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Chat log from R6 of 2020: West Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for West Coast vs Adelaide, R6 of 2020

frenzy: hello again
zadolinnyj: Howdy
CozzieCan: Cmon E.Yeo big game from you plz
Apachecats: hi frenzy ,at least I didn’t miss the start of this one.
pcaman2003: And we’re back again.
circle52: Laird, Gaff and Yeo in this.
BestCoast: Back home for the Eagles next week yee haa
pcaman2003: Got Laird and dodo in this one
Haydo: The Adelaide vs Essendon game later this year surely gets sponsored by Macdonals, they’ve got that many Mcs
rupertmarn: Need Gaff to bring home the bacon
pcaman2003: Time to put Laird on now coach.
frenzy: looks like Telly was the only one to get outta bed Apache
Apachecats: yeah frenzy ,got him ,been doing nothing ,about time for him
Silz90: So many people brought in yeo this week! time for laird to lift
Apachecats: Laird still in the bed.
blonde0na: guess ROB wasn’t wrong about nicnat being unfit 🙂
pcaman2003: @Apache. Laird last one on the ground.
StuL: Not sold on too many mids so spent in defence. No Yeo
CozzieCan: Laird will still ton , always gets close or does so thankfully
pcaman2003: Hope you’re right Cozzie
feralmong: same stu. i ton up a lot in defence.
rupertmarn: Gaff in lockdown
original: ROB notes on nicnat accurate ffs uuuseless
feralmong: crisp, laird, houston, doc and lloyd
arbel: Loving the nic nat obrien battle… honestly nic should destroy him
Apachecats: Not today Cozzie ,going real bad.
frenzy: MacPerson going okay
original: thanks for responding NN hehe
blonde0na: commentators riding nic nat so so so hard
CozzieCan: @apache stay positive mate , Laird will get there by then of 3Qtr time
Silz90: obrien reminds me of a crab
pcaman2003: Step up next qtr Laird.
StuL: Ok flower off yeo. I still don’t want him
Apachecats: Campdown ladies sing that song -Doedee! Doedee!
frenzy: Doedee Al Fayed
amigaman: O’Brien to cancel his social media accounts
StuL: NN will go big. Oppo has him and he got called lazy
Fatbar5tad: Great stuff Laird. Spudnik.
heppelitis: WC should open a Daniels Doughnuts Franchise
pcaman2003: Doedee has his mojo back lately. Relieved!
Yelse: whats wrong with laird
CozzieCan: Yeo on fire
The39Steps: Previous game, did Schulz get extra SC for kicking winning goal please?
frenzy: yes steps
tdarian: bringing yeo in next week – lock
The39Steps: Thanks @frenzy. Do we know how many?
BestCoast: Injuries and Spuds is my name next year
frenzy: 23 i think
The39Steps: Many tks @frenzy.
DrSeuss: OK Telly – you can slow down now
MercAm: Ahhhh Gaff legit can’t play against a tagger
Gandhi: ROB beaten by Allen lol
pcaman2003: WTH! Laird is off again ffs
MercAm: Haha needed Gaff to get 25 disposals, no chance
BestCoast: Turn to drop more coin
rupertmarn: Gaff??
dezlav: As a crows fan I’m ashamed to say the only person onscreen for my SC team today is Nic Nat
zadolinnyj: No prior
poolboybob: Hilariously bad HTB decision
casey22: Hope Gaff doesnt get angry with his tagger!
BestCoast: Flower auto correct meant to say Hurn
pcaman2003: @Poolboybob. Some shockers last night too.
rupertmarn: Gaff has 2 posseions
painkilla: umps only thing keeping us in it
MercAm: @pcaman yeah some of the frees the hawks got last night was disgraceful
BestCoast: Clarko should keep his pie hole shut
frenzy: only you could Turn him BC, Lol
Chelskiman: This round sucks! 🙁
Yelse: laird 40 by HT plz
rupertmarn: Why did I trade Gaff in?
Switcheyes: Yuck fou hurnia
FlyinRyan2: got gaff and laird this game, not looking good
pcaman2003: @Mercam. And some we didn’t get,equally disgraceful.
