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Chat log from R9 of 2020: Essendon vs Brisbane

Chat log for Essendon vs Brisbane, R9 of 2020

CozzieCan: Big game from starc coming up , I can feel it
Baldfrog: Brisvegas by 40+
CozzieCan: @mOnty time for a Kit Kat cycling to hard lol
Sloan4Pres: Ess 3.70, easy money
Water: cap cozzie
Baldfrog: Go Lachie go Lachie VC
circle52: Hope say Cozzie
DrSeuss: Hope so Cozzie – chose him over Egg-Smith – need 1 good week Starcers
Kidult: hopefully 400 – 200 for Neale C
heppelitis: Good luck in your 200th M Robinson hard nut
SALAH: zorko to have a big one
scboy123: decided to go 3 down this week cuz why the hell not
Kidult: Nice Draper 1st CBA get keen
scboy123: i dropped starc to bench for mcpherson :/
Apachecats: Shiel my vc
Social: Had to trade Noble to get Saad so Starc remains
kascadev8: come on devon smith. dont get over 40, i traded you out
Bezzina: c is on Neale, come on
Baldfrog: Trade Smith out and he starts in centre
kascadev8: go big andy mcgrath, get some points boy
DrSeuss: Went Ladhams to Draper – just for a bit of ‘Risk it for the biscuit’ – not great so far lol
Kidult: Neale to horrible hballs and almost on the end of that goal
Poliyagon: got Shiel, Ridley, Starce and C on Neale, gimme something good unlike last game..
Stu7: Come on Neale 200
softwhitee: please get under your BE neale aha
Baldfrog: Sloan4pres think you’re gunna lose ya money
BigChief: Neale has brought his own footy again I see
Kidult: Wasn’t Smith a run with player in his 1st year as a Bomber and a high avg?
Gotigres: Smith out, Starc out. Ridley in Close in. Neale capt.
Stu7: Bailey Snelling Neale Ridley Smith
Gotigres: Already regret going Strac to Ridley.
Oscar1968: Love Bezza – he just goes!
Apachecats: Chat broken?
BigChief: Pedal m0nty, pedal.
Kidult: other game scaled now
Gotigres: How was that not a free to Shiel?
CozzieCan: Flower of Smith
DrSeuss: Haha traded out Dev Smith – this week he is back on the ball and remembering how to play AFL
kascadev8: devon smith… why do you do this to me… please do nothing for the rest of the game
kascadev8: same here seuss, how typical
Stu7: @DrSeuss it’s always the way!
DrSeuss: @kasca – traded him to Bailey Smith who forgot how to play this week lol
Water: i think we all traded dev this week. Unbelieavable
CozzieCan: Go starc keep going son
casey22: Lot of Smith critics last week!!!!! Might be pay back day
circle52: I actually kept him.
Stu7: Come on Smelling sh1t
kascadev8: Seuss i traded him out to josh kelly, simpkin to sicily and king to close (moved brander to the fwd line to take aarts
Haydo: same trade seuss
Bezzina: Smith could score 130 this week and i’m still going to trade him
casey22: I reckon you all talked each other into trading Smith
Baldfrog: Yep traded Smith to Tracca
Beast_Mode: lol one ood game doesnt make up a month of garbage
zadolinnyj: I kept dev
Gotigres: Smith will get the star.
DrSeuss: Witherden going to take all of Starc’s kicks from the back – push him out further
Ash777: probably smith’s only involvement this game. Been playing midfield last few weeks and just doesn’t get any ball there.
exatekk: Yeah i kept Smith too, have bigger problems LOL
Gotigres: You owe me big time Shiel.
Ash777: exactly beast_mode
zadolinnyj: Berry basically gets beaten up each week
stemy1243: Had Smith since day 1 but just had to cut my losses.
Yelse: seriously neale stop been trying to get you for 4 weeks
casey22: Ditto @exatekk
Gotigres: That’s the way Neale.
DrSeuss: That is a soft free. Good for my Lions – but come on how is that a free for Neale
Stu7: Neales gunna go big!
