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Chat log from R5 of 2020: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, R5 of 2020

feralmong: watch all the proj scores drop by 120 when last game finalised in SC.
MrWalrus: Mine stayed even because of Jack Steven,
Gotigres: Rozee to reach his breakeven of 184 tonight cause I traded him out.
Gotigres: Won’t mind if you have a quiet one tonight Neale
Arminius: tigers fans only it seems
rupertmarn: Rozzee to ton up
rupertmarn: I’m hoping Freeman has a stinker
DrSeuss: Starc still on the bench 🙁
MrWalrus: Oh we’re from tiger land!
rupertmarn: Go Tiges
Kidult: might rue the Vc Grundy Neale looks to be roaming free
Apachecats: just found a Tiger den
BigChief: @rupert Who is Freeman?
jiska78: Rozee will need 50 possessions to ton up at this rate
Yelse: why don’t teams tag neale been wanting to get him but too many injuries
rupertmarn: Sorry wrong name and wrong game I meant Simpkin not Freeman
Breezey: Ellis Yolmen looks
wadaramus: Neale is just a gun.
Breezey: Ellis Yolmen looks like he’s done
MrWalrus: Looks like Hartlett has the long sleeves on
Kidult: port need to goal to punish them
wadaramus: Ice on the calf, CEY is cooked I reckon?
jiska78: Is Rozee for real? What a fucking spud
DrSeuss: Hopefully time to move on Houston this week – such a disappointment so far
Chelskiman: I’m watching the other game, what’s up with Starcevich?
Gotigres: So far glad I traded Rozee out for Mahony
DrSeuss: Get a touch Starc
scboy123: Dan houston has been a fucking cancer this year for me :/
MrWalrus: Rozee, Houston & Starc in this one for me *sigh* welcome to my supercoach season
CniglioSsn: Cmon Bebert and Lyons!
benzammit: Rolled a risky dice not taking Grundys score hopefully it pays.
wadaramus: Starc will dine out on the delicious pink donut, and then rack up a 75 🙂
MrWalrus: Also Smith & Bont in the other, lol @ me
rupertmarn: Why don’t they play Rozee in the guts?
BigChief: @Walrus Bont being tagged to be fair.
MrWalrus: What? you’ve gotta bank 150 VC too much to lose with nothing to gain
Kidult: Junior Berry looks a gun
MrWalrus: I know BC Should still come good but every week I get screwed this season
Chelskiman: Starc, pleease! ><
circle52: Rayner finally doing something
DrSeuss: See if Starc can beat Rowell’s score…
Kidult: Port rushing 2 much slow it down for a few mins
feralmong: too much starch in starc’s kit?
Breezey: Starc popped home to take the washing off the line.
rupertmarn: This wee will destroy a few teams
Yelse: crowd making a huge diff. Melb teams gonna be so disadvantaged
Gotigres: Starcevich just got a kick!
rupertmarn: This week
MrWalrus: Starcevitch! You beauty!
CniglioSsn: Gotta love it @Yelse
Gandhi: Good quarter from Houston so far
Chelskiman: @Gotigres Cape him!
CniglioSsn: loving the lack of neale. hopefully next week he does awful, and deboer takes care of him the next
feralmong: seriously Neale get a touch.
Gotigres: haha Chelskiman
MrWalrus: Melbourne teams at a disadvantage for the first time ever, welcome to the reality of AFL for all the other clubs
feralmong: here we go with Neale’s behinds again.
MercAm: OMG is Neale doesn’t get a goal this week ffs
Yelse: @ walrus interstate teams have 95% of full home adv during reg season. melb teams dont.
thommoae: Houston haters hands up please?
Yelse: only GF is actually melb team adv
Gotigres: Can’t believe it. Houston rockets up
Kidult: Poor by Wines there ran away from Neale
MrWalrus: Yelse you’re dreaming, also what do you mean “interstate teams” it’s the AFL
scboy123: Can Neale get a move on. Hes been no where to be seen this quarter
jiska78: Rozee is a fucking waste of space.
Arminius: Houston sucking in more teams for a few more weeks
wadaramus: Let’s not get started on the blatant bias of the VFL.
