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Chat log from R8 of 2020: Western Sydney vs Richmond

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Richmond, R8 of 2020

feralmong: How will we win without our caddy?
bhg26: Chols gonna kick 5 feral, dont worry
rupertmarn: Got the VC on Josh Kelly
rupertmarn: Richmond to win, bet of the round.
MrWalrus: Chol kicks 2, one for each phone
bhg26: Only have Whit this game, vc’d Bont instead of Macrae, yippee
frenzy: Aarts go big please
Schillaci: Dusty and Whitfield in this one with Aarts and Pickett on the pine with the E. Want Conigs tohave a quiet one.
rupertmarn: I took Buderick’s 59 ahead of Aarts.
wadaramus: Cogs, Pickett, Dusty and Whitfield. Good times 🙂
wadaramus: Faarts on the pine.
frenzy: yep Aarts fwd pine, reckon there will be late outs, have a hunch
MrWalrus: Just after a good game, sc a bonus
Beast_Mode: oh boy glad i dont have stephen hill
Jontdawg: Let’s go Pickett, Whitfield, dusty and short
rupertmarn: GWS look shellshocked
Apachecats: What in the first 10 seconds rupertmarn?
wadaramus: I’m shellshocked!
Costanza: too easy
Kidult: I probably should have taken Buda’s 59 over Pickett.
Schillaci: Time to throw Conigs forward now I think
Apachecats: Clever Castagne!!
MrWalrus: George, making look much harder than it needs to since 2017
wadaramus: Bit early for that call Kidult?!
rupertmarn: Yes fallout from the GF still Apache
Kidult: @not based on this performance just meant before hand
Apachecats: thanks ,get it now rupe
Apachecats: Picked up Jacobs for free in 5 draft leagues.
Kidult: @wada
CozzieCan: De Boer tagging yet ?
JRedden: went pittonet to jacobs, jacobs has an easy draw.
Avarax: jacobs may not play all the games
boxy36: Evening all! Need egg boi and Pickett to do more
DrSeuss: Pickett and Egg-Smith – Not such a great start this week
Gotigres: Aarts and Pickett both E’s for me with a chance for looping if required
cmperrfect: I have Pickett on the ground, sorry all.
boxy36: Aarts too
DrSeuss: Yep had Pickett on the bench last week – on field this week
Yelse: Martin Picket doing mw well NOT!! lift your game
DrSeuss: Pickett back on the bench with 0 touches
Costanza: dumb
beerent11: Cogs Whitfield Haynes Pickett smith martin. Not a promising start for the yeahnahs.
Silz90: Muppet for corr
Kidult: Wonder if De Boer is taggin Pickett after his performance agains them in the GF
DrSeuss: Corr – you freaking MUPPET
Pies20: Hope dusty doesn’t expect this rich side will give him the footy on the platter get in there dusty
scboy123: evening lads
Apachecats: hi scboy
GOD: Egg Smith hatched?
JRedden: stay down haynes
original: Hey fam, does a kick in only count as a possession if they run out of the square?
Gloryhound: At this rate Eggmolesse-Smith is a chance to not hit his BE of -37
pcaman2003: Haynes continuing from last week.Starting to regret getting him rnd 6. him
GOD: Egg Smith hatched yet?
Apachecats: he could get down to that Gloryhound
DrSeuss: Egg Smith scrambled this week it seems
DrSeuss: That is correct @original
Grimes Jr: pickett to build
beerent11: Not picking any Richmond players next season
Stu7: Pickett beating Martin not a good sign
CozzieCan: Riewoldt to be dirt cheap at this rate , lmao
heppelitis: Smith a bad egg it appears. Down the shute with Varuca Salt.
pcaman2003: Nice easy 24 pts for Aarts.
Gotigres: Hi God. Was Macrae your captain?
VodkaHawk: Wouldn’t mind Haynes taking some kick ins -.-
boxy36: D. Smith, l should have known the egg was a trap . . .
Gotigres: Haha Boxy
GOD: Hello @Gotigres Yes Mccrae was God’s captain last night!
billnats: Smith on track for missing his BE
DrSeuss: Egg now going backwards FFS
Catatafish: Martin has been a revelation this season.
amigaman: Listening to BT is like having needles pushed under my fingernails
Gotigres: It’s always interesting to know who your Captains are God.
Poliyagon: my op had macrae last night and now kelly. I can’t catch a break!
Gotigres: Why did Whitfield lose 10 points?
boxy36: Would’ve been better with a donut
DrSeuss: Egg with a touch – OMG
Kidult: Whitfield isn’t efficient anymore
scboy123: who has egg lol
boxy36: OK, back to neutral – lets go Egg
Gandhi: Why isn’t Egg’s name displayed in all its glory? Smith doesn’t do egg justice
DrSeuss: Cogs hasnt touched it this quarter either
pcaman2003: Lift Cogs and Haynes.