Water: DOuble ton NEale for sure
softwhitee: hipwood the eel soft as ever
StuL: Smith rubbish all year. Will go tons from here.
Yelse: how does neal get 20 for that goal ridiculous
StacksOn: love you Neale
BigChief: If Dev Smith plays mid he is worth it. But as a fwd no way.
circle52: Agree Dr the 50 was soft as well and we are both Lion supporters
zadolinnyj: I we seen 3 mcluggage kicks. Why 1? Need 15 from him this game
BigChief: I think m0nty is still celebrating the Hawks win.
spdysaint: My Gawn captain mistakes is looking real bad now
StacksOn: if starceviuch could just be consistent and get that score each quarter – id be happy
heppelitis: Hahaha 2 tackles for the qtr what a joke
kascadev8: im projected about 2435. is that alright? got neale mcgrath and ridley in this. macrae as captain
boxy36: Lets go Neale! Double ton pls – I’ll take a 60 from Smith… tried to trade him this week but Doedee forced my hand
pedsz: Of course dev turns it on when I trade him out
Kidult: 9 shots on goal for Neale again pls
Bezzina: Neale is my love child
nogoalo: umpires fucking awful
CozzieCan: If starc gets 3 more qrts of 18 I’m fielding him lol
AuroraBore: LIFT Mccluggage
boxy36: Neale on 61 at QT going at 50% DE is crazy
Raspel31: hmm- happy with Macre/s score but how could I doubt you Lachie?
zadolinnyj: Annoying isn’t it rappers
DrSeuss: How TF is that a free?
NewFreoFan: Umpire might have had a bad angle of sight Seuss
zadolinnyj: That should say raspel
Gotigres: Don’t fall asleep Neale.
Ash777: get a move on mccluggage
MrWalrus: Neale’s run to get to contest after contest is nuts! No wonder he gets so much of it.
kascadev8: devon smith please get injured. the possibility of you scoring high the week i get rid of you is making me sad
dezlav: Was gunna pull the trigger amd let Smith go. Glad i didn’t (So far)
The Hawker: If dud smith tons up tonight, im quitting supercoach
nogoalo: umpires should be sacked if they have such an awful performance like this
StuL: Smith guaranteed to ton.
cmperrfect: Riddler quiet 2nite
CozzieCan: Cmon starc don’t stop
softwhitee: think dev smith is gone for me even with a ton
Avarax: if you still have rookies, then dev smith should not be on your radar
dezlav: @Softwhitee. If he Ton’s tonight, I’ll give him 1 more week
Bezzina: same – soft
Kidult: Shh Cozzie went backwards with OOTF when u said that
Stu7: Come on Neale wake up
The Hawker: rookies scores better than Dev
Avarax: he is up 28.8k on his value from start of season. what did you expect?
Grimes Jr: why r we even talking about dev smith, he will slow down now and not get past 70
Oscar1968: nice tumble Dev Smith, gymnast
Stu7: Old Curtain boy Draper going for it
zadolinnyj: Merrett missing in action
beerent11: Are you serious stu? 65 halfway through the 2nd is not enough?
Nurfed: give tippa and ham the donut surely
boxy36: Draper shaping like a Genuine option next week!
boxy36: Draper shaping like a genuine option next week!
Kidult: Its so bad how many players step over the boundary from OOTF without knowing its autoplay on
BigChief: @beerent did you see his 1/4 time score?
Avarax: lol @ beer. this chat has absolute ridiculous expectations of EVERY player
Stu7: He was 61 at the end of 1st quarter @ beerent11
GroupOne: beery He was on 61 at QT. Cmon Lachie give us 90 @ HT
duckky: In the back isn’t being paid tonight
Avarax: 2nd game rookie (ever), “why are you not scoring 100+!!!!”
zadolinnyj: Considering he was 61 at quarter time i agree with stu
spdysaint: Cmon Ridley
Crave: umps have been woeful
Catatafish: Dev should get + points for that horseshit in the back. Who is that absolute muppet umpire?
beerent11: Just a whingefest and getting worse all the time.
