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Chat log from R8 of 2020: North Melbourne vs Carlton

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Carlton, R8 of 2020

frenzy: good to see Krayon get up, didn’t think he would after getting KO’D
Apachecats: yes frenzy and he got flattened the week before too.
amigaman: @frenzy what are you expecting from Larkey today?
frenzy: take one of the many defs on big benny brown
MercAm: Will the trend continue with Brown and Casboult not kicking goals today…
CaptainWho: Cripps to go na-nas today and go 180+
cmperrfect: will the real Patrick Cripps please turn up today
Apachecats: got the vc on Crippa
BigChief: Moore is # 47 m0nty
cmperrfect: Could get tagged by McDonald @apache
Apachecats: do norf have a known tagger?
JVT123: Simpkin getting tagged
cmperrfect: Curnow on Simpkin
DrSeuss: Lol watch Pittonet go massive after we all traded him out
BigChief: Polec gone to Cripps
cmperrfect: Took the words @Dr
CaptainWho: Vc Cripps, Grundy against too many WC talls
DrSeuss: Just what Simpkin needs when he isn’t at 100%
tdarian: looking fwd to picking up cripps at $480k next week
cmperrfect: Gawn C for me this week, against 2nd string Bris ruck
cmperrfect: Great start Doc
StuL: Simpkin going to plummet now
jbjimmyjb: curnow is tagging simpkin
Ash777: larkey back helps brown
Snarfy: I’m over this tagging. It isn’t good coaching and it stop class players from showing how good they are!
boxy36: Come on Doch, doooo something!
FLAG: Simpkin going to RISE
Apachecats: Started with English and he went 63 then 68 ,sold him for pittonet.English then went 120 ,145 ,125 ,105 and 204.
Apachecats: Bought English back he goes 75.
cmperrfect: Cripps lively early on
Apachecats: Picked up Pittonet in r3 ,He had been 134 ,137 first 2 rounds ,then went 94 ,83 ,75 ,32.
Snarfy: I feel your pain Apachecats, ditto for me too, but I got him back for his 204 though.last
shaker: I had English to start with to Apache but got Gawn this time
BigChief: @Snarfy I hate tagging as well but stopping the opposition playmakers is great coaching.
rupertmarn: Apache that is a horror story
Snarfy: And I dropped him after round 2 for Pittonet and swapped him back in for the fill-in Carlton big man!
pcaman2003: McMillan the muppet
Arminius: muppet macmillan
Apachecats: Rupert if Pittonet goes large today have rope ready.
MercAm: y the flower is doc getting tagged
Apachecats: Don’t think he will go large against Goldie though.
Yelse: should i bring in dangerfield treloar or petracca?
FLAG: shaws sc rival has doc
rupertmarn: Lol good luck Apache
cmperrfect: With 3 trades next week, Doch in the cross-hairs
cmperrfect: Pitto tonned against Gawn @apache anythings possible
Apachecats: yeah cmp ,hasn’t got me weighing him down now ,will go 120 min.
m0nty: just learned that Pittard’s nickname is Shamrock
Apachecats: my one bright light in the vc on Crippa.
pcaman2003: Simpkin getting stuff all TOG. Won’t help his score much
Badgerbadg: Norf are smelly
Apachecats: * and I went Carlton in the tipping.
cmperrfect: looking forward to the icon m0nty
Apachecats: PPCA bruised heels usually take more than 6 days.
scboy123: put the VC on Mills next game, was considering cripps
Grimes Jr: looking like mcKay could be getting looped on if he continues
Ash777: sympkin is probably playing with that injury from last week.
casey22: sc site question; how to remove split screen when match up in showing
Gandhi: I see a blue moon coming for Kennedy today
pcaman2003: Cripps escapes a HB there.
Raspel31: Enormously happy with my second week of Simpkin. Must be the foot.
NankTank: He’s being hard tagged + ankle never gonna score well
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Every time I get someone in after going well,turns to crap. Must be my fault.
DrSeuss: Taylor, Docherty and Simpkin – week from hell so far
pcaman2003: He seems to be moving very well on the ankle,so doubt that’s the problem.
Raspel31: You and me both pcaman- Fyfe lasted a week and now Simpkin.
Kidult: Looks like I missed antihero rookie in McKay
Kidult: Another*
Raspel31: Antihero was more pithy Kidult.
