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Chat log from R9 of 2020: Western Bulldogs vs Richmond

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Richmond, R9 of 2020

Dogs5416: Nice and early, weightman out and Trengove in?
missmagic: off to phillies sports bar to watch,go my ultimate fantasy players,hate both but rather see the termites miserable
missmagic: phillies?angeles city philippines
navy_blues: hi all
amigaman: Footy gets weird now
navy_blues: injuries galore
Ooost: J Mac and Martin for me, main opponent only has Pickett tonight.
amigaman: Daniel, Macrae & B Smith for me
Corr_Dad: fellas how are we
Ooost: Tom Rockliff named for tomorrow.. Be interesting to see how he goes.
adgbubba: Cmon the Bont and Dusty
feralmong: Vc on macrae. No tags.
feralmong: Need to be less wasteful than last week.
amigaman: Yeah just changed VC to macrae
scboy123: Aarts, Pickett, Dusty, Baz, Macrae for me in this one lol…
Poliyagon: Hoping pickette goes off today so I can trade him for macrae next week
Baldfrog: Grundy will have a day out over a ruckless freo save my VC for him but Macca tempting
Avarax: VC gawn for me. macrae to slow down a little this game
CozzieCan: Let’s go bont & dusty and Pickett !! Go boys
Schillaci: Macrae, BSmith and Dusty for me.
Gotigres: Macrae, Smith and Dusty on field. Aarts and Pickett loophole.
Grazz: G’day all
bhg26: What’s everyone’s projection?
casey22: Got the full stats view tonight!
CozzieCan: B.Smith picked up 2 weeks ago best trade so far this year
TheLegend6: Very avoidable goal that one
Raspel31: Hmm- took the risk on vc on Macrae- cum on lad.
MercAm: @rasp same here…
TheLegend6: @Raspel games 5 minutes in lad
DropCox: VC Macrae is no risk. Man is in form.
WobWobble: Please please please I need Cavarra to be a late in and minimum 275 from Bont and Baz.
BigChief: Daniel pushing and shoving Lynch LMAO
CozzieCan: @Bhg proj 2318 this week m8 .. wbu
Collywoble: Fuck i can not stand riewoldt
Collywoble: Absolute FLOG
casey22: How di I get fuul page stats back?
cmperrfect: Ridley gotta be best trade of the year so far @Cozzie
bhg26: 2494 and no that’s not a typo Cozzie
frenzy: not if you started him cmp
BigChief: @Wob since the game has started and Cavarra wasn’t even an emergency that was never happening.
Gotigres: How did Yeo go with his appeal?
CozzieCan: @cmp wouldn’t believe me but I don’t have him
BigChief: Go off @goTigres
Raspel31: Got off Gotigres.
Ooost: He got off
BigChief: got*
navy_blues: got off
StuL: Im guessing Dusty might come good.
OnTheRocks: fucking hell Bont, biggest disappointment of 2020
cmperrfect: thousands dont @cozzie lol
CozzieCan: Bont move your flowering ass , crikies
Gotigres: Thanks guys.
Silz90: hey all. vc on macrae tonight.
Social: Tomahawk got off too
cmperrfect: stay ay HBF all night Bont, you might get a kick ffs
CozzieCan: Pickett on fire , go you good thing
MrWalrus: Pickett sometimes out thinks himself but geez he is good both with the ball & without
pcaman2003: Have to feel for English owners. Fallen in a big hole lately
CozzieCan: Anyone else field Pickett tonight ? Last 2 games have been good from him
Kidult: Can’t believe I picked the Dogs to win we can play any shit playing team into form
Donzoes: yes mate
navy_blues: i did
MrWalrus: Tomahawk getting off was a joke, looked at the guy, elbowed him in the face, dog act.
BigChief: So who fell into the English trap after his 204?
pcaman2003: Have him looped as an E Cozzie.
