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Chat log from R9 of 2020: North Melbourne vs Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Adelaide, R9 of 2020

scboy123: Afternoon gents – McPherson in this one for me
Baldfrog: Brown out Tax out wonder which one of us is tanking hardest
Yelse: Ben Mckay or Andrew McPerson to bring in ?
Yelse: need to replace doddee
Kidult: Pls no Keays on Simpkin ty. Changed my tip to north without Walker out
Baldfrog: I took McKay yelse
CozzieCan: Laird & big game from Simpkin coming up !!
navy_blues: hi all
Kidult: I went Mckay myself
kascadev8: good afternoon everyone, ive got none playing in this game- traded out simpkin because he is gonna drop heaps
Water: just Mcpherson for me in this one
The Hawker: play a blinder please Simpkin
Ooost: Just McKay for me
Water: Gibbs back in, how do we think he will go?
shaker: Crows to get their 1st win
Apachecats: Can you just bench him yelse ,reported only missing one game.
MrWalrus: Baldfrog, clearly north, polec out is just astounding to me
RooBoyStu: Tex Walker a late out with gastro. Always knew he was shower
navy_blues: gl majak
Baldfrog: C’mon m0nty finish ur afternoon delight
amigaman: None for me. No stress 🙂
Poliyagon: Got mcpherson and Simpkin, praying for a big one from the simp king
wilaj: Got Goldstein and Hamill
Kidult: Captain ban injury curse Doedee now Smith
pcaman2003: McPherson and Laird. Took the risk on McPherson and dumped Hill
Kidult: band*
CozzieCan: Smith having an unlucky year , poor bloke
Jontdawg: Brodie Smith medial check
Baldfrog: Htb against Majak
Kidult: 9562 with Brodie
circle52: Only Laird for me this game.
MrWalrus: Daw allowed to drop the ball because of his heroic *cough* comeback
bones351: That movement forward by North was terrible but Adelaide handed it to them.
Yelse: not watching it is smith back need him to get 15 possies
MrWalrus: Haha, then they get a second for crows getting pinged for the same thing, get angry crow boys!
BigChief: @amiga same for me. Nothing to worry about here
NewFreoFan: Love that Crouch is the only Crow with an inside mid symbol
The Hawker: Come on Laird…
Baldfrog: Times are bad when a freo sup thinks they can banter
pcaman2003: Nice start McPherson. Keep it up. C’mon Laird!
zoomba23: Funny how he doesn’t even have a cp yet FreoFan
cwall66: Hi guys Newbie here 🙂
MrWalrus: Is there any way to mute Eddie, he is worse than BT & Dermie combined
NewFreoFan: Can’t confine me to banter one year in every 13 or so Baldfrog
rupertmarn: MrWalrus don’t belittle Majak Daw mate
wilaj: Thinking of getting Simpkin in 2 weeks when his price drops
Baldfrog: Watch all the Norf fans come out of the woodwork for 1 week a year
Baldfrog: Rupert chill
Raspel31: Welcome to yje madhouse cwall66
AuroraBore: big game simpkin pls
CozzieCan: Simpkin getting ball , just using it terribly
Kidult: Watch Mahony go big because i passed up the E and went Buda instead
Water: welcome cwall
MrWalrus: Sorry rupert, not the intention, directed at OTT media garbage
NewFreoFan: Is Keays tagging anyone?
MrWalrus: Trust me, more than most know about mental health, lost a brother.
Kidult: Damn Mckay playing up ground on Lynch doesn’t look like he will get much involvement
The Hawker: Simpkin 14%DE lol
poolboybob: Christ, hit a target Simpkin
Bezzina: what’s simpkins d/e atm?
pcaman2003: Move those stumps a bit faster Mr Laird.
Baldfrog: Mckay was Williamson so more same same
dezlav: As a proud Adelaide supporter I’d like to express how much I am enjoying this season.
MrWalrus: But Daw is also just bad at footy
scboy123: Bezzina its 201 i believe
scboy123: oh wait disposal efficiency notbreak even fuck me
Water: bezzina d/e is in the second column from the right
Poliyagon: how do you view the d/e
Poliyagon: how do you view the d/e?
