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Chat log from R9 of 2020: Carlton vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Carlton vs Hawthorn, R9 of 2020

Kidult: Hope Wingard can go massive today Be of 83 and a bye the next round…
Water: Evening fellas
CozzieCan: Will Doch ton ? I bloody hope so
navy_blues: go blues
HugeHead: who’s everyone have tonight
wilaj: Evening all. In this I have Cripps, Docherty, Sicily and Mitchell
Kidult: Docherty should go 140+
kascadev8: ive got cripps sicily day docherty
colin wood: mscwains get to bed
Kidult: Interested in Impey this game
Bezzina: come on hawks ruin my friday!
shaker: Doc only for me
Water: was impey a premo type scorer before his injury last year?
adgbubba: want sicily and titch to go big but be beaten GO BLUES
Silz90: oops i left willo on field lol god im stupid
Gotigres: What time do the teams drop for tomorrow’s games?
Kidult: had 11 game stetch of 85 avg before his injury
HugeHead: 6.20 gotigers
Kidult: *stretch. But yeh the way rebounding Defenders have gone this year he intrigues me at 402k
Water: okay
circle52: 6:20 is the time for teams to be announced for next day
NewFreoFan: They’re listening @Bezzina
Gotigres: Thanks HugeHead and circle52
Bezzina: @freofan great start! goddammit
NewFreoFan: I like this time on a Friday, would be great for after work drinks if we weren’t all working from home
CozzieCan: Is Hawthorn of the bus yet ?
Donzoes: wonder if cripps gives us a good score this week or stop at HT
Gotigres: Wowee
shaker: Clarko will explode if this continues
Nurfed: just give hawthorn the traffic cones already, woeful stuff
Kidult: Stay low Cripps want you after your bye but bottomed out.
rupertmarn: Sack Kennett now
StuL: Who asked about cripps last week? The answer was get him in if you were lucky not to start him
Bezzina: Day you star
Legix: Will Day is nice to watch
Raspel31: Stay high Cripps.
ajconodie: Cripps won;t get to the ton.
PIE WAZZA: Rexy get on board! Blues on Fire!
Ooost: Mitchell to stay low, Sicily, Cripps and Day (if possible) to go high please.
Silz90: setterfield goes alright these days. he had some knockers a couple years back
Ooost: Cripps 😀
Woodie22: @ajconodie bet you Cripps does easily
scrappers: yes he will sc is rubbish this season its all about the first quarter
CozzieCan: Titch looks lazy these days .. no interest
DrSeuss: Would be great if you could get a touch Doc – you too Titch. Cripps slow down
NewFreoFan: Geez how did they find a free kick out of that scramble
StuL: Sicily due for one of his stinkers
HugeHead: cmon sicily, your my only unique in this one.
Baldfrog: Onya Crippa
Corr_Dad: pittonet to go > gawn
VodkaHawk: Cripps can get 30 disposals, as long as Mitchell gets 31
Ooost: Sicily will get to 100
Kidult: Hope Cripps stays under 126 so he remains at 478k for round 11.
Donzoes: he owes his owners a nice score kidult, please
teachrtony: Hardly seen Crippa in oppo lists for weeks. This round 8/10 opposition teams have him.
cmperrfect: Hate to say it, but your place in my team has come to an end Mr Docherty
teachrtony: And my draft opposition.
NewFreoFan: Is Sicily even still out there? Or did he go for a beer after the first few minutes
The Hawker: scully needs to be dropped…
Ooost: Doch is tradeable, you think?
NewFreoFan: And on cue there he is
StuL: I dont have unlimited trades so Doch is going nowhere
Oscar1968: we want hi back Oost?
Oscar1968: we want him back Oost?
Woodie22: Love how people crack it at players scores early in games.
The Hawker: Im sure you have other players to be traded first (rookies) Ooost
Ooost: Yeah I hadn’t considered trading Doc, interesting people will dump him
cmperrfect: Doc average 72 over the last 4 games
HugeHead: upgrade doc to Lloyd maybe?
StuL: I traded D Smith, finally who.has been genuine crap. And even that trade looks like burning me.
