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Chat log from R8 of 2020: Fremantle vs Geelong

Chat log for Fremantle vs Geelong, R8 of 2020

bhg26: Play Tobe Watson or take Lings 47?
feralmong: No 18 will be free at Tigerland next year Charlie.
feralmong: he looks a skinny runt. won’t last the game bhg.
bhg26: If I take Ling, then I need 280 from Walters and Brayshaw, if he can get 60 I’ll
bhg26: don’t know why I typed I’ll
shaker: Cox out replaced by Watson
feralmong: pushing freo uphill to get 140 from both of them.
pitchster: You aint winning Walters will get tagged by Guthrie
feralmong: back on the game please shaker
Silz90: Averaged 17 disposals and 5.4 marks per game for Peel Thunder last year.
feralmong: i’d take the punt on the runt bhg. might get 70 or 80 and help you over the line
feralmong: 96 from Simpson to get me to 2200
bhg26: I’m taking a punt, don’t make me regret it Tobe
bhg26: What’s everyone’s projection?
MrWalrus: Less than yours bhg, come back and ask when your luck runs out 😛
bhg26: Thanks for the response MrWalrus
amigaman: My posts ignored. Oh well!
original: My projection is Chris Scott coaches for 4 more years and doesn’t win another gf
MrWalrus: You’re welcome bhg you over achiever you, good luck, what post anita? Just got here
bhg26: Same original
Silz90: i wont hit 2000 bhg – disaster week for me
bhg26: Jeez Silz
frenzy: anyone got Yeo
Silz90: good luck hopefully walters kills it for ya
Silz90: I was forced to play willo (back up for hill), doedee, grundy, taylor, simpkin, devon smith.
MrWalrus: Oft on 1495 with just danger, Simpson & Brayshaw to go, pretty standard for me this year….
Donzoes: I fluked Tobe Watson and Georgiades this week
bhg26: Need Walters, Brayshaw, Watson and Simpson to get 370 total to break 2400
Yelse: i got danger and brayshaw vs 263 who wins?
MrWalrus: Still shouldn’t get my lowest score this year
amigaman: Simpson to add to 2185
MrWalrus: My money is not on you yelse but you’re not out of it
casey22: I’m down by 25 with Brayshaw to play. Hope the hammy curse doesn’t strike!
cmperrfect: Any1 else smell an upset tonight
Kidult: wonder how many cats players will be injured this time
Corr_Dad: 2369 with brayshaw and simpson to come 🙂
softwhitee: need a 120 from danger + simpson, feeling good
Napper: Hey guys I’m new here only got Simpson in this one
ajconodie: Dnager and Serong v Simpson and 82. Should be a close one.
Kidult: nice Close
The39Steps: Welcome Napper.
Misternick: I have got Simpson to add to my 2300
Misternick: Where are the L Plates for the first gamers?
LeGoat1996: @Kidult Just want to say thanks for helping with how to verify a ff account by using a yahoo email
SC-STAR–: anyone else have simpson
MrWalrus: One for Napper too
Migz: holy shit dockers hit a man
casey22: Anyone seen Brayshaw?
Kidult: Np thought a few people might come through tonight
scboy123: Simpson and Serong for me gents, need a big one from simpso
LeGoat1996: Been using this site for years and could never get an email sent.
BigChief: Tucker done already
DrSeuss: Nice catch Simpson. Great start from Walters. Ugh
bhg26: Tobe’s on the board!
original: Anyone else have tucker for 15+ lol
softwhitee: danger been using it horribly in sunny weather, not liking where this is headed
Napper: My 3rd email worked on this webisite, never got a confirmation email…
SC-STAR–: @LeGoat1996 have you checked your spam?
original: Actually chance that. I’ve never even had tucker in hehe Wowee
Kidult: Keen for Watson and Close this week hope to see some signs
DrSeuss: Damnit looks like Guthrie tag on Walters
Yelse: i traded in danger today sorry guys in advance
rupertmarn: I need Bewely to get 61 to get 2400
LeGoat1996: Checked everything, glad to be able to chat now. Go Simpson you good thing
BigChief: Constable is a ball magnet. Pity he can’t get games.
Migz: why is lobb such a poor 2nd ruckman? is he too light?
