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Chat log from R6 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R6 of 2020

frenzy: lights are on, but nobody home
frenzy: m0nty’s nesting
amigaman: G’day frenzy
pcaman2003: Hi Frenzy
frenzy: howdy
pcaman2003: Have Cogs,Haynes Whitty and Green. Who do you guys have in this one?
scboy123: just got Tom Green and Dan Houston in this one
chilipowdr: Haynes and Green for me
Dogs5416: Greene, Haynes and Cogs for me.
pcaman2003: Let’s hope there’s no carnage today.
heppelitis: pcaman. I got Perryman in this week and they Port tried to KO him already
Raspel31: Go Perryman- save my worst week in living memory.
pcaman2003: Perryman has been going alright
pcaman2003: I brought Haynes in this week cos he’s been consistently good and has a gr8 work ethic.
BigChief: I have Cogs, Tom Green, Haynes, Houston, Rozee
rupertmarn: Rozee not interested
StuL: Ffs tagging Whitfield? Go tag Kelly
rupertmarn: Great Whitfield tagged ffs
frenzy: Capt Maxy did that for me, Raspel
BigChief: Rozee home sick? LOL
Yelse: brought in whitfield and he gets tagged FFS
rupertmarn: How can Rozee go from scores of 130 to 40?
PowerBug: because he was playing in 10 goal thrashings and now he’s not…
BigChief: Did Tom Green ever have possession there?
PowerBug: He’s only playing small stints in the mids, what did you expect him to do when we stopped winning games by QT?
rupertmarn: PowerBug that is incorrect
softwhitee: whitfield tag is very loose if anything, he should be fine
rupertmarn: Rozee now a permanent forward pocket, what a waste
Yelse: wheres cogs playing?
rupertmarn: Wait a sec, hold my hand sanitiser-the Rozee train is back in toww
rupertmarn: Whitfield or Twitfield?
rupertmarn: Might trade in Houston in two weeks
MercAm: Why the hell is whitfield being tagged, I legit cant catch a break this week in sc
Harambe: Cogs midfield.
MrWalrus: I think rozee may have been carrying a bit of injury from his r3 knock
pcaman2003: Could get ugly if Whitty keeps this up.
rupertmarn: This round I’ve had 5 players score under 45.
frenzy: smart move trading Whitty 3 weeks ago
rupertmarn: Can Whitfield get his 74 breakeven?
FlyinRyan2: feel bad for anyone who traded out houston
jbjimmyjb: ofc I traded Houston 2 weeks ago
pcaman2003: I thought Whitty gave a free away,in the back.
jfitty: Didn’t Haynes kick one right down the throat of a Port player just before? 100%? Lol
Harambe: I feel ya Rupert, when I bench Taylor he scores 74, field him he scores 10.
rupertmarn: Houston to score 200
BigChief: @frenzy it was a great move. I did the same thing.
BigChief: @jiffy I think that was Keeffe.
Frankfaust: Hi to all.
amigaman: Haha would have traded Houston but never got the chance with all the injuries
Raspel31: I left Rowell on the bench round 2 when he went massive.
spdysaint: all the players I sideways trade seem to have hit form. FML
StuL: If its over 50 its effective right? Didn’t see it
rupertmarn: Harambe because of the shorter games there will be massive scores and very low scores but it’s extremely frustrating.
Frankfaust: Is Houston doing a different role?
xjumpman23: wheres Hately playing?
BestCoast: Houston we have a problem
Harambe: Houston has been mostly midfield and occasionally forward.
scboy123: to think everyone dropped dan houston after like 4 weeks… on track for back to back tons
rupertmarn: Whitfield and Kelly to explode this quarter
BestCoast: Traded Rowell to Shiel absolute master stroke
Frankfaust: Thx Harambe
rupertmarn: This has to be the most frustrating supercoach year on record
Raspel31: Brilliant work BestCoast. Champagne on you?
amigaman: @BestCoast better than Duncan 🙁
rupertmarn: DeBoar tagging Amon according to Blighty
cmperrfect: Coniglio off to a flyer again..
BigChief: Burton has gone backwards since leaving Hawks.