NankTank: Curnow tagging o’meara not mitchel 🙄
StuL: Never trade your guns is the rule. They will nearly always go back to gunness
casey22: scully is a great user of the ball but just doesn’t get it enough
Ooost: I dropped Smith too this week
Water: @Casey whilst his DE is at 25% hahah
NewFreoFan: Yep was a great kick there casey22
DrSeuss: I dropped DSmith for BSmith and then BSmith played like Archie Smith
Gotigres: Who did you get in StuL
cmperrfect: Doc is no gun anymore. Teams are playing around him or tagging him now
NewFreoFan: Blues aren’t losing as much any more either, so it’s spending less time down back
BigChief: Did Carlton go back to the hotel at 1/4 time?
Avarax: does receiving a tag, not mean you are a gun?
Baldfrog: Doc had 2 acls had to dominate after that
Baldfrog: Hard*
cmperrfect: Doesn’t Doc know that playing on out of the kick in is mandatory?
Gotigres: Doedee out
VodkaHawk: Nope Chief, the real Hawks showed up
StuL: B Smith ffs. And i was dead against him. I let the popularity suck me in. He will be ok but the correct answer was Dusty
Donzoes: StuL, you and me both mate
The Hawker: Doch is still a gun, just less weights on his shoulders now with other young defenders around him
Gotigres: Dusty always improves about this stage of the season.
StuL: I guess that’s a comfort. When they’re top of the most traded in i assume i must be wrong to not get him
BigChief: What was that crap from Cripps.
The Hawker: what the crap cripps…
DrSeuss: Docherty is also playing a lot more actual defense recently – less mark and kicks
Silz90: doc not playing the intercept role anymore. weiters and jones taking the intercept marks of late
Oscar1968: twice crap Cripps
StuL: Someone last week reckoned they were going to trade cripps. Here endeth the lesson
Seiya: muppet for cripps
Str1k3_M95: are we going to see another choke 2nite lmfao
Ooost: I went D Smith to Petracca, an expensive trade, hopefully works out
BigChief: Blues can’t handle the pressure. And they want to play finals HAHAHA
Kidult: Almost changed my tip at the last second but I thought I was nuts
StuL: Tracca has been a gun. He will be top 10.
SC-STAR–: Cripps already got his proj before half time
VodkaHawk: Walsh, Simpson, Sic, Smithy.. get those disposals up
Silz90: i dont remember anyone in the chat saying blues will play finals this year lol
cmperrfect: Cripps fades out of way too many games @stul
Baldfrog: Don’t agree with that cmperfect too much is on Cripps shoulders
CozzieCan: Keep going Doch , Sicily !! Great work Titch go you good thing
Baldfrog: SOS wasted too many top draft picks
scrappers: whatr a load of crap he is 1 of 18 players
Donzoes: O’Brien smh
DrSeuss: So Cripps drops the ball as he is getting tackled by Titch – Titch continues tackle – Cripps gets Free kick
The Hawker: TOB stuffing it up for Hawthorn once again
Bezzina: biggest spud @don
BigGryan: doch and sicily get aggressive
cmperrfect: I just read the stats Gents, there’s only one reason Cripps is 478k
Baldfrog: So which crows reject is carlton buying this year?
StuL: If a donkey like D Smith can be a dodgy trade, you never trade players you picked to see you through to gf day
StuL: Crouch brothers.
scrappers: well with sos gone it wont be qws rejects
Baldfrog: Good Stul
Silz90: Maybe you can give us gibbs back for nothing baldfrog
Baldfrog: Lol true scrappers
Baldfrog: What happened to that guy carlton swapped a pick with us for? Sure Silz
rupertmarn: Well done SOS
Silz90: lol love how some Adelaide fans are so chirpy when nobody wants to play for them. and how many games u won this year?
Baldfrog: Hey I said u can have Gibbs.. We haven’t been crap for 20years tho
Poliyagon: don’t argue mate we’re choking hard
scrappers: it was stocker and i dont know
navy_blues: and no adel ppl on here when adel play lol
Gotigres: Do you think Ridley can keep going the way he has been cmperrfect or do you think he will tire/get rested at some stage?
Baldfrog: Usually I’m at the game remember those days?
