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Chat log from R9 of 2020: West Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for West Coast vs Geelong, R9 of 2020

boxy36: Evening all!
missmagic: eagles romp would end a nice day
spdysaint: evening
dipperD: evening gents
amigaman: Been looking forward to this all day. 2 very good teams
nbartos: cant see how Cats can win this, but could be wrong of course! usually am LOL
Kidult: Eagles by 47
nbartos: apart from Gov is this WC full strength?
Kidult: no Redden or Hutchings and Rioli
Kidult: Won’t see Rioli tho
MrWalrus: Hutchings available isn’t he? Redden def best 22
Kidult: Cmon Gaff, Hurn 150ea pls before the bye
The Hawker: hawkins and Jjk to kick a goal in 1st quarter
Baldfrog: Cmon Eagles
kascadev8: well that was fast…
Ash777: bought in Telly & Close this week.
HugeHead: simpson for 80 tonight?
The Hawker: well then…. that was easy
Baldfrog: How come ch7 commentators but no coverage in Adelaide
nbartos: boom first goal market was a given
CozzieCan: Danger , close , Yeo , in this one
CozzieCan: Also cmon cats let’s go boys
Bluebagg11: Come on Simpson 100 tonight please
nbartos: JJK 22 sc for 1 kick 1 goal this early
Kidult: Ch7 SA rights to show both sa games is why
The Hawker: Stay low please Mitchy
Breezey: Yeo, Nic Nat and Close.
BigGryan: come on danger and the boys lets get going
kascadev8: razor giving geelong a free before the 4th quarter? no way
furphy: Duncan go huge thanks!
StuL: The beers taste good now
CozzieCan: We jump into 3rd if we win .. big chance
Kidult: Yeh 100 or under pls Duncan just for this game then you can go large for me after that
boxy36: Please stay under BE Duncan
CozzieCan: Any one else had to choose between close & Simpson this week for Geelong ?
Baldfrog: Close started nicely
wilaj: Got Simpson and close in this but both on bench
kascadev8: if constable could hold a spot i think he could be a decent pick, reasonably cheap and can use it well
st_steve: Went with Close on the field
StuL: Close on Simo bench
circle52: I have both Cozzie and fielded Close and benched Simpson. So good so far
CozzieCan: Interesting to see Constable tagging Kelly
Pies20: Played close instead of Simpson @cozzi u?
st_steve: Will need to a decent win Cozzie, Saints have a decent % gap on Cats
amigaman: Ruck frees ridiculous. Ump has no idea
The Hawker: played simmo, hope it turns out well haha
Kidult: 2.2% is nothing Steve
CozzieCan: Best game of the round this one
StuL: Liking the Constable tag. Just get him involved
DrSeuss: Simmo not turning out well so far – playing forward so might not be ideal
CozzieCan: @pies did the same mate aye , close was pretty good last week
Breezey: This could be a shootout
heppelitis: JKol you are a perma muppet
Beast_Mode: he’s already requested a trade, so they make him a tagger lol
kascadev8: did anyone see Max King try to punch Dane Rample earlier today?
kascadev8: Rampe* not rample
Bezzina: want simpson to go big for my cash but my opp has fielded him grr
CozzieCan: @Beast don’t blame him , C.Scott is a flowering wanker
StuL: It’s probably a case of Constable or Scott. Time for Scott to go
BigChief: Any idea who he wants to go to @beast_mode?
StuL: Chappy didn’t like Scott. Chappy is a legend and a great bloke
CozzieCan: @Stul Chapman was me favourite even when he went to Essendon
Kidult: Ideal for Adelaide just Adelaide not ideal for him but would get lots of games
Bezzina: Chappy isn’t a great bloke, he coaches in my local league and is hated @StuL
StuL: I met Chappy. Champion bloke
Bluebagg11: Any chance Simpson to put score Close? I knew I’d make the wrong choice.
Bezzina: absolute ruined Greevale Football Club
Beast_Mode: hasnt gone that far yet, but according to edmund he’s filthy and wants out
Kidult: Think Essendon will go the hardest for big body mid
The Hawker: cmon hawkins kick a goal within 3 mins
BigChief: Would not be surprised if Constable goes to Hawks.
