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Chat log from R9 of 2020: St Kilda vs Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Sydney, R9 of 2020

Str1k3_M95: FWD tag on Lloyd
Kidult: Have to back to home page to load a new game =(
Baldfrog: Yeah the site is playing up kidult
rupertmarn: Swans to win
feralmong: Gremlins. Go Lloydy.
amigaman: Glad I’m not the only one. Been having problems since yesterday
Baldfrog: Saints by 30 Rupert
Raspel31: Looking like a massacre.
Kidult: Saints by 53
boxy36: Torn – as a saints fan I like Geary on Lloyd – but having brought him in this week I want a decent score
rupertmarn: It will be a close game Baldfrog
NewFreoFan: Need a big one Steele
Kidult: Need Saints to be accurate to not give Lloyd anything for free
CozzieCan: Lloyd & king on the bench for this 1
boxy36: That 50 was crap
Legix: worst 50 free i’ve ever seen
cwall66: typical 50
Baldfrog: Umps looking after swans
BigChief: If that 50 is against Carlisle it is just wrong. Umpires fucked up again.
cwall66: terrible 50
CozzieCan: Papley worth trading in ?
Kidult: Awesome 10 points from new recruit with 1 kick
DropCox: m0nty check your homepage. One of your headlines might cause trouble for you
Water: i wouldnt get papley he relies way too much on goals for his score
NewFreoFan: Oof that’s a bad miss
Baldfrog: Pretty poor taste m0nty
Ooost: King on the bench when he comes to play.. Classic
pcaman2003: Pap smear on 22 already
NewFreoFan: I don’t mind it m0nty haha
StuL: No Cozzie
LMartos: I don’t think CD know who Ling is, haven’t given him 2 kicks
rupertmarn: Is it Jack Steele or Jack Custard?
satch7: Id change that Monty
exatekk: Very poor taste. Ok to be witty, but people were killed.
feralmong: Monty just put a broom handle through ya shirt sleeves. you
Silz90: i dont get it dropcox
feralmong: monty just put a broom handle through ya shirtsleeves, you’ll be right.
feralmong: bloody reload.
satch7: google snowtown silz… terrible story
StuL: Ling has definitely had 2 kicks
Baldfrog: In stereo feral?
DropCox: Silz90 – google snowtown barrel
feralmong: pebkac
DrSeuss: This is the one week my opponent doesn’t have Lloyd – more Seagull work please
Silz90: ahh that makes more sense! thanks
Kidult: pls keep Ryder in team so Marshall becomes RUC/Fwd again for 2021
BOMBRBLITZ: Het CD you missed a Ling Effective kick
boxy36: Lets go Clark and Lloyd – get going!
scboy123: Butler and Mills for me Gents, also cheeky saints w2w mills15+ and butler goal multi aye
NewFreoFan: Don’t think CD are in here Bombrblitz
feralmong: Nice King. most of your proj already.
Stu7: My team is full of so may dudds. With additions Dawson, King
Stu7: and Howard
feralmong: i mean half.
MrWalrus: Snowtown no joke, absolutely shocking what was done, one dude fed his victims to his family
LMartos: Deliberate being awarded as 2 clangers in criminal, should just be an ineffective kick and free against
Poliyagon: why do I have butler?
Baldfrog: Every state has had shocking crimes shouldn’t be used for gimmicks
clay007: Ryder doing well, 2 contested possessions but only 1 possession. That makes sense.
Water: posessions and disposals are different clay
NewFreoFan: Come on Steele get into it
Silz90: king scores so well for little possessions. i’m not complaining
exatekk: Better m0nty 🙂
MrWalrus: How? How are possessions and disposals different?
Baldfrog: Concur exatekk
Water: becuase you can possess the ball but not dispose of it, i.e when you collect the ball and get tackled
Raspel31: Atta boy Steele- need you after Simpkin.
clay007: Who the hell is Fox? Has he been that effective?
MrWalrus: How does that count for anything & why is it selectively applied?
DrSeuss: Ok Lloyd you can start now
BigGryan: parker pick up
Avarax: are you seriously asking walrus?
Water: it counts for anything though
tdarian: how goods this footy festival hey? watch til your eyes bleed
TheLegend6: Not sure if Walrus is legit or not
Stu7: You wathc Hill go big how that I traded his useles a55
Avarax: me neither @legend
pcaman2003: tdarian. The only thing making my eyes bleed are the umpires this year.
tdarian: the more pressing issue is why you had Hill in the first place? thats your first mistake
Kidult: Gresham finally showed up in a first half been on 5 and 18 points at HT the 2 games prior
Donzoes: I’m going to get really weird with my trades next week, now my season officially done for
Baldfrog: That’s the afl changing the rule interpretation every week pcaman
BigChief: Move your ass Ryan Clarke.