Silz90: im not arguing all good! 100% we choked that quater, hopefully we bounce back
Baldfrog: Yeah gotigres
navy_blues: well lucky you id love to go
Poliyagon: cmon baggers yew
Ash777: lochie o’brien was the player blues got out of the 10 pick from the gibbs trade
Baldfrog: Should be back to normal next year navy blue
scrappers: i think carlton are starting to realize that famous players and coaches are not the answer to our problems
blonde0na: hopefully old man calfs kick in for hawthorn 🙂
cmperrfect: I think top 18 of each team will be rested at some stage @i
Baldfrog: No Ash think it was pick 17
cmperrfect: Sacking Ratts was your biggest mistake @scrappers
rupertmarn: What happened to Liam Stocker?
Kylacham: Hmmm, Docherty and Sicily are not going strong 🙁
Baldfrog: Yeah rupert thats the guy
BigChief: @ash it was the pick trade in 2018 to get Stocker, not the Gibbs trade I believe Baldfrog is talking about
spdysaint: went ontomy supercoach team, to put neale as captain, realised I accident put the c on Gan not the vc 🙁
Silz90: does anyone think lloyd or mills will cop the geary tag
Ash777: You mean pick 16 which they traded away with 40 for picks 28, 30, 2018 2nd round from the dogs.
BigChief: Stocker went back to Melb for personal reason which has not been released yet.
The Hawker: @rupert just couldnt crack into the side like Fisher
Water: yeah i think lloyd will get the geary tag tmrw silz
Baldfrog: Mills will b4 the seagull
Stu7: Come on Pittonet Pinhead
Baldfrog: Thanks Chief thought he would have debut by now but now other reasons
Silz90: ty water! i wanna upgrade doedee to lloyd but not 100% sure
Stu7: Damn @ spydsaint
Silz90: stocker debut last year bald
MrWalrus: Imagine the only way to get a back pocket to man up being for the opposition to send a fwd pocket to man him up
cmperrfect: Go Haynes @Silz
Baldfrog: Oh silz must have missed him thanks
The Hawker: Doedee will probably avg 90+
StuL: Back to spud Sicily. Thanks for the reminder
BigChief: Fuck me Carlton have returned to 2019 form
Corr_Dad: thanks sic, look forward to getting you into my team in a couple weeks!
Baldfrog: Doedee is only a strain so wont be out long
Silz90: haynes is tempting! maybe ill keep him but not sure 🙁
DrSeuss: That is why you leave the kickouts to Docherty
Silz90: cheers i really rate doedee. future captain?
StuL: How many crows defenders can score well? Worry they will take points off eachother and nobody wins
BigChief: What was the 50 for there?
Apachecats: Blues need next goal or this is gone.
Baldfrog: Probably Sloane only has 1 or 2years left
VodkaHawk: 50 was because Blues hadn’t kicked a goal in a while
StuL: Baldfrog, expert opinion? Maybe only room for two out of Smith, Doedee and Laird in SC
cmperrfect: Has Cripps even touched it this qtr?
Gotigres: Murphy’s disposal is atrocious. Always has been.
Baldfrog: Doedee and tossup other two. Smith is in and out and Laird has dropped off Stul
Ooost: Mitchell looks like he’s going to catch Cripps
blonde0na: wonder if clarko will complain about the umpires after this game
Baldfrog: Smith up and down I meant
BigChief: @Gotigres disp ok, decision making shithouse
Apachecats: The waythey are dribbling the teams out is making the job hard.0
Badgerbadg: Will Day give me 70+, stick around and find out
Baldfrog: Clarko guaranteed to complain about something
Silz90: flower this woeful, 10 steps forward and 20 steps back. leaders need to step up this is embarrassing
HugeHead: cmon sic
Baldfrog: It’s a nighmare Apache
Ooost: Yes 70+ from Day would be awesome
shaker: Blues have rolled over
The Hawker: You have to love seeing Impey back on the grass
Apachecats: Still no Sunday teams ,suppose we’ll get them Sunday morning BF
Pies20: agree @apachecats
circle52: Not wrong Baldfrog and Apache – Had to make a decision whether to trade Willimamson or Starcevich
Pies20: Sunday teams are there
Bezzina: @perfect cripps has had 5 since quarter time
BigChief: Teams are release at 6.20pm day before they play.
circle52: and not sure who will be playing.
circle52: 6:20 tomorrow Apache
Baldfrog: Had to leave Starc as not enough trades this week
Gotigres: who did you trade out circle52?
Water: does Cripps ever get out of a jog, thats all i ever see him do.