GroupOne: @kascadev8 Did you mean Jake Carlisle who tried to hit rampe hand
Kidult: Slow down Stewart and Duncan need you cheap to fund my 3rd
StuL: Well he’s a great Cat. To the neutral we dont give a crap about his local footy
AuroraBore: glad i got Hurn in
CozzieCan: What a cracker of a game , out of me seat already
Bezzina: Nah of course, champion of a footballer. I’m just a bias gawker who got his heartbroken by him too many times
pcaman2003: Hope Simmo gets more TOG than this.
beerent11: Sic down to Stewart this week free up 150k
The Hawker: @BigChief Constable to Hawks?? Wheres the news on this
DrSeuss: Might be time to bring Tom Stewart in this week
amigaman: Rat giving Nat a bath
Baldfrog: Hawkers just Chiefs wishlist
kascadev8: how likely do we think consable is for holding a spot with captain courageous coming back in shortly
SilverLion: Constable ain’t tagging Kelly m0nty
heppelitis: Got stewart and Dunc this week. Nice so far.
penguins00: constable won’t play with Selwood back.
Baldfrog: You mean Mr Ducker mos?
beerent11: Selwood in Simpson out
Kidult: Coach said they will not play Constable with Selwood, Danger and there was another player in the same side
StuL: Not a hard tag on Kelly really. Both are feasting.
satch7: Qtr time and half the Eagles have 1 touch or less
The Hawker: @Baldfrog hahahaha
Baldfrog: Kas*
Kidult: Menegola was the 3rd
StuL: Coach is flog if that’s true. Let’s not field our best side
beerent11: They both have 150+ breakevens heppelitus. They should be cheaper this week
beerent11: I’m getting both this week
Baldfrog: Beer why u lost ur norf tag?
BigChief: @Baldfrog why would Constable be on my wishlist to Hawks?
heppelitis: Oh well Beer…i’ve been leaking points lately so I am happy for them to get me the extra points.
Kidult: I’d say Constable out for Selwood and Simpson for Steven
Baldfrog: Chief is dunstall dunstall used to play for hawks you support hawks?
st_steve: Might be cheaper next week but heppelitus is getting the points now. Depends on what you’re trading out and cash reserve
BigChief: @Baldfrog Ummm nope. Fitzroy fan through and through. Name is related to something else
beerent11: In saying that mate they’re on track to get there anyway
StuL: Steven is finished.
Breezey: Any chance of getting Close to it
Baldfrog: Chief lol u don’t know who I was do you. Don’t say out loud but remember when u invited me to m0ntys house lol
PIE WAZZA: Rexy get on Board go Shuey
CozzieCan: Good 1 breezey
BigChief: @Baldfrog can’t say I remember your previous name mate.
Avarax: stewart will be a miust have by the looks of it
BigChief: But I do remember that conversation. Got me banned.
Water: how many geelong players is too many when i already have close and simpson
Breezey: Shuey tried the duck and got pinged.
BigChief: Cats looking good atm. Can they continue it?
Kidult: Surprised tomorrows games are later in the day with no early game Pies played Sunday and Freo Monday
clay007: stats suddenly frozen
BigChief: Did we break chat?
Social: How was that ball from Duncan, can’t wait to get him in
PIE WAZZA: Scores Frozen
Baldfrog: Edwards looks young
Pies20: start peddling monty not sure if it’s just me but game frozen
thommoae: Unless Monty’s selling something on the side, it’s ‘pedalling’, Pies. 🙂
DrSeuss: Be great if you could get a touch Simmo
pcaman2003: Surely Rohan gets dropped b4 Close or Simpson.
kascadev8: no way steven is coming back into this squad
Pies20: Thanks for the grammar lesson @tomatoe
Kidult: Gaff didn’t move damn it. Season done just going to have fun with it
Bezzina: Day to Stewart for me next week
Ash777: Rohan will never get dropped for Selwood. Totally different players.
circle52: Slow down Stewart. Want to get you next week.
Social: Nice to see a low free kick count
kascadev8: @bezzina im going McKenzie to stewart
CozzieCan: @pca I’d usually agree about Rohan , but his forward pressure last 2 games has improved lots
SilverLion: I’ll say it again, Constable ain’t tagging Kelly m0nty. For one thing, look at their TOGs lol
Bezzina: good trade @kascadev
beerent11: Stewart will be in 80% of teams next week enjoy your pod this week heppelitus
Pies20: you did that or going to do that @kasca?
