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Chat log from R9 of 2020: Gold Coast vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Western Sydney, R9 of 2020

Kidult: Which player is it for GWS to be injured today?
Water: afternoon everyone, 5 in this for me, rank cogs whitters ash and greeny
scboy123: Rankine and Anderson for me this arvo
amigaman: Whitfield, Haynes, Greenwood & Bud
feralmong: got rank arena, lukozade, cogs and wheatfield.
The Hawker: Bud, Whit, Gwood and Rank
casey22: Dermie’s “expert at everything” special comments: makes me sick
Raspel31: Please all sanitis your hands before posting.
Baldfrog: Bud,rank and whitty
pcaman2003: Afternoon brothers in footy.Have Cogs,Haynes,Whitty,Greeny and Rank
Baldfrog: Only time I’ll agree with you casey
The Hawker: Budders is gonna struggle big time against Greene
Raspel31: Perryman and Rankine- okay, I’m not perfect.
circle52: Rankine, Whitfield and Budda (bench) for me
jbjimmyjb: I need 20 from whitfield and 15 from timtam, looking good early
pcaman2003: To clarify,Greeny as in Greenwood
Kidult: Wonder if Miller or Greenwood cop the tag toay
Kidult: Wonder if Miller or Greenwood cop the tag today
Raspel31: Did you wash your hands Circle?
kascadev8: whitfield anderson rankine corr jelly for me, with budarick on the bench
circle52: Yep and disinfected the keyboard
pcaman2003: I’m tracking 2470.How is everyone else going
feralmong: i’ve licked my fingers clean rasp with some help from my pets.
Baldfrog: Don’t need to disinfect the keyboard I have tissues
jbjimmyjb: this is a great game early
kascadev8: @pcaman2003 im looking at a 2439, reasonably good i’d say
Raspel31: Victoria just gone into a state of disaster. I need to get out.
HugeHead: need Corr and Anderson to combine for 160
pcaman2003: @kascadev8. Excellent! I’d be happy.
Avarax: 2464 for me pca
feralmong: bit behind the pace today at 2339
Baldfrog: We don’t want you Raspel
Avarax: this game is crucial for me though
beerent11: Look pretty evenly matched these two sides
Raspel31: Recreational activities no longer allowed- oh what joy. what bliss
heppelitis: cd are cheats with the way the judge hitting targets sometimes
pcaman2003: Avarax. Nice work mate. Looks like a few here will have a reasonably good week for a change
NewFreoFan: Vic, the isolation of punishment without the joy of a crime spree
Apachecats: I’m looking forward to the break between rounds .Hectic aint it?
Baldfrog: You’ll have to walk around the kitchen table Raspel
Raspel31: Didn’t I sleep with your sister’s husband’s sister once ?
Napper: Only got Whitfield and Haynes
Haydo: I’m 2198 currently with Grundy Whitfield and Rankine to come pca
NewFreoFan: there was supposed to be jail in there somewhere, flowered it haha
kascadev8: long day ahead for the game, but id have liked to see rankine corr and jelly on a higher score to start off with
The Hawker: Rank and Gwood get in the game
pcaman2003: Onya Haydo. Should score well fingers crossed.
Stu7: Haydo – your placed well mate!!
kascadev8: greene a possible hamstring injury? oh boy
jbjimmyjb: greene’s hammy doesnt look good
knighter33: Yeah I’m 2037 with Whitfield, Coniglio, Rankine, Grundy, Bewely. Should push high 2500s would be nice
Avarax: with williams back in, corr is taking much less kick-ins
Raspel31: Bringing in Budarick next week.
OnTheRocks: Go Buda, Whitfield and Corr
Avarax: i’llbe looking to upgrade this week i think, depending on score below 60 today. (to T. Stewart)
beerent11: Look at budda go! Little champ.
HugeHead: hit a target corr
NewFreoFan: Greene seemed to be running off the ground ok
The Hawker: Budarick will end up scoring 50 haha
poolboybob: Greene is hurt? Wow, first time for everything
spdysaint: good whitfield
kascadev8: i put anderson on the field over close and budarick. why do i doubt you connor
pcaman2003: knighter33. That’s a top score. I can only wish.
