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Chat log from R8 of 2020: Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs, R8 of 2020

CozzieCan: Brought in B.Smith this week nice and low b/e ..
CozzieCan: Got greenwood , v on Bont let’s go
feralmong: Just got in English. Apologies for the sub 100 in advance.
bhg26: Have Bont, Macrae, Bazlenka and Rankine
CozzieCan: @feral witts is a tough opp English will be fine thou , real test of 202 again ?
bhg26: Contemplating Macrae and Bont for VC, but probably wont matter because Gawn will score 200 on McInerney
CozzieCan: @bhg Bont has the potential of a big score Macrae is more consistent thou
bhg26: Think Macrae has an average of 130 against the Suns, but Bont can score 150+ when not tagged
MightyDyl: Big game for Josh Bruce and Ben King tonight
Rab150: last minute do I get Greenwood or petracca sc
Poliyagon: Gday everyone i’m new to this
Poliyagon: got greenwood in this v macrae
bhg26: Putting the v on Bont
Schillaci: Welcome Poli I have BSmith Macrae and Rankine inthis. JUmped on Smith early and peeved everyone has him now and cheaper
Apachecats: Welcome Poliyagon
Apachecats: Not on free to air tonight .grrrr.!
Poliyagon: yeah wasn’t sure about bsmith as I preffered to get brander out for sicily. might get smith next week tho
Apachecats: Just bought English back ,sorry in advance.
Donzoes: I almost traded in half the players in this game and chose nobody
Schillaci: Smith good start
CozzieCan: B.Smith great pickup this week
TheLegend6: Highly recommend Kayo if you can @Apache
Gotigres: I also included B Smith this week.
feralmong: Smith English macrame lukozade in this bud on the bench
Jontdawg: I put a cheeky VC on bazlenka
feralmong: Oh and rankarena
StuL: When Dunk comes back how is B Smith then?
amigaman: I hate the new interpretation of the HTB rule
boxy36: Evening all!
StuL: OK so B Smith is top dog. Get it?
scboy123: alright forgetting that sc fuckedme last week wth the neale vc as c and gawns 185 on bench cool cool letes go this week
Apachecats: Hi Boxy.
softwhitee: went petracca over greenwood, please dont hurt me too much Hugh
CozzieCan: @Stul , to much Wentworth m8 hahaha
Poliyagon: quick question how are they counting the scores live?
CozzieCan: B.Smith a stepping stone to A.Terloar for me
StuL: Go us Cozzie. Got to beat those Dockers.
Kidult: That should have been a free to Wallis as the sun had prior to get rid of it before pressured hball over the line
Yelse: macrae stop starting so slow seriously
Avarax: kidult, if under pressure, regardless of prior, you are allowed to rush
Schillaci: Macrae had the first kick off the ground and nothing sinc
Apachecats: The +3 and +4 etc are DT Poli ,SC just updates automatically.
boxy36: Come on Greeny – need a big lift from here
Apachecats: yeak yelse every game now same for Macrae.
Apachecats: *yeah
Kidult: well done libba that was skill in rushing his kick
casey22: Go Macrae. Strong half a quarter so to speak
DrSeuss: Move Anderson onto the ball – my only player in this game
Schillaci: Daniel never wastes it.
Silz90: hey everyone. all good macrae is a 2nd half specialist.
bhg26: Crozier 200?
Poliyagon: ohhh so the +# are for DT.. so does this site just source from official afl live stats or something?
MoreMidTim: Anything up with Greenwood’s TOG%?
CozzieCan: Crozier flower off would ya lol
Fatbar5tad: Brought in the rook Weightman because I was sick of Roseys shit…..
scboy123: opponent has the v on english. lets hope he has a stinker
MightyDyl: Crosier blue moon
boxy36: @MoreMidTim he usually plays about 65% tog first half and plays more second half expect about 70-75% tog end of game
Apachecats: you know what will happen now don’t you Fatbar.
Kidult: Lipinski so bad below his knees
softwhitee: this is what we like Macrae
JRedden: Macrae in for a nasty score, thinking 150
Grimes Jr: vc on macrae tonight
BigChief: I went VC Grundy and C Gawn
Fatbar5tad: @Apache Weightman ton?
casey22: @poliyagon; its not “just source” its a huge investment to put it together for your benefit. Sign up & enjoy.