LMartos: Simpkin’s jumper is being held at every stoppage and around the ground, need the umps to help him out
pcaman2003: My opp has Cripps and I have Simpkin. Not looking too good.
tdarian: williamson and newnes totally stuffed that up
pcaman2003: Projections Cripps 89,Simpkin 111. Lol!
BigChief: Newnes pathetic last 5 mins.
Raspel31: I got em both pcaman so 5 of one- half a dozen for the other.
Grimes Jr: mckay been off the ground for the past 10 mins
jbjimmyjb: higgins must be the most up and down ‘premo’ mid
amigaman: Whatever happened to prior opportunity. Farce
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Last night I played my new beaut ruck in English. Epic fail!
Raspel31: Ha pcaman- thought about that. Held off till Gawn next week. Sorry to hear.
DrSeuss: @pca – did you go Pitt to English?
pcaman2003: The extra trades coming up will be handy to make some more necessary changes.
scboy123: @pca what extra trades????
Raspel31: Yeah, noticed that pcaman. Will defo help.
scboy123: nah thats actual bullshit. Why do people get extra trades to use? fe let ppl use more each rounmd but dont give out more
scboy123: actually so stupid
cmperrfect: Why is Pittonet on fire?
circle52: 3 trades for the next rd and trades increased to 34
scboy123: i already have too many trades left than i can use and now everyone else gets more too. fuck right off honestly
Raspel31: If you cash in your Super and giveit to M0nty he can arrange a couple of extra trades. y
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Yes I did. Couldn’t afford Gawn or Goldy.
Donzoes: Is cripps going to ton up or stop playing second half again
Raspel31: Almost went down that path pac but free up $300 to bring Gawn in next week.
pcaman2003: @scboy123. I agree with you. However,I’ll take the trades at this point. The season is weird,so not taking it too srious
Poliyagon: cmon blues!!
Badgerbadg: Norf are still smelly
pcaman2003: @Raspel . Will use the extra trade to undo getting English and get Gawn.
cmperrfect: Gawn will crack 800k this week for sure
Raspel31: And Pittonet will drop given BE- going to be expensive.
LMartos: Simpkin been held all day and the one time he holds Curnow it’s a free, wow
StuL: If you’re still mucking about trying to get Gawn you’ll know better next year
Migz: oh. i just died.
Migz: holy shit batman i fucked up hard
Migz: i was messing around last night. I had macrae as VC option. Put the C on stephen hill cause he is injured.
Migz: just realised i put williamson on the ground for hill last night also.
Raspel31: Not so Stul. Always start off with Gawn or Grundy and trade up- to have both too early, too expensive.
Donzoes: brilliant stuff migz
Grimes Jr: lol raspel, have started with gawn and grundy past two years and am top 2%…
Raspel31: That’s stunning work Migz.
ademase: had a similar thing, expect thought i had out the C on Macrae instead of the VC
cmperrfect: Cripps pressed the fade button again in the 2nd half
ademase: early in the first qtr, then relaised i have the VC on him and then got really excited at his score
pcaman2003: Great game Simpkin. Learn to shake the tag son.
Raspel31: Stunning quarter so far between you Cripps and Simpkin- between you one free given away.
cmperrfect: Simpkin looks cooked
cmperrfect: Cripps warming the bench for 6 mins
tdarian: i am so sick of williamson stinking up my backline
pcaman2003: cmperrfect. He’s waiting for Simpkin to catch up.
BigChief: Fuck me North are loved by the umpires today.
Kidult: C’mon Taylor 2 goals
cmperrfect: Cripps must be injured, playing FWD now, hardly needs a rest
Raspel31: Starting to feel Pittonet might just miss out on his BE of 133.
thommoae: How often would Simpkin have been tagged before? Never, I’m guessing. Reckon he’s learning now pca.
pcaman2003: I wish someone would nobble Curnow. He’s killing Simpkin.
rupertmarn: Cripps gets injured every game.He’s not built for AFL.
Ooost: Curtis Taylor and Max King may have to go next round
Ash777: blues are making bailey scott look good.
scboy123: dirty jed anderson with the studds to cripps stomach
Kidult: Taylor,doc and Simpkin didn’t move that QTR damn it
pcaman2003: Thommoae. True! just frustrating to watch after getting him in 2 weeks ago.