BestCoast: Do you think Shiel will get weeks
rupertmarn: Coniglio has jumped the shark in his career
RooBoyStu: Aha yeah yeah I got Houston in this week
Jontdawg: Having injuries two weeks in a row made keep Houston, but turns out to be a blessing in disguise
pcaman2003: Whitfield’s score lifting quickly.
DrSeuss: Cogs with 2 touches in the 1st – he might have to lay 15 tackles to be any good
rupertmarn: Looks like we have to trade in 2 rookies this week. Who out of Day (94)
rupertmarn: Rankine or Simpson or Day which two?
Raspel31: I’d say very minimum of 3 BestCoast.
BestCoast: RooBoyStu been on the punt lately
Donzoes: cogs and whitfield have ruined my year
BigChief: @bestCoast I would say 2
BestCoast: Double downgrade this week for me
rupertmarn: Rozee has lost interst in football and is womenising
pcaman2003: Cogs back to bruise free footy again. Surprise,surprise!
BestCoast: Donzoes many a player/spud has ruined mine
pedsz: Rankine and Simpson for me
poolboybob: piss off, Houston
BigChief: @Donzoes chinavirus ruined my year.
rupertmarn: Who u trading in BestCoast?
cmperrfect: I have both too @Donzoes, but still in contention
Donzoes: Could go on and name another 7-8 BestCoast
frenzy: glad I didnt start Cogs, nearly did thou
Donzoes: Fair enough BigChief
BestCoast: pedsz thinking the same
Yelse: cogs been a disaster what has happened to him
Raspel31: No, Rozee is affirmedly gay rupertmarn.
BestCoast: Start and Taylor rupertmarn
rupertmarn: Is Rozee on recreationals?
BestCoast: Starc
Raspel31: I’m thinking upgrade to Gawn and downgrade to Rankine,
rupertmarn: Simpson Best Coast? Or is job security an issue
Raspel31: I didn’t say great by the way but I was duly censored.
Donzoes: My thoughts to Raspel
pedsz: Might have to hold Starc to get them in though unless Rivers or Brander play next week
cmperrfect: Starce to Simpson, DSmith to Rankine for me.
frenzy: nah Narkle out 3 weeks atleast, rupertman
BestCoast: Rupertmarn Simpson Rakine
cmperrfect: Plus Duncan out, couldn’t see Simpson being dropped for a while yet
BigChief: I don’t see Simpson holding his spot for a long period with the dud coach Geel have.
pedsz: Duncan out too rupert
BestCoast: Anyone want a Wingard or Smith I am selling them cheap lol
rupertmarn: Simpson it is, he should make $200,000 in good time
pedsz: Scott said in his presser simpson should get games
pcaman2003: Lift Haynes and Cogs. Stop killing me.
BestCoast: Ad I said once before if I fell in a 44 gallon drum of nipples I would come out sucking my thumb
frenzy: pull the trigger rupertman
StuL: Haynes being sort of tagged. Been super consistent all year. Until i got him in
AuroraBore: Terrible advantage call
rupertmarn: GWS should have traded Coniglio
AuroraBore: @monty Haynes supposedly being tagged by Marshall btw
pcaman2003: And then Cgs more than doubles his score,just like that. lol1
BigChief: @pedsz he also said Smith was the #1 ruck last year and then dropped him the next week. Don’t trust anything Scott says.
MrWalrus: Bont, cogs & Hanners instead of Neale, selwood & Viney. Why walrus why?
frenzy: very true Chief
cmperrfect: Perryman taken over Cogs this year.
Donzoes: the week i trde houston out, he get 100’s in a row
BestCoast: My Suggestions so the opposite and you will be ok
Crave: @Donzoes you are not alone on that one
BestCoast: Sideways trading in this climate is ludicrous
Baldfrog: Good too see it’s respectable in here again
BestCoast: This year rookies shower premo flower
BigChief: @BestCoast only sideways trades are for long susp or long inj imo.
BestCoast: It’s early Baldfrog lol
MrWalrus: @BC, so do sideways trade?
Raspel31: God a bit out of hand last night didn’t it Bald.
BestCoast: True BigChief
AuroraBore: Do you only get a freekick counted toward your score if you take the kick?
nick2397: With Rockliff out, Houston can expect bigger scores. Worthwhile upgrading Starcevich to Houston.
