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Chat log from R5 of 2020: Melbourne vs Richmond

Chat log for Melbourne vs Richmond, R5 of 2020

BestCoast: Martin Gawn Oliver and Rivers produce the goods please
BigChief: I only have Dusty.
Kidult: on Aarts watch
MrWalrus: Oliver with rivers to make some $ on my bench here
FLAG: dusty, petracca, viney, gawn (C), rivers and clarry – what can go wrong.
BigChief: Brerton is a muppet. If Gawn spends 40% fwd who rucks?
Kidult: A knee in the guts to Gawn from Nank @FLAG
MrWalrus: Derm is commentating cancer
Stu7: Rivers & Martin
pricey: Viney, Houli and Edwards. Need to get some big points here
FLAG: lol kidult, Gawn gunna smash nank
MrWalrus: Don’t go big Dusty, just do enough, save it for when I get you in next week
cmperrfect: How many players from 10yrs ago will BT call today
Kidult: Sounds like Houli + Edwards aren’t going on the road
Dead_Ned: riewoldt is so trash
zadolinnyj: high or low scoring do we think?
DropCox: @pricey – they said Houli and Edwards may not go to the hub because of babies
frenzy: and there’s that, kidult
ajconodie: It’s hard to believe Lynch was a tiny little midfielder until he turned 15.
pricey: LOL just my luck mate @DropCox.
MrWalrus: Houli said so when hubs first mentioned wayuyy back at the start of covid
pcaman2003: After Hills crap game,need Petracca to go huge
MrWalrus: Great intensity to start, scores don’t matter when it’s tough like this
BigChief: Much better game than last 1.
scboy123: need a genuine 150 from Gawn here, risked the C on him
casey22: Dusty looks a bit dusty today
Chelskiman: Where was our defence then?
las_cons: dusty 1 FA and handball clanger yet on 6 SC. Should be negative. CD froth him & fyfe
FLAG: rivers you there??
BigChief: Why was that a free against Pickett? He didn’t touch a Rich player.
ajconodie: Is Petracca still a trap?
Raspel31: And so he answers FLAG.
MrWalrus: Dusty also a few tap ons and score involvements
m0nty: Trac is the real deal
Breezey: I think the Tigers are carrying Caddy. Pardon the Pun
ajconodie: Might upgrade Dev Smith to Trac next week.
pcaman2003: Surprised Petracca score so low.
MrWalrus: Petracca must a trap because I’m looking to get him in
Haydo: Petracca’s been really good, always in a good spot at stoppages for the handball receive
heppelitis: Dusty seems to have forgotten how to play in the midfield. wish I had Tracca
nbartos: dusty cold as ice, love it too
BigChief: Truc as a mid is a gun.
jc66: @las_cons the fa is the clanger
Kidult: Coach said Martin is building match fit again
ajconodie: I didn’t know rioli still played. Well there you do.
Stu7: Balta is having a Crocker
Haydo: 12 disposals in 15 minutes of football is ridiculous by petracca
Chelskiman: Fucking Caddy. Not sure how he’s still getting games for us.
heppelitis: great qtr fritch…5 marks for a forward bloody good
Stu7: Come on Martin put your ribs into it
MrWalrus: SC & DT points totals almost even, don’t see that often these days
pcaman2003: Petraccas score is laughable. Should be way more,surely.
scboy123: gawn being royally robbed by sc right now
jc66: @Haydo spot on, Petracca goin crazy
pcaman2003: Score upscaled by 11pts. Thank goodness!
amigaman: @scboy123 Marting getting his popints
las_cons: petracca should be on 70, martin on is such a joke sometimes
MrWalrus: Nope wait, has adjusted, must have been lag on SC
cmperrfect: Martin to anyone this week.
beerent11: Ha my projected at the start of the round was 2380. Now with Rowell and smith and a zero in def. 1969
MrWalrus: I hope Riewoldt decides to not go to the hub
Stu7: Rivers score is trickling like a small creek
beerent11: Gee there’s some rude hairdos going around at the moment
cmperrfect: I’ll be lucky to crack 2000 too @beerent11
MrWalrus: You can’t overturn on that! Had to be umpires call
Stu7: Come on Martin
Chelskiman: This new HTB rule is ridiculously rough.
ajconodie: @MrWalrus – It clearly hit the post.