BigChief: Goal hungry there Dev Smith.
DrSeuss: Might have to consider Witherden at this rate
Kidult: he paid the first free before the land in the back
Gotigres: Don’t expect much from Ridley. I got him in this week.
Poliyagon: how do you not get points for a spoil???
Baldfrog: Ham. The burgers are better at hungry jacks
zadolinnyj: Not sure if you know bee rent but over the last 10 years on this site, mentioning a down player gets results
DrSeuss: A big FU to Dev Smith – where has this been the last 3 weeks
kascadev8: devon smith you make me angry
Stu7: Neale 9:points this quarter dissapointing seeing he got off to a flyer come on buddy!
BOMBRBLITZ: On ya Devon Smithy
Social: The champagne of small goods, go Devon
Haydo: zerk thatcher bad for ridleys score??
bones351: I’m so conflicted. Finally traded Dev so he can F off with the SC score but he is the only one kicking goals for us
TeamRMPG: I traded smith out this week, u can thank me later
Grimes Jr: god comeback quarter hugh
Catatafish: Rolling trades and no reverses has fucked me with Draper. Loving supercoach this year
Yelse: ridley you killing me killing me i tell you
Catatafish: Rolling trades and no reverses has fucked me with Draper. Loving supercoach this year.
Schillaci: Got rid of D Smith after being sick of his dud scores. Don’t have Neale but 8 of my 10 opponents do with the C.
Kidult: Draper owning it now Lock for next week
stemy1243: Obviously the weight of 20,000 supercoachers offloading Smith has kick started his little heart
Avarax: can you please repeat that catatafish?
BOMBRBLITZ: Draper will be the most traded in player next week
upweydons: Rubbish against Draper
zadolinnyj: No in back there
DrSeuss: How TF is that a push in the back? These umps are ridiculous
Baldfrog: Only 20k Stemy?
Crave: umps fucking terrible
Badgerbadg: I have no ragrets trading out smith
Catatafish: A round of applause for the Brisbane Umpires
kascadev8: yes mcgrath, close to a 50 point quarter, thats what i like to see from you. cover ridleys low score for me
Stu7: Goooo Snelling
Haydo: Lololololol lets go ridley no idea how he just gained 25 points but ill take it
Kidult: is 114 the highest half time of the year?
CozzieCan: Who is whitherden lol?
Oscar1968: Lions getting lots of inside 50s, but little reward.
spdysaint: Good job riddles
Haydo: Witherden going massive
kascadev8: @Haydo hahah natural ridley- gifted random points. gotta have him
DrSeuss: Should have been a tackle, holding the ball and shot on goal for Draper – but umps screwed him
heppelitis: 5 weeks of umpiring like that for us. AFL still hates us.
boxy36: Witherden going huge!
Stu7: Wither den is the new superhero
BigChief: 6 disp for Shiel is crap. Lift mate.
Silz90: dam devon smith! i reckon you finish on 70
Ash777: witherden is Lions Sicily.
Badgerbadg: Don Draper is one of my favourite TV characters, can’t wait to pick Sam up this week
Haydo: yeah kascadev, I’m loving it
Nurfed: Give tippa the donut!
benzammit: Possibly a perfect example of blatantly cheating by the AFL here?
Crave: Tippa good these kind of games 3-4 times a year
AuroraBore: need 25 from neale and 15 from Zorko to win $600. big second half please boys!
teachrtony: Ha ha ha f
Gotigres: Was Witherden injured?
pcaman2003: I see they haven’t added Starcs mark and kick just before 1/2 time.
teachrtony: u Devon Smith
BigChief: I am guessing you mean disp @Aurora?
Pies20: glad I’m not the only one to have shiel @big chief
CozzieCan: McGrath looks consistent
DonsGoinOf: Accidentally forgot to trade pittonet last week
Poliyagon: Got Neale ridley and Shiel
casey22: Projected 2445 in SC. That will be a first
GroupOne: Good luck Aurora. Neale also 25, MCGrath good for 20, Saad & Mclug 15 line ball.