Raspel31: What, bring in netballers Donzoes?
clay007: Robbie Fox is getting double points for each possession.
tdarian: max king going to be a star
Poliyagon: lift butler LIFT and Keep going STEELE!
Stu7: I neary bought Ryan Clarke glad a didnt
BigGryan: lloyd pick up come on
Water: How does it work in SC when you have two emergencies that could replace one players donut?
Avarax: lowest score counts @water
Silz90: the king brothers will dominate the game for the next 10 years.
Kidult: you get the lowest E score
tdarian: @water u get the lower of the 2 emergency scores
Baldfrog: 1st emergency you pick gets the score
Breezey: Lowest score@ Water
BigChief: @water if the donut plays you get that score, if not the lowest score comes in
Dredd: I can’t believe I got Clarke… 4 weeks of solid scores and then I get him and goes terrible. My season in a nutshell
Baldfrog: I’m wrong lol
Breezey: Man you gotta be quick
Apachecats: never nominate 2 emergencies for the one position.
Water: thats so shit im gonna get aarts 75 instead of mahonys 95 why is lowest and not highest
Donzoes: better to have fun with it right, raspel?
Baldfrog: Where’s Rupert
Apachecats: if theres another late “out” you will get both water
Ooost: LLoyd picking up the chips!
Silz90: who knows water! it doesn’t make any sense when you say it out loud lol
StuL: Lloyd a certain ton
Apachecats: Ruperts on first.
heppelitis: Think I am going to take Faarts 75 and not risk Rankine. Thoughts?
feralmong: can you switch a non player from say mid to fwd water.
BigChief: WTG Clarke you get a kick and kick it straight to Saints.
CozzieCan: Lloyd the most consistent in my team since last year , absolute gun
Baldfrog: Don’t ask me Hepp I’m crap at this
Raspel31: Thats a toughie hepps but think I’d take the 75.
Avarax: the rule is to prevent you from selecting everyone as emergency…..
Apachecats: yeah Heppel ,GWS going to be a tough gig for GCS
Breezey: Like Apache said. Never put the E on two players. Bad things happen.
Baldfrog: Loyld getting the extra chips Adelaide oval patrons missing out on
CozzieCan: @Hepp take 75
Kidult: If you have a non playing MId/fwd in your midfield and a non played mid/fwd switch them over and move off bench
Stu7: Go Dawsonnnnnnn
StuL: Ling was a punt but FFS. Every trade a fail
heppelitis: That made me laugh Frog…thanks guys done deal. Rankine to shine now for all those that field him.
Misternick: Might as well put the star on Steele already
feralmong: looks wrong to see a dawson score so well.
CozzieCan: Gws strong defence , Z.Williams also back in .. gc will find it tough from the centre bounces . Expect boer to tag gwood
Stu7: @StuL I’m hearing you bro – I the same
Raspel31: Simpkin worked wonderfully for me Stul- groan.And my first week with Maxie.
scboy123: Mills taking the piss
Poliyagon: Steele <3
The Hawker: Boer will tag Touk Miller
Stu7: @Misternuck – too early yet mate saints have a history of fading
teachrtony: Plan is to bring in Haynes this week but Williams back I’m second guessing Cozzie.
TheLegend6: Steele a brownlow smokey
StuL: I was favouring Watson but no teams. And there’s many drf rookies so you have to get someone to downgrade
scboy123: drf?
CozzieCan: @Hawker possibility but more favour greenwood from the stoppages .
heppelitis: Touk a stud and not a bad POD
CozzieCan: @teach Same boat as you mate
teachrtony: I do not like this staggered team anouncements.
Nuffman: Subbed MKing off to take Arts’ E score of 75… looking a bad deal now 🙁
heppelitis: Haynes will still get good intercept marks.
The Hawker: @cozzie yeah true, gwood does avg 75% tog too
Lawls: Ended up doing Walters to Steele due to Freo having the bye next round and Walters hammy
Lawls: This season out of any kinda favours sideways trades if needed i think
teachrtony: Yeah I hope so Hepp, I’m committed now this late in the round. Waiting for Sunday teams to drop.
heppelitis: Don’t worry Nuffy…King is a risk and at least he will make money getting a good score. If you can avoid those 40 score
Dredd: @TheLegend6 Neale should have it in the bag… unless he gets injured or suspended
teachrtony: Had Howe from Rd2, bought in Doedee last week, so apologies to Haynes owners in advance.
heppelitis: Who is going to take Witherden?
boxy36: Not feeling so confident in bringing in Clark now…
Apachecats: Legend ,agree on Steele for Brownlow smokey.