CozzieCan: Pods just flopping this year , free willy
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Cogs back to his old bruise free footy .
heppelitis: I got the egg
frenzy: Derek Humphrey Smith
Gandhi: How did Rioli get away with that? Wow
cmperrfect: Martin to Bolton next week
RooBoyStu: Coniglio you flowering crab
Silz90: boys i need finalyson and baker 15 +
CozzieCan: More free kicks in this game , then fresh underwear I’ve had in my life
Nurfed: Hi all, looong time lurker first time poster!
wadaramus: It’s non stop whistling ffs.
Legix: umpire is whistle happy
heppelitis: Welcome to the chat Nurfed
Donzoes: went baker 15+ too Silz
Nurfed: thanks, how do i get the symbol next to the name?
Apachecats: Absolute arm wrestle
wadaramus: AFL rules and umpires are a fucking joke!
Kidult: Hover over your name select options and pick your favourite team
Gotigres: Welcome Nurfed
Chelskiman: We’ve dominated this quarter but just can’t put them away. Could hurt us.
heppelitis: cant remember lol…had mine for what feels like 20 years
wadaramus: Sorry Nurfed, I can’t remember. Someone else will know 🙂
Gotigres: Good luck to you Silz
Apachecats: Nice mark and goal smackable,
Chelskiman: And it does. God I hate Greene.
Silz90: hopefully kelly keeps kicking to baker lol i had anytime scorer for bolton, castagna, greene a
frenzy: click on nurfed at the top next to search
Nurfed: hopefully thats worked if not ah well
Silz90: ty tigres its will pay out $150 off 10 bucks.
Stu7: Welcome Nurfed
BRAZZERS: lol the geriatric with the great insight as usual
Donzoes: anytime scorer martin, finlayson kelly 20+ and haynes/baker 15+ for me
MrWalrus: Umps are ball bags, g’day nurfed
DrSeuss: Corr, Pickett and Egg Smith going to bring my whole team down in 1 game
Legix: Bruce is on his happy pills tonight
Nurfed: thanks all much appreciated
CozzieCan: Cogs looked so good I almost traded him in .. dodged a bullet
wadaramus: Welcome to the fun house Nurfed 🙂
Apachecats: Even though its Collingwood ,welcome Nurfed
heppelitis: Shit just checked hacked. Fav team NM 2nd NM 3rd team NM wtf
Chelskiman: Brazzers! Good to see you, mate! I was hoping you would be here tonight!
wadaramus: Bwuce is losing it..
wadaramus: Just make the rule last kick out rather than deliberate, stoopid AFL.
BRAZZERS: i was thinking the opposite myself
Silz90: bruce needs to go! so annoying
Chelskiman: Always a fun time in chat when the GOAT Brazzers is in the house!
beerent11: 6 players inc 4 premos 184 points in a half. Fuck.
Poliyagon: love bruce
Stu7: Shit
Seiya: Delicious! VC on Kelly, hope he keeps this up.
Silz90: brazzers = goat
Yelse: kelly greene bolton slow down opp team going huge with Haynes and Macrea as well
Chelskiman: So how is fantasy football treating you, Brazzers? Winning everything? You should be with all your fantastic insight!
pcaman2003: @beerent. Life is cruel,especially in SC.
DrSeuss: Pickett really low TOG and looks like no-one wants to kick to Egg Smith this week
beerent11: Cogs on track for a ton cozzie
beerent11: Just a game pcaman
BRAZZERS: dominating, as usual
Donzoes: whitfield and cogs tonning changes my projection entirely
Chelskiman: I thought so! You always start with the right plays and make perfect trades. It’s no surprise you’re dominating.
beerent11: Jelly having his usual suck everyone in once a year game
rupertmarn: Kelly VC gamble paying off but I am owed a bit.
beerent11: Cats have 8 ins and 4 outs. Does Simpson play?
Spifflicat: Named at HF Beerent
lisapizza7: yes simpson will play
rupertmarn: Kelly to score 222
CozzieCan: @beerent can confirm Simpson in
Poliyagon: anyone know how long stephen hill will be out?
Kidult: Simpson should be ideal for these fixture crammed games
Kidult: Wonder how many teams own Macrae and kelly both
PlungeMe: i own both
PlungeMe: hasnt been great so far this season
BOMBRBLITZ: Pickett looks Lazy
Poliyagon: my opponent has both!