MrWalrus: Do the “interstate” Melbourne teams have to jump on a plane every second week to play?
CozzieCan: Houston useless for 3 weeks , was the best trade this year .
MrWalrus: Do they only allow the home team’s supporter’s into the G/Docklands so it’s like traveling interstate?
Breezey: If the interstate teams want to be in the AFL they have to travel. There’s no way around that
MrWalrus: Sorry wada, yelse started, I was just helpfully correcting him 🙂
wadaramus: If it wasn’t for the cluster outbreaks, VIC teams wouldn’t be hubbing or travelling.
DrSeuss: Houston doing a bit of work on the ‘kick-ins’ will help him score if he keeps that up
BestCoast: Yelse do the Pies have a GPS to find Tullamarine airport
BestCoast: Breezy sorry you won’t get your 10 away games at the G
Gotigres: Wonder if Degoey’s bail conditions allow him to go interstate
hinsch: I hadNoble and Brander out got Starcevich in should have saved the trade
wadaramus: Eddie will get him off GoTigres.
BestCoast: AFL thought it was the VFL lol
MrWalrus: Breezy, there are no “INTERSTATE” clubs, what is wrong with Victorians!?!
wadaramus: It is a damn shame that the FIXTURE is based on revenue return.
wadaramus: Instead of an equitable DRAW that is fair for all.
MrWalrus: Vic clubs sooking about going to hubs is a good one too
wadaramus: Cool your jets MrWalrus, the VICS begged us to join the VFL to save it.
wadaramus: But we’re the suckers coz we’ve been played for 30 years.
MrWalrus: I’m a supporter and member of the tiges but this Victorian we own footy attitude just does my head in
jiska78: The SANFL is where it’s at wararamus why waste ur time worrying about the big league
MrWalrus: Please Jiska don’t embarrass yourself
wadaramus: Your words ring more true as every day passes jiska78. Grass roots footy is REAL.
wadaramus: AFL footy continues to degenerate into an unrecognisable brand of Aussie Rules.
Kidult: Starc 11 BE cmon one last cash push
MrWalrus: Grass roots footy will get stuffed by AFL rule changes though if they don’t stop tinkering
MrWalrus: Fat old 40yo weekend warriors like me don’t need the game opened up and speeded up
BestCoast: Jiska78 is just waiting for the dees to win GF on colour TV
MrWalrus: Anyway back to the game, did not foresee power getting belted like this!
CniglioSsn: woo lyons on the draft bench, played shuey aswell…
DrSeuss: Ok Starc time for you to get into double figures young man
feralmong: tipped the lions. I think port are cinderella
Breezey: I’m not a Victorian champ. Not sure why you Think that
wadaramus: Enjoying the start to Q3 🙂
benzammit: Draft is going to be a lottery this year.
BestCoast: Power has been good away from home
feralmong: a lottery can be nice if you win.
Chelskiman: This is actually fucked from Starc!
wadaramus: Starc is too busy tagging Wobbie Gway.
benzammit: What % of players that are drafted come from Victoria? Last time I checked it was a large majority
MrWalrus: Benz, that’s part of the bias, high picks come from all over, low pics for vics….
MrWalrus: There would be thousands of guys good enough for AFL if put into a system
Gotigres: Great play by Starcevich then
Chelskiman: Go, Starc! Junk your way to a 40!
Kidult: some nice fwd rookie scores in the games tonight
Grimes Jr: this is more like the port adelaide we know and love!
benzammit: Really Mr Walrus? Best have a second look.
jiska78: Only 8 more flags to catch us bestcoast
Gotigres: Umpiring very ordinary in this game
MrWalrus: Population v % of good players and NT would likely be easily the best then Tas or WA
BestCoast: 100 years older than us lol 1964 before man on the moon
MrWalrus: But nah you’re probably right Benz, vice just naturally the best players on account of owning the game…
jiska78: Irrelevant. 4 flags inc 2 with a state side vs 12.
MercAm: Come on need Neale and Marshal to kick a goal for my multi. You guys reckon it will happen???
Grimes Jr: lol, melbourne area joke of a club
BestCoast: Jiska78 how is Mt Hotham this weekend are all the lifts in action
BestCoast: Dee’s no flags 57 years what a disappointment of a club pathetic really but I’m glad they survived
CniglioSsn: What are you talking about Jiska: any flags from before the AFL do not count, the dees have none.
