Chat log from R6 of 2020: Collingwood vs Hawthorn

BRAZZERS: lads anyone taking neale’s 134? or should I put the C on gawn/grundy?
amigaman: With all the injuries I’m taking the 134
BigChief: I screwed up and forgot to vc Neale. So I am putting Grundy VC and Gaff C
valkorum: I got lucky and can get use Sam Simpson’s tonne from the bench
amigaman: @valkorum doing the same
Crippa9: Taking Neale, figured it might be greasy for Grundy
wadaramus: Still don’t know what to do…
hinsch: any thing about 130 for VC is a take for me
wadaramus: This has always been the rule hinsch.
wadaramus: But with the massive scores rucks of all kind are producing?
BRAZZERS: exactly, gawn is averaging 145 lol
wadaramus: We know the risk is only worth a few extra points though.
wadaramus: Lock in the 130 odd seems like the right thing to do.
BRAZZERS: yeah im sticking with neale
Kidult: Will see how my team goes tonight and early tomorrow but at this stage I will take the VC
wadaramus: Lock it in and rip the knob off.
Crippa9: Wonder if I can hear the commentary tonight over the crowd noise
the dud: Hey lads! I’m back!!Does m0nty stilll captain this ship?
Kidult: He had to give up The Captaincy after he was caught drinking whilst pedalling away.
the dud: Ahh poor m0nty
BestCoast: Greetings All
BigChief: Stephenson 1st goal again? I don’t think so.
wadaramus: Howdy.
Kidult: He will be the pies first goal scorer but Hawks will get a goal first
Kidult: Mitchell, Treloar, Grundy, Wingard and Sicily in this
ajconodie: It’s hard to get into this season. It’s like it’s the 2021 Preseason.
BestCoast: Grundy and Whingehard
BestCoast: Grundy 180 tonight
zadolinnyj: Gents
BestCoast: Top of the day to you Zado
wadaramus: You got the C on him BestCoast?!
BestCoast: Wada VC forgot Neale last night so glad he didn’t go massive
wadaramus: Friday night, knocking off a couple of Big Shed Boozy Fruits, delicious!
BestCoast: Bottle of Patron for me
wadaramus: Patron?
Ash777: It’s the battle of the will’s tonight.
dipstick: @bestcoast how do you rate that Zempliss fella?
frenzy: be nice if Sic could stink it up tonite
BestCoast: Tequila
zadolinnyj: Patron awesome
Kidult: Hurry up and start so I don’t do a last minute Grundy or Treloar/Mitchell C
BestCoast: dipstick as much as I rate Joffa
BestCoast: Basil Z is the flog of blogs
Apachecats: Evening all , you off the Whistlepig BC
Kidult: The lighting at that ground is horrible
BestCoast: Exploring all avenues Apache
Apachecats: Wada whats the Big Shed ,a beer?
BestCoast: Greetings Apache
frenzy: Welly
wadaramus: Yep, just one of the many Craft Breweries available.
wadaramus: But Boozy Fruit is the most delicious NEIPA going around!
Apachecats: Is that Craig Kelly’s kid?
ajconodie: Dammit. Was backing Kelly for first goal at $21 and got sidetracked lol
scboy123: Need a big game Crispy
ajconodie: @Apache – sure is.
Kidult: Yup Craigs son and brother of Crow Jake
Bezzina: wtf are hawks doing
BestCoast: Craig Kelly the master of going for the footy with ears on it
Apachecats: thanks Wada I’ll keep my eye out for it.
shaker: Looking like another Pie free kick fest tonight
frenzy: Clarko will fix it
Apachecats: Reckon Sicily is due to go off his scone tonight.
BestCoast: Bang Bang Bang
rupertmarn: Grundy will score 175
cmperrfect: Where is Grundy?
StuL: Pies off to their usual flyer. The real in will come.
rupertmarn: Ceglar gmab
Trindacut: #freekickcollingwood
Gandhi: Expect lower TOG from best players with the upcoming crammed rounds
Kidult: Very interested in Quaynor as a rebounding defender
StuL: Pies have lost a lot of ink with no Howe and DeGoey.
cmperrfect: Flower off out of the ruck Cox
duckky: Maynard and Kelly have one kick each – both gone for 69m 🙂
marls: Glad I got Maynard in this week…so far
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Maynard – need you to dominate
valkorum: lift maynard
dipstick: i dint think Nathan Flowerly could beat Clarko. whats going on?
Bezzina: Patton balling his eyes on the bench, possible ACL
duckky: I am glad the Ess did not get Patton
DrSeuss: @valk Maynard has been on the bench for the last 8 minutes
Apachecats: Maynard took a couple of big hits last weekend ,just wondering.
ajconodie: What happened to Patton?