Raspel31: The Hawker- that was irony. How can I lose this loser?
boxy36: Finally a decent week and then Greene injures himself in the first quarter -_-
pcaman2003: I’m with you Avarax. Stewart will be a dirt cheap pick up.
Stu7: Duddarick
Kidult: Going to be tough to get a ton from a GCS today
poolboybob: Donuts for Rankine
Avarax: yep, he’s gonna be a bout 430k. for a 100 avg player
pcaman2003: M Duncan looks real temptingas will be under $530k after this round.
kascadev8: just me or should rankine have had a free kick? possibly soft but give him the ball
thommoae: Kasca – Budarick has given you PLENTY of reasons for doubt of late!
jbjimmyjb: im bringing in duncan and stewart next week, 540k in the bank for it
CniglioSsn: yeah theres nothing wrong in missing a massive score if it’s an anomaly
pcaman2003: jbjimmyjb. My thoughts exactly.
CniglioSsn: sucks if somethings happened to greene
88360: Should i trade out Simpson or Pickett to get duncan
pcaman2003: Rankine being rank. Lift boy!
Avarax: yep, duncan is a good price. though once selwood comes back, it may dampen his scoring a little
MrWalrus: My trades this week, nic nat to gawn, Ainsworth to gaff & buddha to close, lost big on all 3 so far
Water: pickett
Avarax: 88360, neither yet. they both have money to earn still
Corr_Dad: Aidan Corr 🙂
beerent11: Ranking is a common in all 6 of my leagues
pcaman2003: @Avarax. He scores really well even with Jelwood in.
kascadev8: greene done, looked good
feralmong: i’ll push lukosius back forward and bring in witherden. cheap upgrade from mcasey
boxy36: Greene out – ice on hammy – RIP my rank and score this week
Water: de boer is tagging lachie weller off half back
Kidult: MrWalrus Gaff has a bye
The Hawker: CD loves contested possessions 😉 – Greenwood
pcaman2003: boxy36. SC is a cruel game. Hits us all at some point.
feralmong: woops sorry i mean brander. sitting there doing nothing.
wadaramus: Come on Cogs, get busy!
DrSeuss: The one week I play a guy with Lukosius and Budarick wtf
ajconodie: One of my opponents hasn’t touched his team for a month. He is going to nudge 2400. Ill be lucky to hit 2200. Sums my
amigaman: Gotta love CD. Rankine 3 meter kick 6 points
boxy36: @pca had a rough year of it – Howe, Rowell, Smith’s concussion, Fyfe, Doedee and Hill…
thommoae: Gotta love the pure technical brilliance of the Suns’ disposal by hand.
CniglioSsn: imagine being able to hear the gold coast crowd
pcaman2003: amigaman. I’ll take it!
beerent11: I’m going Sicily to Stewart and getting all my rookies but Pickett off the field. Nearly full premos.
Apachecats: Scores are nearly level but GWS has all the SC points.
CniglioSsn: brereton is disturbingly infatuated
Corr_Dad: would be nice if these commentators hopped off rankines rim for 30 seconds
Switcheyes: Love this site can costantly see the ads, but the thing you want to see is blank half the time, use ad money fix site?
Raspel31: I ranked my girl friends once. It;s a now win. CarnPerrymanno win.
DrSeuss: Is Cogs up forward now that Greene went down??
pcaman2003: boxy36. I’ll send you some kleenex
Raspel31: Fat fingers- apologies.
boxy36: @pca think I’ll need it after this week
DrSeuss: Sorry Gents I traded in Greenwood this week
softwhitee: this suns pressure is impressive
MrWalrus: No, traded this round, I know he is out next
Bezzina: Cogs wake up champ
Kidult: Jacobs smashing Witts, what is happening
pcaman2003: Do something specky Rank. Build some quick points
ajconodie: @DrSeuss – He always starts like this. Wills till ton.
Collywoble: Is Greene done for the day?? Going to lose because of this
TeamRMPG: Switcheyes What ads? I don’t get any..
pcaman2003: Collywobble. I’d say he’s cooked.
Raspel31: Everyone said Rankine was bound to But waht do you do?do nothing
ajconodie: This is a cracking contest.
boxy36: @Collywoble yes, ice on hammy
Napper: Do you get points for spoils?
