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Chat log from R5 of 2020: Geelong vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Geelong vs Gold Coast, R5 of 2020

CniglioSsn: Can’t wait for rowell to be completely tagged out of the game
feralmong: only to prove he’s a beast and breaks tags.
BestCoast: Go Rowell towel them tags and ton up son
pricey: Got a few boys in this game, trying to keep that number 1 ranking
feralmong: BE of 32 he’ll be 560k next week
amigaman: @CniglioSsn So Sad
BigChief: @cniglio sounds like someone didn’t get Rowell at the start.
exatekk: HAHA good one!
BigChief: @pricey #1 in your league maybe.
thommoae: Scott prefers to back his own (reasonably good) mids rather than tag, CniglioSsn – don’t get your hopes up.
pricey: @bigchief…. nah go look at the AFL DT rankings right now 🙂
Grimes Jr: here we go
softwhitee: just traded in danger, dont let me down
Kidult: my opp already has a donut and projected to beat me by 130 thanks to the last game
CozzieCan: As I said last night GC will upset the cats here ..
MrWalrus: Go you suns! Everyone’s second team this year I’d wager
Kidult: so need Danger+Greenwood to go 70,60
oc16: would be hilarious if geelong lost this
StuL: Can someome turn the random crowd noise down? Sheesh. Distracting
Kidult: Wish i could trust Parfitts body
pcaman2003: Go like the clappers Greeny
BestCoast: Stul whiskey is sunlight held together by water
BestCoast: Go Cats
StuL: Go us. No Whiskey Live this year. (
Ooost: The Rona is going to get The AFL
amigaman: God I loath umpires
Kidult: surprised Steven still in the side after the last 2 weeks
BigChief: @Ooost 1 false positive test in over 1600 tests? Yep you are right.
MrWalrus: I’m with ya amiga 100%, this game it seems we get the Clarkson HTB interpretation
amigaman: Clarksom whines. Umpires respond.
frenzy: but dropped Narkle kidult
Chelskiman: Rowell looks to have a dislocated shoulder.
pcaman2003: Not Rowell!
MrWalrus: Rowell dead
circle52: Rowell with a shouledr.
CozzieCan: Oh not Rowell too f me
Smac34: Well, rowell cooked his shoulder will make 95% of teams cringe
circle52: Does not look good
amigaman: Rowell gone, this season is f*cked
Kidult: Yup I don’t like the coach
AuroraBore: Do people come back on from dislocated shoulders?
BestCoast: Aurora they can do
zadolinnyj: Yes but depends on the collar bone
Rilian: Think of all the Rising Star bets f’d (if a longterm injury to Rowell)..
MrWalrus: Only if it was already rooted @ Aurora
TheLegend6: Stuffed your bet too Aurora?
Raspel31: yep amigaman- only round 5 and last half my team.
duckky: And … my opponent doesn’t have Rowell
StuL: I thought so bore but it didnt look good. You could see the bone sticking out
MercAm: Surely they can pop it back in, but please though, I’m already coping 2 0’s this week
AuroraBore: Yep, had ablett and Rowell 15+ and they both went into the rooms within a min of eachother
BigChief: Steven had almost as many touches today as last 2 weeks.
Kidult: Owell looks like Rowell to Yeo next week
pcaman2003: Love Greeny the tackling machine
Chelskiman: He’s tough, but that didn’t look good. If he comes back from that it would be a mighty effort!
softwhitee: oh dangerfield, what have i done
StuL: Gaz on. He’s fine
BestCoast: Sad to say Rowell might be premium steak at the slaughter yard. Hope he has a speedy recovery absolutely a gun
Bezzina: looked more collarbone along with the shoulder, he’ll be done for the day
MrWalrus: Anyone else got Steven? Dusty out the other week led to last minute panic trade to him…
StuL: Sorry Walrus. Steven looks ready to go, to the GFL.
BestCoast: MrWalrus not me but I did get sucked in to the Bennell
AuroraBore: Rowell to Yeo and Pickett to Titch for me next week
MercAm: Please Rowell come back to us, everybody pray lol
frenzy: to be fair BC, there was flower all else options
MrWalrus: Got bennell too, looked good I thought, named 2nd game then drama
amigaman: This could be the biggest trade of one player ever seen
benzammit: Why the f are Goldcoast in Geelong??? Leave a hub for an away game in Victoria?
Kidult: Similar for me Aurora but Brown
dezlav: @AuroraBore. Maybe I’ve missed something, but who is Titch??