BestCoast: Painkilla you would be in need of some this year
Raspel31: With you there Chelkskiman.
BestCoast: Chelkskiman I would say this season
Switcheyes: Hurn you are a funzanoon
painkilla: We need all the help we can get
frenzy: Rory Lard
BestCoast: Hurn to ton-up
original: Nic Nat onot really scores in the last 6 mins of each qtr dw right
original: Nic Nat only really scores in the last 6 mins of each qtr dw right
wadaramus: For fark sake, stop bombing it long, it is futile!
CozzieCan: Laird good job this qtr
pcaman2003: Good half Doedee. Your turn next half Laird.
scboy123: damn wanted to get yeo next round
frenzy: still can schlboy
BestCoast: Throw some percentage on Eagles
frenzy: scboy123*…,.. flower me, not even close
scboy123: looked more like school boy haha
BestCoast: You been drinking frenzy
scboy123: his break evens like 90 isnt it?
frenzy: need glasses, Lol
scboy123: Wonder if next week i can manage to get through the round without a first quarter injury
frenzy: Yeah, but he won’t rise a great deal
BigChief: @scboy going on this years form I doubt it.
scboy123: next week some serious cash cows available
frenzy: yep even Fyfe going the right direction
scboy123: had fyfe since round 1 🙁 his price been iffy but i had the C on him the week he got 166
frenzy: could get juicy in a week or two, Fyfe
Yelse: just want to go a week without forced trades
scboy123: well next week simpson in midfield and hopefully rankine up front should be serious $$$
original: Crouch brothers going to look good running round alongside cripps on blue on 2021
Raspel31: Leave your hands off Fyfe- although you can have my Fyfe cheap.
softwhitee: to think I half considered getting laird at some point lol
BigChief: @original you are dreaming mate. No way they go to Carlton. LOL
CozzieCan: Kelly slow down far out
StuL: Im sure the Sun has Doedee on its chop list a few weeks ago. Could be must have
original: @bigchief hehe cmon mate get on board
blonde0na: is the crowd chanting reilly before every centre bounce? if so that’s quality
pcaman2003: Laird 1 tackle and no CP’s. Bruise free footy.
MrWalrus: Looks like double downgrade the go this week in preperation for snaffling all the fallen premos
CozzieCan: Cmon Laird !! Let’s go big boy
poolboybob: these umpires are blind
beerent11: Gaff will ton up if he gets 10 possies
softwhitee: reckon laird needs a permanent garbage bin emote
CozzieCan: Laird keep going son
Switcheyes: Who said Hurn would ton up you’re as much of a funzanoon as he is
MrWalrus: And yet pcaman lloyd makes Laird look hardcore
Apachecats: Wha’ts a funzanoon cost?
arbel: This umpiring is atrocious… free kick Adelaide all day
Switcheyes: A bath tub and some water
MrWalrus: @Apache, just your dignity
Ash777: bought in hamill this week.
Phasir: Grundy would be on 115 SC with Nic Nat’s stats
CozzieCan: Laird keep going son awesome qtr !!
beerent11: This will be the last chance to get doedee while he still has the 48 in his 3 round scores
pcaman2003: True Mr Walrus.
rupertmarn: Gaff useless at breaking a tag
CozzieCan: Laird 53 point since Qtr time .. fair effort
Hadouken: holy shit gaff, what is that garbage!
heppelitis: Gaff is a fart bubble biter.
softwhitee: you love your boy laird huh Cozzie aha
pcaman2003: GR8 comeback from Laird that qtr. Will eat my earlier words now.
Fatbar5tad: First time an opponent has Telly and he smashes it for the first time FFS
Apachecats: OMG ,just googled funzanoon to find out what you are all discussing.
Switcheyes: Blue balls effecting west coast game wait till they get home, Kelly no blue balls killing it, Hurn never left the bath y
AuroraBore: Need jjk and Ryan to kick a goal this quarter and i win a grand, fingers crossed for me
Switcheyes: Hurn you are a bath loving funzanoon
CozzieCan: @softie hahaha abit of encouragement goes along way lol
BigChief: @Auroara Ryan could be done for the day mate.