CniglioSsn: @kidult jacobs is just clearly a top ruckman of the comp
pcaman2003: Napper. Yes!
BigChief: @Napper in SC yes you do.
beerent11: Taranto just gets no opposition attention
Dredd: Reason I got Andrews in my team… racks up the spoils each week
Legix: Derm needs to relax with rankine
CniglioSsn: OMG shut up about rankine
beerent11: Rankine can have a one touch half and the callers can’t stop gushing about him.
Avarax: so much hype for someone that has 1 touch and no impact
BigChief: Rankine is the new Cyril according to Derm.
Kidult: Happy to lose my tip if GCS beat GWS
Kidult: A draw is Ideal for my team tho
feralmong: Maurice Jnr is the new Cyril. Take that to the bank.
kascadev8: whitfield kelly anderson corr rankine wake up please. especially the gold coast boys. gonna ruin my first good score
CniglioSsn: I miss the suns of old, looking forward to versing adelaide
HugeHead: Corr dissapeared this quarter
Dredd: god i miss watching rowell… incredibly saying that about a 4 game player
feralmong: maurice jr – think marlion GF blind turn x 100.
BigGryan: coniglio whitfield anderson and rankine in this for me
Kidult: anyone got any data on how many jumped on Jelly from his big score
kascadev8: @Kidult i did, but was looking to bring him in anyway
Raspel31: Am I out of order ti sat that I’m frankly bored.
beerent11: The way Cameron has played cogs this year he may go close to qualifying for dpp next year
The Hawker: Greenwood surprisingly with 0 tackles
Apachecats: I feel exactly the same Rasp and we have a long way to go.
kascadev8: difference between Rowell and Rankine, Rowell is worth the hype. miss his guaranteed 115+ scores right now
zadolinnyj: U would be accurate Raspel
pcaman2003: @Kidult. Just looked and not many at all.
Apachecats: On the other hand thank God the footy is still going or I’d go completely spare.
BigGryan: @Kidult not sure exactly how much but less than 1.6% traded him in
beerent11: Learn a musical instrument raspel, plenty of opportunity
beerent11: Or another language
feralmong: if it all stops there is always dice footy.
zadolinnyj: Fanfooty is like learning another flower shower language
Raspel31: I was forced to learn flute in boarding school in England beerent. Thank you, but no. r
zadolinnyj: Was that at band camp @ Raspel
Raspel31: Flying fairies Zado- never met their needs
scboy123: Anderson 🙁
kascadev8: trading out mckenzie,anderson + maybe corr- 100k left. stewart coming in, recommendations on who else to bring in?
beerent11: Duncan
heppelitis: williams maybe
DrSeuss: Why hand that off Noah?
jbjimmyjb: derm stfu please
Avarax: greenwood?
CozzieCan: De boer lightly tagging greenwood , hmm
circle52: My plans are and as we know can change Bennell to Skinner, Starcevich to Stewart and Gaff to Duncan
FlyinRyan2: nah greenwood gunna start decreasing in price don’t bring him in yet
FlyinRyan2: wait do we have 3 trades again this week?
heppelitis: get perryman off the bench ffs
circle52: Yep 3 trades to Rd 12
Raspel31: So, if you have Simpkin and Perryman, is ittime to commit suicuide
masterhc2: anyone else think the total points line being set at 128 for this game was easy money
Kidult: 3 trades for next 3 rounds
pcaman2003: Lift Greeny,Rank and Cogs. Get mobile
Silz90: Raspel that’s not a funny thing to joke about
Bezzina: Cogs no hunt for the ball today
thommoae: Gotta better phrase, Raspel? ‘Time to give it away’?
beerent11: Bezzina unfortunately while Greene is out cogs will play fwd a lot.
pcaman2003: Bezinna. He’s staying back a lot. Not going the hard ball.
rupertmarn: Someone call McGyver, Rankine has gone missing
Bezzina: my opp has kelly, whitfield & haynes. I’m in trouble
DrSeuss: Cogs is such a waste up forward.