BigChief: @Dyl every 2nd game Crozier goes 100+. Got 63 last week.
Fatbar5tad: We are nothing if not optimistic us SC players…
Raspel31: Hmm -left Macrae on the bench. Might sub him.
JRedden: macrae is going beserk at the moment.
Apachecats: Nah Fatbar I was thinking Rozee ton.
Poliyagon: everything about rankine <#
Fatbar5tad: Rank is a fair player…exudes confidence.
Schillaci: Rankine is a beauty
CozzieCan: What a goal from Rankine , dead straight
Fatbar5tad: Yeah I know Apache. But I don’t care. Enough was enough. Sulks….
Poliyagon: @casey yeah I was just curious thats all I had no idea
dipstick: great kick in the wet i hear
MercAm: The cheeky VC on Macrae might work out well
Apachecats: Benched Crozier in draft after last weeks effort.
softwhitee: I also put the vc on Macrae, finally its paying off starting with him
Schillaci: Witts winning the hitouts pretty regularly
OnTheRocks: ah Spudarick, aim high, shoot low. Rankine is amazing
beerent11: Think we’re getting 4 more trades and 3 over the bye rounds. Probably best 18. Thoughts?
Stu7: @Raspel31 who the heck do you have in your midfield that you can bench Macrae???
Raspel31: Interesting call MercAm- obviously Gawn and you know who wipe eachotheout. Hmm.
beerent11: 3 a week I should say
beerent11: Trolling stu
Silz90: does any one own b.smith or floating the idea of bribing him in. does dunks impact his score at all?
casey22: No sweat @Poliygon
DrSeuss: Anderson – Get a freaking touch or 7 please ffs
Bezzina: Bonts d/e bloody killing him
Apachecats: Looks like I’ve done the job on English buy him back.
The39Steps: I think SC have handled it better than Fantasy. Getting averages of non playing players is crazy.
Kidult: been so bad this qtr lucky we close to them
Apachecats: Jeez collins has improved ,was getting 20’s last year.
Bezzina: @steps agreed, don’t like the idea of averages
Raspel31: Stu- I’m a pom. It’s what we politely call in England- taking the piss x
BigChief: Not sure how SC will work rd’s 9-12 with teams named different days
Poliyagon: my op has macrae 🙂
scboy123: macrae you ripper
CozzieCan: English will probably ton for those owners that have him , early days don’t stress
Stu7: Macrae will go big
Raspel31: Just glad that I and many stuck with Macrae from round one. Oh you doubters.
Justavrage: Touk 10th best mid, great POD
bhg26: Always vice captain the wrong Bulldog, vc Macrae when Bont gets 166, vc Bont when Macraes already on 90
scboy123: i didnt even consider vcing macrae
NickR9: williams is the best pod
Raspel31: Good luck with that Justavrage.
Kidult: BE of 86 for Macrae and now he won’t be as cheap
jbjimmyjb: VC on Macrae, even his potential 180 will be passed by Gawn
boxy36: Geez Touk been solid all year – been watching him for weeks now and he’s very consistent!
Justavrage: @Raspel Don’t have him, just peaking my interest
Kidult: Metricon turf starting to look a little tired with all this water dumped on it.
Schillaci: R2 Captain Macrae scored me 186 so it’s Grundy Gawn for me
heppelitis: Stef M out….Gawn should kill it.
BigChief: Stef is passed it. Been terrible all year.
Raspel31: Well, that makes so much sense Schillachi?
Kidult: rankine favouring his right arm/hand
circle52: Big Chief agree but should have been given more time off. Came back to quick imo and not the same.
Schillaci: 93×2 raspelso not getting burned again Grawndy doesn’t fail
Apachecats: Rankine hand hurt.
