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Chat log from R5 of 2020: Adelaide vs Fremantle

Chat log for Adelaide vs Fremantle, R5 of 2020

BestCoast: Greetings all
Smac34: Sget ready for a 2 hour comedy show
BestCoast: Late change Colyer out Duman in for Freo
Smac34: No fyfe, freo to still win?
BestCoast: One team’s 0 must go Cup
BestCoast: @Smac34 you would think so but it is Freo so who knows
Smac34: Good sturt
Dead_Ned: NEED Bewley and Doedee to go big
chilipowdr: Need a big one from you Brayshaw
frenzy: today’s your day Andy, I can feel it
Stu7: Sturttastic
DrSeuss: Oh great Walters being tagged
AuroraBore: big day for Doedee pls
scboy123: ngl sturt was meant to be out like 5 weeks and ended up out 1, gotta love that accurate injury reporting
DrSeuss: Serong in for 1 minute and already outdoing Walters FFS
rupertmarn: Tagging should be banned, they ruin the game
yablettt: tagging defines what player you are
DrSeuss: Damn Sonny – that was quite the jump
rupertmarn: Dodee was a mistake
rupertmarn: Adelaide are a rabble
Stu7: I’ve got Tucker, Sturt, Brayshaw and Hill
Stu7: All 4 at the top gotta love that
amigaman: CD taking the pi55 with Darcy
rupertmarn: Where is Walters playing lads?
Yelse: brayshaw 100 TOG what is happening
BigChief: Gold Coast would be my guess.
nbartos: fwd rupert
MrWalrus: Looks to be forward rupert
rupertmarn: Cheers
frenzy: Young gun
nbartos: turnover city
MrWalrus: Very happy with Brayshaw & Hill so far after yesterday’s carnage
DrSeuss: I have Walters – Opponent has Serong and Young…hmm
BigChief: Any chance of Adel hitting a target?
BestCoast: Crows will get a walloping by the way they are travelling
heppelitis: pretty sure hill did not miss a target…just because mundy fumbled it and went between his legs.
nbartos: sloane has dropped off this year big time
MrWalrus: @heppel, I know right, we must have the dud stats person…..
MrWalrus: …same one who gives effective CPs to neale bont etc when the butcher a simple handball
heppelitis: other one was to his team mates advantage in a marking contest…dud alright
rupertmarn: Might have to trade in Hill next week now
Sloaneyyyy: Cmon crows. Lift your damn game! These newbies need to realise they’re playing for future spots and pull their finger ou
Ooost: Hill and Serong 😀
Grimes Jr: keep going hill
amigaman: @BigChief you’re good with CD scoring. What is with S. Darcy score
CniglioSsn: was pretty painful seeing king and taylor go large, hope sturt and hill do the same
BigChief: @amiga I am not sure. Did he give away a 50?
heppelitis: Hill went missing after half time last week. Hope he is fitter for the run last week and keeps going.
nbartos: that was HTB!
MrWalrus: Wow, that ump needs to be dropped, play on can’t be called back
amigaman: No just 1 free. Obviously giving points where they like
jiska78: No Hill went missing after quarter time last week
BestCoast: What’s going wrong with the Adelaide football club
DrSeuss: Do something Walters
MrWalrus: Great, we get the stats person who thought NicNat wasn’t effective yesterday, they need sacking too
thommoae: Did you read this morning’s papers, BC? There’s a clue there.
BigChief: @amiga I see 2 muppets and 100% disp and only 1 FA. That’s the only thing I could think of.
nbartos: Logues dominating
amigaman: Yeah I can see that. Not nearly enough to have him on -5
MrWalrus: Mark Ricciuto would be my guess @ BC
Smac34: Adelaide are so bad
BigChief: This Adel team wouldn’t beat an under 9’s team.
amigaman: One of the Muppets is the FA. Can’t penalise twice for one thing
Sloaneyyyy: Agree BC
BigChief: @amiga I agree there is something wrong there.
BestCoast: thommoae no I haven’t as yet still a little hungover
nbartos: haha BestC were you celebrating maybe
amigaman: Thanks @BigChief. That’s what I thought
Kidult: Clanger can be a 50m penalty also
frenzy: hey Hill theres 4 qtrs muppet
pcaman2003: I know Hill is somewhere,just don’t know where.
CniglioSsn: cmon bewley, step it up or you’ll be out soon
thommoae: Still suffering from the marvellous ‘Boot Camp’ and one can see why! Tied to trees, verbally abused.
