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Chat log from R6 of 2020: Melbourne vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Melbourne vs Gold Coast, R6 of 2020

J.Worrall: Go Suns
BestCoast: Please Captain Gawn save my flower shower team
BestCoast: J.Worrall correct go Suns
CozzieCan: Field budarick or J.Aarts .. decisions decisions hmm
BestCoast: Bennell showing some guts with the 13 jumper with all the luck he has had
MrWalrus: Lucky for some BC
MrWalrus: I’ve gone Aarts cozzie so probably Budarick
CozzieCan: @Warlus gone budarick to bounce back after 28sc last week.. hopefully he goes good
Gotigres: I have a bad feeling of a late out from Simpkin, Martin, Aarts and Mahony tomorrow so I have got the E on both King and
Gotigres: and Buderick with Brander Capt. There I need Buderick to get as close to 61 as possible
frenzy: Oh to have an E, bench full of duds atm
MrWalrus: Budarick is my only playing bench player, lucky to have Pickett & Bennell in or I’d have been stuffed
CozzieCan: Greenwood in centre .. hopefully goes well
scboy123: Up Ben King, Noah Anderson and Max Gawn
scboy123: hopefully buderick has a bad one as i cashed in on him for aarts this week lol
BestCoast: MrWalrus same missed a few on the bubble with injuries
bhg26: Had about 4 or 5 outs and now im playing one short
heppelitis: Bennell number 17 not 13
MrWalrus: Ouch bhg, just know you’re not alone in having a shocker this year.
Gotigres: Powerhouse or Showerhouse forward line with Rankine, Buderick, King, Mahony, Brander, Aarts
Baldfrog: With all these short Melb passes there won’t be any SC points left by 1/4 time
Breezey: I’ve tipped the Dees here but I have a bad feeling about this already
bhg26: I was 751st Walrus, shattered
CozzieCan: Budarick almost last weeks sc score in 1 Qtr , ironic
Baldfrog: Don’t worry bhg I swapped Rowell with Duncan that worked out well
frenzy: I got Narkle
bhg26: Yikes Baldfrog and frenzy, i traded Rowell for Bailey Smith, heres hoping
MrWalrus: Well bhg in that case welcome to the club, I reckon you might be ok though compared to some others
Breezey: Fair start for Rankine
Gotigres: Rankine number 22
Ooost: Rankine 😀
hinsch: I had three donuts last week and two this week hate these injuries
BestCoast: Anderson number 2 pick start playing like that flog
MrWalrus: NicNat should have got extra SC points for giving ROB a phone
Gotigres: Great goal by Rankine
beerent11: I’ve seen enough
Snarfy: Got my eye on Rankine tonight.
bhg26: Viney actually looks interested this week
BigChief: Bennell started well
frenzy: thats for all the traders bhg
sMiles: What has been awful is watching Viney open and Melbourne nnot going through him as an option… Has been hard to watch a
sMiles: What has been awful is watching Viney open and Melbourne nnot going through him as an option… Has been hard to watch
sMiles: As an owneer, hope he gets more ball today
pcaman2003: Have Viney,Tracca and Greeny in this one. So far so good.
StacksOn: freak goal weller
CozzieCan: Greenwood gun
Yelse: this is gonna be a close game. Gawn C viney oliver budarik here
Gotigres: Need you to do more than this Budarick
Torz: Rankine is slippery
AuroraBore: Rankine is so exciting to watch
Gotigres: Rankine looks a real goer. Looks like he’s playing midfield
BigChief: Fiorini has dropped off badly. He was once a ball magnet, not can’t even buy a cheap disp
pcaman2003: Very happy so far.
beerent11: Hopefully rankine gets through ok. Will be a great double downgrade with Simpson next week
BestCoast: Most rookies do ok straight up them don’t touch the ball for the next three quarters
bhg26: Stuck by Rankine since round one, looks very good
StacksOn: definitely looking like a double downgrade week with simpson and rankine
CozzieCan: @BigChief , yeah no flowering shit .. last 2 years was arguably the best for GC in mid
StacksOn: i hate doing the double down though, really want more premiums on field
beerent11: It’s a marathon not a sprint stackson
frenzy: yep need to get the donuts off the park, stackson
StacksOn: definitely feels more like a sprint this year though beer, only 12 weeks left to get 10 premos
CozzieCan: Budarick first to go , flowering useless
scboy123: big C on Gawny, didnt take neales VC. lets see if it pays off
BigChief: Dee’s on fire.