StacksOn: traded in mckay about 30 mins before this game… of course
jbjimmyjb: Adelaide’s team defense is probably the worst i’ve ever seen
Apachecats: Did well to be on 19 when only one disposal hit a target
MightyDyl: Big day for Higgins
feralmong: Best part of this game is Xerri is my loop for macrae.
pcaman2003: Gibbs on 26? Shakes me head.
GobChuck: Keays, Laird, McPherson, Simpkin for me today. Be nice if keays and simpkin could hit a target ta
Kylacham: Laird on 14… he’s my only horse in this race/…
Kylacham: Laird on 14… he’s my only horse in this race…
Kidult: Damn free robbed Mckay of a hball
Baldfrog: Just praying mcinerney not a late in for swans so I can take Neale score
NewFreoFan: Does Simpkin have a bet on the Crows to win?
amigaman: How is Keays clearance kick a minus. Went to a contest where a croiws player was 1st to touch it. Shakes head
LMartos: Simpkin has genuinely forgotten how to disposal of the ball, almost missed his foot with every kick
Kidult: baldfrog he isnt even emergency
Valorlonga: Wonder what the lowest DE is other than 0% someone has gotten
StuL: You can give the ball to your own team Simplin
Baldfrog: Cool kidult
pcaman2003: I somehow feel Laird due for a mare.
MrWalrus: Because CD said so amigaman, they often do stupid stuff like that
navy_blues: adel are social distancing for sure
Kidult: Hope Mahony keeps going even with no E for that spike game price rise
amigaman: Half of Keays so called bad disposals would be +10’s for Martin. CD bias
Baldfrog: Looking that way pcaman
Apachecats: Laird been in steady decline for 2 years now.
poolboybob: Give Simpkin the cleaver
GobChuck: Called “clangers” because they don’t quite go 45m to the opposition like Dustys @amiga
Baldfrog: We take it seriously navy blue unlike Victoriaians
CozzieCan: Surprised laird isn’t going huge with doodee out . Interesting
MrWalrus: I think Laird’s main problem is he actually does some defending these days
Raspel31: My 3 week affair with Simpkin has not been a happy one.
amigaman: @GobChuck sometimes I wonder
NewFreoFan: Simp King has dried up, maybe he got instructions to stop butchering it
MrWalrus: Bahahaha, baldfrog wins the chat!
Valorlonga: missed -3 for Simpkin
Snarfy: Is Simpkin playing mid, or hiding forward?
pcaman2003: I upgraded Simpkin to Oliver this week. Just in time I’d say.
Kidult: imagine b2b 35 games from Simpkin with 200 BE
Valorlonga: @Snarfy hiding in the mid
wilaj: Hamill got 96 points for me last week. Not one possie today
pcaman2003: Don’t stop now McPherson. You were doing great before.
CozzieCan: Dumping Simpkin this week if he doesn’t ton , seasons to short to worry about him
Kidult: @snarfy I’ve only seen him in 1 CBA as Anderson,Dumont and,Davies done most
gingjok: Looks like Daw is gonna ruin Goldy .. 74% tog
StuL: Simpkin in the middle, just soft and gives it straight back when he does get it
Valorlonga: I don’t like that watching this game is making me want to get Daw in
kascadev8: nice to see i got out on devon smith and simp-kin at a good time, sicily decent for me in 1st game, hope jelly is too
Baldfrog: Stul if you guys are after Brad C please take Matty to
Badgerbadg: McDonald thriving in his new role, might bring him in
Apachecats: FLASH -Simpkin just hit a target.
Baldfrog: Lol we are still in this
Poliyagon: mcpherson hasn’t touched it this quarter
StuL: We dont need another best on in Casualty every week in B Crouch. C Scott will probably be interested.
pcaman2003: Get some kicks McPherson. Build that score buddy
Ash777: Looks like it’s time to trade out sympkin 🙁
Snarfy: Nice to see that Simpkin and Mckay are close together. Makes for easy score check. Well done fellas!
StacksOn: good boy mckay
kascadev8: stul, id rather play constable over crouch over steven. steven shouldnt be playing, and isnt which is good
StuL: Im holding Simpkin. He’s young. Trust he can improve.