Water: watson named tmrw for freo, how good
CozzieCan: Steele how many owners does he have ? What a premo
kascadev8: think i gotta bring steele in, day holds his spot in starting defence for another week…
Stu7: @Nuffy dont worry King will be lucky to hit 60
scboy123: was gonna bring steele in this week for rowell, decided to delay it another week, good call me…
Stu7: Come on Butler ffs
Silz90: Probs pass on him hepp. He scored 41 in R1. Breakeven is 122
Nuffman: Fingers crossed guys! lol
Lawls: Jeez what a luxury that you’ve still got Rowell in your team @SC
NewFreoFan: Steele has been a great pod for me, not gonna be much of a pod any more
clay007: Lloyd is such a playmaker, should he be getting a hard tag at some point?
Poliyagon: i’ve had steele since the restart
Silz90: carlisle is a cheat
CozzieCan: Where’s bhg, doesn’t he barrack for Sydney ?
Ooost: Lloyd copped a few hard tags late last year.
Misternick: I love my man and pod Jack Steele
Dredd: 5 sc… flower you Clarke
clay007: Thanks Ooost. He is such a damaging player, yet runs around without any real heat.
Stu7: Steele hasnt scored this quearter
CozzieCan: Parker was average last year , this year he’s just gotten worse . Looks uninterested
AuroraBore: LLoyd has stopped
Avarax: luke parker, or matt parker cozzie?
rupertmarn: Got Tobe too @Water
Stu7: See how usless King is
Dredd: 94% TOG for 5… has to be the worst return in history for a midfielder…. rubbish
CozzieCan: M.Parker
Apachecats: Just had $20 on Steele at $51 for the Brownlow .Neale is paying $1.90-
Avarax: he was never good…and isnt supercoach relevant
Avarax: i got $50 on neale in june, when he was $9
Donzoes: put a fiver on him @$201
tdarian: why do you have clarke anyways
CozzieCan: Good luck @apcahe killer if you win
NewFreoFan: Is that donation tax deductable Apache?
Baldfrog: Waste of $20 Apache
Apachecats: He who laughs last as they say.
TheLegend6: Beside injury or suspension, Neale has won it, but Steele would be top 5
wadaramus: Lets go Lloyd, ton up and go big!
Baldfrog: Hope you win but think Neale is already 10 votes in front atm
CozzieCan: Rowell looked like a genuine chance for Brownlow , spewin
LMartos: Makes no sense that St Kilda identified Docherty as someone to close down but not Lloyd
NewFreoFan: Saints are putting up a good fight
Water: rowell already locked for my sc side next year
tdarian: next year: just start with lloyd. no more thinking i’ll snag him when he drops in value. he screws me every year
Stu7: watch st kilda lose from here
StuL: Next week. Lloyd a million $
Baldfrog: Is Lloyd damaging or just easy for SC
Silz90: I was surprised but look at clarkes recent scores: 90, 90, 70, 98
kascadev8: come on butler…
Apachecats: Lloyd reads the SC points schedule before every game.
Baldfrog: Lol water join the other 90%
StuL: Lloyd has getting i intercepts this year as well as being a seagull. Pig
pcaman2003: Seagull Lloyd picking off lots of chips
tdarian: lloyd puts the C on himself every week and doesnt bother with a VC
StuL: Ling worst trade ever. I would have got Watson but freo arent naming their team until Christmas
Apachecats: Lloyd used to wax a bit with Rampe back and forth ,doesn’t even do that any more.
NewFreoFan: Teams already named StuL
Avarax: steele went missing
scboy123: Mills actually killing me
LeGoat1996: Watson named
LMartos: Ling gets 9 points for a kick that wouldn’t have has no impact at all let’s goo
DrSeuss: Lloyd isn’t quite the seagull he used to be – he tackles a bit now. Also has the 4th high contested possessions 4 Swans
StuL: Only just NFF
boxy36: Come on Clark – prove me right for having you!
Ooost: Ordering an extra large chips for Lloyd for the 4th
boxy36: After all my deliberation and covering his position – Noble is named -_-
CozzieCan: Lloyd will get his proj & low b/e for 2-3weeks
MrWalrus: Lloyd is the true CD sweetheart, score is more disproportionate to impact than any other player, that’s why no tag
StuL: Pizza and beer for us getting beaten.
Donzoes: need 5 more steele, 3 more rowbottom, 5 more rampe and marshall goal lol
Snarfy: Well said MrWalrus. That makes alot of sense.
Snarfy: Gee Steele is having a good year, isn’t he.
Kylacham: Cool, Lloyd is my player here, should score well with post-game scaling 🙂
wadaramus: Jealous if you don’t have Lloyd.
wadaramus: Smug if you do.
HugeHead: is it worth upgrading for Lloyd after the byes?
Stu7: I had the choice of Stelle and Ross and I bough that dudd Ross – spewing now
Kylacham: *only player
Snarfy: He has only 2 scores under 100 with an average of 118pts
amigaman: SC scores bouncing all over the place
Silz90: stop gambling donzoes it only ends in heartbreak lol
Donzoes: that must hurt Stu
wadaramus: gambling is a game for suckers.