CozzieCan: Now Rankine with an injury flower me
Grimes Jr: come on macca keep going
softwhitee: pls dont settle for a 120 macrae, go big
Stu7: I hate this game – none of my trades ever pay off
beerent11: Calm the farm might not be anything cozzie
AuroraBore: So bont wins two free kicks but because smith takes the advantage he doesn’t get any points for it? How does that work
boxy36: Let’s get going Greenwood, don’t make me regret this VC
OnTheRocks: ffs Bont, where are you when the pressure is on
feralmong: English outWitted
gdshifty: Monty this website needs work to be more stable.
pcaman2003: Traded Pitto for English and becomes useless as TOAB.
Kidult: Weightman is a poor kick him and Aarts both
Migz: seems stable to me shifty
cmperrfect: Cmon Bont ffs.
DrSeuss: Come on Noah – get involved young fella
BigChief: @aurora he should get the points for the 2 frees only.
Raspel31: Ah pcaman- so wanted Gawn this week but Simpmkin and Fyfe stioll out- stuck with Pittonet
V@lks: Lol feralmong. pcman, terrible trade
feralmong: Lukosius at D6 is awesome
pcaman2003: I wanted Gaw or Goldy Raspel,but couldn’t quite afford them.
cmperrfect: Simpkin not out yet @raspel
V@lks: @feral, I had Luk from the start. Been happy with his output. Unique
pcaman2003: @V@lks. Yes!Hindsight is a great thing
casey22: First time ive seen an umpire/player clash where the player lost out!
Kidult: Miller is awesome at the quick spread has some toe aswell
cmperrfect: Gawn will crack 800k this week for sure
exatekk: F! Need bont to score a goal for $130
Raspel31: Ah- true cmperfect you angel of hope1
Yelse: why have you stopped macrae
spdysaint: greeny done nothing this qtr
Bezzina: need bont 20 and vandemeer a goal for $200
Yelse: Rankine disappointing today
CozzieCan: Cmon Bont & Greenwood flower me
feralmong: Yep same V@lks
Poliyagon: whats happened to greenwood TOG
frenzy: Bont needs a clever
Migz: lot of almosts for rankine today. that 50 didnt help
cmperrfect: Rage trade Bont, should be killing GC mids
Stu7: Macrae choker
dipstick: Gawn has an extra game to play. Going without him is crazy
Raspel31: Macraehas been outstanding this quarter except for not touching the ball.
beerent11: Great to see the suns show up in their first ever stand alone night game
frenzy: *cleaver
dipstick: Gawn has not got over 80 DT against lions
LMartos: Bont has won 3 frees this quarter but teammates have taken adv every time, unbelievable
AuroraBore: another fking bont free taken advantage, watch him not get points for that
spdysaint: what is greenwood doing, hasnt moved scores in 15 minutes
Collywoble: Onya Smith
cmperrfect: Hey Gents, does the player kicking in an OOTF get a FF for it?
OnTheRocks: Bont is tagging himself out of the game.
pcaman2003: Greenwood injured? Very low TOG.
Migz: dont think so.
beerent11: Gonna get that with fwd rookies yelse
Legix: need a goal from King to win my multi
Apachecats: Crazy that ,the one who wins the free kick has to get the points.
frenzy: No cmp
CozzieCan: Greenwood 50 point qtr coming up , cheers
Haydo: No free kick for if you’re taking an out on the full as it’s not a free kick against on the way out – just a clanger
CozzieCan: 800sc points to come for last qtr
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. Maybe he would if he stoipped doing clangers,giving frees away and improved his DE.
cmperrfect: Thanks Gents, is the kick in kick counted as a possession? Noticed McCrae runs to the boundary when an OOTF happens.
valkorum: I apologise for English – I brought him in this week
nogoalo: god bont is useless
Arminius: thats not heaps is it Cozzie?
nogoalo: bont is officially useless
The39Steps: In SC, what do you need from Macrae to bank his score for the loophole?
MrWalrus: Bont would be 90+ SC if he’d taken his free kicks
Arminius: why would you bring english in Valkorum?
Raspel31: A pair of Hearts beats 3 Bonts in any card game.
heppelitis: well that was one of the funnier things ive seen on the footy field
MrWalrus: I’d take 130+ 39steps, not worth risking beyond that for likely small gain at best.
