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Chat log from R8 of 2020: Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Sydney vs Hawthorn, R8 of 2020

Ooost: Day, Sicily, lloyd.
bhg26: Day, Titch, Lloyd and Ling on my bench
Grimes Jr: come on swannies, beat these dogs
pcaman2003: Hawks to get thumped by 30+ and Titch under 50 pts, just to spite me
tdarian: traded in sicily even though i cant stand the guy
amigaman: Rowbottom has great endurance. Why do the swans always start him on the bench
Ooost: Good quick start Swans.
Ooost: Same tdarian
Breezey: Lloyd for me. Opponent has Wingard.
pcaman2003: @Grimes. You still salty from last night?
Kidult: Cmon ling produce something for a target next week
Kidult: Wingard, Sicily, Mitchell for me
Kidult: on Brooksby watch aswell
jbjimmyjb: hopefully mitchell does better than last week
scboy123: VC on Mills lets see how this goes lol
boxy36: I’ve only got Mitchell in this one… on Parker and Ling watch
jbjimmyjb: pca do you know why Mitchell has had way less CBA this year?
Breezey: Ling had 10 games in the NEAFL last season for an average of 39 fantasy pts.
tdarian: thanks breezey, so the swans are scraping the barrel then
Kidult: some players just step up in the big league tho is why I like them to blood everyone
CozzieCan: Be lucky if I get 1,700 sc this week , Simpkin rage trade !
amigaman: Why is the clock counting up on TV
Kidult: looking good for 4/4 tips, hasn’t happened in awhile
CozzieCan: Amiga , fox footy yeah ? Lol
pcaman2003: @jimmyjb. Not toosure. Maybe trying to protect his broken leg a bit maybe to see how it goes.
Ash777: The Beveridge way.
Raspel31: Cozzie- I feel your pain brother. Disaster after disaster. Might cap Budarick.
Breezey: @tdarian. Not sure but it’s a stat I heard during the week after his selection. That is DTpts as well
amigaman: CozzieCan watching on FTA.
VodkaHawk: Lol, dodgyyyy call
pcaman2003: C’mon and go big Titch. Titch only love child in this game.
Legix: i dont mind the clock counting up
CozzieCan: @Raspel unreal mate got me stumped
DrSeuss: Act like your head hit the ground – get a free kick – Umps ruining the game
VodkaHawk: Hate the clock this way
Poliyagon: had simpkin greenwood and now sicily against macrae, kelly and walsh… going great :)))))
Seb78: Get a move on Sicily FFS!
BOMBRBLITZ: is it qtr time yet?
tdarian: i brought in macrae this week. i’m pretty chuffed with myself
Gandhi: Bring back the countdown clock
Raspel31: That is a rather neagative equation Pllyagon. Have you thought about Seppuku?
Avarax: is it the umpires, or the players who are flopping?
scboy123: keep it up Mills
bhg26: Good start Lingy
amigaman: Clock counting up is just stupid. Might as well go back to manual scoreboards and place kicks
NewFreoFan: This umpiring
pcaman2003: 1/3 of Hawks 10 pts or less. Mmm!
Ash777: Is this something unique to the SCG like small ground?
Kidult: Annoyed Brooksby keeps gettin taken from my team but happy he got another shot and is actually playing
Donzoes: Only Sicily in this one for mine
CozzieCan: Got Sicily , Lloyd & Titch in this one
DrSeuss: Titch & Lloyd for me – but need Wingard and Parker to slow right down
Kidult: Teams are out for Mondays game Close debut and Fort rested
frenzy: what Reid no bandaid yet, whats going on
MercAm: hahahahahaha @frenzy
zadolinnyj: Great goal
pcaman2003: Keep going Brooksby. You might be my next downgrade buy
Grimes Jr: wingard, titch, sicily and lloyd.
MercAm: Come on now just need Papley for my multi
scboy123: Is Serong playing monday night? App says hes on bench, but sc telling me hes selected as emergency
pcaman2003: C’mon Titch and get to 80 by 1/2 time.