BestCoast: Not at all nbartos Crows are a proud club very sad really
DrSeuss: Stop tagging Walters Adelaide and try to win a game
amigaman: Your point Kidult. Still doesn’t add up
BigChief: @Kidult that’s what we were discussing mate.
thommoae: Like Brian from ‘Family Guy’. And they’re currently all playing like Stewie.
BigChief: a 50m penalty is -10 I believe
BestCoast: Sorry nbartos you mean WC victory yes I had a few to celebrate and are paying the price
CniglioSsn: @Thommo Jacobs couldnt wait to be out of there lol
nbartos: talking about ya hangover BC – with eagles win finally
Kidult: Yeh no fa for a 50
heppelitis: dunno if this is possible..but it would be great if the players on the pine names were highlighted..
heppelitis: and it was live,,,changing so you could see if your players were on the field at any point
amigaman: Didn’t see him give a 50, but maybe you’re right
Silz90: the crows are average! need a big game from laird and doedee
jc66: reckon Darcy dropped a mark, that would be a clanger
FLAG: cmon sturt beat Taylors 100sc
amigaman: FYI I don’t have him. Just intrigued with the score
Stu7: Darcy is having a Barry Crocker
Grimes Jr: dissapointing hill
MrWalrus: Got to stop watching the stats, whoever is doing it this game has no idea with their interpretations
pcaman2003: Gr8 qtr Hill. Gone back a point. Get involved FGS.
amigaman: @Kidult where did I say you get an FA for a 50. I was referring to the one for the ruck infringement
BestCoast: Nbartos correct category 5 at the moment
Silz90: Young and Hill have stopped this quarter.
softwhitee: cant be too upset with Hill, its barely ever in Crows fwd half
frenzy: thatta boy Andy keep going
BestCoast: Slow right down Hill please
BigChief: Freo are bad, Adel are putrid LOL
BRAZZERS: this is why you give brayshaw gametime u muppet
DrSeuss: 1 touch for Walters – WTAF – get a touch
scboy123: Serong and Young big second half come on young guns
nbartos: freo missed a trick here- could bite
pcaman2003: @BestCoast. He not only slowed,he stopped end of 1st qtr. Keep up man!lol!
CniglioSsn: Move the tag off walters and onto brayshaw i tell ya
jiska78: Bewley is a spud
Grimes Jr: look, if hill gets 70 we’ll take that
Kidult: Funny this is primetime in the U.S
scboy123: Serong is a gun, just needs to get more of the ball
Dead_Ned: Bewlwey is the new Brayshaw. 67% TOG, and starting every qtr on bench
BRAZZERS: hill is due to pull his string
Arminius: how is bewley a spud?
nbartos: Hogan experiment still hasnt worked for freo
Kidult: Yeh u didn’t say I was just putting it out there
BestCoast: Pcman couldn’t trade Hill in because of other carnage so don’t want him going up two much will bring him in this week
BigChief: Are you serious @Kidult? Worst example for US to see
CniglioSsn: loving what laird is doing
BestCoast: BRAZZERS he will do that next week when I bring him in
scboy123: biggest feed i made was forgetting to do round 2 trades and everyone had like 5 trades lol
Kidult: I’ll be back for other game gonna watch this game on FTA delayed,don’t wanna know full result ttyl
chilipowdr: Laird and Brayshaw keep it going
jiska78: This is such a crap game to watch
BigChief: Worst game I have ever watched (if you can call it a game)
pcaman2003: Laird doing gr8,but really need big lift from Hill. Not too sure of his fitness.
nbartos: Freo have been ok for a lot of kids – seen plenty worse
Schillaci: Hamill as many points as a free running Sloane with 88% game time
Stu7: Brayshaw 130 please
BestCoast: That’s a big call BigChief seen heaps worse
MrWalrus: True, not a game for the ages but seen plenty worse
pcaman2003: How can a ruckman possibly be -5 at half time. Abysmal effort
jiska78: You haven’t watched many WCE games lately bigchief?
frenzy: Lol jiska
BestCoast: Jiska you talking about that preliminary final in Perth lol
MrWalrus: Is it possible Freo are tanking this season? There are some good signs shown, also very interesting coaching decision
nbartos: careful jisk i think swans played them into form
BigChief: Oh I forgot about all Melbournes games over the last 30 years.
BestCoast: With no vaseline
jiska78: No I’m talking about the 1896 grand final. Stop living In the past. Your team is pathetic
NewFreoFan: MrWalrus, we’ve lost almost an entire midfield over the last two years, plus our 2 best defenders are out.
Harambe: What is up with Sloane this year anyway?
MrWalrus: @jis, that was actually a compliment to the eagles
BestCoast: BigChief you must be young I would day last 50 years
Grimes Jr: this jiska bloke is a clown
BigChief: @BestCoast I was being kind.
