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Chat log from R5 of 2020: West Coast vs Sydney

Chat log for West Coast vs Sydney, R5 of 2020

Yelse: we taking grundy’s VC as C
Grimes Jr: yep
amigaman: yep
BigChief: Gaff my only player in this game.
shaker: Sure are
23rookie23: @Yelse that cant be a serious question!
Yelse: thought some ppl might gamble on neale or gawn
23rookie23: If any are they need to delete team and plan for 2021 lol
jbjimmyjb: i have neale into gawn
Kidult: Took the bold option in C on Brander hope he does well
Grimes Jr: why would u gamble when u already have 300 in the bank
BigChief: @Kidult I think he might get 151, but not sure.
ademase: banked Grundy
Yelse: just mcinerney in this game and on the field
Kidult: just my luck JPK dominates but clangers galore
Kidult: I’m worried with Mcinerney onfield as Clarke come in
pcaman2003: McInerney to be a passenger today.
BigChief: Great intercept from Sydney there.
Arminius: Heeney score so low, Bont or dusty would be on double that
Grimes Jr: mcinerney emergency, budarick on field for me
frenzy: nic nat should dominate today
jbjimmyjb: heeney gave away a 50m which is like -10
Yelse: Mcinerney not looking good for me 🙁
23rookie23: TKelly has stunk it up so far at the Eagles! cats were carrying him lol
Arminius: jbjimmyjb, makes more sense now, how come no FA stat for that?
Chelskiman: He’s off the mark now, Yelse!
BigChief: McLean is not a fwd. Should be in the ruck.
jbjimmyjb: a 50m pen isnt a FA its just a clanger
amigaman: Why is Allen on 0
Arminius: wtf is going on
DrSeuss: Mcinerney and Lloyd – time to get involved 🙁
BigChief: Redden very very lucky not to connect.
jbjimmyjb: the eagles look terrible
Kidult: I want lloyd to get closer to 500k
StuL: The eagles Kelly doesnt look like the cats Kelly
circle52: Just want McInerney to beat Browns 29.
cmperrfect: Mills on the trade radar
jiska78: I’m upgrading Dawson to whatever rookie is available next week
Grimes Jr: mills would be a risky pick up
pcaman2003: Nic Nat looks better with the extra TOG
Kidult: long qtr for only 5 goals
cmperrfect: thats what they all said about Ridley too @grimes
jiska78: Giving away 50 is -8.5 points actually
yablettt: nic nat averages 100 with half tog..
AuroraBore: Not a good week to have Gaff for 25+, ofc hes getting tagged
CozzieCan: Heeney to ton today I can feel it .. cmon you good thing
MoreMidTim: Mills playing in the ball at all?
zadolinnyj: Huey out?
FLAG: McInerney covering fyfe going well
MercAm: Wait is Shuey our? Ffs
Grimes Jr: ridley a clear intercept marker tho, mills isn’t
BigChief: Shuey might be done.
frenzy: Redden booked haha
CozzieCan: Shuey groin injury
Kidult: Slow down Yeo still want you to lose a lil cash for next week
DrSeuss: Keep going Lloyd, more than 1 possie per qtr would be good McInerney
jbjimmyjb: m0nty redden needs the report icon
cmperrfect: should he be picked is my point @grimes, not how he plays
cmperrfect: based on Mill’s recent form, yes.
StuL: One trade looks used for next week. Jones in.
arbel: Nic nat getting ripped off dominating in the ruck
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week I play someone with Parker – I have Lloyd & Mcinerney:(
Grimes Jr: that holding the ball decision was a joke
original: Getting sick of nic Nat only showing up for 1 qtr then doing nothing for the next
poolboybob: JJK Muppet
BigChief: Can someone tell me what is the difference between the tackle on Haywood and the tackle on Jones?
StuL: Lloyd is certain to ton. Dont stress owners.
cmperrfect: keep going Parker, go big son
CniglioSsn: Who thinks this is actually indicative of Tim Kelly this year, or will he fix up back at perth?