Kidult: wow Wingard decent score for shower efficieny for a change
Grimes Jr: traded in lloyd this week….
frenzy: says Fort injured Kidult
Kidult: Sc wouldnt have updated yet for that game
pcaman2003: Titch and Worpel look too much alike at distance.
tdarian: shouldve gone sicily grimes
frenzy: AFL webby
scboy123: Kidult serong was listed on bench on thursday – was never listed as emergency
Kidult: Yeh it said Managed before
DrSeuss: Lloyd with his 1st touch for the quarter
Grimes Jr: @tadrian already have him
Grimes Jr: should’ve gone daniel instead
amigaman: Seagull free zone so far 🙂
pcaman2003: Titch gone very quiet last 10 mins
scboy123: oh i didnt check the app just checked freos fb page and he was 3rd sub
scboy123: can Mills get back on the ground my god
Kidult: Cmon titch attach a rope to Sicily and go with him
Stu7: come dawson ya flog
Poliyagon: will sicily play the 4 quarters?
Ooost: Sicily 😀
LMartos: Need to speak to CD to ask them how Day’s soccer was a clanger when it ended up in a Hawks disposal
Kidult: Teams also said Steven omitted then changed to Managed
MercAm: No chance @poli
Stu7: hope not ;
cmperrfect: 1 large chips, J Lloyd
Stu7: hope not:)
Kidult: @cmp give him a packet from Adelaide Oval please
StuL: Damn. Why did i not get Sicily?
rupertmarn: Lloydy old pigeon pecker
Grimes Jr: well played frawley
pcaman2003: What’s this BS?
rupertmarn: I’m a good chance to win the $1000 this week
Costanza: pap smear
VodkaHawk: Didn’t wanna overturn that cheap free after Mitchell was knocked down by bitch Sinclair?
StuL: Seagull will still ton
DrSeuss: Umpires needing to feel important – ridiculous decision
bhg26: Papley’s won the Coleman, he’s too far ahead
tdarian: sicily going to ton before half time
Kidult: gonna be massive scoring round for #1 with what Sicily is on track for
rupertmarn: Hawks choke again
Stu7: is dawson cutting up the oranges?
Bezzina: Over umpiring at its finest, fantastic
bhg26: Have a sook Hawks fans
Ooost: wow 99 for Sicily, very glad I upgraded from Hill
cmperrfect: Nice dress Sarah Jones hahaha
pcaman2003: @Rupertman. Not sure ifr you noticed buddy,but the Hawks are leading
Grimes Jr: agreed bhg, hawks looked after for years now
spdysaint: Imagine someone had Sicily macrame and jelly
rupertmarn: Yes pacaman but they drop off quickly this year
tdarian: Ooost i upgraded from starc (shouldve traded hill but went too early before freo team announced)
Avarax: @spyd, i do!
tdarian: i dont have jelly
pcaman2003: @rupertman. How did the Tiggers go on Friday?
Avarax: and greene
Donzoes: Need a Lewis and a Gunston goal to win my bet
Kidult: even Rampe has scored well
Ooost: Yah tdarian, I was too thinking that but with Hills history of injuries I figured starc would at least play
Gandhi: With Lewis’ form, that’s not looking likely
rupertmarn: pcaman our seconds team should have won but didn’t kick straight
Donzoes: Next weeks trades will be fun i reckon
Donzoes: hoping for a free kick gift Gandhi
pcaman2003: Seconds team. Lol. You guys fielded 22 players like every one else. Excuses,excuses!
boxy36: Ooft Sicily 99 at HT gonna hurt me, brought tracca in instead…
frenzy: there’s some value around Danzoes
TheLegend6: @pcaman a bit lippy your mob being in a battle with the second worst team this year!
VodkaHawk: I enjoyed round 3 where Hawks smashed the little tigers, good times
StuL: Jelly must be due to get injured soon
pcaman2003: @Legend. Not lippy at all,but responding to a lippy Tiger fan.
TheLegend6: @Vodka whens the DVD out?
pcaman2003: @Vodahawks. Good point! I forgot thyey got beat by the Hawks seconds. Lol!
bhg26: Oh damn @TheLegend6
thommoae: Guess they weren’t the ‘Reserves’ when they were winning of late; then it was called ‘depth’.
Ash777: Good teams have more than just 22 players that can play.
VodkaHawk: Lol Legend
VodkaHawk: I’m just glad Hawks are out of that damn Giants stadium
beerent11: Lots of over sensitive tiger supporters around the forum at the moment
rupertmarn: pcaman you are very salty for a guy whose team is in front. Keep or sack Clarkson?
pcaman2003: @Legend. So you got beaten by the team that’s playing the second worst team this year. Oh dear!
pcaman2003: @rupertman. Salty? You started the stupid argument. Pill!
Donzoes: Annoying isnt it beerent
rupertmarn: Hawks should sack Kennett and keep Clarkson.
CozzieCan: Sicily double ton ?
