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Chat log from R8 of 2020: Melbourne vs Brisbane

Chat log for Melbourne vs Brisbane, R8 of 2020

CozzieCan: Got the c on Gawn cmon big boy
scboy123: Gawn Captain, Tracca and Pickett for me thjs evening
chilipowdr: brought in Gawn and have the C on him. Sorry everyone
Nurfed: yeah Gawn C in my draft league for this, need it after that last game
amigaman: C on Neale for me
feralmong: Carn Gawn, Viney and Neale
boxy36: Gawn C, Tracca and Neale in this on
rupertmarn: Want a big score from Starcevich
MercAm: Gawn please have a shower score
boxy36: Looks slick on the deck up there!
scboy123: oh yeah i got neale and starc in this one too! forgot its not melb vs melb
CozzieCan: Neale will probably pull a hamstring & ill probably quit SuperCoach this year haha
rupertmarn: Oliver a loose tag on Neale according to Adam Cooney
frenzy: so 5 hitouts and 5 disposals already wtf
DrSeuss: haha the week that Starc is on my bench and on field for my oppoent – he will go BIG I am sure
spdysaint: what is everyones scores at the moment
Gotigres: Expect Petracca to have a quiet one tonight as I got him in this week.
CozzieCan: Went Bennell over starc hope it pays off
boxy36: @gotigres same here mate, so extra quiet night coming up
Apachecats: Ok ,nearest the pin on Grundy was won by Stu on 62 ,well done.Runner up was grimes on 64 .BestCoast will get the TSHirt
Apachecats: *get the TShirt to you .
scboy123: Im at 1100 spysaint
softwhitee: if viney goes 60 that just about sums up my week
MrWalrus: Very early but having to hold starc looking like play of the week for me
Hadouken: starch will end on 35
feralmong: Go Gawny.
Haydo: 1737 with Oliver Neale and Petracca spdysaint
feralmong: i’m 1520 with Gawny C, viney, neale and simpson left. all depends on Gawny for 2k.
Smac34: Embarrassing by melbourne then
Grimes Jr: go max
boxy36: @Spdy 1470 with tracca, Neale and Gawn (C) not gonna break the 2k this week
ajconodie: I’m 1628 with Gawn (c), Neale, Starc, Serong, Danger and a donut. Best score for the year by far.
DrSeuss: Opponent has Neale (C) and Viney – watch them both go massive
CozzieCan: 1380 with Gawn (c) Danger , Neale , Bennell & Simpson to come
Ash777: should of put the C on pig
CozzieCan: Cmon Bennell do something you lazy bstrd
VodkaHawk: I’ll take a JKelly score from Gawn, Petracca, Viney and Neale thanks
softwhitee: my trade in of Petracca is looking lovely
pedsz: 1739 with Neale, Gawn, Petracca, Bennell, Serong, Simpson
StuL: Tracca always flies out of the blocks. We’ll see if he keeps it up
amigaman: Petracca trade in good for me too
StuL: Go Birchall. Beating my premo defenders
yablettt: Somf petracca
frenzy: yep, tracca does his best work early
chilipowdr: McLuggage, Petracca, Gawn, please save my weekend
pedsz: Traccas kicking has been sublime
boxy36: Keep going tracca – need a big score from him and Gawn, Neale just do the norm
spdysaint: What is traccas projected?
Donzoes: 122 proj for tracca
Schillaci: petracca and rampe look to be good additions for me this week
spdysaint: Thanks donzoes
spdysaint: Petracca, Steele and t kelly, which two?
softwhitee: tim kelly over steele for me but only after bye
bhg26: 1352 with Viney, Trac, Gawn (C), Neale, Walters, Fremantle Brayshaw and Simpson
frenzy: looks like Max is CD’s Capt
Donzoes: Same as me bhg. but i have 120 points less
wadaramus: Gawn 33% DE and still scoring well 🙂
CozzieCan: Bennell 2nd qtr started , cmon man
Donzoes: With Georgiades score to come for Hill as well
Bezzina: Cmon Gawn n Neale
Sloaneyyyy: Why are they even bothering with byes this season
Avarax: rather than always sharing in this text,
Avarax: someone should stat a facebook group, so we can all share team screenshots
heppelitis: syndesmosis spreading as quick as covid. never heard of it b4 this year
Breezey: I honestly thought Harmes was a good POD this season. Been woeful and not improving
rupertmarn: Stacevich goes missing for whole quarters
Hadouken: i still reckon he’ll end with 35 points.
pcaman2003: My original proj was 2348,now 2010. Hard to swallow,but have to just suck it up.
Breezey: @Hep. I reckon they just called it an ankle injury.
rupertmarn: Start one Avarax
heppelitis: yeah rolled ankle
StuL: Whu would you field Bennell? Face palm
pcaman2003: Anyone else where their proj dropped by 300 or more this rnd?
boxy36: @pca yeah mate not 1 defender over 80 (except Haynes) for me will do that
seanfc99: yea pca was proj for 2450 now stretch to get to 2200
Apachecats: nearly 400 for me pca.