Collywoble: Great qtr: Pickett, Martin, Baz
amigaman: Tribunal is a joke. How can that moron get off with elbowing someone in the face
heppelitis: Pickett screwed my year. When I field him hes crap. Bench him hes good. Sold him this week FML
feralmong: Kidult I tipped dogs as well after tigers last week
Schillaci: Pickett is Mr.Loophole with Rivers
Napper: Great start have Smith, Macrae, Martin and loopholing pickett and aarts
CozzieCan: @hepp you’d be spewin m8
rupertmarn: How could anyone who watched the GF trade Pickett?
CozzieCan: @pca Also going to loop Pickett for S.Simpson from Geelong think he will be managed this week
StuL: Pickett straight on. No loop. And likely no mid bench anyway.
TheLegend6: JJ 41 points 2 touches wow
Social: Same Cozzie, Bennell out, Simpson likely out, had to field Pickett but all good so far
heppelitis: 37 50 64 and 60 is why i traded the spud
amigaman: @The Legend6 CD is never wrong 🙁
CozzieCan: @Social J.Stevens to replace Simpson more than likely , but also have Bennell
DrSeuss: Pickett and Egg Smith looking at being loopholed. Keep going BSmith
beerent11: Evening all. I’ve a Martin, a pickett and two smiths here. Happy with the start.
CozzieCan: Suckling hamstring
TheLegend6: Any news on Fyfe playing this week? I’ve held him so would be handy
Yelse: hoping Mcirney doesn’t play so can loophole pickett
Kidult: we are so slow transitioning back Tigers just swarming us
Donzoes: possible in @legend
CozzieCan: @Legrnd Fyfe in
beerent11: Why is Simpson likely out social?
Baldfrog: Kidult why does Bevo have Keith @f2f when at crows he had 3rd tall?
amigaman: Liam Baker kick goes to anotyhe tiger. DE reduced 🙁
Lofty9: Dusty looks like he has a bit more pep in his step last couple of weeks
Badgerbadg: Why the hell is dusty wearing Nike boots?
Donzoes: speculation beerent
Baldfrog: Full Back *
amigaman: *another
Sunharp: I’m surprised Bruce can commentate. He is clearly riding Dusty’s wang the entire game
frenzy: they expecting Stevens to take his spot, Beer
BigChief: Great throw from Cotchin
beerent11: Cheers donzoes/frenzy
pcaman2003: @Sunsharp. Not just riding it,but caressing it
DrSeuss: Smith and Smith have stopped
Collywoble: Pickup Baz
Kidult: Yeh Id rather have Bruce and Schache up fwd and Naughton,Keath,Cordy as the 1,2,3 Defenders
TheLegend6: He’s the most exciting player in the AFL, nothing wrong with that lads
Valens: Constable will make way for Steven. Poor on Monday.
Gotigres: Dusty always comes good at this stage of the season.
BigChief: Plenty worse than Constable @Valens.
cmperrfect: Pickett touched the ball this qtr ?
cmperrfect: Libba you spud, how’d you miss that
AuroraBore: So glad i went gawn instead of English + a FWD premo
Kidult: Stupid Gowers shouldnt even be in the team then produces that shower effort
Collywoble: Need Macrae way too expensive
heppelitis: gave Pickett the reverse spray and it appears to have worked lol
DrSeuss: Nope Pickett done nothing this qtr
Gotigres: Do something Pickett
frenzy: Lol, Billy Showers
Bezzina: What’s the conditions like? Can’t watch atm
pcaman2003: @cmperrfect. I think Pickett has run out of puff already. He does that.
CozzieCan: Gee Dusty looks like dynamite tonight , keep going Pickett , B.Smith & Bont go boys
feralmong: Beautiful mark Chol
Ash777: getting pulled apart
Stu7: Going to regret not VC MAcrae
Donzoes: What’s with the dogs, don’t they normally do well against the tigers
feralmong: Chol there great pass
StuL: Dusty BE already. Why would you not get him? Doh
feralmong: Balta again a nice cont mark. We’re coming good now.
MrWalrus: @ Bezzina, nice and clear but dewy
pcaman2003: English,LOL! How did he ever get 204 pts? A useless spud to his owners.
Gotigres: Balta has certainly improved.