CozzieCan: Go Sicily great passage of play
amigaman: If that’s another knee, you have to feel for the bloke
BRAZZERS: stop sooking patto
heppelitis: does ceglar drop more with scaling lol
Kidult: Interesting if it is ACL that is Giants stadium again
Bezzina: Not sure what happened to Patton, pulled up limping and now is very emotional on the bench
duckky: Looks gone – could be nee, could be leg
Gotigres: Anyone still got Ceglar?
Gandhi: His reaction says cross, tombstone perhaps even
ajconodie: Have a heart 2Brazzers
heppelitis: yeah i do
BestCoast: Maynard F Sharp Crabbs
rupertmarn: I got Ceglar
Bezzina: Early diagnosis is right knee for Patto
DrSeuss: Trainers were doing ACL / Knee tests on the boundary for Patton
BestCoast: Patton needs a Patron
StuL: Patton another one made of glass. Might as well quit and study accounting.
Gotigres: You have my sympathy heppelitis
circle52: I have ceglar as well
Yelse: seriously maynard lift for the love of the game
ajconodie: Poor bloke. Sliding for a mark shouldn’t cause an ACL injury.
cmperrfect: Cmon Grundy pull the digit out
Kidult: BS deliberate free
duckky: Serves me right for getting greedy – Grundy not getting a Captns score
Gotigres: You have my sympathy as well rupetmarn and circle
Apachecats: Absolutely BS kiddult
heppelitis: grundy did a couple of hitouts down teamates throat got sweet fa for them
AuroraBore: WHE and Kelly look very similar from a distance
Bezzina: Umpires are gonna kill hawks again tonight jesus christ
circle52: Agree bs deliberate.
dipstick: i took neale VC
AuroraBore: Some bad calls going to pies way so far
DrSeuss: The one week all league opponents have Crisp and I have Maynard
Apachecats: Grundy VC ,looks like I might be relying on DSheila.but stll hoping for grundy.
Kidult: Get Wingard on the ball
duckky: Time for Clarkson to have another coffee with Gill
Fatbar5tad: @Bezzina LOL you’ve been putrid
Donzoes: My team is cooked already this week, based on this game
BRAZZERS: lol grundy was on 18 after 3 minutes
painkilla: Clarkson will be telling Gil to cut out the soccer of the ground next
DrSeuss: Missed a Maynard tackle then
ajconodie: @duckky – Probably already on the phone.
Ash777: sounds like cd listened and added the tackle seuss
NankTank: They should have a who wins the free kicks market
ajconodie: Hammy for Patton.
BigChief: good news for Patton
frenzy: think CD dont like Ceglar
BRAZZERS: lol like i said. needs to harden up
howeydamus: Pendles to have a night out
DrSeuss: @Ash – Now I just need Bucks to give him more TOG and a bit more kick to kick down back 😉
wadaramus: Go TMitch!
Ash777: just realise frawley n patton have the same jumper number
Kidult: Big Boy now fwd
Bezzina: no they don’t aha
Grimes Jr: winged, lift pls nuff nuff
Kidult: Day looks a goer, wonder if he stays in with Burgoyne back and Impey now becoming fit
Yelse: no many ball ups boundary throws for grundy to get points
BigChief: @m0nty Patton is #25 mate
Donzoes: toyed with maynard or crisp, picked maynard ofc
Ash777: quaynor is also now no.3?
ajconodie: Quaynor is going to be a star.
duckky: I picked Maynard too Donzoes…
wadaramus: Toyed with Maynard, paid top dollar for Lloyd.
BestCoast: Spudgard
DrSeuss: @Donzoes – this is probably the first week that Crisp has been better – Pies not getting much ball down back to be fair
wadaramus: Yes BC, Spudgard is his name!
kangablues: Patton was #12 at the Giants. Always injured. Can’t say we miss him.
gdshifty: Titch leaking blood down his face
Donzoes: It’s funny at this point
BestCoast: Remember Clarko in the battle of Britain
Kidult: They need Wingard on ball been beaten in there last 2 weeks with him perm fwd
ajconodie: Here comes Grundy
Grimes Jr: have a feeling cox won’t get another touch tonight
Fatbar5tad: Dang. Oppo has Sicily. But also Wingard.
Apachecats: Grundy will be on 70 by half time
rupertmarn: Look out.There’s a runaway train called Grundy coming
howeydamus: Pies a man down with cox out there ffs
ajconodie: Please get Cox out of the backline.