Kidult: opp has Danger =) Greenwood =(
amigaman: Unfortunately SC will destroy his value
Kidult: Titch is tom mitchell
MrWalrus: Rowell was comfortably my my best mid
Bezzina: Tom Mitchell @Dez
Grimes Jr: lift budarick, beat mcinerney
dezlav: Cheers Bezzina
CozzieCan: Howe , Dunkley , Fyfe, Stewart & now Rowell I’m on the verge of quitting sc
benzammit: I’m gob smacked , where’s the sense in Geelong at home? AFL are crooked buggers.
zadolinnyj: Dew may have eaten rowell
CozzieCan: What’s next Neale does a hamstring flower me dead
BestCoast: Nothing is worse than premo crew getting injured below there BE there price gets hammered
Raspel31: same Cozzie- had them all. A tad frustrating.
amigaman: @Cozziean Me too. Can’t see the point anymnore
pcaman2003: Nice start Greeny. 3 more qtrs like that please.
BestCoast: Cozzie shhhhhhh I’m in the same boat
benzammit: This could cause another season delay.
MrWalrus: I hope neale does a hammy, would be first thing to go my way this year
pcaman2003: They took a tackle of Greeny. Spew!
MercAm: Confirmed Rowell is done ffs
zadolinnyj: Geelong has no cases. Why would it be an issue
BestCoast: MrWalrus be nice don’t wish for players to be injured
CniglioSsn: well i will say this makes a Tom Green rising star possible.
MrWalrus: Went rozee over Weller too, another genius move in hindsight
Kidult: I’d say Serong will win it now
The39Steps: Every serious fantasy player has Rowell. Net impact is negligible.
MrWalrus: Sorry BC but only an early slight hammy “awareness” is all I need, nothing serious
Beast_Mode: exactly who cares
Smac34: What was rowells BR
BestCoast: MrWalrus a 200+ from him would be better lol
CniglioSsn: @kidult i agree, it’s more likely to be a serong or young, but i’ll still dream. Green has a stellar future ahead of him
Kidult: 21 BE so wont lose much
Kidult: Yeh Green would win it if he played but probably get dropped at GWS
MrWalrus: That’s what I’m already tipping, worst SC season ever, I’m tanking for next year ;P
CozzieCan: Dangerfield get moving m8
BestCoast: My premiums are all getting injured or are mud
MrWalrus: Danger and cogs, 2 of mine
Kidult: Fort doin well just wish the muppet coach played him week after week
BigChief: @Kidult easily best ruck at Geelong.
thommoae: GWS not exactly short of quality mids, Kid. Hs to earn his spot – not like Rowell, who was a walk-in.
The39Steps: Stewey Dew playing for the Cats in jumper number 9.
Kidult: Yup Taranto isn’t far off wonder hm practice games he will get
frenzy: Lol Thommaoe
Grimes Jr: go you suns
StacksOn: just joined, what happened to rowell?!
Chelskiman: Shoulder injury, Stacks. Looked bad.
MrWalrus: Deliberate? Shocking call that one
Chelskiman: Yeah, that was a bad call.
benzammit: W.C play a home game at Metricon? Call the Year this already rigged games busted.
CozzieCan: On a serious note greenwood hasn’t touched it so far this qtr
benzammit: Zero cases in Geelong? Who’s the moron who said this?
Grimes Jr: get a touch budarick
Chelskiman: Nice finish from King. These King brothers could be elite in a few years.
MrWalrus: These king boys are seriously good
benzammit: Geelong is only an hour out from Melbourne, Stay outta Queensland you Festy Viral
Kidult: Imagine them in the same team
benzammit: Smuggling into Queensland like the Mexicans.
CniglioSsn: if they were, i hope itd be GC
DrSeuss: Get a touch Anderson
Ooost: Menegola 😀
Kidult: Yeh I think Max is the one closer to out of contract
frenzy: hour, you going the long way
pcaman2003: Where r u Greeny? Only 4 pts this qtr. Get going!
CniglioSsn: Currently got 425 in the chest, with rowell out it looks like i’ll be able to get two mid premos
Kidult: nvm they both come out end of 2022
Kidult: I knew Ben signed just didn’t know Max did aswell
MrWalrus: Same team would be like cheating
Grimes Jr: looks like i should’ve taken mcinerneys score
CniglioSsn: currently got bud forward emergency, i’ll risk sturts score
Kidult: Leggo Suns win on at the Cattery without Rowell would be insane
benzammit: Why would you leave 425 in the bank? That’s poor trading
Chelskiman: 38 fantasy points at half time from my three Suns. Going well, boys!
Kidult: @cni same here
DrSeuss: 1 touch in the qtr for Anderson.