Arminius: simpkin and doch…. flower me
tdarian: pittard lol
Grimes Jr: kermit for pittard
NewFreoFan: Pittard absolute spud
Gandhi: Pittard could have just cost them the game lol
jbjimmyjb: I have simpkin, doc and williamson. They’ve hit the ton combined!
Donzoes: solid qrt cripps, cheer mate
rupertmarn: I should of traded Taylor. I don’t care if he’s a ‘warm body’
DrSeuss: I have Simpkin, Doc and Taylor – after Egg Smith, Pickett and Corr last night. Sigh
rupertmarn: Pittard=Shittard
Raspel31: Yep, thrilled with Simpkin, Doch and Cripps.
Ooost: Was Simpkin a trap?
rupertmarn: Yes Simpkin waa a trap
pcaman2003: @Seuss. You need a tree and a rope buddy,.
Ash777: ooost no but he’s no good with a tag and didn’t play half of last game because of injury.
jvt123: Phew Cripps out of the rooms
Ooost: Excellent, I didn’t fall for this trap.
StuL: No Simpkin has been real but hr has a sore foot and Curnow. He’ll bounce back.
Gandhi: Yes Ooost
Kidult: Goldy gonna be very cheap soon for those who held off gawn
rupertmarn: Curtis Taylor will be a very good VFL/ SA state league playa
Ooost: Opponent has Stephen Hill and Tom Williamson with E, all is going to plan.
tdarian: Ooost, thats what i have
FlyinRyan2: cripps and doch always manage to stuff up my week
Ooost: oh darn!
tdarian: trading one of them as soon as it opens.
rupertmarn: Cripps is overated
DrSeuss: @pca – not sure it is that serious – just a rough round so far.
Yelse: dangerfield or treloar guys ???
tdarian: cripps going to be sub 500 next week
rupertmarn: If I win the $1000 I will be making a protest against Andrew Bolt
Ooost: Danger only fakes injuries, Treloar gets legit injurues, safe with Danger imo
rupertmarn: Treloar
pcaman2003: @Yelse. Why r u asking us bunch of losers for?
Kidult: 163 Be on Goldstein
Raspel31: If I were you Yelse I’d look at Cripps and Simpkin.
tdarian: docherty 2 deliberate OBB in a row
VodkaHawk: Geez, muppet for the umpire
Ash777: umps must of traded out doc in their sc
pcaman2003: @Raspel, My choice exactly.
pcaman2003: Simpkins BE4 will be massive. Huge price drop coming up
clay007: Goldtein-no points since half time.
Grimes Jr: pittard is a useless muppet
JVT123: These umpires are really good…
Nurfed: jeez thats the dagger right there
Grimes Jr: what we have learnt from today, carlton are a useless football club
Ooost: My friend was telling me earlier today how Goldstein was going to DOMINATE today
clay007: Umpires no good in the wet
Gandhi: Pittard hahaha
pcaman2003: Best umpires ever!
Silz90: umps on fire
pcaman2003: Junk it up Simpkin for a lazy 50 more points. Ta mate!
VodkaHawk: Blues being hurt by umps this quarter
amigaman: CD too much love for Walsh
clay007: Unlikely @pcaman. Simpkin free kick against
Nurfed: simpkin throwing a fit all day
NugzNiggle: Bye Cripps.
pcaman2003: Another Flowering clanger you goose.
VodkaHawk: Would love a Betts goal
pcaman2003: Curnow 110 pts to Simpkin 35 say it all pretty much.
Raspel31: Bye half my team Nugz.
Silz90: setter stealing points off cripps.
BigChief: Umpires tried their best to gift North the win.
Silz90: grimers jr the blues played 1 qtr and still won. happy to win ugly
Raspel31: Simpkin hovering between 35-40. Can’t complain.
Gandhi: Norf are hopeless
Kidult: Would’ve been better Simpkin didn’t play had buda 59 waiting
nogoalo: surprised you can be happy being an AFL footballer by holding onto another player for a whole game
bhg26: Possibly Cripps and Simpkin to come into my team next week
frenzy: Krayon did well
Poliyagon: cripps was on fire until the norf player kicked him in the liver
pcaman2003: @Kidult. Same here! lol!
pcaman2003: Now to go watch the Hawks get bashed up.

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