Kidult: Dumont avg of 101.5 and had 139, 122 last fortnight with 80 lowest
BigGryan: had about a 20 point quarter total with mcpherson mckay and simpkin
rupertmarn: Surely Taylor can snag a couple
Ooost: Simpkin = confirmed trap
Raspel31: Me too Stul- plus he’ll drop so much hardly worth trading.
cmperrfect: Every step Simpkin takes a 100 dollar bill drops out his pocket, he in plummeting
wadaramus: B.Smith condemned to a poor SC score by CD.
SC-STAR–: @kidult how much is dumont
Baldfrog: I have Taylor,Simpkin and McKay so having a good day
StuL: Injured 2 games back. Curnowed last week. This is his first true stinker. He’ll be backk.
Kidult: Idm a Brownless North as they less predictable fwd
StacksOn: lol that cutaway to the norf fans, not one under 70
pcaman2003: McPherson stopped and Laird no better. Starting to kill my proj a bit now
Poliyagon: I’ve gained about 2 points this quarter with mcpherson and simp
kascadev8: whats everyones projected score?
Raspel31: Make that 4 Pollyagon.
Kidult: Dumont 523k so probably better options but just a sneaky pod
cwall66: Simpkin is absolutely no where!
Kidult: with a 51 Be will go up a bit already
CozzieCan: Starc may beat Simpkin haha pmsl
Bezzina: Simpkin ruining my weekend
Tangent: Adelaide officially wooden spoon.
Raspel31: Was hoping for 2400 plus but with Maxie and Simpkin 2800?
wilaj: Can someone please show Hamill what a football looks like.
BigGryan: simpkin only 69% tog what is shaw thinkinh
amigaman: @StacksOn and what’s your problem with that
pcaman2003: McPherson HB,10 secs before 1/2 time. Not paid. WTF! This happened yesterday too.
duckky: HAs Seedsman hit form or is it flash in the pan stuff?
cwall66: Will Adelaide win a game this year?
pcaman2003: McPherson HB just paid. Very slow adding it.
duckky: Will a note from their mum stop the #1 draft pick from having to go to Adelaidee?
pcaman2003: cwall66. Probably not at this rate.
kascadev8: im projected 2418 🙂 nice to see butler has a low projected. something easy for him
cmperrfect: Simpkin for Duncan next week with both dropping cash this round
NewFreoFan: @BigGryan Shaw is probably thinking that Simpkin is having a mare so keep him on the bench
Tangent: Adelaide could get some sort of priority pick if they lose every single game this season.
Kidult: Simpkin drops 44k with 101 score so imagine he will drop 70k+ with this effort
kascadev8: how is hamill on 3 points without touching the ball? shouldnt he be on 1?
Kidult: Probably end up under his starting price after next round aswell
Ash777: I have both Hamill n simpkin 🙁
duckky: Likely a spoil @kascavedv8
cmperrfect: Simpkin proj is 84, with a price drop of 51.7k
Apachecats: Simpkin goes on to my never again list.
duckky: Why aren’t the teams for tomorrow listed yet? I want to loop Neale
MrWalrus: My opponent has simpkin, laird & McPherson, me no one 🙂
SC-STAR–: come on mcpherson
Apachecats: yeah duckky they’ve got to do something about that.Herald Sun very slow toreact to the way the draw has gone .need some
Kidult: 6:20 Aest teams are named the day before
Snarfy: How long is that list getting Apache?
Apachecats: * they need some rule changes ,like being able to reverse changes up to the start of each game.
Apachecats: Its a very select list snarfly but I have recently added DSmith as well.
duckky: Reverse rule changes Apache? LoL as if we need that.
Snarfy: I was just thinking that maybe I should of held Smith and traded Simpkin instead Apache. My forwards are toast! Simpkin
jbjimmyjb: Laird’s now playing as an inside mid
Kidult: I like it the way it is. Makes strategy planning even more fun
Kidult: Unlucky Taylor
AuroraBore: There you go simpkin
Haydo: Laird and ROB solid, Simpken and McKay killing me this week
Valorlonga: That looked horrible, how did he half jog off wow!!