DonsGoinOf: Was either Gawn or Draper, had a bad feeling about Gawn so went Draper knowing he would ruck majority
Haydo: I’m projected 2598 at the moment casey, been a good round so far
BigChief: Anyone think Sidebottom will go huge?
zadolinnyj: Going to be big scores this week casey. I’d be happy with that. Gawn was a killer
DonsGoinOf: Got Draper R2, Cameron into forward line in two weeks & Curtis Taylor to Gawn #Decent
casey22: Havn’t got Gawn, went Grundy/Goldy instead as Gawn pre season injury a worry
DonsGoinOf: Long time watcher, first time poster. Get around me fellas
Water: welcome dons
zadolinnyj: Nice Dons
DonsGoinOf: Pleasure water man
Gotigres: Hi Dons
Social: Sidebottom will go anywhere he likes
Raspel31: Who like me dumped Smith for fat Maxie- aargh.
DonsGoinOf: Nearly dumped him Raspel, reckon smith isn’t a top8 player so it’s a decent call in the long run
Stu7: Welcome Dons tell me you don’t have Smith 😂
zadolinnyj: I hear skinner i the skinner from Simpson’s. sskkkkiiiinnneerrr
Baldfrog: Beautiful circle work there lions
Gotigres: Well Shiel. Seems like you know the blasting I was going to give you.
zadolinnyj: My god that call was disgusting
Social: Want to see Skinner do well after 2 knee recos
BigChief: WTF is that decision? Not even close to HTB
BOMBRBLITZ: Well done Hawks supporter Umpire #1 Chris Donlon
upweydons: Oh gee …. McGrath , do I say it , umpires ?
duckky: That is fucking disgustig umpirig
Nuffman: Get fucked.
Pies20: Yep @zad that wasn’t htb
duckky: Do not pick the ball up fellahs
Water: thats a bullshit decision
Moona: Hirdys 20k still being paid back
DrSeuss: OMG – As a Lions fan – these decisions are unbelievably bad
BigChief: Both McGrath and Lyons grabbed the ball at the same time.
Catatafish: These umpires are fucking useless
DrSeuss: Also – why aren’t they playing Draper in the ruck?
Social: clarkos flowered it up for everybody
casey22: Umpires killing this game
Stu7: Smelling playing well
DonsGoinOf: Regretfully Stu, I got sucked in, have him F5
hijikata: Less involvement from the umpires makes a gme better regardless of the score imo
Baldfrog: Why wasn’t sheil done for deliberate oob
duckky: What the hell happened to prior opportunity. That lions player who marked it – that should have been ball up.
Kidult: bring back 3rd man in the ruck clear the congestion sick of seeing frees
Crave: Umpiring has been a disgrace for the past 10 years how can they be so bad
duckky: The umpired are running a fucking raffle
Crave: Hinkley was spot on with his comments about umpiring
zadolinnyj: Was a clever fumble ballfrog
DrSeuss: Giving a lot of Drapers taps to Big O
Baldfrog: Lol Zad ok
Stu7: Any guesses on Neales score?
Avarax: why stop at 10 crave? why not make it 85?
Kidult: I’d say 144 for Neale
Stu7: Ridley stepping up
Baldfrog: Apache does nearest to pin Stu
Poliyagon: cmon shiel don’t lose against my opponents devon!
Spifflicat: Bombers getting an armchair ride from the umps as usual
Water: 137 for neale
Baldfrog: 140 for neale here
BigChief: Muppet for Spiff surely.
BigChief: 130 for Neale.
Nuffman: How was that not “htb” on random Brisbane player for picking the ball up off the ground?
Social: These umps need to watch a few tapes of Glenn James, now he was an umpire
Grimes Jr: lol why were we talking about smith?????
Baldfrog: Just make up pro fulltime and let them ump
teachrtony: I’ll go 152 cos he’s my captain.
heppelitis: Correct Social and he would do the whole game by himself and get it right.