Bezzina: gee whiz i like Will Day
Grimes Jr: carn hawks. beat this scummy team
Fatbar5tad: Gotta kick them
frenzy: low tackle count
marls: 5 hundreds straight now spud. Thanks Maynard
MercAm: Flowering hell have Maynard and Cegular right now. Ahh
valkorum: Is Maynard even playing
DrSeuss: Maynard not even taking kick-ins now. Not ideal
duckky: Need a cape quarter from Maynard
Donzoes: Same Merc
rupertmarn: Ceglar and Wingard will ruin my season
Valens: Not too many micm
SneakySC: Happy to have Wingard in my team…
Valens: Not too many kick-ins to take Suess!
hinsch: collingwood love Mason Cox for some reason liucky to play in any other team
ajconodie: Good to see the ARC making a decision absed on fact and not guessing.
duckky: Will Day looks lively
pcaman2003: This game looks like Pies V Box Hill Hawks. Terrible game Hawks.
Apachecats: Are you going misere or something Sneaky ,why would you be happy.?
Yelse: seriously where is maynard come couple possessions before ht
ajconodie: @Hinsch – On the odd occasion he actually takes a mark or has a shot on goal he is pretty accurate.
Trindacut: umps love cox tonight
BigChief: OMG Bruce when has Cox EVER looked like the next big thing? Apart from his actual size. Muppet.
valkorum: ooh ooh, I just saw maynard
cmperrfect: No Maynard ton this week
StuL: Umps love soft frees to Cox
Grimes Jr: jeez cox is a nuff nuff
Baldfrog: Eddie wouldn’t be on US tv without cox in the side
original: When your limbs are so long you can really sell a flip. But that was a free. First one wasn’t
DrSeuss: Maynard just doubled his possessions in a minute
Bezzina: hawks to get pumped by 50 so excited
pcaman2003: @Chief. Lol! 2 of the worst commentators,mistakes galore.
original: Knew that first qtr was too good to be true crisp
Ash777: hope day stays in the team.
MercAm: At least Day has been a good trade in, but come on Maynard and Cegular and ofc Captain Grundy
Bezzina: @pcaman like the look of day?
MercAm: Anyone else trade in Day?
pcaman2003: Cheer up lads. This is afterall a pretend season. Don’t take it too seriously.
Kidult: Didn’t go for hawk rookie because they usually get dropped soon after but Day is doin well
pcaman2003: @Bezzina. Looks very good. I think we’ll need him at the moment.
cmperrfect: 2250 avg will win SC this year
Kidult: Might end up going Mcpherson as the Crows should blood games to the rookies more
Apachecats: they all just got 10% boost.
Yelse: isn’t steno playing fwd today? did he move him out on purpose
cmperrfect: Is CD scaling the scores after each Qtr because of shorter games.?
BestCoast: Wingard will win the award again this year
Apachecats: Most inconsistant award BC?
BestCoast: Best impersonation of a footy player Apache
heppelitis: great an extra 1.5 for ceglar the muppet
Ash777: wingard must of gone back to his usual lazy self.
scboy123: Crisp with a quite second quarter :/
wadaramus: I thought the Crisp 2nd qtr was quite good.
Bezzina: I might throw my phone into the TV if this game continues the way it’s looking
scboy123: Only like 2 disposals wadaramus
The39Steps: ..the game has gone past Clarko.
Apachecats: Clarko got bags under his eyes like Geoffrey Rush.
Gotigres: Maynard seems to be on the ball now
pcaman2003: How good is Adams this year. He’s flying along nicely.
cmperrfect: Cmon Grundy, ton up by 3qt
DrSeuss: Grundy is playing lazy tonight – his SC score is nice – but not really doing much tbh
StuL: It seems the pies aren’t going to choke for once.
zoomba23: Sick of CD’s hard on for Grundy. Haven’t seen him do shit apart from a couple of nice taps
pcaman2003: @Stul. I reckon any team would flog us tonight.
duckky: Grundy seems to ony score in even numbered quarters
Apachecats: He just threw it through for a point
Nuffman: What number is Quaynor? Here it says 35, but in the TV, he is 3???
DrSeuss: Yep @Zoomba and I have him as Captain – he has done nothing
MercAm: Quaynor is 100% number 3 @Nuffman
Ash777: man are hawks playing bad.
Kidult: Didn’t even know Mayne was playing
CozzieCan: Go Sicily
JCal66: Collingwood’s first draft pick each year wheres 35 in their first season, so Quaynor has switched to 3 now
Bezzina: agreed @pcaman. If you asked me to name who is playing forward i couldn’t tell you
pcaman2003: Damn Hawks are totally clueless tonight. Need a new style of play
MercAm: Should of taken Neales score instead of Grundy captain…
duckky: No Burgoyne, No Hawks
Nuffman: Thanks Merc and JCall
Chelskiman: Same, Merc. I just got greedy.
valkorum: Need Maynard to junk it up in the 4th
MercAm: Can def relate @chelsmiman, sigh…
dipstick: smae. shoulda taken neales 98DT points but went grundy.