Grimes Jr: ripping game this
frenzy: there ya go, Bont free against for +9
Haydo: They scale at every quarter cozzie so theres 833 points for every quarter
Yelse: who did bont jump to 77
Schillaci: GC are great to watch, how the worm has turned
nogoalo: i wonder how dunkley will effect smith
bhg26: I dont have Macrae as vc, but he’d have to get at least 150 to beat Gawns score againts McInerney
AuroraBore: ah good, the free kicks for have been counted
beerent11: Smiths scores have just dropped off a little since libba came back in.
nogoalo: gawn is just too dominant
OnTheRocks: @Raspel: i’d even take one heart over a 5 of a kind of Bonts anyday
rupertmarn: Watching Bailey Smith get more than Greenwood is shit
boxy36: Greenwood going backwards at this point -_-
Fatbar5tad: Ffs Greenwood
cmperrfect: Archie in for Lions @bhg
boxy36: @rupertmarn he’s having an absolute mare – just can’t get his game going
cmperrfect: Rankine looks like a young Akermanis
spdysaint: why cant greenwood do a thing after getting 144?
Raspel31: I didn’t know Gawn was even playing tonight?
boxy36: 4 fa, 7 kermits and 55% de will hurt anyone’s score
beerent11: Gawn will have rob, goldy and Grundy in successive weeks. Will be interesting. Hasn’t played a decent ruck yet.
AuroraBore: hope greenwood can stay low, will enjoy trading him in for cheap
heppelitis: @cm Aker was talking about him today on SEN was pretty funny.
DrSeuss: Get Anderson off the bench ffs
casey22: Taking my loop on Mcrae
dipstick: whats Gawns highest SC against Lions? Has he ever tonned up?
Grimes Jr: go macca 160 plus so i don’t have to consider gawn
Ceema: @beerent hes played nic nat, nankervis and witts
beerent11: Cmon sunnas
boxy36: @casey22 good choice, I know I would if I had him
Patty19: CD has missed at least 3 of Greenwood’s tackles
casey22: English getting a bath. Shades of last year
Poliyagon: of course the week i bring greenwood in…
beerent11: Sorry. A good ruckman.
Stu7: Come on rank Rankine!!!
beerent11: Got 93 against nicnat ceema.
SnagsOnly: C on Macrae?
DrSeuss: Missed 2 Anderson tackles in a row then
pcaman2003: Greeny and Pommy have screwed me over good .
Migz: just because somebody lays a tackle doesnt mean its counted in stats as a tackle
cmperrfect: Thanks for the reminder @hep keep forgetting to stream SEN now wfh.
Raspel31: No- C on Suckling Snags.
Migz: The tackle needs to have an effect on the ball carriers action. so not all tackles are real tackles… according to CD
Stu7: @SnagsOnly – I reckon so
rupertmarn: Greenwood only 70% game time
MercAm: Come on King just need you to kick a goal for my multi
beerent11: Bloody gun
DrSeuss: Both tackles knocked out the ball and caused a turnover
Justavrage: Rankine for the winner ?
Grimes Jr: come on macca
pcaman2003: English has had 1 tapout since half time the useless spud.
Stu7: Rankine 1-4 what could have been!!
rupertmarn: Rankine fot the winner yes
Grimes Jr: thank you jackson
Raspel31: In a world full of doom and gloom- we salute you Mr Macrae.
CozzieCan: Keep going greenwood
Justavrage: Macrae has hit VC taking score
boxy36: Huge play by vandermeer there
Raspel31: Oh you think Just- what a sparkling intellect;
The39Steps: Is English’s SC drop from week to week -205 to 70 the biggest ever?
DrSeuss: Anderson – rising star one week. Lowest TOG for his team the following week…
Patty19: Gowers almost kicked the game away
beerent11: 135 av over 2 weeks 39steps
frenzy: good boy Maca
Kidult: Gowers deserves the muppet for life now couldve held onto it
beerent11: McRae be in the 80’s. Will be over 600k next week.
bones351: I’m with you there Merc. Needed a goal from King and 1 more possession from useless spud Ellis to make $195 from $10
rupertmarn: Tim English comes back to earth with a thud.
CozzieCan: 37 Sc points to come there abouts
MightyDyl: What a game
Poliyagon: budurick on a roll!

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