BigChief: That’s a pathetic decision against Truc
MrWalrus: There’s the square up, petracca very stiff
ajconodie: Perfectly interpreted by the umpire – It’s a shame that the rule is ridiculous.
pcaman2003: On 1555 with Tracca Mitchell Cogs and Whitty to go.
Kidult: Aarts looks hard at the contest
MrWalrus: Back @ah, yes but did he definitely not touch boot on it after? Impossible to say, umpires call
Chelskiman: I bet this umpire has never played a game of footy in his life.
pcaman2003: Woops. forgot Viney as well
m0nty: Gawn drops the +6 but then gets a +8 on Prestia, good DTing
beerent11: 1027 at the start of this game with dusty, trac, rivers, viney, twitch, Haynes, cogs,ceglar.
beerent11: And sicdog
MrWalrus: Umpires are like tom browne, no idea, just guessing
Dead_Ned: Nank the Tank!
Chelskiman: That’s better movement!
ajconodie: You would love a bloke like Titch Edwards in your side. Ever consistent.
Kidult: Gawn probably go up 40k with what he is on track for
pcaman2003: Where’s Tracca gone? Suddenly quiet
ajconodie: @Kidult – And he still may not get to his projection.
MrWalrus: This has been a cracking game so far
las_cons: watch martin get +20 sc for those two possessions
Stu7: Arts
MrWalrus: Loving young Aarts too, no fear, goes hard, tigers style
beerent11: Toying with bringing in jack at 269k as soon he shows good signs.
Stu7: Aarts is having a great first game
Kidult: Yeh I want to get Aarts but wanted to do upgrades haha
pcaman2003: Tracca has 3 tackles,but showing 1. WTF
beerent11: Hope so las
Stu7: Kick it to Rivers… Kick it to Rivers
Chelskiman: Broad with a dislocated finger having a laugh. xD
beerent11: Aarts 123k fwd
Stu7: 18 possessions for 58 is bad value
MrWalrus: @chel, loved dimma getting on the phone & having a laugh too
pcaman2003: @Stu7. Think CD hired monkeys this week.
scboy123: injured dusty proving costly
cmperrfect: Did someone say Houli won’t travel to the Hub?
beerent11: Petracca only 4 contested possessions.1 tackle.
MrWalrus: Where’s this been all year! Sorry boys getting excited!
ajconodie: Trac with a 6 point quarter.
pcaman2003: @beerent. I felt he should have 3 tackles for sure,but paid 1 only.
Dead_Ned: @MrWalrus just remember its melbourne
Kidult: Yeh Truc low CP and 0 clearances
MrWalrus: Yep cm, houli said so back when things got called off first time
frenzy: yin yang the real deal tracca
beerent11: The Afl app has detailed player stats that usually explain low scores for high possies
MrWalrus: Lol ned, I know, but I’m liking what I see, 100% effort and commitment
Crippa9: I recken tigers are gonna win
Harambe: CD tackles are basically always correct if you know their definition.
Harambe: Doesn’t matter how good the tackle looks, if they get an effective disposal the tackle doesn’t count.
Pokerface: isnt it only a statistical tackle if it causes a free kick or a stoppage?
scboy123: lets get some good pain killers into dusty and send him back out up front surely
frenzy: correct poker
MrWalrus: Agree, basic stats CD excellent at, interpretation on effective, contested, changes, etc can be woeful
Harambe: No if it causes a turnover or ineffective disposal it’s a tackle.
MrWalrus: Or turnover frenzy?
StuL: Should have left the c on max
Harambe: “Using physical contact to prevent an opponent in possession of the ball from getting an effective disposal.”
Pokerface: sorry yes, and turnover
Harambe: That is the CD definition of tackle.
MrWalrus: I think it might be best if we keep the pain killers away from Dusty….
Pokerface: under that definition is a headlock a tackle?