DrSeuss: Cogs, Corr, Whitfield and Green – need a big 2nd half please
frenzy: and Whitfield Chief
RooBoyStu: Houston clap clap clap
pcaman2003: Well! That half sucked bad.
Baldfrog: Yeah Raspel and sad as 99% of us get on well
scboy123: need a big second half from tom green
nick2397: Anyone know who De Boer is tagging?
BestCoast: I need another Gin and tonic
Baldfrog: I’m just an observer now my season is stuffed
pcaman2003: @scboy123. It would help if he had more TOG.
MrWalrus: Rank baldfrog?
amigaman: Scotch time
valkorum: whitfield owners rejoice – sutcliffe who was tagging him is possibly injured
RooBoyStu: Tog is overrated look at Houston only 79
scboy123: yeah lets start with putting him on the fucking field aye
Baldfrog: About with you Walrus 60k to scared to look tbh
pcaman2003: @Valkorum. Fingers crossed for Whitty 2nd half. Needs a huge game from here on.Same for Cogs
scboy123: its aight balxfrog bad year for all this one. im like 50k but missed the bloody 5 trades round 2 shenanigans
Baldfrog: Whitfield not playing as well this year tho
MrWalrus: Well let’s see who can climb the highest, I’m still hopeful of getting to around 20k
nick2397: Hopefully Coniglio gets back in the middle at some stage, will be useless if stays forward in these conditions
MrWalrus: I missed that too scboy, me and we have more for a late charge, may actually pay off if carnage continues
amigaman: @scboy I assume you have a heap of trades left then
scboy123: yeah but with only 17 rounds i feel like we might hve trades left over
pcaman2003: @nick2397. He was in the middle during that qtr
Raspel31: My highest scoring player this round is Budarick subbing for Sturt.
scboy123: yeah i think i got 22 trades
amigaman: @scboy finals as well
frenzy: lol rasp
BestCoast: Raspel sounds like you need a stiff drink with teeth
amigaman: Whoops finals don’t count. My bad
Raspel31: Thank god for the extra trades- Howe, Dunkley, Stewart, Rowell etc, etc.
Ash777: I wouldn’t worry about how many trades are left.
rupertmarn: I need 7 trades this week to trade out Starcevich,
frenzy: and screwed ess/melb called off
Baldfrog: Raspel I know you have Neale
MrWalrus: 20 trades left for me, leaves almost 2 a round, so can get aggressive, might need em
Raspel31: Okay outed Baldfrog- but I left him on the bench.
scboy123: any news on hayden youngs injury?
rupertmarn: Need to trade out Starcevich, D.Smith,Brander, J.McInerny,Pittonet,T.Brown,C.Taylor and Ceglarwn,
Baldfrog: How many weeks did Rohan get?
frenzy: Ctrl Alt Del Rupertman
frenzy: fined Baldfrog
Raspel31: I don’t know Bald. What’s the punchline?.
feralmong: 22 trades left. how many more we get? or just the shorter season
MrWalrus: Pffft @rupertmarn, I’m still trying to offload BZT!
BigChief: If they are in your team rupert you need to delete your account.
Baldfrog: Cheers Frenzy
circle52: I have them all bar Pittonet rupertman
Raspel31: Lol fenzy
MrWalrus: Start spending em Feral
MrWalrus: Anyone thinking Smith needs trading is actually having a good season from my perspective
DrSeuss: Get green on field FGS – needs his TOG
amigaman: 22 trades in 11 rounds. You don’t need any more
feralmong: starc my only on field rook def. so him first.
Raspel31: Indeed MrWalrus- least of my concerns and without clangers would have had a good score
feralmong: Houston already at projected. nice.
pcaman2003: Haynes Cogs and Whitty starting to make a move.. C’mon Green and lift son.
BigChief: Cmon Tom Green get in there and do something.
MercAm: Ahhh need Dixen and Marshal to score a goal. Please…
frenzy: whitty making his move now
DrSeuss: Houston has stopped it seems. Corr too – get a touch
Raspel31: You’ve gone heavy on GWS BigChief?.
feralmong: Whitfield projected only 75. should pass that.
scboy123: Why did they move houston onto Whitfield. This is killing me
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Opp has Houston so I don’t feel bad abut it.
feralmong: and a sausage helps.
feralmong: my opp has 12 gws players. is your name claire chief?
casey22: Is a kick out on the full a free against score
Crave: no just a clanger i think
frenzy: trust Kenny to destroy Houie
Nuffman: @Casey: pretty sure it’s counted as a clanger, if that’s the same as a FA (which is also a clanger), then yes?
