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Chat log from R6 of 2020: Essendon vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs North Melbourne, R6 of 2020

J.Worrall: Go those Sameolds!
Apachecats: Sameolds vs Shinboners Worrall
Ash777: going with a huge risk of sympkin captain
Apachecats: Got him captain of my indigenous team Ash.
Apachecats: McKenna will go well ,no one will go near him.
cmperrfect: Smith in the guts
beerent11: Not too big please goldy you’re my next in.
Gotigres: Shiel is my kiss of death inclusion this week
Gotigres: Wow, good start Mahony
beerent11: Go riddler
pcaman2003: Ridley you ripper. Keep it up son.
Apachecats: Nice handball Parish ,spud.
DrSeuss: Time to get rid of Smith it would seem. Spudding up again this week.
amigaman: Advantage calls a joke
Gotigres: Doing well Smith and Shiel
gdshifty: Do something Taylor
Yelse: goooo norffff
MrWalrus: So this week throwing instead of handballs & dropping the ball in tackle
bones351: Disgraceful biased umpiring once again
MrWalrus: Is ok?
heppelitis: Feels that way Bones but I guess they are saying the same thing too.
cmperrfect: Got Riddler, Macca and Simpkin, happy so far.
MrWalrus: Sorry bones, disgraceful yes, biased no, just terrible both ways
bhg26: Love Ridleys 44 points, Saads 35, then Smiths 8 and Taylors 1 point
hinsch: Curtis Taylor 100 one week 1 the next WTF
Apachecats: Sorry Shiel owners ,bought him in this week AND put the C on him.
pcaman2003: MrWalrus. Throwing the ball is the norm now.
bhg26: Oh no apache
heppelitis: McDonald hopeless footballer. Clean him up Townsend.
bhg26: Consistency may be a problem for Curtis Taylor
DrSeuss: Simpkin has stopped this quarter
BigChief: Who was the late out for North?
Apachecats: Anderson BC
Grimes Jr: #donsfooty #drugsfooty
scboy123: damn i really fielded the wrong forwards this week 🙁 Curtis Tylor having a shocker
beerent11: Do you have any players in this game bhg?
cmperrfect: Should be 5 goals up ffs
amigaman: Get lost Grimes you jerk
BigChief: Thanks @Apache
Grimes Jr: lol, u blokes will always be drug cheats, learn to live with it!
bhg26: Saad, Ridley, Smith, Taylor
MrWalrus: Ridley killed me last year for having him, this year for not
Ash777: why brayshaw commentating another norf game
Raspel31: Grow up Grimes. Past bedtime.
amigaman: You are the lowest form of scum. Just a pathetic keyboard warrior
Apachecats: Don’t need your abuse on this forum grimes ,got a problem have you.
casey22: Ess self reported, at least 3 other teams didn’t but were using or had used supplements. Fact
Arminius: drug cheats lol
Grimes Jr: haha, u blokes are so defensive
Struda: ok grimes has an actual smooth brain
Ash777: you are all giving him what he wants.
shea87: grimesy m8, I’ve had 4 day benders with multiple richmond players. Stay in your lane little pot.
Apachecats: Jeez another one ,Richmond as well.
beerent11: Is tips becoming SuperCoach relevant?
Baldfrog: Grimes is just upset cause the dynasty is over for another 39years
Phasir: Ignore the 9thmond bandwagoners, they’ll be back in their hole soon enough once Tigs suck again
Donzoes: get over it
Raspel31: You do realise you’ll be banned for those comments Grimes- last larffs on us. Now go to bed.
heppelitis: grime…dirt ingrained on the surface of something
Grimes Jr: note to self, say drugs and essendon supporters lose it!
Apachecats: Richmond guys a little bit narky ,wonder why ?
Gotigres: Just saw Shiel on screen for the first time. Of course he didn’t actually touch it though
beerent11: Back to the footy
teddyt: I feel sorry for heppell his body just cant handle it since the drug abuse
casey22: Is grimes WC?