StuL: Happier about baulking at Sicily at 520. This is why.
Pies20: Apologies no they aren’t said it last night aswell
circle52: Williamson in the end and went for 1st gamer Keane from pies and hoping Watson plays as well,
circle52: and hopefully upgrade Starc next week.
Gotigres: Sicily could still ton up. He screws me when I have him and he screws me when I don’t have him.
Kidult: Charlie signed to end of 2025 at the Lions
Apachecats: thanks circle and BC
Collywoble: Day hasn’t touched it since HT
Pies20: Picking blind your team over the next few weeks to hard
Kidult: Wingard score you would think he has 2 goals.
CozzieCan: Sicily 30 point qtr you beauty
teachrtony: I traded Starc out, and D Smith, so should fire this week Baldfrog.
CozzieCan: Doch good qtr
Baldfrog: Doc getting some cheapies
Kidult: Nice qtr from 4 of mine Doch, Wingard and Sicily and Titch
blonde0na: i reckon the AFL told the umps to take care of hawthorn to shut clarko up
cmperrfect: Thanks @bezz
Gotigres: Who goes out for Keane?
CozzieCan: Titch great game owners will be wrapped !!
circle52: Not wrong Pies and kidult pleased with that of course
Baldfrog: Lol cheers Tony
kascadev8: go sicily. get the ball son
Avarax: everyone, please trade docherty out like you were all claiming before
Silz90: thanks willo for nothing
BigChief: Sicily’s score is ok since the ball not near him.
circle52: too many other issues Avarax
The Hawker: @Silz90 cant blame him with 50% tog..
Gotigres: Cripps playing forward. Hopefully just being rested for last quarter.
StuL: Get back down Palermo. Ok. Should have got him
Kidult: 5 FF Cripps and 2 FA against Mitchell and both same score haha
blonde0na: that’s deliberate any day of the week from Day there…
DrSeuss: Complain to the AFL – Cripps gets his free kicks
Avarax: also, dont bring in sicily….he’s crap *coughs*
Legix: big 4th from Sicily cmon
boxy36: @CozzieCan pretty stoked with Cripps and Mitchell so far – now just need Doch to ton and I’ll be laughing!
softwhitee: what you guys reckon about jumping on Tom Stewart this week
StuL: Doch is back. Told ya. No one is trading him. One right call out of 15 wrong
Kidult: I’m trading Sicily to Stewart for that 180k odd and bye as I have lots with the 1st bye
Baldfrog: Tom goes alr8
CozzieCan: @boxy me also surprisingly both .. also need Doch & Sicily 🙂
Baldfrog: Not even looking at byes
cmperrfect: Is Stratton the least influential Capt in the AFL? Would he be playing if not Capt?
CozzieCan: Stewart has been average
Avarax: i wouldnt trade sicily. he’ll finish D1-4 by end of season….
VodkaHawk: If everyone on 10 disposals could get to 15… that’d be great thanks
Silz90: sicily is on 71 at 3 qtr. can easily ton up at this point.
Donzoes: Honestly forgot he was captain cmperrfect
Yelse: when do we get the extra 4 trades?
Baldfrog: Wonder how many had Gawn C
softwhitee: I only ask because if I go Stewart instead of Haynes I can get Neale next week with extra $
VodkaHawk: Sloane and Heppell would give Stratts a run for his money
Kidult: this round and the next 3 have 1 extra trade per round for the byes
boxy36: @Cozzie yeah nice one! I was tempted to bring in Sic this week but might hold Doedee another week and go Stewart next!
Apachecats: Goingto have a ranga team next year with Gawn ,Oliver and Sicily in for starters ,any other ideas from the forum.
Yelse: but the total trades still hasn’t changed even if we get three each round
Oscar1968: Thought the blues paid overs for Martin, but he is all class
BigChief: @apache Rowell
Baldfrog: Lol Apache keep them out of the sun
Kidult: yelse it was 30 trades before it is now 34
Seiya: @Yelse you have already had them
Apachecats: good for night games BF
Social: Take out Stewarts injury game (18) and his avg is 98 – value in a week or two
Apachecats: Getting Banana boat to sponsor them.