DrSeuss: Haha @pca – I have Houston – opponent has Haynes – I need Houston to not stop!
ConVoid: yes @casey22
PowerBug: It counts as a clanger, it does not count as a Free Kick Against. Deliberates count as a FA though
pcaman2003: @Seuss. @loggerheads! lol
PowerBug: Simple answer is every FA requires a FF. Farrell just took a kick in from an OOTF, he does not have a FF
MercAm: Please dixon
pcaman2003: So glad I traded Noble to Haynes this week.
MercAm: Ok come on Marshal need ya to kick a goal
Raspel31: Perryman- 19 possies- 69???
MrWalrus: Rozee went backwards, Houston nowhere that qtr at least cogs didn’t choke
Raspel31: Good move pcaman- je t’envie,
casey22: Next question: Is SC points sytem the same in this shotened version of the game?
Dead_Ned: THANKYOU Haynes and Whitfield! 46 points each that qtr
Fatbar5tad: Rosey sucks. Won’t get to 70.
pcaman2003: Whitty Cogs and Haynes= Woohoo!
MrWalrus: Alir late out in case anyone has him
PowerBug: There’s still 3300 points handed out in every match
PowerBug: But with shorter quarters you can kind of estimate that every stat is worth 1.25x what they were last season
bhg26: Can’t believe after a late change McInerney still isnt in
tommy10: Do something Rozee ffs
frenzy: he’s got the Titchell treatment
valkorum: @bhg26 I am happy with that, McInerney out means I get simpsons 102 from the bench
Fatbar5tad: Rosey is a fucking blouse.
bhg26: Im not happy, im still one short, and i had rankine on the bench
pcaman2003: @Valkorum. Nice one!
rupertmarn: Rozee lol
pcaman2003: Greens TOG is really woeful.
BigChief: ffs Haynes getting strapping on ribs.
valkorum: @pcaman2003 Yep, very happy boy on Friday after final teams
Fatbar5tad: Injured Brander or fit Rosey. Tough choice.
frenzy: how far off is Zac Willy
tommy10: CD being a bit tough on Rozee tho jeez
Raspel31: Definitely injured Brander for a moral victory Fatbar.
scboy123: how is houston still only on 88 wtf is this
scboy123: as i type that he changes to 104 of course
casey22: Amazing how low/high westy can go for a player that moves around the ground so much
MercAm: Yes Marshall easy 1.4k
pcaman2003: C’mon Haynes Cogs and Whitty,ton up fellas.
Ash777: tom green has hit the wall
Fatbar5tad: @tommy10 -Rosey one free against and one turnover this haldpf. CD not harsh, Rosey is just shite.
pcaman2003: Muppet for Davis.Stupid!
m0nty: nominations for star please
BigChief: Wow Rozee got a touch.
Fatbar5tad: Pep
Ash777: PP of course
PowerBug: Farrell was clutch in the last
NewFreoFan: Powell Pep
Stu7: Houston
frenzy: Haynes
valkorum: Farrell Star
Jontdawg: Haynes rock, pepper star, Whitfield gun
Spifflicat: No-one has stood out
Jontdawg: Farrell x factor
casey22: Houston
frenzy: yin yang whitty
RooBoyStu: Houston star lol
cmperrfect: Haynes
Spifflicat: Perry,and 24 after getting cleaned up early has been impressive
BigChief: SPP star Farrell x and whitfield seagull.
pcaman2003: Kick a goal and ton up Cgs
Spifflicat: Perryman I meant
heppelitis: they told me not to pay for the perryman you wont be on the winning side
frenzy: Green wall
valkorum: @m0nty can you check the link for the rich v syd game
Fatbar5tad: 2 point half Rosey you steaming turd
StacksOn: just checking in, was houston in the midfield much?
Crave: ying yang for rozee
BigChief: Anyone else unable to open Rich v Syd game?
tommy10: Never never again Rozee u turd
amigaman: Works now

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