MrWalrus: I know Freo fan, looks like you have a decent list to me but some decisions…..
BestCoast: Grimes Jr he is a clown without a circus
jiska78: Lol
MrWalrus: …. like playing Brayshaw limited minutes out of position when he should be living in the guts is odd
jiska78: Oh look there’s Bewley
StuL: Hoping against hope for Hill to get a touch.
Grimes Jr: hill looks lost
jiska78: why the fuk is my pic determined by what colour scheme I want to use lol
BestCoast: Jiskab3 team changes in the last three comments jumping on the eagles
heppelitis: Hill just walking around the middle of the ground..not even leading.
BigChief: Burger for Jiska surely.
BestCoast: Jiska try pink for the demons
Sloaneyyyy: Crowd lost a good swingman in Greenwood and a big body in Ellis-Yolman
MrWalrus: Hill! that was real class
BigChief: Dees fans are cheering because Jiska changed teams
heppelitis: @Walrus..I thought he was going to run too far lol
MrWalrus: Sloaney, didn’t lose them, didn’t want them…. clowns
DrSeuss: Walters with more touches in the first 6 minutes than the whole first half
MrWalrus: Was close@Hepp, very close.
Grimes Jr: good player is doedee
Sloaneyyyy: As a result though, players like sloane don’t have people protecting them
Gandhi: Walters is getting tackled off the ball at every contest. Should have been paid a few frees by now.
BigChief: @Sloaney Crows stuffed up big time.
Silz90: conca gone for the game
MrWalrus: I know @ sloaney, decision makers at the crows have no idea what they’re doing
jiska78: Changing the colour scheme changes my team lol how crap
jiska78: Bigchief doesn’t even have the balls to choose a team
DropCox: Wow Hogan is worse than Cox
m0nty: back on the game please jiska
BigChief: My team is no longer in the comp FLOG
FLAG: sup b chief
amigaman: Hhaha Jiska sliced and diced
ajconodie: @jiska – You must be a newbie. We all know Chief is a Fitzroy diehard.
frenzy: lift Andy, did you come back out
CniglioSsn: @bigchief huge respect man, it must be hard sometimes to not choose a new team, love the loyalty.
DropCox: BigChief is a University fan
jbjimmyjb: this has been a shocking game, but i dont think the next one will be much better
Grimes Jr: doedee ton pls, hill 60 would be great
Silz90: lol cox played 1 good game in his career? hogan was a decent player at the dees
BestCoast: Laird 130+ please
Schillaci: Doedee making up for last week.
BigChief: Thanks guys. Love the support.
jbjimmyjb: cox’s only good game was the prelim vs us when astbury couldn’t move
DropCox: @Silz cost to performance ratio. Cox is a hack. Hogan is a spud.
pcaman2003: I hope our game with GWS is better than this
amigaman: Looks like CD finally caught up with Darcy
ajconodie: At least Cox couldn’t do it in the wet.
CniglioSsn: hope so too, as long as we win
BestCoast: All good BigChief you lionheart miss the Roys
pcaman2003: Hill has 3 disposals since 1st qtr. Not good enough at this level.
amigaman: Hawks v GWS pick of the day
DropCox: LOL jb still crying over the prelim
Silz90: haha nice! hope cox gets dropped for cameron but
Smac34: Wow adelaide
jiska78: No wonder he has no comebacks doesn’t even have a club anymore
BigChief: @amiga maybe they have, maybe not LOL
DropCox: Chief Lions still exist. Support the merger. Become a Brisbane fan.
CniglioSsn: @Jiska stop being so grating
amigaman: Haha @BigChief
ajconodie: @jiska – Fitzroy still exists.
jbjimmyjb: idk why the game chat always gets so personal
jc66: darcy a few good hitouts last few minutes
BestCoast: Burger for jiska
AuroraBore: @Jiska not a fan of the dees anymore?
jiska78: Might wanna google grating champ.
BigChief: @dropcox was not a merger, it was a take over. I will never support Brisbane. If Coll Merged with Carl would you follow
scboy123: Serong deserves more than 63% game time come on
BigChief: the Carl Magies? Nope you wouldn’t
Sloaneyyyy: This world be a miracle if crows win this game considering the way they’ve played thus far
MrWalrus: This games stats come courtesy of several monkeys banging a keyboard.
jiska78: @aurora this site for some dumb reason links your club to what colour scheme you choose
Yelse: what happened to hill was looking good for a tone earlier damn
DropCox: I know several Lions fans who did. Sad that Fitzroy are gone, but the Lions live!