VodkaHawk: There’s zero saltiness from pcaman, Lol you ok Rupert?
beerent11: Like a broken record donzoes
jbjimmyjb: cant we all just be friends? :))
pcaman2003: @Donzoes. It must be something in the water that supplies Tiger supporter homes.
rupertmarn: Pcaman I only said the Hawks have been dropping their intensity when leading. All the breast.
boxy36: @Donzoes especially when it’s not relevant to the game being played now – on another not, come on Titch, big lift
rupertmarn: Cozzie, I believe Sicily can double ton
bhg26: I don’t understand how anyone can go for a team Sicily is on
pcaman2003: @jbjimmyjb. It’s okay ! All good banter in here. Love brother1
MrWalrus: Always with the piling on tiges supporters then blaming them for starting it
boxy36: @CozzieCan I hope not, need Titch to beat him in this game -_-
VodkaHawk: Playing Dopey Rogues in SC, has Toby and vc on JKelly :/
rupertmarn: Sicily can be a sniper but a high scoring sniper.
MrWalrus: I mean we all know the touchiest fan group is easily the bombers guys
boxy36: Keep going Mitchell, more of that!!!
Grimes Jr: agreed walrus
CozzieCan: I need him too , make up for Simpkin
bhg26: He’s also the biggest flog in footy rupertmarn
tdarian: i cant stand sicily, i felt dirty trading him in. but hes a good scorer
pcaman2003: Yeah Titch! A whole lot more
VodkaHawk: @boxy, lol, a goal will help. Go Titch
beerent11: Titch weather
VodkaHawk: Imo, biggest flog is Rohan
Kidult: Damn shouldve pulled the trigger on Rampe with a Be of 40
bhg26: It’s Sicily Vodka and it’s not even close
Kidult: Biggest Flogs ranked in order Turner, Rohan, Sicily, Me
amigaman: Haha the seagull has landed
Seb78: Why has Sicily SC score gone from 99 to 92?
pcaman2003: @Vodahawk. Nah! Has to be Riewoldt who hits more than he marks a ball these days
Grimes Jr: lloyd, wingard, sicily, mitchell. Happy days
MrWalrus: Is Lewis Taylor pregnant?
tdarian: wow seagull lloyd really came out of nowhere this qtr
Kidult: actually put Greene at #1
beerent11: We need the flogs. Be boring without them.
rupertmarn: All jokes aside I have Jelly vc, Macrae, Sicily, Titch and Wingard
VodkaHawk: Lol pca, and yeah, how could I forget about Greene
pcaman2003: C’mone everybody and chant Titch to score over 200
bhg26: As long as Titch gets to 200 doing short little nothing handballs I’m all for it pcaman
Kidult: Should’ve Vc Sicily in the end but decided to do Treloar
VodkaHawk: On a side note, need Gunston and Chad to score in this half to win $500
tdarian: the pap really doesn’t need much does he
thommoae: Settle Vodka; he’s been Mr Cleene Greene and playing great footy this year.
MrWalrus: I’d be more concerned about beating the swans first pca
pcaman2003: @bhg26. Thanks man!
beerent11: Spoken like someone who doesn’t understand the game bhg26
Poliyagon: concerning performance from hawthorn
pcaman2003: @MrWalrus. No concerns for me this year. This is a Clayton’s year.
scboy123: fuck sake got mills vs opponents siciily
bhg26: I’m 374th in sc this year beerent
rupertmarn: Jake Lloyd take a bow
Kidult: if you didn’t look at the scoreboard you would think Swans would b struggling with top 4 scorerers their defenders
pcaman2003: Is there anyone here taking this year seriously? Hands up please.
beerent11: Wow congratulations mate
zadolinnyj: Clock counting down now
rupertmarn: Hawks are unreliable
thommoae: The players sure look as though they’re serious. So do the Coaches …
Grimes Jr: hawks are done for years now. need to go back to the draft
pcaman2003: @bhg26. You mean 373 players are flogging your behind?
Stu7: Can anyone shed and light on why Dawson is not touching the ball?
Breezey: Clock counts up in first half and down in the second. Makes sense
MercAm: ahhhh come on Parker plz get that 20+
NankTank: lloyd in impeccable seagull form
TheLegend6: Swanniesssss
MercAm: You guys reckon that Parker and Tich 20+ will happen
Avarax: @stu, game is being played in syd fwd half
bhg26: Ouch pcaman
StuL: Slow down Lloyd. Was hoping for a discount
pcaman2003: @rupertman. Just like Tigers then 4/3 W L ratio
rupertmarn: Everyone is pcaman, what’s yr ranking?