Social: Stewarts injury makes him excellent value in the next 2 weeks
CozzieCan: @beer you’d be silly not to at this point
Ash777: if you want a POD go Dumont
kascadev8: @Pies20 doing that once the round is done. used mckenzie to loophole macrae while he was out again
Pies20: love how people jump on a player after a good game
MrWalrus: Scores must be frozen still, Gaff only 6 touches……..
kascadev8: stewarts average (excluding the injury) is 80+ or something isnt it?
CozzieCan: @pies20 he was in my d6 until injury happy to buy him back cheap
Kidult: @Social this is the last round Stewart bottoms out in price will have a low BE next round
MrWalrus: Pies, he is a premo def and well underpriced due to Injury. Kinda how SC works
Social: Hi avg is 98 without the injury game
Kidult: Stewart avg of 98 without the injury game and also avg 98 from 22 in 2019
MrWalrus: Think he had a bad one early too bringing the avg down didn’t he?
Pies20: Seeing Defenders suck this year and i don’t play sc looks likeg
heppelitis: Traded Stewart and Dunc in and fielded Fyfe off my bench….Simson/Pickett and Williamson scores no more
BigChief: Stewart is a gun defender. Should have taken him at the start of the year over Laird.
Pies20: Like stewart a great choice for everyone
MrWalrus: Better still he actually defends, I like him as a player IRL as well as fantasy
Pies20: I’m going to start sc next year just to be in the convo
Kidult: His effort against Franklin in a final few years back still sticks in my mind
heppelitis: Stewart made money for us as a Rookie not that long ago too!
Kidult: Well he started on Franklin but ran up ground
circle52: Stewart has a B/e of 162 so as I want him next week hoping he stays below it
circle52: Starcevich to Stewart is the trade I am looking at nexty week
beerent11: Bought in gaff thinking he’d bottomed out in price. Maybe not.
DrSeuss: That is the trade I will be doing as well @circle
Kidult: Reminds me alot of Dale Morris in his efforts
CozzieCan: Hawkins no goal & we’ve kicked 8 goals 0 points haha
Avarax: noble > stewart
DrSeuss: HTB is such a joke rule now
CozzieCan: H.Taylor oh boy hahahhaa what a pissa
CozzieCan: That will make 7 plays 7 days for sure
circle52: Agree Dr it is a lottery with umpires these days.
jfitty: Danger such a flog
circle52: and players are reluctant to go after the ball
DrSeuss: How did Danger think that was his free – knob
Collywoble: Because he got pushed by sheed ?? DrSeuss
Pies20: is parfitt ok?
Breezey: The ump said Geelong that’s why.
kascadev8: @DrSeuss umpire pointed the wrong way and never corrected it lmao
heppelitis: Jade Colorjashnij Flowering useless.
beerent11: Umpire signalled the wrong way
StuL: So prior opportunity no longer applies?
DrSeuss: I saw what the umpire did. But Danger hit a WC player and didnt get touched himself and somehow thought it was his free
circle52: Blame Clarko – and umpires intepratation of making an attempt.
kascadev8: its the danger show, man wins a brownlow, man can do what he wants
Ash777: Never let a coach make rules lol
Pies20: he’s back on cheers
Beast_Mode: he does it all but perform in finals lol
pcaman2003: circle. Why blame Clarko.? He doesn’t set the rules or make the crazy changes. That’s the AFL
StuL: All over. Give it to the feral flogs
blonde0na: i bought Gaff in this week for Titch in AF, safe to say my weekend is ruined
Ash777: which 1 stul
circle52: Sorry pcaman but he made a complaint and all of a sudden we have a different intepretation of HTB
Crave: Not clarko’s fault, what other sport changes their rules so often and their interpretation of the rules even more often
CozzieCan: What a game
pcaman2003: CIRCLE. Unfortunately the AFL hasn’t learnt much in over 100 years. Still they stuff the rules up,year after year.
DrSeuss: Its the AFL bowing to coaches / media. Carlton complains this week – Cripps gets 7 free kicks.
