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Chat log from R6 of 2020: Fremantle vs St Kilda

Chat log for Fremantle vs St Kilda, R6 of 2020

Seiya: How are we all today? Anyone risking C on Fyfe?
thommoae: Nope. (C) on Grundy. Rrrr. Nice to see Max King step it up today.
TheLegend6: Took my VC on Danger thankfully
TheLegend6: Walters getting 14 SC for kicking the wrong way from the opening bounce? haha
Raspel31: Got caught out there too thommoae
Dead_Ned: traded out fyfe last week πŸ™ thought it would be more than 1 game
FLAG: lol aish -25sc
Dead_Ned: membrey 51…
FLAG: pedal faster Minty
zadolinnyj: Kicking wrong way muppet for walters
thommoae: Still, can forgive him a quiet one in the wet.
softwhitee: same here ned
pcaman2003: Took Neale’s score and played safe.
BestCoast: Greetings All
Kidult: hope my Captain Sturt goes well today
BOMBRBLITZ: get a touch Hill and King
softwhitee: would love a 80 odd from S Hill today
BestCoast: VC Grungy no joy C on Gawn
pcaman2003: @Kidult . Sturt into who?
Kidult: Neale
Raspel31: Bummer-just noticed Sturt a late out.
pcaman2003: Have Hill and King on bench,but hopefully make more money for upgrades next week
FLAG: slow to update
BestCoast: Wingard flogged me last night
Kidult: earlier game M0nty still asleep at the wheel
pcaman2003: @BC. The whole team flogged me last night as a supporter. Shameful game.
BestCoast: m0nty does a superlative job lads
BestCoast: @pcaman2003 definitely no form line for any side this year
BestCoast: Both Hills are over the hill
amigaman: Haha got in before the goal
pcaman2003: Butler is the real deal. Who’d of guessed it?
Kidult: might see the first 100 point game today
BestCoast: I’ll get you Butler
Silz90: Wilkie a great pick up in draft. Can’t believe it
pcaman2003: @BC. Okay Blakey
frenzy: on the buses BC
Raspel31: What’s Butler done to you BestCoast?
BestCoast: Kidult not from Freo they have scored over 100 twice in 18 years
Donzoes: is young going to get back on?
BestCoast: @pcaman2003 classic lol
Stu7: Just bought Seb Ross into team over Yeo big mistake???
BestCoast: Stu7 traded Yeo after his best game big mistake
Dead_Ned: do you want to do something bewley?
Kidult: I meant a 100 point margin but not in this game
Kidult: the next game
BestCoast: Raspel was using a quote from On the Buses old English sitcom
NewFreoFan: No surprise this result, we’re missing our 4 best tall backs to injury
Stu7: Cheers BestCoast
Stu7: Why is Ross scoring so little?
thommoae: Serong run over Longmuir’s cat?
Bezzina: Wilkie man be a genuine supercoach option
BestCoast: Stu7 at least you have the Saints travelling well
Donzoes: This might actually be my lowest scoring week i’ve had
zadolinnyj: Mostly hand ball receives and not contested possessions @Stu
jbjimmyjb: Serong must be hurt
MrWalrus: C’mon freo! Get better so Long can get some work done for me down back
Stu7: Cheers @BestCoast
Valorlonga: Can someone wake Bewley up lol
rupertmarn: Ceglar, Wingard,Starcavich and now Bewley
Stu7: Thank @zadolinnyj
Fatbar5tad: @Stu7 I’m going the other way and trading Yeo IN
BestCoast: frenzy can you remember On the Buses
scboy123: My boys Young and Serong combining for a valiant 0
MrWalrus: Regretted Brayshaw over Bewley at first, now not so much
frenzy: showing my age now
scboy123: I swear every single time i get an injury this year its in the god damn first quarter πŸ™
zadolinnyj: May be time to get the traffic cones out of the shed Monty
zadolinnyj: Either that or dig up the spuds
BestCoast: Not as old as I Frenzy
gazza39: Best save them for your game Zad
Raspel31: I am Spartacus and the oldest. Fyfe lives.