Grimes Jr: game over
MrWalrus: Chel & Brazzers, same person yeah? Also Brazzers
casey22: I have Pickett versus opponent Eggs; real exciting stuff
StuL: Too bad if you thought egg at 240k was a good idea.
pcaman2003: Haynes just shot up 14pts then. Anyone see what he did?
MrWalrus: You owe me 2k for work rendered 😘
heppelitis: what a nights entertainment @casey
amigaman: Go Toby
Poliyagon: anyone know which rookie defenders I should get in for brander and rivers?
BRAZZERS: dont insult me mate
heppelitis: StuL…it was Egg or Touk M for me so I went the egg LMAO
DrSeuss: @Casey – even more entertaining is when you have both of them
Chelskiman: It feels like we are the same person as we are so connected.
casey22: Blame the press for the Egg replacinh Houli write up
cmperrfect: Martin a shade of his Brownlow self these days
Catatafish: Martin is showing his Brownlow credentials
DrSeuss: Egg Smith actually open a fair bit – team mates ignoring him a fair bit
BRAZZERS: dusty plays for norm smiths and premership medals these days
exatekk: Dusty isnt even top 10 Catafish
Nurfed: ground is in really shoddy condition can see grass ripped up everywhere
Stu7: Coni’s on the move!
heppelitis: Perryman is very good
Kidult: wow Short
DrSeuss: Where TF has Corr gone – havent seen him since the first quarter
Nurfed: agreed heppelitis, such a nice user by foot
Yelse: this game alone has ruined my week
cmperrfect: Short my POD, keep going son
Stu7: GWS just popped into 5th gear
Kidult: was thinking of bringing in Short but with Houli back at some stage probably wouldn’t end up a keeper
DrSeuss: same @yelse – not sure I am coming back from this game
Donzoes: can baker touch the ball
pcaman2003: Lift Haynes. Need a ton this game
Grimes Jr: jeez macavaney is a poor commentator
beerent11: Bruce has called egg smith Bolton 3 times now.
Poliyagon: question, does a set shot goal give the points for the mark, kick as well as the goal??
Yelse: opponent has kelly greene whitfield short and haynes i got cogs martin picket whitfield
Silz90: i think we are in trouble donzoes. finlayson kicked the goal so 1 leg to go 🙁
heppelitis: I get Graham mixed up with the egg for some reason
Stu7: Bruce is a goose
Donzoes: Look at his TOG Silz, shocking
StuL: How come gws Lloyd is just Lloyd? But seagull is llll…?
Stu7: Poliyagon – yes
Kidult: 4-5 richmond plays look alike without a close up so even I get confused
pcaman2003: Bruce needs to retire. Getting senile poor fella.
StuL: Oppp bought in Egg and has Picket amd Dusty. Cruisy week
DrSeuss: Corr, Pickett and Smith combining for less that 1 quality players score
beerent11: You might be playing me stul
CozzieCan: Good stuff Pickett keep it up son
Grimes Jr: no mark cool, well umpired!
heppelitis: or me beerent
beerent11: Has he got whit, cogs and Haynes too?
Kidult: Haven’t really seen Martin do much but has 11 CP and 7 clearances
beerent11: Bruce just called Pickett Bolton. Guess all the indigenous players look the same to him.
heppelitis: nah whits and perryman in mine
Patty19: Cameron torching my draft team atm
pcaman2003: Much better qtr from Cogs and Haynes.Feeling a bit better now.
NankTank: Bruce thinks there is 10 Bolton’s playing
Grimes Jr: pickett huge last 5
Yelse: has whitfield stopped
Schillaci: Dusty you gun. Too easy.
frenzy: 7 muppets Whitty
DrSeuss: GWS need to do something about dusty
pcaman2003: How long b4 Aarts is dropped. Does nothing!
heppelitis: de Boer sitting on the egg like mother hen
Kidult: decent qtr from Martin and Pickett
VodkaHawk: Get in there and get some possessions Higgins
beerent11: Yelse he copped a heavy knock at the start of this quarter and done nothing since
Silz90: if gws lose season over for me. need a new coach
Yelse: what score do you take picket?
CozzieCan: Awesome qtr from Pickett & Dusty ,
beerent11: Who’s your loop yelse?