DemonDan: Melbourne, Melbourne, Melbourne….. Break my heart most weeks💔
Pokerface: or a kick to the groin. it is physical contact preventing effective disposal.
Pokerface: in all seriousness, there must be more than that definition.. strictly that definition would inclue bumps
MrWalrus: @ poker, actually I’m pretty sure yes so long as a free against not called
Harambe: If you bumped them and they drop the ball, I suppose that would count.
Pokerface: sounds like theres a few tigers not going to qld
Harambe: If there’s physical contact during the disposal, watch who the ball goes to and you’ll know if the tackle will be paid.
Gandhi: CD definition of tackles is very frustrating
Harambe: Yeah I’m not saying it’s a good definition, but they do follow it consistently.
Pokerface: yeah if you put your arm around a waist with zero impact its hardly tackle worthy. Its fine
Pokerface: dont really want to go down a path of effective and ineffective tackles.
nbartos: dusty is one goal away from leading SC, they love him
Pokerface: tigers fans, A
Pokerface: tigers fans, Aarts hold his spot?
MrWalrus: Pickett incorrect disposal… umpire “made a genuine attempt” WTF who cares!
Chelskiman: I hope so, Poker. Deserves it.
BigChief: @poker with Houli and Edwards most likely not going to hub yes he does.
DrSeuss: Petracca just running 15 metres off the ball for the last 5 minutes – get a touch
Harambe: You called it Bartos.
Stu7: Gooooooo Martin
MrWalrus: I’d say so poker, dimma loves a competitor & with a few not going to the hub lock & load
Pokerface: thanks Chelski. reckon ill be getting Short if its true Houli is one of those senior players not going
CozzieCan: Couple more please dusty would be flowering great
BigChief: @Walrus Nank Tackled in fwd 50 no attempt. No free against. WTF who cares!
Chelskiman: Lynch! Should have got that! ><
MrWalrus: Did he dance around, break a couple tackles then just throw it away Chief? Didn’t think so
BigChief: Did he try to get rid of the ball? Nope he didn’t just like Petracca in 2nd quarter mate.
frenzy: yah tracca got a touch
pcaman2003: Tracca is a 1 qtr wonder.
MrWalrus: It’s umpire’s cluelessness that gets my goat, petracca call in second 1/4 was a shocker too cheif
CozzieCan: Cmon rivers flower me .. rookies taking this week off ? Lol
beerent11: Will we all have aarts if he’s named next week ? Shame we can’t swap him with marlion
BigChief: If you pay 1, you pay them all.
Chelskiman: Don’t let them get a run on, Jesus.
DrSeuss: Trac gets his 1 touch for the qtr and heads to the bench
scboy123: if Gawn doesnt outscore Grundy this is genuine democracymanifest
Chelskiman: Nice quick response!
ajconodie: scboy123 – Thanks a lot. Now I’m craving a succulent Chinese meal.
beerent11: Nice goal
MrWalrus: OK chief, sure, that makes perfect sense. They should make the same mistake over and over… they were bad calls.
BigChief: Great play from Lambert
beerent11: Byebye nank
StacksOn: lambert, in his 100th, clean as a whistle
pcaman2003: @DrSeuss. My fault for being silly enough to bring him in.
Raspel31: Been a wjile since Lambert was topping the scoring.
CniglioSsn: cmon melb pull it back
pcaman2003: Melksham you pill
MrWalrus: Is hibberd back as a viable option?
pcaman2003: Tracca should’ve been well over 100 by now,but stopped working hard.
StuL: Aarts looks like a smart Aarts
CozzieCan: Rivers almost doubled his sc in 1 qtr amazing
MercAm: Does Houli get to 15 guys?
MoreMidTim: Petracca has had a lot of those 2nd possessions from stoppages they are difficult most time but not seen as contested.
AuroraBore: i reckon merc
Kidult: Hball happy mids are doin even worse this year less time to get 10 more hballs a game
Chelskiman: Houli would have to have one of the worst quarters in history to not make 15.
MrWalrus: Track SC seems ok, all touches UC handballs Houli to junk late to 20
MercAm: Well @chelskiman that’s good to know lol
pcaman2003: @Kidult. They should rename the game Handball. That’s what its come to.