Grimes Jr: goodbye d smith
Oddsy5: if laverde missed i might’ve cried
Raspel31: Indeed beer.
pcaman2003: Taylor gone from chocolates to boiled lollies.
Baldfrog: Sisters night off Teddy?
MrWalrus: What a reaction for what is, to be fair, a historical fact, do blues supporters do the same if you mention salary cap?
Apachecats: Coming out of the woodwork tonight , must be the lockdown.
Ash777: dons really should be smashing norf with their outs.
heppelitis: umpiring both way is is so confused and inconsistent.
amigaman: At least we don’t spit on our own players
Baldfrog: Nah MrWalrus paper bags are in fashion again
heppelitis: Ash we would be but we do not have any structure up forward.
Seb78: @Ash777 – They would be if they could kick straight
Grimes Jr: a historically soft set of supporters, walrus
MrWalrus: I could use a couple paper bags, one full of money and one for the missus
Donzoes: coming from tigers fans is rich
CozzieCan: Lmao @Walrus haha legend
heppelitis: baha..we stick fat….Richmond supporters are only there when their team does well.
MrWalrus: They just need to experience extended mediocrity to toughen up like us Grimes
Donzoes: Fair enough lol
shea87: have another bag of crisps walrus
Grimes Jr: heppelitis, we were there when our club was struggling……
shea87: richmond supporters were nowhere to be seen ya lying chimp
frenzy: Krayon still in the team, surprised
shea87: bunch of anne franks
heppelitis: Gee Polec is the most one sided footballer in the AFL atm.
BestCoast: Umpires should identify taggers and allow them to be punched in the head
amigaman: @frenzy who is Krayon
Apachecats: I’m over this crap ,wrecked a good forum grimes.
Baldfrog: Norf still use krayons Frenzy?
frenzy: Hayden
Grimes Jr: enough with the racism, shea
Baldfrog: Only if they can punch Jroo to BC
Donzoes: @BestCoast McDonald punched Shiel dozens of times, fair game i reckon
MrWalrus: BC, that is a rule I can get on board with a “good” tagger is a cheat who doesn’t get caught
shea87: anne frank isn’t racist lol
MrWalrus: No shea, That’s just poor taste, chimps however…. you grub.
shea87: chimps are just primates m8, just a simple sam like yourself
pcaman2003: Shiel done and dusted?
Donzoes: potentially pcaman
Switcheyes: Take that woke crap to the toilet you Smeg head, people can’t use the word chimps anymore
beerent11: For fucks sake
Arminius: heheheh drug cheaters
pcaman2003: Should I leave the room? This conversation is deteriorating
Donzoes: where’s monty
StuL: Smith. Ffs. Add to the never again list
Grimes Jr: good to see curtis humming along nicely
Apachecats: yeah ,I out for the night PCA ,absolute crap in here tonight.
cmperrfect: Must be a full moon tonight @pca
Raspel31: Peace everybody.
scboy123: this has been a round from hell with taylors 12 to go along with Young’s 1, Butler’s 40, King’s 54 + Anderson’s 55
pcaman2003: @Stul. One of the most frustrating players to own.
bhg26: whats everyones projected score?
DrSeuss: Agreed @StuL – Smith Vs Goldy in this for me – not looking good
Grimes Jr: need to kick that curtis
Switcheyes: Grow some skin people sticks and stones,
Chelskiman: It’s even worse when you are doing fantasy/rdt and Taylor is on 4. What a hell round.
MrWalrus: Taylor could still get to respectability
Baldfrog: Agree scboy my seasons over
cmperrfect: Zaka turning back the clock, nice.