Avarax: Here is a group to share team shots, talk strategy, and whinge about CD!
rupertmarn: Dodee and Grundy stuffed me , was on track for 2460
boxy36: was proj 2250 but now lucky to crack 2000 – banking on Gawn, tracca and neale to score big
amigaman: Umpires got a set against Rayner?
pcaman2003: @Apache. That’s appalling mate. My condolences.
Avarax: not posting in chat for some reason, but search for “fanfooty supercoach” in facebook
beerent11: Bloody hell lot of high scores already
pcaman2003: Had the C on Grundy,Simpkin Dodo,Rankine etc etc.
CozzieCan: Gawn on track for double ton haha
beerent11: Think most of us had high projections guys. Just one of those rounds.
bhg26: Looking like 2300 this week
bhg26: And I might lose my league game to the one other bloke whose getting 2300
boxy36: I’m looking to lose 5/10 this week -_-
Ash777: Imagine if dons took mccluggage
dipstick: Just noticed G
amigaman: @Ash777 we’d probably play him HBF
dipstick: Just noticed GOD traded Grundy or Marshall this week. 100 points right there
Avarax: hey @m0nty, people are reporting errors with signup procedure, no confirmation email is being sent out
scboy123: come on Gawn big second half. tracca looking solid as well
Nurfed: yeah i had the problem avarax, i tried with a live/hotmail account but didnt work until i used a gmail for this account
Corr_Dad: Hey fellas, I had that problem, just tried a different email and it worked, try checking spam folders
scboy123: opponent has the c on neale and i got Gawn. Would be handy if Gawn solidly beat Neale 😛
dipstick: @avarax which people are having problems? Where are these so called people complaining they aren’t getting emails?
Corr_Dad: @Dipstick on the facebook page he made. I had this problem and had to try 3 different email addresses before it worked
scboy123: god damn Pickett needs to beat Aarts 46 else i fucked up
Kidult: Gmail and outlook didn’t work for me either so I made a Yahoo one just for this and got the email
casey22: Why do you need an email?
Corr_Dad: To confirm registration
pcaman2003: @scboy.123 Pickett will be rested in the 2nd half. Must be exhausted by now.
poolboybob: Hannan potato
tdarian: bennell is the wrong number – he should be 17
Corr_Dad: Backed pittonet this week instead of getting gawn. I figured getting zorko and baz in at those prices was more important
boxy36: @corr zorko good so far…
pcaman2003: Somehow think Starcevich won’t get me 180.
Spifflicat: Gmail, worked fine but the email was in the Junk folder
CozzieCan: Cmon Bennell best starc
dipstick: Arsevuch has already reached his ceiling today. Yibbidy yibbida that’s all folks
Social: i tried 4 emails, finally got a yahoo address to get a confirmation
Apachecats: Any one heard the sports reporter on ABC TV news tonight? Unbelievably bad.
boxy36: Come on tracca and Gawn, get a move on!
MercAm: can gawn just flower off ;(
Avarax: @dipstick, how would tbey be here to report to you, if they cant log on…..good one
pcaman2003: Jetta playing a blinder. Increase his contract Dees.
runners47: What’s happened to Petracca – just stopped?
CozzieCan: Gawn 187 sc I reckon
runners47: Good week to not put C back on Merrett – not
Social: Which game did RazorRay do this week?
Nurfed: wce coll social
StuL: Nice shot Bennell. Run it in next time
beerent11: Neale even taking kickouts
tdarian: how good was that by the lions??
beerent11: Razor did the crows game
ajconodie: Massive call I know but I think Charlie Cameron could be the most important player in the AFL.
pcaman2003: Cameron moves faster than an exocet missile
beerent11: Viney back defecating in the bed
Kidult: he did the WCE vs Col game coz i remember the kennedy juggle over the boundary call was by razor
boxy36: Oliver looking dangerous
bhg26: Ffs Viney
Apachecats: Just seen the vision of the “ahem” headbutting report.,umps got to be kidding.
pcaman2003: @boxy26. My oppo has Maxy and Oliver, just to rub more salt into my gaping wounds
LuvIt74: What do you guys all think the average will be for this round?
boxy36: Apache that ump surely taking the piss
GOD: Eddie and Charlie back together in 2021
scboy123: can mccluggage get a move on
ajconodie: when was the last time a player finished on a negative score after playing out the game? Jetta might just do that.
boxy36: @pca oh no – feel for you there mate
CozzieCan: So glad I traded pitto into Gawn this week , man what a feeling
DrSeuss: Need Neale and Viney to slow down
Kidult: Lyons now has 2 scores under 100, with those being 92 and 88.
tdarian: remember the days when hibberd was an SC gun?
Avarax: if anyone wants to get in the facebook group and share some team screenshots, and talk some strategy when games arnt on?