MercAm: McDonald out?
scboy123: Anderson 8 disposals 22 points come on man
StacksOn: jeez youd be happy going down to hibberd this week, thought he was gonna be useless
frenzy: nah anderson 4 williams Merc
pcaman2003: Tracca ya muppet. Foot to ball please.
frenzy: Lol this Mcdonald Merc
DrSeuss: Where is Bennell playing?
scboy123: I played the wrong King brother this week lol
CozzieCan: Gawn 200 at this rate
beerent11: Forward seuss
pcaman2003: Get back in there Viney.
Yelse: over u serious get moving
CozzieCan: @Yelse who m8?
Gotigres: Wake up Viney and Rankine
scboy123: There we go benny more of that buddy
DrSeuss: Cheers Beers
pcaman2003: Gawn just having his own way. Witts needs to make Gawny accountable
frenzy: Im guessing Oliver, Yelse
BigChief: @frenzy could be Brayshaw also
scboy123: Gawn mate a high tackle and an out on the full
pcaman2003: Lift Viney and Tracca.
frenzy: lol Chief, surely
beerent11: Your goal gawn
Apachecats: Flop of the year -Darcy Mc ,glad I dropped him weeks ago.
The39Steps: Is Viney’s bum superglued to the pine?
beerent11: Harley is so smooth
Gandhi: Having Darcy Mc in keeper is killing me
pcaman2003: Browny thinks Gawn and Witts fairly even. Lol!
Struda: apache anyone starting macpherson has a smooth brain
MercAm: Fell like Langdon is really underrated
DrSeuss: Noah and Bennell need a little bit of a lift please gents
Harambe: I was hot on MacPherson before the Marsh series but he got zero midfield time in that so he became a no-go for me.
Apachecats: He was killing it in the preseason Struda ,left his form there though.
Harambe: Role is often more important than scores in preseason Apache, he lost the mid time from last year.
beerent11: Gawn will pass Neale in price soon at this rate
Struda: we knew he didnt have a full time midfield role
wadaramus: Struda must have no spuds in his team, picked a perfect squad?
Apachecats: yeah Harambie ,learning all the time.
BestCoast: I must have all Strudas spuds then wadaramus
Struda: fair few spuds, no one that had a shit role
wadaramus: And I have a smooth brain 🙂
BestCoast: My new job Spud farmer
frenzy: staple diet bestcoast
Apachecats: Nothing wrong with a smooth brain Wada ,at least you’ve got one.
BestCoast: frenzy I’m a sucker for hot chips
scboy123: damn my opponent has tracca and hes at 74 already jeez
Struda: Ok didnt really having a smooth brain was actually a horrible condition, i take it back
Struda: starting macpherson was still dumb
BestCoast: Apache and Wada I have a fried brain
Ash777: I cant get rid of macpherson 🙁
Raspel31: What sauce are you having with it BestCoast?
BestCoast: Lions and tigers and bears oh my
Harambe: I panic-swapped my captain from Macrae to Gawn 1 min before this game. Lesson is, always panic. Act rashly.
BestCoast: Raspel Milk & Honey brand Gin tonight
frenzy: went Max to see if I could salvage my score, fingers crossed, lol
CozzieCan: @Harambe why would you cpt Macrae ? He’s been average asf this year
Raspel31: Yum.
Apachecats: You’re starting to sound like Dorothy BC
BestCoast: Next is Isle of Harris Gin
Ash777: Atleast with anderson, zielbell n cunnington out sympkin has to be full time mid.
Harambe: Macrae has a better record vs Carlton than Gawn vs GC but I went for current form in the end.
BestCoast: Love my Dan Murphy’s card my favorite friend
Apachecats: No such thing as dry July BC.
BestCoast: Apache I’m more like tinman
Harambe: Is that when you don’t score a root for all of July?
Gotigres: Lucky I ditched McPherson after round 1
CozzieCan: @Harambe you don’t have Neale or Grundy ?
BestCoast: Apache dry July yeah that why I’m drinking the dry Gin
Apachecats: Just wait for Can’t Remember September.
Harambe: Nah I’ve had Jacobs/Naismith/Pittonet/Gawn in the rucks, no Grundy. Didn’t start Neale and won’t pay 900k for him.
BestCoast: Then October Fest
cmperrfect: Pitto to Maxy next week.
Apachecats: Yeah BC that sounds like a good honest attempt at dry July.
DrSeuss: Damnit get Anderson off the bench
wadaramus: Rocktober.
Harambe: Pitto to Grundy in a few weeks when that 53 drops out.
Apachecats: McPherson seems to be in isolation.
CozzieCan: @Harambe sounds like a good plan , Gawn/Grundy every year is a must
pcaman2003: Move along Greenwood. Don’t stop on me
wadaramus: MacPherson lives!!