StuL: Only in Perth do they cheer a point.
Kidult: Who knows who gets a free for what these days might aswell have everyones hands up claiming the free kick
circle52: Crave I would l;ove a season where there are no rule changes.
Pies20: close v Simpson is close
circle52: and agree pcaman
CozzieCan: Where’s beastcoast & Ghandi lol
Catatafish: Have to agree with @circle52 there. Clarko cracked the sads and now we have this garbage. Why go for the ball?
V@lks: Clarko whinged, interpretation changed. Large stake of blame. IMO, < whistles, better spectacle.
VodkaHawk: Best rule they’ve brought in is the play on from kick ins rule
twinpeaks: Is Parfitt on? TOG going up…
DrSeuss: Simpson hasnt dont anything this quarter
MercAm: Who else agrees that the West Coast fan base is the most toxic?
GroupOne: Homer got a handball and might get goal assist
pcaman2003: Catafish. If taht’s true,then we may as well make Clarko AFL CEO.But it’s not true.
pcaman2003: Lift Simmo.
V@lks: @Merc. I’ll cop it. Port, Carl, Coll, Rich, Ess not much better
CozzieCan: @Merc bloody oath need to put the pipe down
furphy: big call coming from a pies fan @MercAm
StuL: Boo us just for having a shot. Ferals
blonde0na: tbf clarko had a point, 33 FK awarded that game and 69 tackles from hawks with no free kick from a tackle seems odd
thommoae: Mighty big coincidence, wouldn’t you say, pca?
Tangent: Ladies and gentleman that was some champagne footy!
Ash777: I think Demons are most toxic imo
NewFreoFan: Like the crowd at Skilled doesn’t boo StuL, turn it up
HugeHead: need a quiet quarter for Hurn and danger
beerent11: Ripper game
MercAm: @furphy yeah I’ll take that, but you can’t say pies is worse than West coast rn
kascadev8: looks like anderson is coming on my field. unless close kicks 3 last quarter goals
pcaman2003: @thommoae. R U saying Clarko has that much influence over the AFL? lol!
Pies20: crows and power not much better @merc
Water: go egs
Ash777: Many Demon supporters are 50+ yrs old and are horrible.
CozzieCan: Nail biter this one , winning goal will be huge
Catatafish: Well pca, it’s not the first time he’s had a whine and the rules have drastically been reinterpreted. Not blaming Clarko
Avarax: literally nobody here has any proof of anything. you’re all talking speculation and media reported stories
Breezey: Try living in QLD and going to the Gabba with the Lions fans. Feralness at its best
Avarax: just give it a rest
amigaman: @beerent11 well said
thommoae: How do you explain the amazing change in HTB frequency following Clarko’s ‘cracking the sads’, pca?
furphy: agreed, them and port rough teams to play on the road @merc
Catatafish: Blaming the AFL and whomever decides these preposterous weekly reinterpretations are a good thing.
DrSeuss: A Collingwood fan commenting on ‘feralness’ – now I have seen it all lol
gazza39: Meanwhile down at Kardinya park…
V@lks: Yes Pac & Avarax. One of the greatest coaches. Liaises 1:1 with Gillon
arbel: Kennedy can’t buy a free
Breezey: They changed the rule because Clarko suggested it, but he doesn’t make the rules
Ash777: The HTB interpretation needed changing but the went too far the other way.
heppelitis: Bombers are serious ferals and cheats
Breezey: That ones already been used Seuss. Catch up will ya.
Dredd: @breezey LMAO I can just park myself on the couch to see how feral pies fans are…. what a joker
DrSeuss: The blame has to be on the AFL. If my kid complains about bedtime and I change their bedtime, that is on me as a dad.
circle52: Breezy hope you exclude me from that comment though. But agree some are not the best.
Avarax: Valks. i havent said anything. wtf? i just want people to stop whingeing
StuL: The feralcriwd
Dredd: @DrSeuss they are just still salty from the 2000s… turn it up silly pies fan…
StuL: The feral crowd will get them home
Breezey: Certainly Circle. You’re a good one for sure
Bezzina: surely you blokes don’t think the change in the HTB interpretation isn’t better for the game?
