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Chat log from R5 of 2020: Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne, R5 of 2020

CozzieCan: Bont getting tagged .. McRae to go huge I reckon
Grimes Jr: not if smith takes his centre bounces
Apachecats: bad luck if you’ve got cunners
BigChief: Why would Nth play Cunners when he is clearly not fit.
Yelse: Macrea what is wrong with you
CozzieCan: Cunners struggling .. no good only to make injury worse no doubt
Grimes Jr: do something macrae
BigChief: Wood killing them in the air.
Apachecats: trainers working on him
scboy123: Is smith out for the game?
Kidult: annoyed I missed Vandermeer looks composed at Afl level
Apachecats: concussion test scboy
pcaman2003: Macrae a shadow of his former self.
scboy123: so they dont know yet?
Chelskiman: Goldy in beast mode!
scboy123: would be absolutely devastated to lose him so early….
scboy123: not to mention his 95 be ffs
Grimes Jr: he’s accumulator, doesn’t help that quarters are four minutes shorter
pcaman2003: Goldy will towel up English.
Breezey: English going as good as Goldy at the moment
RooBoyStu: Go Captain Goldy…..Grundy who? Lol
Dead_Ned: started budarick over taylor on the field 🙁
frenzy: Your dead Ned
Grimes Jr: ur time now macrae
Chelskiman: Zimmer been the doctor since the Dogs were introduced in the league. xD
Apachecats: Cunners doing pretty good for a cripple.
Justavrage: Traded taylor to simpkin this week…..
Chelskiman: Macca starting to get more involved.
AuroraBore: Changed my trade from Gaff to the Bont last minute, not sure which would’ve been better?
Kidult: Smith done
pcaman2003: Lift Macrae
Yelse: gong great tonight Baily smith, xerri and starcevich
Yelse: and macrae
Chelskiman: Nice one, Goldy!
MrWalrus: I wish I had a problem like Mcrae
pcaman2003: Opponent has Goldy and Simpkin,me with Macca. I’m dead in the water here.
Chelskiman: Should have kicked that, Macca!
beerent11: Oh get fucked. What happened to bailey smith.
TheLegend6: Smith going to come back on?
Kidult: Bulldogs twitter ruled him out
pcaman2003: Macrae like Maverick. Won’t engage.
scboy123: SMith out concussed. Absolute joke
feralmong: my smith and rowell is offset by my league opp with 9 donuts.
frenzy: You playing a ghost feral
Kidult: Playing a spook
feralmong: yeah lot of DNP and no E.
Gotigres: Your opp must be aiming for the wooden spoon feral
scboy123: If you get injured within the first x amount of time it should count as a DNP such shit
feralmong: I think a few peeps through in the towel early.
scboy123: feralmong you may survive ur round this week but their Break evens next week will be so bad
Breezey: He had two possessions. Stiff shower i say
feralmong: on the plus i have vandermeer and taylor
Kidult: -10 BE for Vandermeer those with him make bank
RooBoyStu: scboy123 lets concuss you and see if it’s a joke muppet
nick2397: Vandermeer on the field for sure next week, Budarick and T. Brown can bugger off
feralmong: don’t chase points nick.
frenzy: Hope Mahoney stays in the team
nick2397: @feralmong I had Vandermeer as emergency this week. If he tons up, I might switch someone like Coniglio for a non player
scboy123: where did i say it was a joke lmao
scboy123: not surprised tho, roos dirty fuckers
scboy123: oh true i did say was a joke
scboy123: i stand by it
feralmong: yeah loop him mate.
Grimes Jr: looks like macrae is getting 80 tonight
scboy123: youd expect macrae to lift with smith out but apparently not
pcaman2003: @Grimes. If lucky. Seriously thinking of trading him out. He looks disinterested
Kidult: Would love a win without huge impact from Bont/Macrae should be team building
cmperrfect: Shake the tag Bont ffs
DrSeuss: Keep going Simpkin and Taylor
CniglioSsn: @nick You’ll miss out on his return to form tho…
Grimes Jr: will take 100 from macca
Gotigres: Don’t think he will get 100 Grimes
Chelskiman: I’d take 80 from him at this point.
BestCoast: RooBoyStu you old warhorse blast from the past how is life
pcaman2003: @Gotigres. I agree. Think he should pack his bag and go home.
Kidult: looks like Vandermeer will ton up
BigChief: Nice boots on JJ
DrSeuss: Simpkin and Taylor slowing this qtr
nick2397: Simpkin one disposal this quarter
BigChief: VDM looks done.
feralmong: ohh ffs
pcaman2003: FGS Macrae you weak sloth. get in there and touch the flowering ball.
nick2397: There goes the planned loop!
CniglioSsn: looking forwaard to picking up these cheap mid premos, but i’m scared of them actually not succeeding in this stupid ssn
feralmong: yep
Kidult: 69 BE to Bont looks like he will lose money
pcaman2003: Bont will have a massive last qtr and ton up. I heard CD will make certain of it.
frenzy: Cunners finished
rupertmarn: The winning team this week will look ridiculous again
frenzy: You given us nothing razor nothing
BOMBRBLITZ: C Taylor mooing nicely
Kidult: Bont might not get better next week either has Curnow
nick2397: Curtis!!
BigChief: Cunnington should never have played. Poor from North
Kidult: 3 tons in a row to Enlgish and even nicer its against Goldy
frenzy: Says he’s good to go, he’s good to go chief
BigChief: @frenzy he would always put his hand up to play. He is just that type of person. That’s why it’s poor from North.
MrWalrus: They are going to have to allocate a lot of SC points after full time in this one.
coldog: @BigCheif – Agree with that
Kidult: Vandermeer probably ton up with all the points to come
pcaman2003: FFS Macrae. Terrible kick.
nick2397: Curtis Taylor the highlight in an otherwise shithouse SC round!
MrWalrus: Do you think the media might lay off Bruce for a bit now? Fair effort 6 goals these days

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