Donzoes: Zakas best game in a long long time
Baldfrog: Bhg lucky to get 1800 this week I rekon
Switcheyes: Is mummy coming around to change your nappy
Chelskiman: My round was doomed as soon as I didn’t take Neale’s 98 as VC. 🙁
bhg26: Im 2150 including a player down
Donzoes: in the same boat Baldfrog
Yelse: geez i need curtis taylor to do something need a 50 minimum
scboy123: only thing i did right was captain Gawn lol
pcaman2003: Current proj is 2268
MrWalrus: This is actually looking like my best week yet, might crack 2100….
Donzoes: got greedy and went C grundy over VC Neale
bhg26: Where you ranked pcaman
pcaman2003: Keep going Ridley you good thing
scboy123: i can still crack 2000 if im lucky
Raspel31: A sid I Donzoes,
CozzieCan: D.Smith gone this week
m0nty: Nice touch on the ball by Hooker
pcaman2003: bhg26. Going good this week,but in the mid 20,00’s
Grimes Jr: with smith and taylor….
cmperrfect: Any1 ranked in top 100 overall?
Gotigres: Mahony not given his free kick
scboy123: Taylor concussed on 14. That about sums it up
StuL: Loving Ridley. Jumped on a bit late but he will be top 10
gotigers04: yeah i am rank 97
DrSeuss: And Taylor is likely gone
Baldfrog: Sad that Hore is no more
scboy123: glad hes back out there. come on CT
Raspel31: Bringing Ridley in only positive for me this week.
MrWalrus: Great, roos been dirty off ball so sheil kills Taylor in res
DrSeuss: Or not – good work CT
pcaman2003: @bhg26, Just checked asnd I’m ranked 12665 as of last week
MrWalrus: *response
heppelitis: Covid originated from bat living in Old McDonalds bush.
Grimes Jr: CT get 40 great man
Baldfrog: I’ll kill Ridley for you next week guys
BestCoast: Shiel squat showered big time
scboy123: there we have it
Oddsy5: taylor shouldn’t have been standing there
StuL: If Taylor is dead cant afford to offload Smith
CozzieCan: 3 man army at the Roos , Simpkin ,Goldstein & Hall .. lift Roos
DrSeuss: Ok Dev Smith keep going – 70 or 80 will suffice
MrWalrus: Shiel will get a few weeks for that
BestCoast: Pacman 12446 for me absolute shower
Donzoes: need smith and laverde goal to win 500 bucks
CozzieCan: @Walrus oh for sure mate
cmperrfect: I’m 50th coming into this week, gonna drop now though.
pcaman2003: How did Taylor get 100 last week?
bhg26: 751, definitely dropping after this week
Yelse: CT looks like a lost puppy out there
pcaman2003: BC. We’re pretty close then m8
MrWalrus: I’ll be struggling to get 22 playing next week let alone having the luxury to trade the likes of Smith
pcaman2003: @bhg26. I should rise this week since picking up 2 good players.
BigChief: Why oh why do I have Norf players 🙁
StuL: Same Walrus. Stuck with Smith now.
CozzieCan: I have Saad anyone else here have him ? I’ve had him since 2019
heppelitis: good pressure parish
bhg26: I don’t know why, but having Curtis Taylors score worries me a bit
MrWalrus: I wish I was 20,000th, normally top 5, 000th or better, this year 60,000th & falling
BestCoast: pcaman2003 we are battling for the shower cup lol
Baldfrog: Walrus think I’m near you just to scared to look
Raspel31: Ditto MrWalrus, sigh.