Valorlonga: Thanks Cerra, not like Bewley was about to get his first touch
cmperrfect: Fyfe making his move, the Mark Waugh of the AFL, makes it look easy
thommoae: Well, at least Serong touched … something.
SwaggyP: I’d love to see Fyfe play on a team thats good. Deserves better.
zadolinnyj: What is braysaws number
Kidult: Blakely must be hating it atm a kid gets a run ahead of him and sits on the pine for majority of the game
MrWalrus: I’m Spartacus!
BestCoast: Traffic cones m0nty for Freo
StuL: Someone has to be rubbish but Freo well.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. No! I’m Spartacus.
Harambe: Serong’s TOG is comical at this point.
Kidult: Their stars will break down with injury not rotating
wadaramus: If Freo are rubbish, the Crows are…
Crowls: good to see them easing Serong into Senior football. Like the old days where you barely get any time on ground!
BestCoast: StuL Freo turned me into an alcoholic with all the carton I’ve won
cmperrfect: Butlers due for a down game, this could be it.
StuL: Lol. I reckon you might have like a drink already BC
zadolinnyj: Was thinking same thing wada unfortunately
thommoae: Max king may break down from lack of purpose.
casey22: 3 weeks for that
StuL: Crows have a history of success with the odd fail. Freo are the opposite
Fatbar5tad: Far out Darcy down now. They cannot take a trick.
rupertmarn: Glad I didnt get Serong or Young
Fatbar5tad: Long holiday
cmperrfect: There’s daylight between Fyfe and the rest of the Freo team. WC will smash them next week.
Stuart88: Enjoy a nice holiday long
StuL: Told ya last time. Darcy injured every time i see Freo
BestCoast: StuL always had the thirst of a thousand camels
Torz: We’re always playing one down with Colyer. Genuine passenger.
cmperrfect: A man’s not a camel @bestcoast.
rupertmarn: Enjoy your 3 weeks off Long.
Migz: i feel like its unfair to call that a darcy injury when somebody tries to knock the fuck out of him
CozzieCan: Fyfe stay low so I can get you back next week
cmperrfect: Took the words @cozzie
Fatbar5tad: The King is on the board
BestCoast: cmperrfect bring the drinks ever 5 mins until someone looks like passing out then make it ever 10 mins
Valorlonga: Bewley on field over King ….
CozzieCan: @perfect haha sorry mate , need to take M.Rowell into Fyfe
BestCoast: I third that notion
BOMBRBLITZ: King is alive!
duckky: Traded Young in for this? Carnage continues
BestCoast: Love to see King bag 5
StuL: Poor Darcy. No joy in seeing him injured. Hit out stats are good for him apparently.
casey22: Mason & King similar. Cox would get a bag against FREO
Silz90: shortened quarters = more injuries?
StuL: Stay down Fyfe. Need to make money in sly ways this year. Sell high, buy low
frenzy: long might get more than 3 weeks with Darcy out now
CozzieCan: Haven’t got Butler , what is he’s be anyone know ?
MercAm: @sliz yeah far out, maybe they arent fit enough for the shortened quarters lol
SneakySC: Butler hasn’t gone near it this quarter
MrWalrus: Need to not have 3 players go down injured early each week, worst SC season ever
cmperrfect: 53 Cozzie
Migz: if fyfe got his BE this week which is 153. his BE next week is 195. So best waiting atleast till next week when fyfes
StuL: Saints needed a reminder that they are StKilda. u
Valorlonga: Lobb out now
pcaman2003: Haven’t seen Hill for a while. Cue in the rack for him already?
shaker: Well done Freo
Donzoes: know the feeling MrWalrus
CozzieCan: Cheers @Perfect
BestCoast: Hold the phone Freo are up and running
frenzy: saints done this rnd 1, choked
Valorlonga: Taberner rucking
rupertmarn: Steel dissapiinting
cmperrfect: 0 poss qtr, nice one Butler
CozzieCan: Lobb ankle injury doesn’t look good
frenzy: could never pick Steele, too many run with roles
rupertmarn: Fyfe to kick winning goal after the siren
BigChief: Shit I forgot this game started early.
rupertmarn: Butler has gone missing.
scboy123: Serong and young combine for a solid 14 in the half
BestCoast: Afternoon BigChief just wake up did we
Stu7: Just like the old St Kilda yet again trying to lose a game
Apachecats: Afternoon all ,got caught out by the early start here ,game half over.