Kidult: English is playing mostly fwd resting up
pcaman2003: Keep going Dusty,Jack and Pickett. Happy so far
DrSeuss: Trade in Bailey Smith – Bevo starts playing him more forward. Ugh
HugeHead: howdy everyone, what’s peoples projections looking like this week.
feralmong: I’m spewing pca but would have gone Grundy and that wasn’t great either
Napper: Need Smith to pick up
pcaman2003: Have you got English feralmong?
beerent11: So are we all bringing in close?
Gotigres: Nice one Aarts. Keep going.
AuroraBore: Mines 2400 atm @huge, so naturally ill end up barely cracking 2100
Yelse: wtf B.smith brought u in this week lift ffs
Napper: Does anyone know if Sturt is going to play this week?
TheLegend6: Bont somehow on 51
pcaman2003: @Kidult. For his height he should be marking and kicking goals then.
DrSeuss: What a joke the AFL is becoming – penalties for that crap.
Poliyagon: not watching but why is Bailey stopped?
frenzy: Magneto Man, Dr seuss
beerent11: B smith always has good 2nd halves. Not concerned.
feralmong: Yep pca
Stu7: Napper – last I heard he was a possible test
pcaman2003: Onya Aarts. Keep making money lad
Torz: Bulldogs not getting their hands on the ball much.
Yelse: lots of frees leading to goals for tigers
pcaman2003: Feral.. Ouch ! My sympathy.
amigaman: How is Higgins on 40
feralmong: Agreed drsuess but it’s pretty dumb to do it. Stack did the same.
beerent11: Freo have the bye next week I reckon they’ll keep him out till after that.
Ash777: nightmare result
navy_blues: omg free kick tigers heaven
HugeHead: Brought in Bsmith because I had enough of Cripps scores, not happy so far
beerent11: Sturt that is
Kidult: when we lose we get smashed
DrSeuss: Dumb to do it – maybe. But the AFL keeps rewarding players taking dives – not a great look
Collywoble: Will be happy if Baz hits 100
Crave: bsmith on 40 in a lopsided match isn’t that bad specially for a forward surely you have bigger concerns
Crave: Higgins and Grimes would fall over by the touch of a feather
beerent11: Nothing wrong with a 40 point half smith bashers
MrWalrus: Free kick tigers? Yeah righto
HugeHead: yeah I guess your right @crave, still another half to go
Kidult: Content with Martin and Picketts score for a match but at half time is amazeballs
Napper: If take Aart’s loopholed score who do I loopwhole for, Georgiades or taylor
Arminius: Good to see us finally get some frees for once
Grimes Jr: we always get done by the umps. a nice change tonight
Collywoble: MrWalrus you watching the same game? Umps been payed by Dimma
MrWalrus: Is that because we’re not getting screwed 2:1 as usual?
Trindacut: Umps have been not bad tonight. Missed a couple of throws
TheLegend6: @Napper I’d say taylor
Poliyagon: need bsmith to ton at least
Trindacut: If there’s been a bad call there’s generally a bad one going the other way too.
CozzieCan: Gowers -10 hahaha pmsl
feralmong: 48-17 marks is the difference many in the goals.
MrWalrus: Like the time Mcrae got caught HTB, got a free instead which lead to direct goal? You’re high colliwoble
CozzieCan: @Warlrus don’t blame the high more stupidity haha
kascadev8: got dusty short pickett and macrae in this. howd everyone go last week?
Napper: @Kas Got 2186, somehow that’s top 8%
MrWalrus: No feral, maybe the clowns here are right & we haven’t been the best team over the last 3 years & dominated tonight
StacksOn: Was so close to flicking doedee to Martin tonight
rupertmarn: Tigers have a new wave of stars coming through
MrWalrus: Lol cozzie, could never be mad at the high, fair call :p
LuvIt74: Just got Martin & Pickett tonight so far so good
Donzoes: hoping i can hold doedee
rupertmarn: Chose B.Smith over Martin because I’d already traded Martin out.
feralmong: 2153 last week. Proj 2337 this week.