FLAG: go lloyd u good thing, lift mcinerney
BigChief: Kelly will be better once back in WA
Kidult: Tombstone icon for me i got Gaff+JPK
cmperrfect: i nearly brought in Gaff this week, went Parker instead
cmperrfect: The Package is out for up to 3 months, great
MrWalrus: Dawson one of my 2020 shockers, great player, fantasy not so much
cmperrfect: Kennedy score killed by clangers @Kid
Kidult: yeh lowest 13 pos SC i’ve seen in a while
frenzy: nic nat wants to lift, mclean doing a number
cmperrfect: Yeo BE 156, ripe for the picking soon
Kidult: Well with Stringer out someone will get his mid time
cmperrfect: especially with Shuey out for weeks now
Kidult: Paddlebum is starting to put on some nice scores for his price and M/F I may take a punt
original: Went crisp over both Ridley and Lloyd. Genius me
MrWalrus: Llyod is so useless IRL back pocket avoids contests chips around kicks
cmperrfect: any1 Proj over 2400 this week ?
Stu7: Dudd Dawson gone next round
MrWalrus: I’m projected less than 2000, managed to pick all the dud premos
Kidult: Parkers score is an anomaly low CP and no clearances haha
MrWalrus: Oh wait probs 2100 once loophole Grundy factors in
gdshifty: how does Cripps have 5 CP’s but only 4 handpasses?
circle52: Tossed a coin between gaff and Parker as to who to bring in indtead of Fyfe, Guess which way the coin fell
MoreMidTim: Jones really struggled for Geelong I’d be pretty wary about bringing him in.
Kidult: Possessions are different to disposals
amigaman: @gdshifty good call
frenzy: CP’s and Disposals are not the same
MoreMidTim: On Parker he’s going at 90% Eff with 4 tackles
MrWalrus: How do you get a possession without disposal?
blonde0na: you receive the ball and get tackled?
MrWalrus: Nope, otherwise there would be 100s of extra Cps
Kidult: think its in a contested situation they tap it on
MrWalrus: Nope, That’s a 1pertcenter like a spoil
blonde0na: oh are you talking about CP in the scoring context?
Kidult: probably one of those he tried tackles when doesnt actually dispose of actually
MrWalrus: Well from what I understand anyway which it seems is nothing anymore
BigChief: free to WC for tackles, no frees for Sydney? SMFH
zadolinnyj: as a nuetral Bigchief umpiring good so far
cmperrfect: Lloyd could make his BE at this rate
CniglioSsn: mcinerneys doing better than collingwoods rookie, thats all i need
blonde0na: the umpiring has slowly gotten more consistent over the 3 games so far
shaker: Yep better than #free kickcollingwood
Kidult: 5 metres gained to Gaff eek
cmperrfect: slow down Yeo, i want you soon
Kidult: probably the last week Yeo bottoms out
Kidult: Afl web saying Shuey is a hammy
FLAG: cmon heeney lift
Fatbar5tad: Time’s up Vanilla Dawson
frenzy: I’ll be ready to pounce Kidult
jiska78: Have you got Lloyd cmperrfect?
MrWalrus: NicNat should have about 1000SC this 1/4 been an absolute beast
jiska78: Yeo will keep going down with that 59 from last week. Why the fuk would you want him tho
Arminius: @jiska78 they have heaps of home games coming up and he’s a jet
Kidult: Yeo doesn’t like being away from home thats why he got traded from lions
FLAG: ton up lloydy this qtr
Apachecats: TKelly got to go not a premium any more.
BigChief: @apache he will be a different player in WA
Kidult: Starting Hurn rd1 looked like the right move. Been shower since
Apachecats: Can only hope big chief.
