piled on straight away.
Ash777: 4 extra trades you could probably afford the burned trades
Yelse: why is maynard and nobble going backwards for no reason
MrWalrus: Heave ho!
Baldfrog: Beer have you quit Norf?
kascadev8: move grundy ffs give me a 2400 score
beerent11: Hard to find cash this year. I’m going Sicily to Stewart and upgrading two rookies.
NewFreoFan: Need a few more from you Treloar
st_steve: Absolutely Ash, I envy coaches with that luxury. I have too many problems to fix
MrWalrus: Beer going against the grain is one thing, trading a guy who will likely again be top 3 scorer overall is another altog
beerent11: No why?
hokkien34: Treloar been on 92 for the whole quarter
StuL: Fat lady is warming up
Donzoes: wasnt maynard 100+ at 3qrt time
Baldfrog: You’ve lost ur icon
88360: Who should be my priority, duncan, Stewart or Brayshaw
hokkien34: Oh it’s changed now haha nevermind
Pies20: Yeah i think so @stul
wadaramus: I miss Rex and the fat lady 🙁
beerent11: I would call that against the grain walrus.
kascadev8: move grundy ffs. cameron rips points off u
Apachecats: yeah Donzoes ,scores on a few players are going up and down like a yoyo.
DrSeuss: Adams want to get a touch? You too Brayshaw
wadaramus: Too many questions 88360, you get what you give.
beerent11: The cats 88360 freo have a bye next round
Breezey: Well he asked about trading Grundy and he got the response. Unanimous
Ash777: They gave Adams the captain’s role.
scboy123: bit ambitious but need serong and crisp to combine for 248 xD
Avarax: agreed @ beer
DrSeuss: Brayshaw back on the bench – TOG is terrible
lukefield9: Yeah cmon 88360 buddy
Pies20: how you get my bank details 88360?
SC-STAR–: kick after the siren 30 points
st_steve: 88360 depends on your team and its weaknesses
StuL: Never trade your guns. Easy
Yelse: wtf deliberate out of bounds
NewFreoFan: Really need to go to the loo but can’t stop watching
Yelse: umpires given this game to freo
beerent11: Great effort by freo
Nurfed: jeez we are just incapable of putting together a decent game for 4 quarters
Avarax: huge from freo
Haydo: 9 more points Grundy
ajconodie: I give up watching and Supercoaching this year. Seeya next year peeps.
beerent11: Grundy sneaking up to a captains score for those who had him
Ooost: Serong 😀
Grimes Jr: A collingwood loss = a very good weekend
NewFreoFan: Mundy!
AuroraBore: Fucking grub umpires
Ash777: Thanks freo for keeping dogs in the 8
wadaramus: Fuck the AFL umpiring, it is diabolical.
pcaman2003: Game over. Well played Freo. Good game.
pitchster: The umps kick your 7.7 scoreline as well?
wadaramus: Watching sucks AJ, but don’t give up on SC!
kascadev8: up the dockers
exatekk: pfft. More umpire blaming….
Pies20: rest up boy’s on again tomorrow
Str1k3_M95: Keane lost us the game lmfao
Grimes Jr: way too good freo
The Hawker: That kick by Mundy looking like after siren freo vs rich
CozzieCan: Wow what a game !! Freo played excellent
pcaman2003: Just made it over 2400.Got 2403 with any scaling to co e. Happy with that.
lukefield9: @AuroraBore When?
Ash777: Pies kicked themselves out of it umpiring was mostly ok
Avarax: nothing to do with the umpires. this game was fine
SC-STAR–: see ya lads cheers for a good game
MrWalrus: Dunno I’d go that far Yelse, that deliberate looked ootf anyway
pedsz: 2464 pending scaling
HugeHead: reckon I lost my main by 5 or so points unless scaling is good to me
kascadev8: umpiring was better this game then geelong v WC. umpiring in GC game was pretty good
Cr1cketeer: Can’t blame it all on the umps – we were poor, freo decided to show up, but the umps sure love the dockers tonight
Gryan goat: Gryan says goodbye
casey22: 2410 plus scaling & wins
Gryan goat: Gryan says goodbye
Apachecats: Nearest the pin (in the hole ) woon by CniglioSsn on 118 ,well done.
kascadev8: 113 from fyfe, how many jumping back on after the nxt game
amigaman: How the hell did Lobb score a ton
SnagsOnly: Grundy cant get a hitout to advantage to save his life
kascadev8: i got 2350 in the end after looking at going for 2439. thanks rankine
MrWalrus: Salty about not getting it all your way again pies people? We had easily least for, most against & a flag the other year
CozzieCan: @snags clearly weren’t watching the same game ? 51 to 28 , blame your rubbish midfield
SnagsOnly: @cozzie yeah, no chemistry between them. Freo mids sharking every tap
sMiles: defo jump back on Fyfe once he has his bye – Defo!
CniglioSsn: not good tho, he was my C 🙁
Ooost: 2535 thats good for me
spdysaint: 2360 for me, not bad
CozzieCan: @snags never seen that from Collingwood .. pendles plays a big part
amigaman: 2403 satisfactory
Avarax: 2368…few mistakes in bench options

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