CozzieCan: @bhg such an underrated player , always reliable
BestCoast: Carn Bombers flog these Grubaroos
bhg26: Should Supercoach give us more trades to deal with all the injuries
pcaman2003: Hard to take this year too seriously.
bhg26: Having Rankine on my bench makes me want to ball up and cry in a corner because i have taylor on the ground
frenzy: Sheik be right mate
BestCoast: Bhg26 yes
circle52: Another interesting question how many are close to fielding a full team, Injuries crueling us this year
Donzoes: probably soon, since 4.5 day breaks could happen
CozzieCan: Where’s @Frenzy & his motivation for the Roos lol
circle52: Agree pcman but we have to do something to maintain interest
heppelitis: BC there is a bit of dirty stuff going on out there…both ways. They really dislike each other.
scboy123: yes we deserve more trades (not total just like available per round)
frenzy: Hey ease up bc you seagull
Baldfrog: And lots more carnage to come with so many soft tissue injuries
scboy123: i didnt do round 2 trades cuz forgot and am copping 2 injuries a week its just brutality out here
beerent11: No way should we get more trades. That’s a big part of the game.
circle52: Odds on for that baldfrog
BestCoast: Heppelitis the Showerboners do it week in week out
CozzieCan: Free trade for a tombstone player perhaps ?
pcaman2003: Taylor looks knackered.
scboy123: i havent even had time to trade rowell out yet
Baldfrog: Bit of cash wouldn’t go astray either
cmperrfect: Ridley you gun, the new Dustin Fletcher
BestCoast: Seagull in a feeding frenzy
circle52: Injuries forcing sideways trades and now have Brander, Starcevich, Budarick, Brown. McInerney and Taylor maxed out.
circle52: But all the fun of the game
Lawls: Merrett killing me
bhg26: What about best 18, 20 or 22 every week?
zoomba23: Bombers should be 5 goals up
Baldfrog: I have them to Circle
pcaman2003: Ridley is the new wet dream in the backline
MrWalrus: As someone copping every bit of bad luck I day change nothing, any change now will end up screwing me & my like hardest
heppelitis: Go Ham and Cheese Toastie you good little thing
circle52: 2 will more tan likely become Simpson and Rankine but which 2 will be decided by B/e etc baldfrog.
circle52: Assuming no other injuries
Gotigres: Smith you idiot
pcaman2003: Give Smith the Muppet icon.
circle52: Nice to see both these teams have been to the Lions kicking school
bhg26: Fair enough Walrus
pcaman2003: May have to trade Smith to Simpkin. Simpkin is steady.
Yelse: seriously CT any watching him going around in circles
Donzoes: Good stuff McGrath
Chelskiman: Not only is my fantasy screwed but I went a few roughies in the tipping. So far I have one right and I picked the Roos.
cmperrfect: Put a fork in it.
Ash777: smith is no midfielder.
CozzieCan: Lots of sc points to come
DrSeuss: Keep going Dev Smith – get that 80
pcaman2003: DrSeuss. You better get out the whip mate
StuL: I know why i didnt recognise Walker. He’s been for a yea yea.
The39Steps: Was just looking at that @cozzie – Taylor may get to the ton afterall!
cmperrfect: 3 tons, thanks Simpkin, Macca and Riddler
Harambe: I don’t think Dev Smith can hear you right now Seuss.
DrSeuss: @pca – He is nearly there in af – will do for me
Chelskiman: He’s cracked 80 now!
BestCoast: Come on Shiel another 20-30 please
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Yep I hear you. Here he comes now.
MrWalrus: Oh well, knew the luck couldn’t last, back again for more pain tomorrow
scboy123: sad times walrus
bhg26: What is one word to summarise this round so far
pcaman2003: Off to the glue factory for you Smith.
circle52: may get banned is I publish here
Chelskiman: Destruction
CozzieCan: @bhg saad
pcaman2003: bhg26. Winner!
CozzieCan: Bet ya D.Smith 93 SC coming up
bhg26: I see what you did there cozzie
rupertmarn: carnage
CozzieCan: Lol
bhg26: Go away pcaman
bhg26: I dont like seeing other succeed while im in pain
spdysaint: what are people projecting right now, wanna see how bad im doing
bhg26: Probably around the 2100 mark for SC
scboy123: lucky if i get 2000 this week lol
CozzieCan: On 1507 with 10 players to go including my C .. proj 2308

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