Kidult: Wingard never attacks the football expects everyone else to feed it to him
pcaman2003: WTH? This has to be some practical joke. No team could play this poorly. They should hang their heads.
Yelse: every year sicily kills the pies
dipstick: whateley = fail! cant even say bosenvulagi
BigChief: @Yelse not hurting them tonight too bad.
howeydamus: Shut the season down the covid cup sucks
DrSeuss: Nice quarter from Maynard – Need a big 4th from Grundy
jbjimmyjb: I need either Mitchell or Treloar to get the most disposals, go away sicily
NankTank: Why is Sicily’s dt to sc so bad I don’t get it
Fatbar5tad: Go away Sicily indeed! Brought his own ball the kent.
Kidult: Kicks count for DT backwards kicks don’t for SC
Apachecats: What are you looking at Nanky ,the scores are nearly identical.
Yelse: @bigchief talking about SC lol
MercAm: @Yelse every year Mitchell always gets a lot of disposals but it never seems that he really harms us…
Kidult: 1st gamer taking kick ins when Sicily isn’t
BigChief: @Yelse I doubt Coll care about SC though.
kangablues: 2 former Giants leading the stats for the pies at Giants stad
Kidult: that was in the back and he didnt even drag it in u knob ump
pcaman2003: Sic Dog and Day can at least hold their heads up.Pies just pumping us
Apachecats: Winguard is a lazy bum.
kangablues: Losing Patton made all the difference.
CozzieCan: Not Sicily please no
jbjimmyjb: I am so sick of Bruce asking a question in every sentence he says
MercAm: Who do you guys think is a worse number 1 draft pick, Pattern or Scully
CozzieCan: Can’t handle another injury .. still recovering from Rowell Fyfe , Howe , Williams
DrSeuss: Grundy has done so little tonight – played lazy all night
Fatbar5tad: No soup for you!
Ash777: hawks are putrid.
kangablues: Patton
Fatbar5tad: It’s really annoying jbjimmy, isn’t it?
pcaman2003: How many times does Treloar throw the ball b4 the ump wakes up?
zadolinnyj: Jack watts
CozzieCan: Will Grundy ton ? Holy shit
Ash777: patton just been crueled injury.
BRAZZERS: wheres the puppet that said grundy will get 180 lol
Kidult: still 500 points to come so he should
frenzy: 500 SC to come yet
pcaman2003: @ASH77. Same as last week. Stiunk it up bad
gdshifty: Monty is lazy on the icons tonight. Pendlebury, Grundy, Wingard, all well below average.
BigChief: Lounder easily worst # 1 pick
Yelse: no t many whiteouts today at all
CozzieCan: @Brazzers lmao I’m interested too
Bezzina: Day is a gun
SneakySC: Poor Kelly
Kidult: broken elbow
Yelse: kelly broke is humerus
duckky: Kelly done
Spifflicat: I don’t think it’s a fair question Merc, both injured a lot and I mean a rediculous amount
Migz: i thought the total was 3300 so isnt it 750 to come
MrWalrus: Scully was pretty elite, that ankle was properly bad
casey22: that arm is very, very broken
kangablues: Yep. That’s broken.
Kidult: cmon Wingard a goal or 2 to get to 50
MercAm: That didn’t look good for him, bloody hell
Apachecats: Both bones in forearm by the looks.
Bezzina: Scully was a machine but got his greatest asset taken away with those ankles
Kidult: well not 2 bad 4 of the top 5 scorers + Wingard
MercAm: Come on Day try get 90/100
duckky: Cox – 3 frees for and 3 kicks total.
Silz90: Need Stephenson to kick a goal for my multi
duckky: MAynard would be close to 50 SC in second half.
pcaman2003: Will someone tell Bruce to STFU
BigChief: Can’t see it happening @silz, sorry
jbjimmyjb: Maynard has salvaged really well, Ceglar not so much…
pcaman2003: Wowee! What a shocker Hawks.
MercAm: Bye bye Cegular and need scaling to be very nice to Grundy lol
MrWalrus: @silz, so does he
DrSeuss: Maynard good – Grundy thanks for nothing in AF and I have no idea how you got a ton in SC
scboy123: Crisp had a poor second half :/
spdysaint: much scaling to come?
Dead_Ned: 140 more scaling
SneakySC: I think i’ve lost this round on the second game due to Wingard
CozzieCan: Time to bring in treloar such a pod

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