Bezzina: actually rewarding tackling again finally
Woodie22: StuL cats fans are feral and sooks down at Skilled
Ash777: next they need to outlaw the use of lotions n oils to help taclkes slip.
V@lks: ‘you’re all talking speculation.’ If so, inexplicable coincidence.
Water: it would be better for the game if the rule could be clearly adjudicated and consistently paid/not paid
circle52: It is a real joke and lottery Bezzina.
DrSeuss: True @Dredd – I saw many sad Pies fans leaving the Gabba in those days…good times
Breezey: How about every club has their fair share of ferals.
V@lks: Bezzina…Andrew McGrath. Disgrace
circle52: You only have to look at the Mcgrath and Hipwood ones form last night to confirm.
Kidult: I’ve seen a few more players not go for the ball over the last couple weeks just sit on the outside now
Bezzina: @Volks – I agree, but one instance over a thousand
CozzieCan: Goal
V@lks: Nope. There’s been a shedload
HugeHead: how is danger gaining so much Supercoach, its killing me
Water: no goal
Pies20: @breezey agreed
Dredd: Tbh McGarth did dive on the ball and didn’t dispose of it…. doesn’t matter if he gets up or is on the ground.
Bezzina: those instances such as the McGrath, just come down to human error in our field umpires
pcaman2003: Beauty Simmo.!
HugeHead: Simpson you beauty
StuL: That’s come off the foot sooks
CozzieCan: Touched his toe could see it differ
V@lks: Dredd you half wit. Watch the vision again
Bezzina: These umpires interpret different rules differently and that’s were the issue lies
VodkaHawk: Bad decision, no goal
circle52: That in my opinion is the real issue now Kidult. Players will standback and just tackle whover goes for the ball.
Silz90: simpson u star
DrSeuss: @Breezey – that is probably the best conclusion – they are everywhere
circle52: Then lock it in and hope for the HTB not makin a genuine attempot
Dredd: I’ve watched it plenty of times muppet. He dive on the ball, it’s not hard to see.
Collywoble: Collingwood has 80% of fans that are ferals. @Pies20 @Breezey You are part of that 20%
MercAm: Can’t say there is clear vision to overturn that, think umpires call was the best option
Pies20: it won’t get to that @circle
Catatafish: @Dredd I think you need to look up the word dive and watch the footage again.
Water: wher is simpson goin . NOOO
Dredd: I’m not saying the decision was fair but if you dive on the ball, you gotta get rid of it. D. King explained it welll
BigChief: Yes McGrath dived on the ball but both Lyons and McGrath grabbed the ball at the same time. Poor decision IMO.
MercAm: @colluwoble cheers mate haha
V@lks: Specsavers m9
Silz90: cmon guys focus on the important things. i got money on the eagles 😀
pcaman2003: Allens took the teeth out of lollie bags,cos it offended pie supporters
CozzieCan: Can Close kick the winning goal imagine that
MercAm: @Silz but who like west coast though…
Pies20: Don’t take out the bomber’s effort last night on me @collywoble
Silz90: hit 70+ close and ill loop ya
Breezey: Congrats Pca,an you’re the 1millionth customer to use that one the old teeth joke.
Catatafish: He didn’t dive on it, he grabbed it.
MercAm: @cozzie I’d like that haha
CozzieCan: Ratu cost us 2 goals tonight shocker
Silz90: money talks mercam
Kidult: Gaff going at 100% TOG again
pcaman2003: @Breezy. Saw it on Facebook today. Still a good one,yeah?
MercAm: Well silz how much ya got on them
cmperrfect: Stay down Duncan
Ash777: Go Kelly!
BumSniff: Really regretting Doedee -> Mcpherson over Doedee -> Stewart
StuL: Kicked from out of bounds. Special Perth rules
Breezey: I seen it with South Sydney supporters though in the NRL
MercAm: @pca mate that is kinda old now lol
Pies20: Pretty lame @pca dad joke at best
NewFreoFan: Cats have stopped. Don’t think Guthrie or Duncan have touched it this quarter
HugeHead: cmon simpson, need you back on
Silz90: 50 bucks on st kilda eagles and collingwood. nothing major
Ash777: Cats choking it away.
BigChief: @StuL of course you can kick from outside the boudary line.