MrWalrus: McDonald in the guts & finally playing like the high pick mid he was drafted as
StacksOn: simpkin looking a lot more involved around the ball
jbjimmyjb: Ever since Simpkin did his ankle, he’s been horrendous
Valorlonga: Taylor back on… Wow!!!
AuroraBore: Does Mcdonald keep his role? or is he only playing it bc of an injury
Badgerbadg: Wasn’t McDonald a father son?
FlyinRyan2: give mcdonald another week before trading him in
Kidult: Mcdonald plays tagger some weeks just no one worthy this week of it
Kidult: annoyed now no E on Mahony but that $$$
wilaj: Hamill has a BE of 20. Don’t think he’ll make it.
cmperrfect: Goldy found the gas pedal finally
pcaman2003: McPherson 26 at 1/4 time. Only added 7 pts. Really disappointing
Silz90: get a touch laird and mcpherson
Badgerbadg: God Adelaide are shit
Ash777: looks like mcdonald is playing polec’s role
Badgerbadg: Need to bring back the power stance
wadaramus: Not sure I have ever seen a team as bad as the Crows right now.
pcaman2003: McPherson must’ve heard me.
wadaramus: BEat me to it Badger
wadaramus: I didn’t mind the power stance.
Badgerbadg: @wadaramus- I raise you the 09-10 dees
AuroraBore: simpkin can do nothing right f me
Silz90: i brought keays in draft, is he playing midfield today?
Ash777: If you want to bring a player in. Bring in Dumont.
vartic: Simpkin’s disposal is disgusting, was he this bad before the injury?
Collywoble: Is it even worth bringing Simpkin in at his lowest?
pcaman2003: Crows SC scores are really woeful this round so far.
wadaramus: Surely they were not as insipid as this lot?!
Bezzina: just a bad game @vartic
Bezzina: Simpkins just been hand balling too which doesn’t help
MrWalrus: Yep badger, a few years of Dees and a few blues were worse, still crows looking to challenge
circle52: @Wada and Badger I go back to the Brisbane Bears and their early teams were worse.
Kidult: Seb Ross is out with illness for Savage
Kidult: Mckay so many back foot kicks!!!!!!
Poliyagon: i’ll be sort of satisfied if simpkin can at least reach 80
wadaramus: Zero and nine?!
Poliyagon: as someone who’s had simpkin since round 2 he’s been amazing. before the injury at least. give him a week or so
rupertmarn: ffs Taylor! Get a kick!
Kidult: Simpkin hasn’t got his full speed back yet ankle looks an issue
MrWalrus: Nice circle, early 90s swans come to mind too, had Kelly then nothing
BRAZZERS: lol no one was worse than fitzoy in 96, average losing margin of 67pts
Bezzina: 80 for simpkin is a pass
pcaman2003: Very lazy attempt Laird. Not happy!
BOMBRBLITZ: thats better Lairdy
rupertmarn: Taylor ffs get a kick or I’ll leave a bag of dog poo outside your Hub.
wadaramus: Zero and nine?
CozzieCan: Onya Laird good boy
Tangent: That’s a great kick!
Kidult: AFl listed Ross as Illness but Saints reported Calf
Ash777: Laird the midfielder
pcaman2003: But you kick a goal so I’ll forgive you.
Haydo: I’d give simpken a pass if he got 70 from here
FlyinRyan2: is mcdonald a good pick or nah?
dezlav: Are we that low on substance that we had to put Gibbs on the field. Dark days
CozzieCan: Laird will ton you beauty
pcaman2003: More kicks from you McPherson last qtr.
Poliyagon: simpkins finding the ball, next week lets hope he uses it.
The39Steps: Any theories on why there have been so many accurate scores this year? North 12.2 is the latest in a lengthy chain.
HugeHead: 30 more from Simpkin would be nice
Poliyagon: if simpkin and mcpherson combine to make 150 i’ll be happy
feralmong: @the39steps – shorter games less fatigue?