Kidult: 100% efficiency to Rampe nice 420k atm so hope he doesn’t go to high for me to grab him rd9
boxy36: Lloyd the absolute seagull
amigaman: @Stu7 seagull stealing his points
Ooost: LLoyd and Sicily 😀
VodkaHawk: Mitchell probably, not confident on Parker
Kidult: Lift Wingard bring out ur wings
pcaman2003: @rupertman. Why do you need that?
tdarian: the pap!
boxy36: Oooft Mitchell should’ve had a ping for goal
Grimes Jr: go you swannies
TheLegend6: You’re fighting a losing battle pcaman
CozzieCan: Up Sicily & Lloyd guns
rupertmarn: God help me.Might be time for Hawks to get a development coach
beerent11: Speaking of flogs. Papleys got some claims.
pcaman2003: Ton up for 3/4 time Titch.
bhg26: Want to know the tens of thousands of players flogging your behind pcaman
Ash777: the coleman to a small forward sounds wrong.
zadolinnyj: Parker no possessions for quarter
ademase: i have Lloyd, Sicily & Mitchell 🙂
TheLegend6: He’s had 1 @zad
pcaman2003: @bhg26. Enough to make me sore mate.
Ooost: Day quietly getting points. Good times.
bhg26: Get used to it Ash, Papley’s miles ahead of everyone else
Grimes Jr: lol bhg. Have a spell pca, champ
Raspel31: I have a lovely bunch of coconuts ademase.
nogoalo: come on parker useless fk
bhg26: Hasn’t been a great year for most pcaman
rupertmarn: Good to see Hawthorn get whipped
Ooost: LLoyd is chasing Sicily down
Kidult: anyone considering Bell as a 130k FWD/Mid?
ademase: lol
Avarax: @kid, no there is plenty of other rookies to bring in
satch7: Cmon Dawson, need to you beat Sicily (sc)
TheLegend6: Parker 20+ is pretty much all I need but seems like he’s spending all his time forward
pcaman2003: @rupertman.Gee! You really are salty
beerent11: Was hoping ling might show something
Arminius: bloody hell need parker to get 20 disp for multi and smith to kick a goal
scboy123: satch youre dreaming lad
thiccgucci: parker been in the middle just cant find it
pcaman2003: @Grimes “have a spell pca champ”? I think it’s you salty Tiger fans that need the spell.
bhg26: Same Beerent, now have to play him cause Hill’s out
boxy36: Picking egg-mayo over Day only hurts more now 🙁
jbjimmyjb: Avarax there aren’t really that many rookie options
satch7: i hope this is a dream. op lloyd, sicily. me, dawson
beerent11: Sic dog and titch breathing life back into my team this round.
pcaman2003: Onya Titch,keep going
CozzieCan: @beerent so true m8
Grimes Jr: haha, pca, u take the bait easily great man
Avarax: @jimmy, there are better ones than bell though….
Stu7: @satch7 no chance of that
bhg26: Think I’m one of the only people on here who can admit their team is showerhouse
scboy123: how can anybody get behind lloyd or titch,both so unlikeable
NankTank: lloyd 80 pt quarter lol
LuvIt74: Nice to see Lloyd smash out a nice score
Kidult: cmon titch 40 point qtr and Wingard to kick the 2 winners
boxy36: Let’s go Titch, 36 more (SC) to beat that BE
pcaman2003: @bhg26. No! My team is the same
boxy36: @bhg mate I’ll openly admit that my team is a raging dumpsterfire
satch7: my team is shithouser bhg26
Collywoble: boxy36 why does his BE matter if you are not going to trade him?
bhg26: All for the first part Kidult, not the second
MrWalrus: To be fair bhg it helps when you’re team actually is showerhouse
pcaman2003: @boxy36. Bot another 50+ would be so much nicer.
boxy36: @pca agreed, 50 point quarter to top Sicily would be ideal
bhg26: We’re currently beating the mob that smacked you Walrus
satch7: Whats everyone ranked? Im currently 17,841st in sc
Kidult: Think ill have to pass up Rampe gonna rise to much
Grimes Jr: 5496 in sc and building
MrWalrus: I’m coming last
pcaman2003: 4301 and climbing satch7
VodkaHawk: Parker has racked up 3 quick disposals
cmperrfect: 2109 satch, was 50, 2 weeks ago
Raspel31: Damn Mr Walrus- you just pipped me.