CozzieCan: Titch 120 sc lol
Avarax: @softwhite, if you dont have neale already, just give up
Corr_Dad: love ya titch 🙂
CozzieCan: I don’t have Neale I’m in top 15,000 average is 2213 sc
TeamRMPG: Great to have Titch back
softwhitee: am in the top 3k @Avarax, im tracking just fine
Corr_Dad: @Avarax I’ve scored 2400+ two weeks in a row, no neale
heppelitis: Covid might wipe that lot out lack of VitD
Silz90: wow titch and cripps finally putting in a good shift
The Hawker: Cripps first ton since round 5
Badgerbadg: 160 titch, keep going son
Kidult: good to see titch tackling again
Avarax: wow…..a whole 2 weeks?
softwhitee: Titch is passing the eye test with flying colours
cmperrfect: And what rank are you @Corr
CozzieCan: Go Titch you good thing
DrSeuss: Agreed Kidult – Titch is a different beast when tackling
HugeHead: lift sic
Corr_Dad: yeah lets not speak about rank… 9k (I had 6 premos in the melbourne essendon game) 🙁
BigChief: Great throw from Breust
Kidult: Yes was just about to say now cmon Wingard 2 goals
kascadev8: sic come on, screw frost
cmperrfect: Hahahahaha.
cmperrfect: Good luck for next year @Corr
Silz90: willo out of no where! our kicking for goal is woeful 🙁
Baldfrog: Do Melbourne and Ess have 6 premos between them?
Apachecats: My team does not have a rank.Its just plain rank.
Silz90: softest freekick all season to breust
boxy36: Apache, you and me both mate
kascadev8: on a serious note, how do we think Jelly (josh kelly) will go against gold coast? brought him in for devon smith
circle52: Cant be that bad apache My rank is above 10k
Apachecats: You’re killing me circle ,’I’m afraid to look actually.
boxy36: Think I’ve gotta be nearly the worst ranked in here tonight hahaha
Kidult: Massive crowd for a WA game imo
Yelse: if you haven’t got neale is grundy the next best option?
DrSeuss: Doc with his first touch of the quarter
The Hawker: Will Whitterfield
Apachecats: Last weeks Grundy yelse? Or the other one.
Avarax: @yelse, yes
Water: jacob settering
CozzieCan: Go you will whitterfield , next pod I’m trading in
Baldfrog: Freo are bringing in a rookie ruck arnt they?
Bezzina: thank you Titch and Wingard, beauty
Kidult: Happy chappy Titch, Wingard, Sicily and Doch
boxy36: Come on Doch get some cheapies and ton up!
CozzieCan: Very nice @Kidult .. off to a good start m8 ?
NewFreoFan: @Kidult Perth averages the second highest crowds for any stadium behind tthe MCG
Stu7: These Wednesday Thursday night games are killing me not knowing who and who isn’t playing – paranoid to trade
boxy36: Though can’t be unhappy with this game when I’ve got Cripps, Titch and Doch
Kidult: Yeh other than Gawn
Stu7: Anyone else feeling the same ?
Kidult: @newfreo yeh I just meant for a non WA Side
StuL: Mitchell and Cripps finally kching
circle52: Happy with my three in this game Titch, Cripps and Doc – Nice if Doc could ton up.
NewFreoFan: Ah, yep. I think people are just happy to be able to go to a game
Kidult: and for the early start on a Friday in WA is massive unless its a public holiday or somef
Apachecats: yes stu ,they need to change the reverse trades rule.
boxy36: Stu definitely feel the same, trying to hold trades until the latest possible moment
circle52: @stu7 we discussed earlier and it is a lottery at the moment. Holding trades is the key I think as late as possible.
DrSeuss: Cripps with twice as many free kicks as the next player – complain to the AFL – get your own way. AFL is a joke
Apachecats: Mitch Robinson is another for my ranga team
Stu7: I really wanted Wingard but couldn’t cause didn’t know who else was in or out
WobWobble: Probably the game we needed to lose leading into finals.
Baldfrog: Your 12th Wob lol
navy_blues: lol
Beast_Mode: cripps trash weak as piss captain, flog club. couldnt be happier.
Stu7: I agree Apachecats
kascadev8: can we give 15 points to sicily and 12 to doch. give them both tonnes for me <3
boxy36: See you all in the next one
Silz90: thanks beast! cripps is a co captain btw
BigChief: @WobWobble finals???? Now that is funny.

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