AuroraBore: ffs, just saw that Chief
BigChief: That was pathetic from Eleni
heppelitis: Hamill has done some good things today
AuroraBore: oh no, he’s on the ground thank god
frenzy: bites fart bubbles in the bath, wtf, Lol
BigChief: That was hungry. Should have kicked to Kennedy
Gandhi: O’Brien pumped when it mattered and being a reverse vulture now
zadolinnyj: Need a waterman goal
pcaman2003: Hurry and ton up Laird and Doedee.
Gotigres: Laird pathetic again
Apachecats: Is TKelly finished for the day?
Jontdawg: Bennell going to out score McHenry? Worried he might only play 50% game time again
Switcheyes: Have none of you seen Caddyshack 2
original: Worried for adelaide
gdshifty: Kelly back on the ground Apache
pcaman2003: @Gotigres. Was okay last week,but over all pretty poor
Dogs5416: X factor for nic Nat so perfect example of how overrated he is
Apachecats: Thanks shifty ,got no vision only radio.
pcaman2003: Doedee has disappeared this qtr. Will he get to 100?
AuroraBore: not looking good for me boys
gdshifty: lol Dogs. Had more impact on contest than O’brien. But keep reading teh stats sheet mate
Apachecats: got 2 kicks and a mark as soon as you mentioned him PCA
Apachecats: Mention him again.
RenoMan: Nic Nat hasn’t done much
Gotigres: @pcaman. Laird won’t even reach 80. He needs a red down graph symbol, opposite to a green rising graph
MrWalrus: NicNat can be genuinely BOG with 10 touches, stats just don’t tell the story
blonde0na: I mean, ROB was accurate and did what he said he was going to do. he didn’t say he’d smash NN in the middle
Dogs5416: @gdshifty I didn’t compare him to O’Brien. Just against everyone in general. Does 2-3 things a game and everyone loses i
pcaman2003: @Apache. Maybe once is enough
pcaman2003: Get some junk possies Laird,ya muppett
AuroraBore: ok maybe we’re not dead yet. Go on JJK
MrWalrus: ROB only getting a touch now NicNat on ice
BigChief: There is your Ryan goal @Aurora. Was it JJK now you need?
zadolinnyj: Well done aurora
Ooost: Junk for Yeo please.
MrWalrus: Dogs, no offense m8 but I don’t think you really understand footy
BOMBRBLITZ: age catching up with Hurn?
AuroraBore: ah he’s on the bench, RIP
heppelitis: need to change my team name to funzanoon football club
Dogs5416: 3 frees against, 4 clangers. Yeah his tap work is good, but Grundy, gawn, Goldy consistently better. Simple
Gandhi: @BOMBR yeah, I think Hurn is becoming fantasy irrelevent now
pcaman2003: Time to upgrade Laird. Very disappointing yet again
Ooost: Scaling for Yeo please
beerent11: Just get to 80 brad shep
Arminius: 3 of those clangers are the FA’s
scboy123: how much scaling to come?
CozzieCan: Damn Laird if you weren’t my most reliable player last year you’d be gone !! Flower me
Fatbar5tad: Brought in the wrong Eagle
Phasir: Dogs, NicNat can influence the game the equivilence of a 7 goal game from Buddy
frenzy: Yeo will be same price scboy
MrWalrus: Its also what you don’t see with positioning and presence too IRL close 2nd best ruck after Gawn IMO
CozzieCan: @Scboy 201 sc to come
MrWalrus: Then fair gap to grundy/goldy
circle52: 200 p0ints to come to take it to the 3300
painkilla: lol at nic nac givin ROB a new phone
Phasir: TBH, he is undoubtidly the best tap ruckman right now. Gawn gets first hit a lot and plays the entire match as #1 ruck
Phasir: NN probably hangs out around for 50% of ruck contests since his injury
scboy123: how long till scaling do we know
Dogs5416: Phasir not that you’re bias, but 7 goals from buddy is 1000x more than NN, c’mon. This kinda comments belong on Perth No
scboy123: yeah yeo shouldnt go up much which is good. question is can i push back the trade another week or not xD
scboy123: keays tag is real this year – gaff only 67

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