MrWalrus: Steven been good, my stupidity may pay off finally
frenzy: thanks benzammit, needed a laugh
Kidult: Devon to Steven might net a good turnover in a couple rounds
CniglioSsn: Seconding Frenzy
CniglioSsn: Moved out williams and howe for ridley and hill, and was planning on upping gould to hurn this week
CniglioSsn: looks like i may have another week for hurn, so upping brown and rowell to two ~500k fallen mid premos
scboy123: definitely happy i went with both king brothers this year
CniglioSsn: is my current thoughts
pricey: 154 points clear from the 2nd ranked person and im getting fk all from Ainsworth and Budders
benzammit: Early days bud try and leave your cash on the field, downgrade upgrade!
Kidult: compromised picks if you spent cash when injury/team carnage happened the last fortnight
CniglioSsn: i think i’m going pretty ok at the moment, but thanks for the advice.
benzammit: Where are you ranked out of interest, what’s ya team name I’ll check?
benzammit: Chewyonyaboot is mine.
penguins00: Wonder how long Rowell is out for. Apparently he wanted to keep playing.
pricey: Pricey’s Pies is mine @benzammit
softwhitee: ton up from here danger and ill be ecstatic
benzammit: I got shafted when the Bombers v Melbourne cancelled took 15 player score still 888 rank.
benzammit: Do you leave 425k in the bank Pricey?
pricey: Got 114k at the moment but will see injuries/suspensions and go from there mate
amigaman: @benzammit that’s cruel
pricey: pretty stoked where ‘m currently ranked but anyways but it’s early days
Ooost: Menegola 😀
Grimes Jr: go suns
Yelse: every week i get 2+ players out injured can’t get team changed as wanted
frenzy: lol he has budda,not buddy @ benzammit
nick2397: Budarick like a fat ancient Buddha at the moment.
Grimes Jr: budarick will be lucky to get 30 here
pricey: Ainsworth keep going son
DrSeuss: Get a touch Noah FFS
benzammit: Where are ya at Pricey save me looking, Cogs is gone?
Chelskiman: That was mesmerising from Bowes!
pricey: Number 1 @benzammit
benzammit: Tough love amigaman, just a tip how to use trades effectively.
frenzy: carn Gold Coast
benzammit: Fwark yeah! FairPlay bud!
CozzieCan: Bye bye Chris Scott , idiot
AuroraBore: What is your team name Pricey?
nick2397: The Suns doing very well with only 19 players contributing!
pricey: Pricey’s Pies @AuoraBore
Kidult: Priceys Pies rank 1 in fantasy
MrWalrus: In supercoach pricey?
benzammit: Go Suns! Cats are shot!
pricey: DT @MrWalrus
Grimes Jr: budarick, get a fucking touch spud
BestCoast: Nice one Pricey
pcaman2003: More disposals please Greeny. Ton up
AuroraBore: Ah, thought you were in supercoach and i was thinking that’s not who’s rank 1
BigChief: Don’t you mean AFL Fantasy @Pricey?
Chelskiman: Spoke too soon, benza!
benzammit: Hope you give it a good shake Pricey
Grimes Jr: cats will be rubbish in a few years. very old list
pricey: Cheers BestCoast
Kidult: DT is another game AF is the one you play
rupertmarn: Glad I traded Danger
pricey: Sorry yes thats what i meant BigChief
Kidult: No marks or tackles to Danger needs to be dropped
rupertmarn: Hibberd scores more than T Brown and probably Buderick
BestCoast: Hope you survive and do all the way Pricey nice seeing crew do well
StuL: Sav can grab it. Cant kick for shower
benzammit: Uh either way no 1 in any is quality.
StuL: Everyone has Buderick so who cares? Keep em all down
BestCoast: Hawking go up 30÷ points with two pozzies
Kidult: looks like the rookies arent going to get much fatter after this round
BigChief: @StuL Sav is Casboult 2.0?
BigChief: Cats getting back on top.
Chelskiman: Menegola has these games sometimes. Enough to suck you in then when you get him he spuds up.
MercAm: Gold Coast just don’t deserve to win anymore they r just playing horrible footy now
Kidult: Go away Danger
Grimes Jr: keep saying that pls merc
BestCoast: Chelskiman plenty of players like that promise you the world and give you an Atlas
benzammit: Who’s sav?
MrWalrus: Whoever is doing the supercoach scores this match is doing a much better job than last game
Dream Big: Bit harsh Chel, Menegola was a quality premium forward for a while there. As a Mid only he’s just a bit off the mark.
Chelskiman: Ratugolea
Grimes Jr: jeez geelong get a good run with the umps
StuL: Pls sav. Give it to Gaz
Chelskiman: Dream, I’ve had him in the past and he can go big, but he can also have absolute stinkers when you need him the most.