Schillaci: danger 64% TOG great!
frenzy: hope the cats trade him Chief
beerent11: If close goes ok might have a spot for a few weeks with fort out 3-4
BigChief: @frenzy Blues, Hawks, Roos, Swans, Freo all would take him just to name a few teams.
PowerBug: beerent what does a midfielder have to do with a ruckman’s injury!
Yelse: with this weather is SC gonna get adjusted?
Kidult: really hope by the back end of the season some decent players are resting fwd as atm there doesn’t look like many premo
Migz: well every game finished with 3300 points so scaling will always happen in a shit showl ike this
Kidult: as all the fwd/mids atm are playing heavy midfield time
Corr_Dad: Finally, some good tog for brayshaw
frenzy: Narkle is another Chief, would take him in a flash
scboy123: Simpson 8, what a shocking first qtr. 27 disposals game 1 then disappears
ajconodie: There will be a decent amount of scaling in this one.
CozzieCan: Well there goes my multi .. doubt many goals will be kicked
Schillaci: Only Danger in this one. That’s a quarter to forget.
Kidult: Simpson didn’t do much in both his games till after half time
beerent11: Sorry circle for some reason I had in my head he was a ruck/fwd. just turned on the game 5 minutes ago.
Baldfrog: No one can be crappy at the players in those conditions
beerent11: I mean powerbug
casey22: I was worried Brayshaw had to get me 25 for my round win!
bhg26: Loving Tobe’s start, nearly past his projection
frenzy: all excited beer
beerent11: Simpson gets quicker as the games gets slower
Baldfrog: Who gunna win the cellar dweller cup this week frenzy?
Napper: I have Yeo and he has got suspended for a game how great
Kidult: Stay low Stewart want you to lose more cash for round 10
frenzy: I want a Rowell
Yelse: need danger to lift
Bezzina: need walters and simpson to outscore brayshaw and danger by 40 oh boy
softwhitee: what are you doing with Yeo @Napper. Im strongly considering trading him
CozzieCan: Also trading Yeo
Napper: I might hold him but not sure because he will miss two weeks because of the bye
Kidult: @m0nty nice comment on the rain
Bezzina: trade yeo or d.smith?
CozzieCan: Yeo will start losing money after this week
softwhitee: reckon they both going for me this week Bezzina
DrSeuss: Ok time to get Brayshaw back on
casey22: In or out: @bezzina
Yelse: when brayshaw goes off and takes for ever to come back on
Rage_Trade: I support your decision @softwhitee.
Bezzina: @soft i’ve got fyfe, smith, yeo and hill to deal with
Bezzina: Definitely not in Casey ahahah
DrSeuss: How is that not HTB on Tuohy?
Kidult: close most traded in and D.smith most traded out this week I think
Badgerbadg: Anyone know what happened to Stephen Hill?
softwhitee: thats rough bezzina
DrSeuss: Simpson not getting much TOG
rupertmarn: How does Close look as a player?
Bezzina: Abductor strain @Badger
DrSeuss: Close looking pretty good. Attacks the ball – good forward pressure
BigChief: You wouldn’t share this game with visitors LOL
Kidult: Ryan went right up
softwhitee: oh dangerfield, this hurts to watch
DrSeuss: How is that not a free against Hawkins – Freo getting screwed in this game by umps
Schillaci: Ryan on the back of cats behinds Kidult
LeGoat1996: Simpson got stuck on the bench
superlloyd: wow tuohy is playing a blinder
Yelse: i am confused why danger hardly around the ball he looks lost
rupertmarn: Dangerfield not good in the wet
softwhitee: hes a spud tonight Yelse
scboy123: ofc spud simpson gets a fucking handball right after the siren. fuck sake
rupertmarn: Bewley the butcher.
StuL: Close has a bit of Ronnie Burns about him. Get him in.
Napper: What do you think is a par score for this round?
gdshifty: You can always tell which players Monty has in his team. Refuses to give premo players the cold icon. EG-Dangerfield
kascadev8: hows everyones scores looking?