rupertmarn: Top 7% will be top 2% after this week
boxy36: @satch7 18k something – been a baaaaaaad year
zadolinnyj: 4599 and climbing
MrWalrus: 2 of the last 3 premierships, started the round top 4, yeah tiges are slipping…..
zadolinnyj: 2 years ago i was 8th half way and finished over 1000
Breezey: I was equal first before Round 1. But now
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Lol! Have another good red mate.
satch7: Damn cmperfect, nice one. I think its more stressful the better you get. A bit like golf..
teachrtony: Ranked 778
Badgerbadg: I should be higher than I am… my players just haven’t scored as well as they should have
Raspel31: I’ve actually given up drinking pcaman. Just vodka at the moment which is like flat lemonade.
Kidult: cmon Wingard Goals no points
teachrtony: 6th in the FanFooty group.
rupertmarn: That is a sobering story Zado
MrWalrus: 56,041, beat that, had all the concussions, early injuries, premos who spudded wrong captain, worst season ever
CozzieCan: Lloyd overtook Sicily wtf lmAo
Kidult: WOW lloyd
FLAG: cmon lloydy beat kellys sc..
pcaman2003: @Badgerbadg. I hjear you. We all suffer the same fate,even pesky Tiger supporters.
breakonthr: Ranked #2 here
Breezey: Ling, Ling. Why don’t ya get near the ball.
Ooost: rofl lloyd has taken ove!
rupertmarn: So much for midpriced madness
bhg26: What’s the fanfooty group
Grimes Jr: lloyd was 48 at ht
The39Steps: 9.3 in these conditions commendable.
Raspel31: Yep, been disappointing Grimes.
StuL: Lloyd was a “bargain” at 583. Going to be 600 now
teachrtony: 566773 go to leagues and join the group
cmperrfect: Stratton gotta be worst Capt in the AFL.
pcaman2003: Lloyd has 10 CP’s which must be a record.
StuL: God has Lloyd, Sicily, macrae, jelly and Greene right?
woodduck: hey breakonthru. Pleased to see you are still hanging in. How are the nerves lol
rupertmarn: Do something Wingard, I need the$1000 weekly prize to get my teeth fixed
Raspel31: For one Stul I have found happiness without GOD.
pcaman2003: @rupertman. Not a Pie supporter in disguise by any chance.
Kidult: wth the swing is bye Sicily you knob coach
TheLegend6: cmon titch
Raspel31: Sure you don’t mean surviving tooth rupertmarn?
Stu7: Hawthorns game is garbage
breakonthr: Hey woodduck its not much fun i give you the tip lol
boxy36: Titch is -1 this quarter :/
bhg26: Cheers teachrtony, now I’m third overall
Ooost: Sicily gone forward? boooo
pcaman2003: Hawthorn has become such a very ordinary side. Things need to change urgently
rupertmarn: No pcaman just a regular guy on struggle street with bad teeth
TheLegend6: titch no touches this qtr all I ask is 3 mate
woodduck: Figured that…I got in the top 100 late in the season once and I was a wreck!
pcaman2003: Titch’s second half very poor.
lukefield9: is this the first time Sicily moving forward hasn’t been a bad thing for supercoach?
rupertmarn: Hawks need to go back to the draft.
teachrtony: My pleasure.
Ooost: wooo Sicily kicked a goal!
cmperrfect: Looking fwd to the scaling…
woodduck: you are still running with 3 rook mids. Plenty of improvement left!
Stu7: About time Flawson
pcaman2003: @rupertman. I think you’re right. We bneed totally new blood
breakonthr: Hopefully that will change next week mate
VodkaHawk: Gunston goal, Chad goal, 2 touches to Mitchell.. come on, not asking much
TheLegend6: ffs titch
Stu7: Draw coming up
Kidult: Bloody Wingard!
TheLegend6: All you needed was 3 in the last titch, no good
pcaman2003: 18 shots to 14 and still can’t win.
boxy36: ffs -1 in the last qtr Titch, serious let down
bhg26: Cheer cheer the red and the white
FLAG: stratton flog
Stu7: Hawks are sh1t
VodkaHawk: Very embarrassing, let’s go for the #2 pick Hawks, lol
Stu7: Hawks are a sh1t team
bhg26: Finals run coming for the swans, jumped to 14th
CozzieCan: As long as Titch gets that 100 I’m happy
scboy123: Mills absolute flog nly 105
pcaman2003: Let’s vent our rage on Titch. Horrible 2nd half.

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