MrWalrus: On a positive note at least we have a game on our hands now
Silz90: Should I bring in mcadam or serong next week?
BestCoast: Bye-bye jiska
Schillaci: Anyone else think Hill could have stopped that McAdam goal at the goal post?
scboy123: mcadam getting more game time silz
BigChief: @dropcox will never be Fitzroy though and that’s where my heart is.
jiska78: Are you going bestcoast? Enjoy the rest of your day champ
BigChief: @silz Serong easily
Schillaci: Bring in Harry Jones Silz
Nuffman: @jiska: awkward moment when you can actively change the colour scheme, regardless of what team you follow
BestCoast: Crows could steal victory out of the jaws of defeat
BRAZZERS: lol hill will be lucky to get 55, not getting him personally
DropCox: @chief fair enough mate.
amigaman: @BigChief props for your loyalty. I would feel the same
DropCox: King and Taylor dampening my Sturt trade. 3-5 weeks they said!
pcaman2003: Lift this qtr Hill,big time and ton up quick Laird
Kidult: Probably lose to some weird team they got B.Smith, Brayshaw, ROB, M.Crouch
Silz90: i hate shortened quarters. come on young + hill
Stu7: Come on Tucker
Stu7: Doedee 130 please
nbartos: hogan is so overrated
Chelskiman: Cracking mark from Walters!
BigChief: OMG Walters got a touch.
nbartos: mark!!
Kidult: They should run this midfield when Fyfe is back and play him FF
pcaman2003: So much for Hill being a play maker. He’s useless now.
Stu7: He’s over the Hill
StuL: Hill having a rest from doing nothing now
Stu7: Walters has got Freo back in the game
DropCox: Who would you rather have? Hogan or Walker?
MrWalrus: Hill is fine, playing a good game doing a role, @ $190k absolute bargain
spdysaint: nice to see sturt and hill do nothing this half
nbartos: Logue impressive
Harambe: How many times has Dwayne Russell said ‘spear’ on TV?
BestCoast: Walker
shaker: How long does the coach persist with spud Walker
Stu7: DropCox another choice?
pcaman2003: Has Laird gone home? Score going backwards now.
MrWalrus: Amazing how good Brayshaw can be, both fantasy & IRL when played in position, just like his brother
nbartos: NewFreofan when is Pearce and Hamling back?
BigChief: @dropcox can we pick neither and use 21 players?
AuroraBore: If he gets good TOG he’ll score fantastically. Silver lining to the Fyfe injury for me
Stu7: Conca outscoring Hill 😂
DropCox: @Stu lol exactly. I miss the days of the power forward. Tex 0 marks is a big lol
DropCox: @chief couldn’t go wrong with that!
MercAm: Is anyone looking like they r gonna crack 2000?
pcaman2003: Watching Hill doing a walkabout. Looks disinterested and no effort
Stu7: MercAm not I
Kidult: my opp from last week has Doedee+Brayshaw so he is flying this week luckily
BigChief: @Merc I have a projected 2041 atm
Gandhi: If hill puts in more than 50% effort he does a hammy
pcaman2003: Laird was 80 at half time. Terrible 2nd half
amigaman: Look at Darcy go! Finally proof that CD is a joke3
nbartos: first win for Longmuir
Kidult: he is on track for 2250+
MrWalrus: To me it looks like Hill looks like he is playing back & actually focusing on defending rather than being a crap seagull
Beast_Mode: lmao Hill is garbage, feel sorry for ppl with him
Stu7: Finally Tucker
DropCox: Good to see Aish play well today
blonde0na: why isn’t poholke played in the guts? tank issue?
Dead_Ned: ffs Laird 16 points since HT
scboy123: Serong 58% game time is actually taking the piss
pcaman2003: Laird and Hill both useless 2nd half. Muppets!
frenzy: good boy Andy
StuL: I only got Hill because it was what i could afford for Brandner.
Stu7: BOG Brayshaw great game
amigaman: Serong will be a star. Patience
frenzy: rescued my showerty weekend bud
Nuffman: Ryan and Laird repaying faith
nbartos: Mundy had claims for star too
Nuffman: hopefully this game translated to good stuff for prime time America
valkorum: Mundy for Gun, Brayshaw for Star
MrWalrus: Remember people, players aren’t playing to score fantasy points……. except seagull llyod
lukefield9: Can we talk about how good Logue is? What a jet
AuroraBore: God freos song is awful, even the players try and get through it quickly
Patty19: And Rory laird @mrwalrus
FLAG: bitter walrus
obione05: Walker-how time has passed
MrWalrus: Lol flag, no, lloyd is just the worst, logue is a gun defender, laird borderline

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