LuvIt74: Evening all what do you all think the average score on SC will be this week?
softwhitee: need another 80 from danger and simpson.. its a loss for me
scboy123: come on 80 point simpson second half
Yelse: i need 100 from danger second half
poolboybob: Potato for every Dockers player
CozzieCan: 1937 current with Dangerfield & Simpson left
thommoae: Never thought I’d see Danger in the cellar at half-time without so much as a bandaid
bhg26: Should get at least 2350 LuvIt
bhg26: Might not crack 2000 Cozzie at this rate
kascadev8: i got to a score of 2124 with devon smith,grundy and a 0 on field. is that reasonable in this horrid week?
Kidult: Duncan every chance of gettin his 200 BE
Poliyagon: could someone explain how the scaling works?
CozzieCan: @bhg shocker , what are you currently on m8 ?
bhg26: 2030 with Brayshaw, Walters, Simpson and Tobe Watson
beerent11: @bhg do you think the average will be about 2350?
bhg26: With all the injuries and low scores, don’t think so
bhg26: Read the question wrong, sorry
MrWalrus: Be a huge range of scores this week, some struggling for 1900, others going 2500+
Valens: Close a nice pick up at 109k. Will get a run with GAJ and Dahlhaus out.
Kidult: Id say 2250 is the pass mark
MrWalrus: Cripps or Oliver in mids, Gawn or Grundy C? Little differences have a big impact this week
SilverLion: @m0nty Forums been riridcilously slow and crashing all day. Please fix thanks
frenzy: Duncan BE 200 and might get there
Gotigres: Geelong getting everything from the umps
SilverLion: Ridiculously*
AuroraBore: 2250 for par? I’m in a lot of competitive leagues and 2100-2200 is about where most people are
Grimes Jr: looking at 2350
DrSeuss: Yep Freo getting screwed big time by Umps. At least 5 HTB decisions that should have been obvious
LuvIt74: i scored 2289 so hope i go up in rank coz my current rank is woeful
CozzieCan: Need Walters to goal for my multi
Yelse: if danger gets 103 ill hit 2340
Kidult: thinking a few at 2.2k will lose a decent amount of ground with the very top end
DrSeuss: In the back on Walters – not called..
BigChief: Can Freo kick a goal?
Jolles: It would seem that umpires are compensating Vic teams for having to leave home by giving them undeserved free kicks.
Spifflicat: Was looking at 2350 until Dangerspud reappeared
jbjimmyjb: if danger gets 103 it’ll be a miracle
bhg26: Im at 374, hoping to jump up with my 2300+ score
bhg26: Feel for the poor people who go to a game of footy in the rain only to see your team score 3 points
Stu7: Tucker what’s the injury?
MrWalrus: Bhg, I reckon you’ll probably hold position but have a lot of movement around you
Kidult: hammy in the 1st qtr
Spifflicat: Tru that bhg
rupertmarn: Good work Bhg
MercAm: @cozzie will Stewart get 15 dis, need that for my multi
The39Steps: Danger = 7 possies. CD says 5 are contested. That’s absolute BS. This is where they pad the stats of stars.
Corr_Dad: Are many of you guys playing for rank or in cash leagues?
beerent11: Whoa whoa whoa. Slow down Simmo
Stu7: Thanks Kidult
CozzieCan: @Merc , surprised he hasn’t already given the rest of Geelongs defenders ..
Gotigres: Umps trying everything not to give Freo a goal
bhg26: Has there ever been a game where a team kicks their first goal with 3 minutes left in the third quarter…
GobChuck: Simpson + 160 vs Duncan…….how am I actually in danger of dropping this game hahaah
bhg26: And they have a chance?
marls: Needed Simpson to get 58+ to win my league game…so of course
runners47: Has there ever been a game where Danger averages 8 points a quarter…
Corr_Dad: Cmon brayshaw kick a goal
GroupOne: Danger killing my Walters Brayshaw Guthrie Menegola multi. Need 20 poss.
Yelse: danger can still tone cmonnnn
StuL: Every tackle is ball, every out is deliberate. Getting ridiculous.
Donzoes: Need one more hawkins goal and a miers goal to win my multi
scboy123: simpson killing me. he started getting involved at least
StuL: Chear walters.
Gotigres: Simpson only gets involved in the last 5-6 minutes of quarters.
DrSeuss: How was that not 50 against Rohan? Umps really against Freo tonight it seems
Kidult: 4 tons in a row to Brayshaw ever since his TOG went up
StuL: How is every contest not a free Dr. Maybe cos its soapy and they could let the game go a bit. Of course not.