Napper: What % are you guys in (overall rank)
Kidult: Think Dusty will end up kicking 3 more in this half
MrWalrus: Got Whitfield over Dusty, probably not a bad choice but regretting it now
Snarfy: Just realised that there was a match on tonight. Hadn’t changed my team – still had the VC on Bont. 50/50atm
feralmong: English ruining. But macrae vc and Martin Smith and Pickett making up
Misternick: @kidult ranked 6000
Misternick: Sorry Napper not kidult
DrSeuss: Got Bailey Smith over Dusty this week. Dusty has let me down too many times before
pcaman2003: @Seuss. You watch! Dusty will scores tons from here on.
rooboypete: you don’t often see a double penguin!
Snarfy: Still got Dusty cause I’ve had bigger problems – like getting 22 players on the field!
HugeHead: Whats everyones thoughts on
Kidult: Balta is a powerful athlete imagine him in a few more years I want him at the Dogs
nogoalo: this season such a write off i copped shai bolton
Breezey: Anyone heard whether Walters will play for Freo on Sunday.
LeGoat1996: Short gets so underdone week in week out with his scoring. Lloyd kicks it 9 times his on 100 points.
MrWalrus: Yep, umps really on our side tonight……… because you’re allowed to fall in front of people & trip them
DrSeuss: @pca – Dusty can get them as long as Smith does as well
frenzy: it’s wednesday Breezy
Haydo: If we choke i swear
Avarax: walters is out with a hamstring
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Fingers crossed!
beerent11: Short only gets uncontested possessions legoat
TheLegend6: Thank god it went to Gowers of all people haha
navy_blues: lol soft free
Yelse: is williams going backwards since 1Q
Kidult: Only player to attack the ball then Grimes vs 4 dogs
Breezey: What’s Wednesday Frenzy
pcaman2003: Lynch free way too easy. Shouldn’t pay those IMO.
Baldfrog: Who do we replace Walter’s with?
boxy36: Evening all, huge game from Dusty so far – about time!
Arminius: Did Gowers just halve his score or double it? -10 to -5
circle52: @baldfrog As it is probably only a week I am holding Walters will play Georgiades
Bezzina: 70 from pickett, i’m happy
Bezzina: @Breeazy, strong chance he plays but with them
Donk: When you have Macrae, Daniel and Smith you realise how much they give each other the ball!
Baldfrog: Says TBC on Alf site Circle
TheLegend6: Umps poor both ways imo
Bezzina: @breezy, strong chance Walters plays but may be rested due to them having the bye next round
m0nty: Never seen anyone double their next teammate in DT by Q3
beerent11: If Walters is out go brayshaw. Will get even more ball
boxy36: Of course Vandermeer goes well the week that I trade him out – just my luck!
Social: If you have to replace Walters I’d go Toby, he’s on fiya
Baldfrog: If not to bad I might just take the doughnut
beerent11: The egg man tricked me
Collywoble: Baz pathetic
SneakySC: Thank you Chol <3
feralmong: Chol fantastic team play there
pcaman2003: Onya Aartsy fartsy
Corr_Dad: lmao aarts is just cherry picking at this rate
beerent11: Almost triple in dt m0nty
circle52: @Baldfrog – Looks like it is only hamstring tightness according to Dockers site and with bye next round keeping.
boxy36: same beer
Gotigres: That’s the way Aarts. Keep scavenging goals from teamates.
Donzoes: please stop macrae, kinda want you next week
AuroraBore: Bont is on the never again list, so overrated
Poliyagon: can bailey at least get his BE so i don’t feel bad for trading him in?