Beast_Mode: simpson and close, spot in the 22 is under the pump
pcaman2003: Heimlich maneuver for the Cats needed. Choke,choke.
BumSniff: Stewart or Duncan in next week?
CozzieCan: Flower off wasn’t holding the ball , danger was making an attempt
BigChief: That was a rubbish decision against Danger. You can tackle around the head now apparently
The Hawker: Both Bum
Kidult: Duncan probably average more for the year
Catatafish: #bumsniff both
MercAm: @Bum ya gotta go Stewart
Water: muppet for guthrie
NewFreoFan: Guthrie from hero to zero
Beast_Mode: if not both, brig in the one with the lowest b/e
BumSniff: Not sure if I have enough rookies to offload for the move
CozzieCan: Dangers tackle that west coast player didn’t even have prior let alone breath .. flower these umps
pcaman2003: C’mon Scott and put Simmo back on.
Avarax: this chat is so toxic. just stop picking everything out from every game. watch it and enjoy it
Haydo: How has Kelly dropped from 102 to 95 then
Breezey: Goodnight Charlie C
The Hawker: thats a high tackle all day long
BumSniff: Tempted to nick off Simpson early to afford Duncan
Kidult: 8 Stiches cut to Simpson no wonder his TOG low
poolboybob: About 15 times a match Hawkins acts stunned that he didn’t get a free kick
CozzieCan: Cmon cats !!!
Silz90: i wish CD would give simpson 2 points for each stich
The Hawker: Simmo tough nut
Bezzina: Reckon we might be watching the GF early here boys
pcaman2003: @Kidult. He’s a gutsy player Glad he’s back on.
Collywoble: Where is Yeo???? Losing points every minute
Beast_Mode: lmao
NewFreoFan: Good chance Bezzina
Ash777: Cats have to make finals first.
Water: how has yeo lost 16 points in the last 5 minutes for doing nothing
CozzieCan: Damn gg eagles
AuroraBore: Hurn to Stewart next week
thommoae: Wouldn’t put money on that, Bezz.
Silz90: tigers vs eagles gf
Snarfy: Do you take Close’s 54, or do you give Budarick a go?
Pies20: so do the Eagles @ash
NewFreoFan: 2 more disposals please Duncan
pcaman2003: Surely Rohan has to get dumped.
zoomba23: How does Duggan get reported but no free gets paid. Not even a Cats fan but that’s bullshit
Kylacham: They do constant revisions of the scoring, so people can drop points like that from 10 minutes prior or more
Kidult: I’d say Lions vs Eagles final
StuL: Having the ferals was a massive factor. Not an even season
Pies20: Eagles won’t make the gf
beerent11: The big cat destroys the cats
Beast_Mode: epic close job from cats, i’d ecpect this in finals. bit early yet
BigChief: Depends where the GF is played as to who makes it.
Ash777: Duggan isn’t reported tho it’s the tv.
pcaman2003: Good game to watch.
beerent11: Stewart nearly at his breakeven
Beast_Mode: choke*
AuroraBore: god this song
BigChief: @zoomba who said Duggan was reported?
Breezey: Suns in the GF if it’s played at Metricon.
Kylacham: Right? This is not a footy song…
circle52: 2zoomba not reported TV is there to say may be looked at.
Breezey: OK maybe not
Cr1cketeer: GF could yet be any of up to about 11 teams
pcaman2003: Happy with Simpson’s score.
CozzieCan: Best game of the season , other teams take notes aye
StuL: Eagles scum
kascadev8: constable got destroyed wtf is this. i hate football now
Silz90: okay pies your right. the blues will be playing the eagles
SilverLion: Constable didn’t tag Kelly. I’ve said it multiple times.
StuL: If the final is in Perth. No need to bother with games. Just go straight to the presentation
Silz90: dont be salty stul
The Hawker: GC v GWS says hi @Cozzie
CozzieCan: Sorry mate can’t see you @#13 come up abit would ya
V@lks: Stewart or Shuey = gun M0nty pyth0n?
MrWalrus: Haha, just like playing at MCG means vic team always wins hey pies guys?
MrWalrus: What a week to go nick nat to gawn
Social: Melb teams Walrus, not Vic teams

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