Haydo: Just logged on, what a dour affair we have here
bones351: I need Danger 20 possies for my multi too. He had a little kick out of the air that went no where. But still a kick!
bhg26: Need 90 from Brayshaw, Walters and Watson to win my league game
The39Steps: There’s been the Rohan decision and one other in Q2, but overall the umps not doing a bad job. 28 frees in the wet ok.
bones351: That one wasn’t that bad Dr. I have seen way worse Of those lately.
GroupOne: Cmon bones351 lets hope Scott plays him in the guts. Brayshaw SC BE 81
StuL: Walters has been running into blokes trying to milk frees. Cheat
bhg26: Pretty rich coming from a Geelong fan lol
Ash777: how has touhy not loss any of his accent lol
DrSeuss: Haha settle down StuL – you go for Geelong and bag people milking free kicks lol
MercAm: Come on Stewaet get those 5 disposls for me, I wanna win 1k
The39Steps: Accents not change after you reach puberty. Come here after 14/15 you will have that accent for life.
frenzy: Serong is a gun aswell
Gotigres: Do something early in the quarter please Simpson.
Yelse: keep going danger
DrSeuss: Needed Walters to beat Danger by 41 – was looking good until this quarter
Kidult: No injuries up ground so Simpson doesnt get as much time there
Silz90: I wish I could turn back time lol brayshaw to heeney is the worst sc trade of all time
Donzoes: ok just a miers goal pls
Spifflicat: Pav might get a call up shortly, Freo running of cattle
Spifflicat: *out of cattle
Rage_Trade: @Silz I did Brayshaw to Butler and Greenwood to Sympkin. Living up to my name!
NugzNiggle: @Zeuss. You were looking good until Sonny walked off.
Donzoes: Hopefully Sonny is ok
DrSeuss: Yeah hoping it is just cramps Nugz
MercAm: Come on 2 more from stewart…
NugzNiggle: You now need a miracle mate.
Silz90: @rage haha lucky we have an extra 4 trades. devon smith needs to leave my team immediately
Silz90: didnt some need 240 from walters and brayshaw before? still a chance?
Torz: Serong looks a gem with higher TOG. Shame I’ve traded him.
DrSeuss: Walters gone and there goes my win with him I imagine
marls: Got Grundy:( and Walters:( in this week
casey22: Maybe the Hawk would be a better soccer player?
poolboybob: Hawkins hitting the bin
GroupOne: Cmon danger 3 more pls .. got 20 from Walters Braysahw Guthrie and Menegola
DrSeuss: They should probably rest Danger for the rest of the game – dont want him picking up an injury – the game is won
bhg26: Needed 320 from Walters, Brayshaw and Walters, not looking likely
Gotigres: 20 more points thanks Simpson will see me win. Good luck GroupOne
Bezzina: me too group grrr
beerent11: Tomahawk massive pod
frenzy: 300sc to come
Ash777: looks like danger has been benched
casey22: Hawk is too unreliable
AuroraBore: pls more scaling for Brayshaw, I would like 2200+
poolboybob: Sarong making some good $$$
bhg26: Sorry, meant to type Watson instead of two Walters
Donzoes: serong owners loving it
frenzy: lol danger going up and up and up BS
bones351: Aish is such a lazy player.
Dredd: Needed hawk to get under 92… stay off the ground and don’t scale higher than 91 please…
masterhc2: anyone else bench serong, rip haha
bhg26: Please gift me 40 points in scaling, please Supercoach gods!
scboy123: glad i got serong but simpson awful
StuL: Walters has ice on now. As much as he annoyed he was on my shopping list
Corr_Dad: 2383 final plus scaling to come for me
Gotigres: Damn. Will lose by about 10 points
scboy123: started serong 🙂
frenzy: CD having a lend again
bhg26: 2367 with slight scaling to come
pedsz: Will crack 2400 if scaling is kind (at 2397)
GobChuck: 2398 with simpson scaling to come, pls nab 2400
vartic: 2135… Was in top 500 but Simpkin, Doedee and a handful of premos failed. Bracing for pain when SC opens
CozzieCan: Was going to get Walters in this week .. not so likely now bummer

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