Bezzina: @beer does my head in why would you play an A-grade midfielder as a small forward
pcaman2003: C’mon Greeny and shake that tag. You need to lift big time
DrSeuss: Get Greenwood off the bench FFS
Bezzina: @pca his inconsistency of hunt also hurts my brain
beerent11: Coaches don’t give a flying about SuperCoach
Dredd: needed a nice 100 from cogs… FeelsBad
beerent11: @bezzina out of all their mids he’s the best option to go fwd
beerent11: Whit back in full whit mode like it
MrWalrus: Coaches also don’t seem to care about winning sometimes with some of the moves they pull.
Bezzina: I disagree, Tarranto is more damaging forward
pcaman2003: At least Whitty and Haynes holding my score up
Apachecats: Suns can’t buy a goal.
BigGryan: come on coniglio push
Bezzina: Cogs just had a purple patch. Beautiful
Dredd: need a 150 from whit… come on son! need a huge last quarter
beerent11: With extra trades the smart move would be cogs to tarantula after their bye
Silz90: Rankine goal would be perfect right now
BigGryan: rankine need a 5 goal quarter from you
pcaman2003: I’d like all my players to kick a goal. Perrrfect!
Dredd: 2 rankine goals more like it
Bezzina: anyone here know what draper scored last night?
MrWalrus: Bezzina, I’d argue Kelly a much better forward also
wadaramus: Trade Cogs smart?
FlyinRyan2: draper got like 70 something i think
Dredd: need a kennedy effort from rankine. lovely 100 for me from the man, your turn rankine to kick some of rme
Dredd: some for me*
amigaman: Draper 73
Bezzina: Totally agree Walrus, more explosive
jbjimmyjb: whitfield is back to his best, he’s everywhere
pcaman2003: Wada. In or out?
Desi: Draper 73 pretty good first game.
BigGryan: how did coniglio just get an extra 20 points
88360: Should i go Pickett or Simpson to Duncan
MrWalrus: Won’t be sideways trading unless LTI or team all premo myself
Bezzina: @Gryan had a purple patch of about 7 handballs lol
Grimes Jr: wow huge last 5 for cogs
BigGryan: simpson, picketts got a lot more in him
rupertmarn: Dont trade Pickett or Simpson
Avarax: @88360…neither. they both have money to earn still
Stu7: Thank goodness Whitefeild had a quiet 1st quarter, his score is killing me!
pcaman2003: BigGryan. Had some quick possessions
wadaramus: Suggestion was to trade him to Taranto.
MrWalrus: No kidding Grimes, maybe the smart move is to trust he will come good
DrSeuss: Of course I traded in Greenwood the week he forgets how to tackle
pcaman2003: I’d keep him. Still over 100 ave.
kascadev8: goodbye my 2437 score. need about 160 points from 5 players in this last quarter just to hit the projection
MrWalrus: Wada, I believe it was the smart move…
Bezzina: i won’t be doing that move @wada, got too many upgrades to do
wadaramus: Damn straight pcaman, trading him not such a smart move!
Grimes Jr: i’ve had cogs all year
CozzieCan: Whitfield having a day out
wadaramus: Don’t we all Bezzina!
Collywoble: Whitfield in Greene out
wadaramus: I started him too Grimes, as I did last year.
Ooost: Looking at 2450 (ish) even if Rankine doesnt move
pcaman2003: Massive last qtr please Greeny
wadaramus: Must have been a joke MrWalrus!
CozzieCan: Greenwood will hit 80 from here won’t ton
zadolinnyj: This round is top 18 isnt it. Ill get 2450 at least but dont know best 18 score
FlyinRyan2: nah best 18 only applies to the byes
Napper: Wouldn’t went huge but had Hamill
The Hawker: If greenwood can get tackling, he’ll get high 90s
pcaman2003: Whitty Haynes Cogs,keep going. Lift Greeny and Rank
Ooost: This round isnt top 18
Kidult: Round 10 and 11 are best 18 atm
DrSeuss: Greenwood just 1-2m from everything – just not his day it seems
zadolinnyj: Ok. Assume 2600 plus will win this round
The Hawker: Looking absolutely lazy Greenwood
CozzieCan: Gee Ainsworth is terrible
Ooost: Actually hoping for a Greenwood price drop, he’s in my furture plans.