Arminius: flower not having Neale
jiska78: WCE only four flags in 130 years. Pathetic club.
Kidult: another 98% TOG game to Neale impressive
jiska78: Of course they count. You joined our comp because you wanted to play with the big boys
Gotigres: So University games don’t count Cniglio?
BestCoast: My apologies to the Dees for needing counselling for the last 18 months from that preliminary loss in WA
BestCoast: You invited us because your league was bankrupt
jiska78: Ppl arguing that pre 1990 doesn’t count. Classic. n00bs
CniglioSsn: @Gotigres Absolutely not. any flags outside the AFL, despite being by the same club in most cases, are nice footnotes
BigChief: Back on the game please everyone.
MrWalrus: FACT: Melbourne has 0 AFL flags
BestCoast: Carn Neale big last quarter
MrWalrus: Starcevitch actually getting to rookie respectability
jiska78: AFL website stats/premiership-winners
Kidult: theres Marshalls goal
Kidult: now u just got neale to go
Breezey: There’s that Marshall goal someone was looking for
BigChief: @jiska what you are saying has SFA to do with Bris v Port.
AuroraBore: gl Kid, how much?
BestCoast: Somebody holler a Marshall
MercAm: @Breezey yeah now need Neale
Breezey: Is any9ne here old enough to have seen a Dees flag 1964
MercAm: I swear to god if Neale doesn’t kick a goal again or gets more than 3 behinds I’m legit gonna rage trade him
wadaramus: Born in 71 Breezey.
BigChief: @Merc hahaha I bet you won’t rage trade him.
Apachecats: yes ,saw Dees flag on TV
Gotigres: Time for a rest on the bench now Neale
BestCoast: No but I seen them get flogged in 88 by 96
Breezey: @Apache. Was someone waving it in the crowd
Seiya: @merc I doubt that
MercAm: @seiya shhh
BestCoast: Curse of the Dees sacking Norm Smith after he delivered 4 flags in a row
jiska78: seen more dees flags than collingwood or wce ones
Arminius: how old are ya lol
Apachecats: exactly BC ,boy did that cause a stink.
BestCoast: Jiska you muppet
Breezey: You better check again your website champ.
BestCoast: Apache, Was watching a doco the other day about it and they called it the biggest footy story of the century
Chelskiman: I think he’s been playing AFL Live with Melbourne on easy mode to see more grannies than Pies and Eagles.
benzammit: BC Did you not watch the 2000 grannie
Apachecats: yeah from memory the committee were forced to reinstate him.
nick2397: @jiska78 haven’t you had exposure to the outside world for 50 odd years? Just going by your previous comment…
benzammit: Has Neale been a bit of a butcher of handball mad?
MrWalrus: This chat is great! Also how good is Boak, getting better with age
Kidult: there you go neale on the final
Chelskiman: Hahaha!
MercAm: Please Neale, Please
Gotigres: Neale to kick a goal
Arminius: flowering idiot byrne-jones
Grimes Jr: hahaha
jiska78: seen six melbourne flags and four collingwood ones
Breezey: Neale goal
BestCoast: Benzammit Bomber by a lazy 10 got heaps of Bomber brothers love em too
BigChief: Neale goals FINALLY. hehehe
boges11: Brave man Merc. Happy it paid off for you
BestCoast: Jiska stay away from the LSD please
wadaramus: Love the chat guy, rock on!
spdysaint: love to see tom berry with a 85 sitting on my bench
Breezey: Considering you have the mentality of a 12 year old
MercAm: Flower yes, about bloody time. Got $725 wooooo
benzammit: 42 pt by memory
kano: Jiska78 for the burger
BestCoast: 60 points a lazy 10 straight
benzammit: Cd were kind to Boak
Arminius: 17 cp? he deserved it
Chelskiman: Nice, merc! 😀
BigChief: I think 132 for Boak is close looking at his stats.
benzammit: Yep my memory shot 60 8.12 we won by
benzammit: Fair call I did not watch.
MrWalrus: 132 fair also based on his game one of only a couple of power guys to put in

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