The Hawker: @Grimes why not? did it hurt ya? 😉
Stu7: Neale 128 unfortunately
AuroraBore: gonna go with 135 @stu
CozzieCan: Starc catching D.smith at this rate
teachrtony: Am feeling a bit better about D Smith now.
Gotigres: 142 for Neale
Haydo: 158 for neale
Stu7: Hope I’m wrong though – trying to put the mozz on him so he goes large
Social: Spot on, @heppel, respcted by players, coaches and spectators, imagine that
zadolinnyj: 128 neale
Grimes Jr: smith was always going to fade out. people going nuts about him earlier
Kidult: Brisbane might be able to chase down Ports % on the back of this
Gandhi: 286 for Neal
Gandhi: 286 for Neale
cmperrfect: Darren Goldspink too @social
The Hawker: Why are you still talking about smith then?
DrSeuss: Ok Draper – nice finish to the quarter and the game young fella
Haydo: optimistic gandhi
teachrtony: Smart man that Ghandi.
Yelse: starcevich and smith again disappointing
spdysaint: 141 for neale
GroupOne: cmon saad mclug need 15. get the pill
Baldfrog: Clugg disappointing to
Water: cmon saad pick it up
Moona: Bruce – its time you retired as a commentator – like 5 years ago mate
Baldfrog: Gee speedy cuting my lunch there
DrSeuss: Yep definitely Starc’s last hurrah – trade time young man
Stu7: Neale only 42 since quarter time
BigChief: @Moona can he take BT with him PLEASE
Poliyagon: why so much hate for bruce?
Baldfrog: Yes agree with Chief and,most of fox footy to while your at it
CozzieCan: If I was Brisbane I would rest Neale this quarter .
Moona: hell yeah – take the lead from cometti and fro
zadolinnyj: Don’t mind Bruce. BT terrible. Does not know players names
Moona: bruce is so insecure he has to ask a question with every comment – didnt he??
Oscar1968: And Eddie Everywhere too Moona
GroupOne: is saad on the field? with ball in BNE fwdline why no poss?
BigChief: BT is a moron. He just said Robbo made his debut v Carlton
Stu7: Yes GroupOne
Grimes Jr: some nice junk time disposals at the end of that quarter for neale to boost his score going into the last
Oscar1968: trade Starc for Witherden!
Moona: and while I’m on a rant about commentators, what about the “he took the ball at its highest point” garbage
Baldfrog: Bruce has an excuse what is he now 70?
Moona: pretty sure about 5 metres before he marked it the ball was higher
DrSeuss: Yep Starc into Withers seems like a decent option.
Baldfrog: 140+ and I’ll make neale C
Kidult: Withers 393k with 126 BE. Shouldn’t go up to much if you wanted to take the chance
heppelitis: dodee to witherden next week?
casey22: Not a fan of any of the current commentators but Dermie is at the top for banality/bu&&t
Baldfrog: Doedee is only a strain so wont be out long
Oscar1968: fair enough Hepp, but if he drops in 126 per week, he’s better than Starc
Baldfrog: Dermie is always stoned I rekon
CozzieCan: Need Saad & starc to have a huge last qtr , cmon boys !!
Badgerbadg: Cmon Tim Cahill, kick some goals
MoreMidTim: Feel like Ridley’s been hard done by the last two weeks.
Spifflicat: Probably true BF, he must be on some stellar painkilling meds
Oscar1968: sorry, not heppelitis, – Kidult
AuroraBore: 600 in the bank, thankyou boys xx
Raspel31: I need another wine.
Oscar1968: Dermie has been stoned since his time at the Tunnel in the 80s
Gotigres: Was Witherden injured or just not selected?
Poliyagon: 170 please neale!
Grimes Jr: go lachie
Baldfrog: Rekon him and kingy share
Stu7: Big last quarter Neale
casey22: Great 1/2 of footy, Smith.
kano: real witty stuff from badgerbadg
Raspel31: Dons got this sewed up.