Kidult: Cmon Suns 3 more goals to tie it to keep my team in the 8
88360: Should i go Simpson or Pickett to Duncan
MrWalrus: If so it was one of the funnier ones, just didn’t get it at first it seems.
wadaramus: How many times have you posed that question today 88360?
Napper: Which rookies to trade out taylor, bud,hamill or pickett/simpsom
Kidult: I would try look for better avenue 88360
Ooost: avoid both pickett and simpson for sure
Ash777: what’s Taranto’s BE?
wadaramus: I traded Taylor and Budarick already.
pcaman2003: Slacker Greenwood. Not even being tagged this term.
MinXz: gaff looks the better option to get after his bye rather than duncan
Avarax: @88360.. ive answered you question 3 flowering times
DrSeuss: Corr and Greenwood doing nothing – while my opponent has Ainsworth
wadaramus: Get some junk Rankine!
Pies20: Grundy or treloar c?
kascadev8: rankine can sit on my bench and think about what he’s done. come on jelly corr rankine anderson. lift
Avarax: grundy seems a decent option pies
Ooost: Grundy
Kidult: Woodcock will debut tomorrow
FlyinRyan2: nah duncan way better option than gaff
Kidult: think he is a 102k fwd
The Hawker: Treloar C 😉 150 from him
wadaramus: Yeah, get in the naughty corner Rankine!
AuroraBore: Treloar for me Pies, rucks haven’t scored too well against Freo
CniglioSsn: been really impressed with dash holding his place. good on him.
DrSeuss: Also Cogs with 1 handball for the whole quarter
Apachecats: Collins -most improved award for 2020?
pcaman2003: Definitely Duncan for me. His scores and price unbeatable value.
Ooost: I had Zac Williams until his injury.. He was poor, now look at him!
BigChief: @Aurora that would be against Sandilands though.
BigChief: @Apache Collins over Petracca?
Pies20: cheers going with treloar Grundy hurt me last week c
Ooost: Hopefully Cogs gets some junk
hokkien34: yesss cogs
pcaman2003: Onya Cogs. That’s 3 tons. Just need Greeny to lift.
hokkien34: yesss cogs
wadaramus: Junk as requested Ooost!
Stu7: Please bench Whitefield
cmperrfect: Get back on the ground Cogs
Ooost: hahaha excellent wadarmus!
CniglioSsn: Nobody:
The Hawker: Stewart and Williams looking juicy to get in
Silz90: Was rankine robbed some points.
pcaman2003: Brereton isw such a plonker. I want to hit him
Avarax: lol @ budarick btw…..this chat was rubbing themselves to him earlier
Poliyagon: i can either do Simpkin for duncan or Starcevich for Tom Stewart, whaddya think?
Apachecats: Yeah BC both good ,Collins off a lower base though.
AuroraBore: As if that didn’t sit up for whitfield
DrSeuss: Greenwood has been horrible – now on the bench. Is his TOG down this week? Or avg?
Avarax: starc to stewart…..simpkin has more scoring potential than starc
Ooost: Starc for Stew imo
Ooost: I’m thinking about a little starc to stew myself.
CozzieCan: Good flower off de boer for the year
Haydo: Starc for Stewart
pcaman2003: Seuss. It’s down but not by a whole lot. He’s just blown a piston today.
cmperrfect: Not lately @avarax lol
wadaramus: I like all the DPP’s I have in place, not sure on this weeks trades.
DrSeuss: Cheers Pca – first week in my team and not one freaking tackle
Avarax: he’ll improve next game
kascadev8: back under 2380 for me, lucky me
Napper: Any good rookie options to trade in??
pcaman2003: Had 3 good players and 2 that really sucked bad. Next game.
Grimes Jr: shame rankine ruins my haynes cogs and whitfield scores
Apachecats: My DPP’s always end up either all on the forward line or all on the midfield ,not matter what I try.
Ooost: I swear rankine lost 10 points :/
kascadev8: rankine can now definetly sit on my bench and think about the bs he is trying to put up
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Shows how much his score relies on tackles.
kascadev8: should be at 2360 now. do we see that as still a decent score? can still pray on grundy
BigChief: Whoever said Budarick would get 50, great call.
wadaramus: Onto the last game, go big Grundy!
amigaman: Rankine won me my main comp. Nice and low

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