BestCoast: Stu7 with Dockers casualties I think you will get the bacon
BestCoast: Greetings Apache
NewFreoFan: Yeah if Lobb is out our injury list is off the charts.
PowerBug: Clock for Serong in the 3rd quarter I’m thinking m0nty
BigChief: @BestCoast I was doing house work until 1.40 which is normal start time on Sat LOL
amigaman: @BigChief another question. How in hell is Lonie’s score anywhere near Fyfe’s. 2 Muppets vs 33% DE
BestCoast: @BigChief whilst doing the chores I hope there was a beer in hand lol
scboy123: a tragic reminder of serongs shortcomings
chilipowdr: please let Serong on the ground, been forced to field him…
BigChief: @amiga WTF… Lonie shouldn’t be anywhere near Fyfe on those stats.
BigChief: @BestCoast Scotch and pepsi actually
amigaman: Blood oath he shouldn’t
amigaman: Haha just hit Lonie’s score
Stu7: I hope so BestCoast Im a wounded St Kilda supporter – seen them throw these games away many times over the years!
BigChief: @amiga still too high imo.
amigaman: @BigChief couldn’t agree more
Fatbar5tad: Great comeback by the Dockers
Stuart88: Any danger of serong been giving game time ffs
Migz: would be nice if serong atleast made 30…
Donzoes: I stopped watching because I thought it was over…
frenzy: pushing shower up Hill
AuroraBore: Go on Brayshaw mate, good effort
Dogs5416: Cmonnnn serongalonggg
Ooost: How is Serong not getting time on the ground with the injuries?
NewFreoFan: Geez I’m happy with our response after the first quarter
Migz: well in that case…. would be nice if serong made 150
TheLegend6: yes serong
circle52: I’ll take the 46 now another goal though would be nice
Migz: hard to believe he was on 11 points 5 mins ago
amigaman: @Migz good one πŸ™‚
Apachecats: St KIlda are just teasers.
shaker: Almost starting to look like a CHOKE
NewFreoFan: The holding the ball rulings are getting ridiculous
Migz: serong 9 points from a superman cape for the qtr haha
StacksOn: bloody hell steele!
BestCoast: Steven Hill is a bag of leaf
Dogs5416: @newfreofan I agree. This new interpretation is painful to watch
CozzieCan: Butler spudding it .. wowwweeee
frenzy: Bewley from nowhere
Dead_Ned: HUGE from Bewley. 0 at QT now 74. Keep going son!
NewFreoFan: There’s no point taking posession, may as well just play soccer if you can’t attack the ball
BRAZZERS: butler back to his true form
Dogs5416: Is that the cape for Serong?
Dogs5416: Is that the cape for Serong? Woweeee
amigaman: Seagulls gunna love it
TheLegend6: Horrible commet @Freo
Stu7: Does anyone have any intel on why Seb Toss is scoing so low?
Ooost: Serong πŸ˜€
CamT: You can knock the ball on. That’s what happened when football was watchable.
Migz: im selfishly claiming serongs change of heart. all me.
colin wood: Opp has Serong.. from 11 to 64 in 10 minutes.. farrrk
circle52: I agree with Freo painful to watch players hanging back and not take possesion. Has been evodent more this weel
zadolinnyj: Gotnprior opportunity wrong today
pcaman2003: S HIll is as lazy as. Won’t work to get the ball at all.
CamT: Fewer ball ups means lower ruck scores from now on.
lukefield9: @Stu7 3 frees against 4 turnovers 1 tackle
jbjimmyjb: the problem is, if one arm is pinned in the tackle its automatically HTB bc no attempt
circle52: It is the making a genuine effort intepretation take possession get wrapped up and get pinged,
jbjimmyjb: There arent fewer ball ups, last week had the same number as round 3
Migz: Purple Superman. This Docker player has suddenly put the Superman cape on and delivered a quarter of wharfie time!