Kidult: Yeo with less tog then Naitanui hmm
CozzieCan: Heeney is gone this week I’ve had it .
cmperrfect: Yeo $/m very good
cmperrfect: ppm i mean
The39Steps: Heeney
jiska78: do you have Lloyd cmperrfect???
cmperrfect: nope
Bezzina: If you don’t have lloyd, you’re in trouble
frenzy: Lloyd has to collect chips yet
MrWalrus: I wish I had Heeney as my biggest issue
Bezzina: and never touch Heeney, such a trap
BestCoast: Greetings all
MrWalrus: Llyod is everything wrong about SC scoring system, don’t understand how he gets games
Ooost: 60 from McInerney please.
cmperrfect: if i had a pet seagull, he’d be called Lloyd
Kidult: Id call it Chip
cmperrfect: cmon Parker, big last qtr
Grimes Jr: genuinely excited for the suns game
Gandhi: Lloyd’s speciality is giving the ball to someone under pressure so he can get it back straight away
MrWalrus: Same Grimes
Kidult: Thinks he is a goose when he is actually a seagull
MrWalrus: Thinking Dawson’s finally doing something, check score, not moving!?!
BigChief: @grimes it should be a good game.
Grimes Jr: de grey charged with sexual assault
The39Steps: De goey charged with sexual assault. (Herald sun)
BestCoast: What was Shueys injury?
Grimes Jr: goey****
frenzy: hammy
MrWalrus: I know right, Degoey who’d have ever thought…
BestCoast: Cheers Frenzy
pcaman2003: Terrible game for turnovers. Shortage of skills on both sides
zadolinnyj: How is nicknat not 10000000
cmperrfect: If Grundy had Nic Nats numbers, he’d be 150+
Kidult: let the tag go now horse give gave a chance of gettin to 90+
Grimes Jr: haha, agreed @mrwalrus
zadolinnyj: 1 million
Kidult: gaff*
MrWalrus: 200+cm NicNat has put on a clinic, BOG IMO for pure dominance & impact
BestCoast: Large chips and gravy for Lloyd
jfitty: NN score about right, he’s only had 9 HOTA, they’re 5 points yeah?
rupertmarn: Gaff trade not great
frenzy: star for nic nat, c’mon m0nty seriously
FLAG: cmon 130sc
FLAG: cmon lloydy 130sc+
amigaman: Who was complaining about Nic Nat earlier
Kidult: Hurn probably be under 500k after this
Ooost: Why would Nat not deserve the star?
rupertmarn: Thanks for ID help M0nty!
MrWalrus: 9hota my rear end who decides this stuff! Umpires?
jiska78: any danger of answering the question cmperrfect or are you here to talk to yourself?
rupertmarn: Mid rookies stinking it up this week
BigChief: If NicNat not star who would?
Kidult: Gaff probably would have gone 140+ with no tag today spewen
Apachecats: Hi BestCoast ,you been missing in action? Haven’t seen you on the forum lately.
cmperrfect: Answer what @jiska? I said nope to your question re Lloyd.
frenzy: another hammy
BestCoast: G’Day Apache I had a spell care of Magistrate m0nty in round one
Apachecats: hahaha BC ,I had one of those a few years ago ,case of mistaken identity.
Apachecats: Spewing BCv,just had to cancel my week in Noosa the other day.
zadolinnyj: Wc looked good
jiska78: Ahhh sorry cm, missed it
BestCoast: Apache that’s devastating news hope all this blows over soon and things get back to normal
jiska78: as an Adelaide supporter any team looks good
BestCoast: Hippy WC welcome back boys
MrWalrus: Llyod highest score on ground is a disgrace was very average today.
frenzy: been like that for ages now mr walrus
FLAG: walrus = bitter
MrWalrus: Not bitter, confused, SC used to represent on field, lloyd used to suck compared to AF
amigaman: Flag = Miserable
sMiles: Nic Nat scored so low is simply wrong
MrWalrus: Now gets points for being rubbish but effective players get penalized
Belegur: Its a fair point, Lyod had no impact what so ever on the game
Kidult: 9 kermies to JPK god damn
frenzy: nic nat should have yin yang, being touched up at 1/2 time
sMiles: Nic Nat was not touched up at half time… HE dominated the whole match… The only time he got touched up, was
sMiles: touched up by the stats guys scoring!

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