Avarax: search “fanfooty supercoach” on facebook and join up!
Apachecats: yeah boxy ,probably not all he’s taking either.
frenzy: the original pig @ tadrian
tdarian: not having gawn in SC – just delete team now
Jontdawg: The 2830 supercoachers who have him won’t be happy @ajconodie
ajconodie: @GOD – I can’t see Eddie going to Brisbane.
scboy123: need pickett to beat bennell come on
boxy36: @jontdawg don’t ask me why but he made his way into my starting team this year – was an early corrective trade
frenzy: I hardly think there’s been 70 points between Max and Oscar
Apachecats: Got NJetta in my indigenous team.
GOD: yeh me either @ajconodie, so you know what that means???welcome to Carlton FC Charlie Cameron
boxy36: TBH all I really want out of this game is Gawn to score 176+ so he hits $800k
feralmong: SC hand out just then.
CozzieCan: @boxy Gawn could go too 200 lol
Corr_Dad: come one zorko dont stop here
boxy36: @CozzieCan I live in hope
pitchster: Gawn does nothing this qtr goes up 25, soundsa bout right
Gotigres: Nice goal Viney
feralmong: yes Viney.
CozzieCan: @pitch they paid a few taps missed last qtr plus a handball & mark .
Dondeal: Go Viney you good thing!
LMartos: it was 3QT scaling, he started the qtr at 131 @pitch
beerent11: That’s handy for the yeahnahs
frenzy: lol where’s beer
beerent11: Scaling up from the last quarter pitchster
pcaman2003: @pitchster. That’s not right. He paid a bribe earlier.
pitchster: Fair enough, just irks me sometimes the scores are baseless
Phasir: NicNat contributed far more to his team today than Gawn has.
frenzy: lol there he is
feralmong: Gawny/Viney at proj, neale 15 odd to go. now can push to 2200 this week.
Schillaci: My 4 Melbourne Boys. My beautiful boys. 100+
boxy36: Come on Gawn don’t stop here – 45 more points pls
DrSeuss: Piss off Viney
DrSeuss: So apparently if you are Melb you can just drop the ball when tackled??
Phasir: Gawn 1 tackle, 1 ineffective hitout. +7 SC
beerent11: In my defence frenzy he was about 49 at 3 qtr time loll
Avarax: come and join the facebook group and share your teams, or just lurk! “fanfooty supercoach” on FB!
frenzy: showered the sheets, lol
wadaramus: Gawn’s SC is 100% well deserved.
Kidult: someone surely has to get 2.7k this week
Torz: 7FA for Berry now. Getting into Mumford territory lol
wadaramus: I don’t do Fakebook.
Haydo: Game on
CozzieCan: Cmon Melbourne!!! Wooo
Corr_Dad: SC worries aside, this is a great game of footy
Patty19: We make goals look so hard
spdysaint: Kidult agreed, shower ton of huge scores
Bezzina: Oliver please stop
boxy36: Lessgo Gawn, keep tracking – 40 HO is ridiculous
Ash777: piggy n mccluggage making up for the poor scores
pcaman2003: My oppo has the top 4 Melb guys plus Neale and Zorko. Talk about overkill.
Avarax: all good wada, welcome anytime if you change your mind
CozzieCan: Flower off umpires
Breezey: you would have to wonder why he doesn’t have Lyons as well @Pcaman
boxy36: Good score from Gawn – but don’t think he’ll crack the magic number to hit $800k 🙁
LMartos: 50 every day of the week, was asked 3 times to give it back. That should be paid more
beerent11: Lachie might pass max
scboy123: ngl Gawn lousy 4th quarter
pcaman2003: Breezey. He may as well have. It makes no difference to my results now.
CozzieCan: Ftitsch donkey , fully lost it for Melbourne
Apachecats: they just took Jetta’s point of him ,talk about rubbing it in.
frenzy: oscar half of max, okay
tdarian: jetta finished on 0?
PlungeMe: how did tom berry get 19?
feralmong: 2102 with simpson to come.
DrSeuss: I still don’t understand how teams don’t put work into Neale.
beerent11: Well that game just won all my league games for me
bhg26: 2340 projection now
Nurfed: not sure about that 50 call for bailey, he was all over fritsch
pcaman2003: All the massive scores and I had Grundy C. Never again!
boxy36: Very nice Beer!
CozzieCan: Oliver overkill in sc lol
beerent11: Keep us posted bhg26
LuvIt74: 2287 i’ll score
Beast_Mode: 2623, thx to gawn, lloyd, j.kelly.
bhg26: Ill still lose my league game cause my opponent had Oliver 🙁
bhg26: Walters and Brayshaw need to go huge tomorrow
Beast_Mode: and neale, tracca
LuvIt74: I’m done no players tomorrow spewing i have Simpson as my E as i didn’t think he was playing, im over these monday games
scboy123: Ill be lucky to get 2100 lol. 2/2 league wins at least

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