Gotigres: Same with me cmperrect and one downgrade
CozzieCan: Greenwood out of gas ..
Raspel31: Pitto to Gawn for me- went Grundy early.
BestCoast: Will gladly donate cash to the cause Apache
pcaman2003: Pitto to Gawn for me too.
pcaman2003: Dazmn you Greeny. Been sliding backwards all qtr
Apachecats: I’ll sponsor you per bottle.BC
Yelse: oliver seriously lift ffs
BestCoast: Anderson 15 possies for 30 garbage
Breezey: I’m seriously contemplating Touk Miller.
pcaman2003: Is Witts trying to raise Gawns price? Witts getting towelled up.
Chelskiman: What a goal!
Gotigres: Miracle goal by Rankine!
Breezey: Rankine again with a ripper
StuL: Thanks for taking Gawns intercept you flog umpire
BestCoast: Apache I would love a sponsorship for WhistlePig
SneakySC: Rankine’s a gun
AuroraBore: Rankine is special
BigChief: More arse than class in that goal.
Grimes Jr: lift gawn
BestCoast: Can’t Gawny smash Neales score please
Chelskiman: 1-1 this soccer game is amazing!
Breezey: I’m Rankine Isaac very highly at the moment
BestCoast: Carn*
Apachecats: If I ever get to Noosa ,I’ll have a Whistlepig with you.
Harambe: He’s certainly no Rankine file type of player.
BestCoast: Apache we will crack a bottle for sure with pleasure
pcaman2003: Ya killing me Greenwood. Touch the flowering ball
Gotigres: Rankine haha
spdysaint: greeny done nothing this qtr
Breezey: Some cracking goals tonight. Ellis this time
Gotigres: Does that count as 2 fees for Rankine?
DrSeuss: Noah and Bennell do something ffs
CozzieCan: Greenwood dead
AuroraBore: out of the loop, what is whistlepig?
BigChief: @gotigres 1 to Rankine, 1 to Ellis
Apachecats: lol Harambie
Gotigres: Thanks BigChief
BestCoast: Aurora American whiskey
Apachecats: Finest rye whiskey Aurora
Gotigres: 20 more points please Budarick would be perfect
BigChief: @Ben_Gogas. In game blog Rankine has done well to HB over Hunt when Hunt isn’t playing.
BestCoast: Anderson is a flower spud
Breezey: Anderson is in his fifth game. Harsh call of spud.
scboy123: yeah anderson really bleeding rn
DrSeuss: Anderson’s TOG is rubbish this game.
Harambe: Is Karmichael Hunt playing?
pcaman2003: @Harambe Yep! With his pipe
Ash777: The real spud is macpherson
Harambe: The fact Karmichael kicked an after-the-siren winner is still one of the funniest things in footy.
Apachecats: I thought Carmichael was spelt with a C.
BigChief: @Apache nope spelt with a K
scboy123: How is budarick on 47. hes singlehandedly responsible for at least 2 goals
pcaman2003: C’mon Tracca Viney Greenwood. All of u ton up please
circle52: Couple of frees against scboy
Gotigres: Another great goal from Rankine from Gawn tap.
Ash777: scboy he also gave away a couple of goals.
BigChief: Most traded in player next week? I. Rankine.
StuL: If you Tracca wasnt such a butcher he would be on 180
circle52: Simpson may have some hand in it as well Simpson and Tankine no doubt
Harambe: Simpson?
BigChief: @Harambe Simpson from Geelong mate.
bhg26: Max Kings 60 is looking showerhouse compared to Rankines 100
beerent11: Onya Jack
pcaman2003: Go Viney. Lift Tracca
DrSeuss: Bennell and Anderson on field while Rankine sits on my bench
pcaman2003: Onya Greeny. Your turn Tracca.
BigChief: WTF was that free to Rankine for?
beerent11: Been watching the other game. Another petracca fade out?
Yelse: Rankine will spud next week for sure like ll rookies this year bar one
circle52: Big Chief think there was a punch or something over the boundary line from replay
beerent11: Mr positivity yelse
CniglioSsn: we have to wait a whole SEASON to see rankine and Rowell together, i’m gutted
BigChief: @circle very soft if that’s what it was for. Nothing connected.
pcaman2003: Tracca you muppet. Shower last qtr
beerent11: Trac just lost 15 points?
pcaman2003: Onya Tracca. Best player ever.
pcaman2003: 3 Tons,so pretty happy with that.
beerent11: Viney has had a blinder
Kylacham: Validated for leaving captain on Gawn despite Danger’s score…
Jontdawg: Who rage traded Viney haha
heppelitis: Grime…dirt ingrained on the the surface of something
heppelitis: oops wrong page lol

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