Kylacham: I actually rate this new-look saints this year
Stu7: @Donzoes – very!!
Baldfrog: Chill wada it’s ok as a hobby
Kylacham: But I’ve always liked Butler, and those King twins are ridiculous
tdarian: maybe lloyd will move to the fwd line in his twilight years and he can win the coleman
Baldfrog: So is buying a crows membership but we do it
wadaramus: Hobby?! Like fuck!
Snarfy: Yeah Kylacham, its refreshing watching emerging sides that want to play for each other.
wadaramus: Get paid out if you’re up at half time!
wadaramus: Whatever the fuck those multiple cunts dribble out, the hose never loses!
Donzoes: are you okay, mate?
Stu7: Far out Saints have hit 6th gear
wadaramus: All I hear is fucking gambling ads, go and get fucked!
Baldfrog: Garden hose?
pcaman2003: Swannies are gawn.
Breezey: No cheeky shower from Papley tonight.
Stu7: Take King’s score of play Close from Geelong?
wolfheart: saints have recycled some good players. Butler, Hill, Jones, Steele…
bhg26: Finals just looking out of reach for the Swannies this year
Baldfrog: King stu
wadaramus: Haha Baldy, it’s the fucken house man!
StuL: The bizarre gang of African American gamblers ad seems out of place in AFL.
tdarian: take king’s score mate
Kylacham: And those King twins have absolutely no business being that fast if they’re that tall…
circle52: Stu would be taking the 72
CozzieCan: @wolf don’t forget Ryder & Howard
tdarian: take king’s score or play rankine? is what i’m facing
LeGoat1996: Anything above a 65 for a rookie this year is a take.
pcaman2003: @Breezey. The smug look has gone tonight.
BigChief: I don’t think Brad Hill has lived up to all the hype yet.
Baldfrog: Agree stul
Baldfrog: Lol wada
boxy36: Take the 72+ for sure
Stu7: Thanks @circle52 – I reckon so now that he’s in the 70’s
wolfheart: Carlisle too
Stu7: @boxy36 – cheers
Baldfrog: Take my credit circle
Water: definetely take king now lol
Oscar1968: Take King!
HugeHead: the week I get rid of king he scores well
Kylacham: How are peoples Supercoach score predictions this week?
boxy36: I’m spewing I took Aarts’ score over backing King…
TheLegend6: Steele star
pcaman2003: Traded King out for Aarts 2 games back. Inspired move on my part.
kascadev8: huge i did the same, dropped him to take aarts score
CozzieCan: Kept king on bench great score for b/e to trade out
MrWalrus: Not sure you would call saints recruiting “recycling” pretty sure all players they got would have had a place at their
NugzNiggle: Nick Blakey. Am I the only one that wants to knock him out?
MrWalrus: Previous teams
DrSeuss: Lloyd has gone quiet in the 4th
Breezey: Yes you are Nugz. Great bloke.
Beast_Mode: you couldnt beat an egg
MrWalrus: I’ll hold him Nugz. Angry weird looking hunchback
Ash777: blakey needs a lizard icon for his nickname
TheLegend6: Walrus except Butler who didn’t play for us?
Baldfrog: Think Tigers let the wrong one go as rioli doesn’t do much
NugzNiggle: Thanks Breezey. The egg would way otherwise beast. Broke my egg beater though.
wolfheart: poached?
Beast_Mode: lol
Kidult: So close i predicted 53 points to the saints
Water: lloyd been stuck on bench for so long
MrWalrus: Butler still would have had a contract, tough getting a small fwd gig at tigerland
Kylacham: How do you get the little symbols next to your name here?
Beast_Mode: we only keep rioli so that it’s a cetaintly maurice rioli jr goes there, who’ll be the best of em all
NugzNiggle: Good call Wolf.
Baldfrog: Least we know who u support now
pcaman2003: Titch to Pap smear. Good luck with the butt bruising karma bus.
wolfheart: all those high draft picks are coming good at the same time too
Silz90: oh max u star <3 this bloke is a lock for rising star
DrSeuss: Damnit Lloyd has been on the bench for the last 10+ minutes WTF
Kylacham: Got your 53 point margin
Baldfrog: Kyla click on ya name at top and pick options and then the team u support
Baldfrog: Then save at the bottom
Kylacham: Mustn’t have an image for GWS then…
tdarian: probably had a bag of chips on the bench so didn’t want back on
Baldfrog: Western Sydney
Kylacham: Yeah, I had that selected already, no dice
Kylacham: No biggie, just thought I was missing something
Baldfrog: Log out then back in
Kylacham: Test
circle52: Not a lot of scaling to come

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