Donzoes: 75-80 would be nice Yesle
runners47: Good to see Dusty getting involved and picking up the points like he should
Legix: Need 2 goals for cameron for my multi. No bueno
Switcheyes: Best call ever Sandy Roberts calling a North game in the 90’s, Byron Pickett done something amazing, Sandy says he’s
BOMBRBLITZ: Pickett needs 75+ imo
Donzoes: I don’t think Baker has a touch since 1st qrt
CozzieCan: Pickett 60+ for me to field over starc
Switcheyes: Like the black Zorro commentary box goes silent
Grimes Jr: get the feeling pickett will have a huge last quarter, his last 10 in that third were electric
beerent11: Would be sacked by the end of the quarter these days switch
Switcheyes: The next goal
VodkaHawk: Just a lazy 7 disposals this quarter for you Higgins, come on
beerent11: If marlion kicks either of those easyish goals would be 90+
Nurfed: perryman needs to lift!
frenzy: Aarts stinks
beerent11: Tiges turning up the heat
DropCox: Rex Hunt’s call on Leon Davis was the worst. Something about ‘black as a dog?’ Meant with no ill intent, but still…..
beerent11: Yeah that’s rough
pcaman2003: I thought spoiling a mark earned points in SC.
Silz90: i need the same vodkahawk!
DrSeuss: Egg Smith just planted on the bench now
Stu7: Come on Smith ya got to be yoking !
heppelitis: how do you know it wasn’t meant…knew Rex and he was a tad dodgy.
beerent11: Haynes is a gun
pcaman2003: Egg is cooked.
Nurfed: bruce needs a coupla tissues in the box everytime he calls dusty
Stu7: Kickett Pickett!
beerent11: This games been a bit too hot for eggo. Coach doesn’t trust him yet.
heppelitis: Bruce dried up many moons ago
Donzoes: go on baker
DrSeuss: Egg = Humpty Dumpty – had a great fall. But Dimma get him off the bench FFS
Pies20: great come back dusty
beerent11: Every comment duck makes is somehow a compliment for himself.
Grimes Jr: GWS parking the bus
cmperrfect: Cmon, bin time Whit
pcaman2003: Good stuff Haynes. C’mon Cogs and ton up.
Stu7: I can see this being a draw
Grimes Jr: this is why dusty is the best in the comp
Pies20: keep going cogs
beerent11: Haynes is really trying to hurt a shoulder
Kidult: Yup just watched Picketts dropped mark count as clanger
Migz: “best” haha
Stu7: Richmond kicking 10 points disgraceful
Stu7: Martin what a come back
Bezzina: is perryman done?
Stu7: Daniels go back to kicking school
Poliyagon: wouldn’t call dusty the ‘best’
BigChief: Would this be a PB for Kelly SC score wise?
valkorum: Can we call it now. Kelly gun, Green Star
Nurfed: looked like he was ready to come back on bezz
Grimes Jr: kelly with one of the weakest 181’s ever
beerent11: Yes whit!
Nuffman: @kidult: and missed an effective contested HB in his follow up of that dropped mark…
Silz90: good on ya whitfield. finish strong
Raspel31: Well, He certainly hasn’t done much Bezzina.
Bezzina: I need perryman 15 touches to finish off my multi of 190
Beast_Mode: whos the flog that said pickett would have a big last quarter? lol muppet
Kidult: I Think kelly has a 200+ game already
Nurfed: perryman hasnt come back on, deffs needs a bandaid
cmperrfect: Scale Kelly to 200?
beerent11: Yep 2 two years ago I think kidult
amigaman: Go Giants
Stu7: Who had Kelly as C?
feralmong: Giants lucky to be gifted a win
Silz90: did pickett touch it this qtr?
Stu7: Richmond kicked 11 points only have themselves to blame
cmperrfect: Got Short, Martin, Cogs, Whit. Nice
Roksta: lol richmond
beerent11: Ah well all my premos tonned up in the end. Looked unlikely at the half
original: Gifted?
amigaman: Lol richmond
wadaramus: 26 touches for 188?
beerent11: Bad kicking= bad football
feralmong: Threw that game badly
Stu7: @cmperrfect – done well 👏
boxy36: Greene, Haynes, Whit , Martin I’ll take – Pickett Aarts Egg less so
pcaman2003: Ended with 4 tons so not complaining. Good result in the end.
beerent11: Just not skilful enough feralmong
feralmong: Yeah gifted. All they beat was the vfl team weak as Giants
wadaramus: Seems a lot of anomalous high scores
kano: richmond are rubbish
Kidult: M0nty need to change tomorrows start game time for Carlton vs NM
Kidult: also the swans vs hawks
pcaman2003: Bit salty feral?
amigaman: And Syd vs Haw
amigaman: Salty tigers everywhere
wadaramus: Kelly 200sc is over rated!
bhg26: Richmonds awesome run of beating Melbourne, Sydney and North is over
bhg26: Cant wait for the swans to ruin my birthday tomorrow
MrWalrus: SC scores seem crazy out of whack for a “lucky” 2 goal win.

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