MrWalrus: Looks like bank may have done his tissue paper groin again
BigChief: Nank out.
Kidult: or Occasional Football
Kidult: and now Gawn gets 200
MrWalrus: 2 for houli already
Gandhi: He’s done a Nankle
ajconodie: Grundy will always be Hay List to Gawn’s Black Caviar until Gawn’s retirement IMO
pcaman2003: Tracca in fwd line,so there goes the ton I was hoping for.
MrWalrus: FFS Riewoldt, how have you become so useless
MercAm: Ok need Martin and Houli to get 1 more disposal each, easy I hope…
LuvIt74: What does everyone think the average will be for this round?
ajconodie: @MercAm – What’s the result if they do?
MrWalrus: You’re home merc
beerent11: You on the punt mercam?
DrSeuss: Tracca deep forward – YAY
frenzy: Balta will be a star one day
MrWalrus: Around 2000 luvit
Chelskiman: Why can’t we just kill teams off? Always give them a sniff and let them back into it.
CniglioSsn: keep it up Pet
beerent11: Trac’s field kicking is a weapon
pcaman2003: Tracca making his big move?
MrWalrus: BT hates Richmond so much, wonder what happened to him down punt road back in the day?
spdysaint: so my 2140 should be good this week?
Stu7: Come on Martin 120
beerent11: Imagine being one of those feral mouth breathers on fan cam
Chelskiman: How was that HTB, it was clearly in the back.
heppelitis: piggy hibberd winding back the clock
bones351: God this fake crowd noise is getting out of hand. Keeps getting louder trying to pump up the pressure of the game. Gett.
bones351: Getting ridiculous
Chelskiman: Now Prestia is injured. We’re going to have about 20 players for this hub.
ajconodie: Meatball mothballed.
MrWalrus: Nah chel, dropped it, but that houli one absolute BS
beerent11: Geez Tom lynch is an expensive
beerent11: He’ll miss this
BigChief: His name is Prestia, not Meatball you moron BT
nbartos: Lambert blue moon?
Gandhi: The human meatball is cooked
ajconodie: Lambert is too consistent for a bluemoon
Kidult: Richmond tanking 4 sure
beerent11: All these injuries will help aarts keep his spot
yablettt: crowd is going ballistic
Yelse: viney you are done for me now gotta get u moving on
Kidult: Pickett likely then if they miss
nbartos: Lambert usualyy gets 60s
pcaman2003: Start scoring Tracca FGS. Get in there and go hard.
MrWalrus: Balta has been fantastic, still raw but just a freak
TheLegend6: Geez umps
MrWalrus: Wow, kind of feels like the umps are trying to get the Dees home here
sMiles: Viney – Why are yo in my team – you little fat slug turd
Chelskiman: That was not a free kick. He had eyes on the ball!
beerent11: Lethals theory says its all over
Gandhi: Lambert averaged over 85 in both formats last year bartos
ajconodie: @nbartos – Averages 93 against the Dees
Chelskiman: Thank fuck for that!
MrWalrus: Riewoldt, you are forgiven
beerent11: J Higgins been sneaky good lately
TheLegend6: Clayton that’s unforgivable
BigChief: If not a free to Hannan, then it was 1 to Pickett.
yablettt: That’s what you get for being a red head Oliver
Kidult: stay under 151 Gawn
SwaggyP: Oliver, wow. How do you play league footy?
nbartos: fair enough just NEVER see a 100+
TheLegend6: Higgo been very good this season
Dead_Ned: gawn will get 170 i reckon, surly he scales lots. hope he doesn’t though
Chelskiman: Lambert with the cherry!
BigChief: @Legend almost been Rich best this year.
frenzy: m0nty should just give the heart to Higgo every week
CozzieCan: Dusty to ton with the last clearance lol
MrWalrus: Cotch, prestia, nank, houli, Titch…. this will test the depth, not ideal but kinda look forward to it
scboy123: surely gawn scales higher than 163….
MrWalrus: No scaling to come
MrWalrus: Dermis is such a flog, Kingy canto stand him either

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