Kidult: Gowers, Lipinski, Richards need to be dropped
beerent11: We’ll get him to 300k then move him on boxy36
Collywoble: Dusty missing
Social: Problem is Bont is a ‘utility’ so Beveridge throws him around
DropCox: Egg man? More like the Walrus
adgbubba: Agreed Aurora Bont Overrated
Napper: I swear every possesion B Smith does he never gets any points for it
Collywoble: Pickett stupid
bhg26: Bont do something you spoon!
casey22: Deja vue last week with Mcrae. Got hom looped in all games
Migz: whats the lowest negative score somebody has ever scored not including captain score?
kascadev8: yesss macrae this is why i have the VC on you
DrSeuss: Egg Man laying eggs after he sucked me in. Picket and Bailey Smith – just Meh
MightyDyl: I just took dusty out
boxy36: Need a big last quarter out of bazlenka
HugeHead: 160 from Macrae would be nice for the VC
masterhc2: @monty why do you rob derek of his egmolessence? saw his name and was like who they hell is derek smith lol
Social: Really didn’t think Macrae would back up this week so put the VC on Maxi
beerent11: Dusty is still the best player in the land in my humble.
scboy123: Baz gotta lift
Stu7: I’m kicking myself for not VC’ing Macrae 😫
Justavrage: DrSeuss – Would take an 82 from Pickett and its only 3QT
Gotigres: Same here Social. Regretting it already.
Napper: Baz is getting enough disposals just not doing anything with it
MercAm: any WB fans, does bont get 4 dispoasals in the last quarter?
Kidult: I’m still liking Gawn vs Ladhams so VC is a must for him IMO
MrWalrus: Egg a little stiff from CD I reckon
CozzieCan: Surely Pickett tons from here
beerent11: Gee the hub has been good for marlion. Thought cotch might affect him.
DrSeuss: Sorry @justavrage – was talking AF with Pickett and Smith
Raspel31: Hmm- first week I finally got Big Maxie and might not even have to cap him?.
boxy36: Honestly a ton from Pickett would be a super welcome surprise
Stu7: Pickett is having a ball
Legix: Need a goal from Smith for my last leg..
Kidult: Gawn probably have 20 HOTA i’m thinking
boxy36: Markov could be a good downgrade option from Egg-mayo? Am I willing to get burned on another Richmond rookie though?
Arminius: how much payin legix?
beerent11: Thought you took goldy raspel
MrWalrus: Bont & Smith doing ok in a side getting thumped, bit stiff complaining about their scores
DrSeuss: Smith hasn’t been tackling as much as usual or attacking the ball as much tonight either.
beerent11: Would be happy with 60 from eggo
SneakySC: Do I risk Gawn Captain or take Macrae’s score?
Bezzina: trust in Maxy
Legix: 750$ @Arminius
boxy36: @Sneaky if I had him I
Stu7: SneakySC I’d stick with Macrae
Raspel31: Same sneaky but 20 minutes to go yet.
Arminius: nice
Gotigres: Would love 80 from Aarts, 100 from Pickett, 150 from Dusty and 130 from Macrae.
beerent11: 140 take it sneaky
boxy36: *I’d be taking anything over 150
frenzy: get some chips Aarts, want 80
Bezzina: come on short ton up
Apachecats: Are you nuts or something? Macrae will end up on 150 ,take Macrae onany thing over 130 Sneaky.
Stu7: Smart Aarts is having a good one
beerent11: Eggo breakeven of 8.
CozzieCan: Cmon Bont please ton big fella
masterhc2: bruce is fully erect about dusty right now
Legix: bruce almost climaxed
Poliyagon: how much will macrae be this week if he gets 150?
CozzieCan: Yes Bont keep going son
casey22: Wheres Mcrae?
Kidult: Gonna be tough for us without Marvel stadium this year
boxy36: Listening to Bruce cream himself about Dusty is painful
masterhc2: regretting loopholing bont over dusty :/
Apachecats: Rule 1 ,Apache never change your tips.
DrSeuss: Sorry Gents – seems I broke Bailey Smith bringing him in this week
masterhc2: as opposed to all other vic teams @kidult??
CozzieCan: Bruce needs a toilet break to relieve himself @ boxy hahaha pmsl
bhg26: Bont, do you mind getting 10 touches and a goal or two or three please that would be great
Gotigres: Yes Pickett.
pcaman2003: Pickett kicking butt tnite.
Bezzina: Pickett you star
circle52: Thought iut was me Dr as I did too.
rupertmarn: Shave that mullet off Smith, you’re a disgrace.
HugeHead: keep going Macrae!