MercAm: opp has King on field, can he just flower off
scboy123: What a 3rd term from Serong. If only Young didnt get injured 2 minutes in
MercAm: Will S.Hill get 75+ guys?
frenzy: be sure to thank Clarko for holding the ball
Stuart88: Serong back starting on pine ffs
amigaman: Serong back on the bench πŸ™
Ooost: Dan Butler owners πŸ˜€
Ooost: S. Hill better!
pcaman2003: @MercAm. Hard to see it happening. Too lazy.
Yelse: bradshaw finally getting good TOG and shows in his scores
MercAm: pcamn ya probs right ;(
CamT: Round 3 we only had 8 games instead on 9. Jimmyjb
Stuart88: Now butler get moving
Pokerface: how many this round camT
Pokerface: obviously its average
Pokerface: oops i retract. just realised he said last week not this week. sorry πŸ™‚
CamT: Just look t the SC ruck scores for this round so far.
Yelse: wheres fyfe FFS
BestCoast: Heart for Lobb
pcaman2003: What’s with the ridiculous Fred Flinstone stutter?
frenzy: didnt Lobb go off for an ankle
Raspel31: Where you gone since half time Mr Fyfe- wakey, wakey.
TheLegend6: Need B. Hill to get 15+ for my multi, he’s had 2 touches since QT
Yelse: cmonnn walters kick a goal
Migz: yeh lobbs ankle went 90 degrees after standing on a boot
StuL: Fyfe at ff cos he cant run
Fatbar5tad: Fyfe has been up forward.
Yelse: is fyfe injured again?
heppelitis: Do i take S Hills score or Aarts?
NewFreoFan: This is the happiest I’ve been watching Freo in years
Dogs5416: Fyfe on 65. Free kick, kick and snag and gets 20pts. Joke
frenzy: did he go to the bench Migz?
StuL: This is a really good choke saints. Sheesh
pcaman2003: Hill and King stopped this qtr. Typical!
Raspel31: Cheers Cats lads- wondered about the hammy.
Migz: Hard to say. Do you trust a 2nd gamer to get over 60? is it worth it for him to maybe score 70 or 30?
Migz: have saints really scored 9 points since qtr time?
Pokerface: he’s 25. he’s no youngster
StuL: I doubt fyfe is 100%. He will just play through it
Pokerface: mature age rookies are different to normal 2ndn gamers
Yelse: walters gonna cost me a same game multi just need a goal FFS
Dead_Ned: loving this 100% efficiency from Bewley
heppelitis: Thanks Gents…I will ponder then make the wrong decision.
Lawls: Take Kings score or gamble budarick? Surely king yeah?
tolerant16: Butler massive muppet there
AuroraBore: Yeah gotta go King there @lawls
Ooost: King
frenzy: take Hill Hepp
circle52: My rule of thumb usually is any score over 60 take for rookies
Pokerface: is that a real question Lawls?
Raspel31: I’dgo King Lawls though hardly a ball magmet. Same choice for me.
StuL: Ok Brayshaw is real.
MrWalrus: That happy moment when you realise you don’t have young in SC 😁
circle52: Stu possibly only because Fyfe not in the guts,
BestCoast: Star for Brayshaw
wolfheart: a goal the difference. 3 minutes to go.
AuroraBore: Oh no here comes the choke
Yelse: just stupid walters what was that
tolerant16: Fuck me walters wyd mate
nick2397: Freo have learnt their lesson, give Brayshaw high TOG and he’ll dominate!
wolfheart: all tied up. anybodys
NewFreoFan: I don’t need this stress haha
Seiya: Filthy about these injuries, Young after losing Prestia Houli Dunkley Milera and Howe
cmperrfect: Butler to kick the match winner, cmon
pcaman2003: Walters! Lol!
StuL: That pass was about 8m
NewFreoFan: Schultz!
pcaman2003: Is giving 50 meters not a clanger?
pcaman2003: Schulz owners very happy now.
circle52: Stu after the number of not 15 in the last 2 games this was way shorter than those. maybe to much emphasis HTB
Fatbar5tad: That’s a bloody good win
MrWalrus: As an ex Schultz owner due to consistent crapness I’m disgusted
shaker: It’s games like that is why Butler couldn’t get a game at the Tiges
chilipowdr: Can’t expect to win when you only show up for 20 mins. Pathetic

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