StuL: That 50 was about 30
benzammit: Ellis on 600k to deliver 15 disposal games.
BigChief: @chel just like every single player in the AFL
Chelskiman: To me Sav is Saverio Rocca, but that might just show my age. xD
amigaman: Rowell ut, crap GC midfield in
lisapizza7: Umm 16 free kicks gold coat to 9 Geelong
amigaman: *out
benzammit: Menegola has never been a Premo?
Kidult: Anderson is starting to produce some scores
Dream Big: I suppose I think more in long-run averages, when a forward averages 100 that’s great no matter how they do it.
BestCoast: Roy & HG battered Sav
Kidult: Flanders might get a chance
pcaman2003: Better qtr Greeny. Same again for the 4th please.
Grimes Jr: budarick 45 pls
scboy123: how is 3.1 only 62 points seriously. hes scored half their bloody goals
benzammit: Yes taking the middle of a first name, Sav, you can do better lads.
rupertmarn: King’s score is low because he only 4 possesions
Yelse: gonna miss out on multi last leg ablett to get a goal for 973 bucks
Chelskiman: @BestCoast, haha. Give em the old Hello Boys and a Dutch Wink. xD
benzammit: I choose Tug!
MrWalrus: Gola had 1 promo year, agree benz, some pretty P155 weak nicknames on here sometimes
BestCoast: @Chelskiman was about to say the same showing our age now
StuL: Don’t listen to the Billysucker
StuL: The Billy sucker bets just b4 the game i would forget. Not seen one come off yet
Kidult: Honestly thought Witts would spank Fort
blonde0na: steven’s not a UNIT, he’s a bloody duplex
Chelskiman: GC’s kicking has been woeful today.
Grimes Jr: steven looks like a madman
CozzieCan: Danger to ton woohoo
BigChief: Fort is a solid ruck. I would play him for the rest of the year.
Kidult: pulled that out of his backside
StuL: Why will spud Scott not listen to me
thommoae: How’s that ‘Suns to beat the Cats’ tip, Cozzie?
StuL: Fort is a pure ruck. Stanley is a ruc-fwd. Just pick him.
spdysaint: I might put Duncan in for Rowell, been very consistent
pcaman2003: Greeny,you tackle king. Build those points up
BestCoast: StuL I’m surprised Scott is still at the cats
softwhitee: ya i went danger over duncan, kinda regretting it
StuL: I would have sacked him years. His bs has cost prob 2 flags.
BigChief: @StuL it should be Stanley v Esava for the fwd/ruck roll.
MrWalrus: Greenwood is a star, crows really messed up with him
benzammit: Yeah Scott has done a Ross Lyon, taken a complete Rolz Royce n turned it to a Ford escort
Apachecats: McPherson all the rage before round one ,pffft!
MrWalrus: Also madman Steven has done very nicely for me at last
Chelskiman: Who needed Ablett to kick a goal?
StuL: I mozzed it
StuL: The billy bet came off
frenzy: who needed a goal from Gaz
Kidult: @yelse
StuL: Good win. The new Suns are real
benzammit: Breezy or Yelse? 900
BigChief: Is that the 1st billy bet to pay off this year?
Rilian: Heart symbol for Gaz (Just b’coz..)?
BigChief: Selwood the gun? Greenwood been better.
benzammit: Can’t knock the little champ 350 gamer an amazing career.
CozzieCan: Danger with a ton woohoo , also go greenwood
benzammit: mOnty man crush maybe on Selwood.
Chelskiman: Yeah, he’s a legend of the game.
StuL: It’s the first one I have seen chief
pcaman2003: Greeny great effort,but need better DE.
MrWalrus: Zombie for my boy Steven
CozzieCan: We may of won but , sloppy from the cats .. well done suns you deserved it
spdysaint: all rookies this round have sucked
feralmong: still 225 pts to dish out
feralmong: can we give them all to Rowell.
thommoae: Deserved … to lose by 37?
CozzieCan: 25 points to Dangerfield
CozzieCan: Nah they deserved to win @thomm , their 2nd qtr without Rowell was impressive
benzammit: Zero Rowell.
amigaman: @spdysaint Max King
blonde0na: i dont think playing one impressive quarter means they deserved it?
benzammit: Enjoy this round next round will be postponed I’m tipping.
CniglioSsn: surely commemorate gaz with a symbo, a goat mayhaps?
spdysaint: amigan, true, I was thinking like, brown, hibberd, budarick and kinda mcirney
spdysaint: benzammit, Hope not
Chelskiman: GC were courageous, but with a man down and some poor kicking they were always going to get run over the top of.

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