Raspel31: Gowers should be cheap next week.
beerent11: That’ll be a ton marlion
Schillaci: Well Pickett’s score will be used.
Kidult: Our style of play is very inefficient in outdoor games
masterhc2: Wallis has great hands for a small bloke
BOMBRBLITZ: good boy Pickett
boxy36: Ayyyy Marlion that’s what we like
Kidult: look at all our guys efficiency so many 70 or under then look at Tigers alot are 80+
casey22: Wallis a one man forward line
beerent11: That’s a worry kidult
AuroraBore: god CD love the Bont so much, no way should he be on 86.
Kidult: Happy with Dusty and Pickett
masterhc2: any danger of a touch bailey
pcaman2003: Dusty is back.
TheLegend6: ohh dusty
boxy36: That is a ridiculous goal from Dusty
beerent11: Dustys back
casey22: Tasking Mcrae’s 140, not too sure about 99 dt score
Haydo: Dusty’s back
MrWalrus: Oops, I’ve just done a Bruce!
Beast_Mode: good to see the goat back in form
Raspel31: Ah Dusty, Macrae and Pickett- I can live with that.
Patty19: Good week to trade in dusty, thank the heavens
StuL: Smith not even going to BE. Ffs. I wasnt sold at all and got sucked in
MrWalrus: Bank 99 in DT every day
Kidult: I did consider VC Dusty but then saw Gawn and Neales matchups
CozzieCan: Dusty 1 more goal , double ton fingers crossed
beerent11: Who does god have the vc on?
Silz90: balta = goat
V@lks: Atlas for Macrae
Kidult: still alot of points cmon Dusty 185+
LuvIt74: @Raspel Great start and i was wrapped with Dusty & pickett
Sloan4Pres: Tiges were easy money tonight
beerent11: Egg man!
Raspel31: Cheers Luvit- all downhill from here.
Arminius: give Macrae the Atlas
StuL: D smith will ton up now. You watch.
rooboypete: Carn B Smith. Get that mullet movin’
DrSeuss: Bailey Smith playing really soft this game – not attacking balls, falling off tackles…not ideal
beerent11: Will take in a flogged side b smith
boxy36: Dusty huge, Pickett solid, Aart I’ll happily take, Baz Smith average – Eggboi meh
pcaman2003: Pickett,Martin and Macca all tonned up. Nooice!
HugeHead: Can Macrae get to 160?
StacksOn: Absolutely livid I didn’t trade in dusty this week
runners47: Grab the ton Dusty – and grab some more points, Libba Jnr & Daniels
Collywoble: Clearly B Smith isn’t a D6 dissapointing
Silz90: dam aarts on the bench! comon bont ton up
Raspel31: Well, I think that confirms you as cap Macrae. Maxie prob get 200.
MrWalrus: Not so sad about egg now
CozzieCan: Macrae deserves the super man hahaha
Kidult: I think CD love Martin so will give him the 200 with so much points left
Grimes Jr: yeh, i guess he pulled ur pants down tonight kidult
beerent11: Martin was projected 85
DrSeuss: Traded Dev Smith to Bailey Smith – watch Dev Smith have a blinder this week
MrWalrus: Give em to egg!
pcaman2003: Riewoldt playing yet another outstanding game.
Poliyagon: can someone explain how the scaling works lol?
CozzieCan: Martin most traded in this week “eye rolls “
MrWalrus: Whitfield better go big now after beating out Dusty on a coin toss for me.
kascadev8: short please get to the 100. you’re my only player who didnt get to it tonight
Haydo: Each game has 3300 supercoach points, so all the remaining points are distributed between the players poliagon
Kidult: I like the early start game over by 9 instead of 9.40-10 O’clock
Kylacham: I think they just add 20% to the score to account for the 20% less game time… I MIGHT be wrong…
StuL: Another week of garbage already
Napper: Only Smith didn’t ton up good night overall
Kylacham: Dustin, Macrae, Pickett and Aarts… I didn’t do too badly today
Kylacham: Might kick Macrae’s VC into play again this week…
kascadev8: can we boot short up to the 100 please xD

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