Badgerbadg: Thanks Kano, I’m here all night
Vich: ? @ Gotigres
Kidult: Lions didn’t need Defenders so he was just emergency week after week
Oscar1968: Dan Rich preffered to Witherden
DropCox: Ah the Tunnel. Loved that place. Was there a lot during mid 90’s.
Avarax: he was ommitted @gotigres
Moona: why not htb on big o????
heppelitis: free kick to drapes surely
casey22: Bellchambers on report for that one for sure
DrSeuss: Yep good question Moona
Catatafish: Haha Bellchambers. Muppet for almost concussing Shiel.
The39Steps: Big O auditioning for a role in the Addams family.
Raspel31: Macrae still best option. No complaints so far
upweydons: Hepp when an Ess player gets someone with incorrect disposal “ play on “
Poliyagon: shiel to macrae next week
Stu7: Wish I had of captained Macrae Neale was promising but not com8ng through
Baldfrog: Poor Apache has Shiel C
Gotigres: Thanks Avarax
heppelitis: BT fully fried unit
Gotigres: Ever since I got you in Shiel, you have been the product of my defecation. The proof is on top of your head.
cmperrfect: You didn’t loop McCrae? Crazy
Stu7: No I didn’t think he could back up last weeks score
heppelitis: Robbo covid super spreader lol
Grimes Jr: at the end of the day, neale has given us a solid score
Kidult: 1 Tackle games b2b for Neale. Needs to Lift
Social: VC on Macrae v Port on Monday?
runners47: That’d be right, Merritt – give you the C and you drop 80 pts on last week
Haydo: I’d go vc on neale this week against richmond could go huge and playing tuesday
Poliyagon: neale a good score, not when your opponent has macrae, no one to blame but myself tho
teachrtony: What happens to Macrae when Dunkley get back?
Spifflicat: Blues, Demons and Bombers all put their hand up for most disappointing effort of the round
AuroraBore: I want to sideways trade mccluggage to Lyons, he won’t get the inside mid time with Zorko back
Raspel31: That’s a world away Social.
Avarax: good Q teach!
Catatafish: Devon you continue to set the bar high.
Avarax: he may be pushed back to the wing
Kidult: 350 odd to come Neale could still 160+
feralmong: neale will go past 160. but can’t pass on macrae
exatekk: F sake Ballenden. Needed a 2nd goal for $130. Dont give it off!
DrSeuss: Seriously though – how do teams not mark up on Neale. He just runs around free all game – no accountability
Stu7: Neale will go very close to Macrae
Raspel31: I just wish I had Martin, Macrae and Neale. Oh lordy, I do.
Stu7: Good game Draper
Regis124: Why the flower did they not pick up Neale???
Poliyagon: surely neales score should be higher.?
CozzieCan: Not one ton from Essendon
Social: This is now a shellacking
Grimes Jr: thanks lachie
CozzieCan: Not one ton from Essendon , rubbish
heppelitis: I do Rasp and ranked in the 20,000s lol
Raspel31: Now now Cozzie.
zadolinnyj: I do rasp. Pretty happy
Haydo: that guess of 158 wasn’t to bad for neale’s score
Water: heppel i am in a league with you randomly my name is going for goals
Water: heppel i am in a league with you randomly my name is going for goald
Stu7: Bailey is playing much better since he left defence
Poliyagon: can’t tell who’s played worse, melbourne blues or dons!
Oscar1968: We will always fight for nectarines, like Fitzroy and Bears of old
CozzieCan: @Raspel Mcratg
Spifflicat: Dons have a
heppelitis: Nah @ Water..someone stole my name, I am Trevs Bogie Train in Sc
Spifflicat: Dons a set the bar even lower, quite a feat
CozzieCan: @poli Brisbane & port Adelaide top 2 on ladder .. what’s carltons excuse haha
SC-STAR–: as useless as we get
Water: oh okay
Social: Win or lose, we do or die, and if we lose, we’ll have cry .. not today!
navy_blues: carl beat gee as i remember

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