Kidult: I’d say more accuracy without crowds behind goals and less fatigue
CozzieCan: If SuperCoach had 3 ruckman Goldie would be there
tdarian: remember the days when gibbs was a staple in our SC backlines? pumping out 120 every week
SC-STAR–: No more taylor
The39Steps: Think it’s fair to suggest fatigue. No crowds a factor probably as well.
CozzieCan: Laird to go more kid if he keeps this up , great for owners
CozzieCan: Laird to get more mid time if he keeps this up , great for owners
Kidult: Strange to have no marks to Goldy
feralmong: kanga’s players are great. 162 from Xerri. lol.
HugeHead: where are you simpkin
BigChief: Loved Simkin and B. Smith’s games today.
Kidult: Beautiful to see 100 points on the board
pcaman2003: Just another 15pts McPherson,please
NewFreoFan: Poor Adelaide. Watching the Dockers generally sucks, couldn’t imagine trying to be invested in this
CaptainWho: Adelaide training crones
The Hawker: get to 15 please Keays…
tdarian: west coast vs geelong tonight will be a great game
feralmong: Adelaide, how to trash a club in 3 seasons
pcaman2003: Majak outscoring all but 3!
CozzieCan: Add another 20 minutes & kanagas could be 150+ points lol
RooBoyStu: Where are the crows muppets in chat?
Ooost: McDonald the new seagull
HugeHead: haven’t seen Simpkin all quarter
RooBoyStu: Higheat score kicked by any team in 2020. We are back.
RooBoyStu: *highest
wadaramus: Been here all day RooBoy, where have you been?
wadaramus: We are back, hahahahahaha, you beat the Crows!
Tangent: That’s nothing to be proud of when it’s against the worst team in the league.
feralmong: And oddly roo only 2 games out of the 8.
BigChief: Better question would be where have you been all year @RooBoyStu?
dezlav: Adelaide, looking forward to season 2022
Kidult: Nice to see Mckay in the ruck get involved mate
Baldfrog: I’m here lol haha roos are back they never started to get back
Water: bloody hope u are being sarcastic rooboy
benzammit: Huge head Simpkin is carrying a ankle injury, he will be back soon enough!
RooBoyStu: Adel 1st team since Carlton in 2002 to win the spoon 3 years after making a GF.
pcaman2003: Has McPherson blown a piston? He’s stopped! Move it man.
snake_p: 2028 dezlav
dezlav: A win against Adelaide hardly means your team is back.
wadaramus: I am looking forward to 2030. That is how ling it will be until we get our shit together.
Ooost: Yes, some trash time for McKay
Baldfrog: Least we made a GF rooboystu pid
CozzieCan: Find out when you play us on Wednesday @NM fans
RooBoyStu: Not nany teams gave flogged Adel and we are missing a lot of players
wadaramus: Despite this win, North still suck RooBoy.
Kidult: Beauty Mckay to Simpkin
dezlav: @Snake_P. Sorry, looking forward to recruiting in 2022.
HugeHead: how come Mckay’s SuperCoach is so poor?
Water: oh my fucking god this rooboy is serious lmao
Haydo: Why does McKay have such a low DT to SC ratio, poor DE?
Ooost: 5 mins more junk time, come on McKay
Kidult: Mahony ton on the bench =(
Raspel31: Crows hardly fielding their best Roonoy= pride comes before a fall.
Valorlonga: @Haydo lack of CPs
snake_p: got it dezlav, Hawks will be similar 🙁
Baldfrog: Least rooboy is finally getting back to his old self
zoomba23: Rich coming from a Crows fan Wada
Ooost: Mckay doubled his score in 10 mins
Haydo: Cheers varlonga
Haydo: Valorlonga*
feralmong: nothing like a nice win to fire up the kahuna’s.
DrSeuss: Just logged on – why is Simpkin so low??
wadaramus: Rich?! It’s the truth! Don’t be fooled by this win.
cmperrfect: nice last qtr McKay
StuL: 90 ish is Lairds celing this year. Not enoug
cmperrfect: bye bye Simpkin
kascadev8: jy simpkin, you scored worse then devon smith. LOL
feralmong: Thanks Xerri ya spud for givin me 162 extra.

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