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Chat log from R5 of 2020: Collingwood vs Essendon

Chat log for Collingwood vs Essendon, R5 of 2020

Yelse: maynard or sicily for howe?
Apachecats: Maynard very consistant yelse
circle52: I went Daniel – Maynard of those 2 but need to see his role now.
circle52: With Howe out
Apachecats: you never know what Sicilys role will be.
Yelse: going maynard don’t think rrole will change scharenberg will take it
Grimes Jr: sicily
circle52: and he will do something stupoid any time
Apachecats: agree CDaniel another good option.
wadaramus: Stupid is as Sicily does!
Gotigres: Cogs out and my kiss of death inclusion is Maynard
wadaramus: Cogs out?
Grimes Jr: come on dons
Kidult: lets see if Stepho is 1st goal scorer once again
frenzy: Lol wada
AuroraBore: g’day fellas, UP the pies!
Kidult: Vc Grundy and Devon for me 2night
wadaramus: What’s so funny Frenzy?! Is Cogs out?!
Kidult: and once again he gets it
exatekk: crystal ball kidult lol
Yelse: got to start putting money on stevo for first goal
frenzy: he means trade out
wadaramus: Gotigres, what have you done to me?!
AuroraBore: spot on Kidult
BigChief: @Wada i think the LOl is for your previous comment about Sicily.
Gotigres: Sorry in advance Wada, but Cogs will drop about 40k I think
Kidult: he had pies first 4 scoring shots last week or the 1 b4
wadaramus: Haha, Friday night, all is good 🙂
m0nty: Hooker has hold of Cox
Ash777: go captain pendles
snake_p: back to the footy please Monty
Pokerface: i sense m0nty sees a blowout
Pokerface: yes, i know what i said.
scboy123: lets go crispy
wadaramus: Hooker is a fine exponent of holding Cox.
Kidult: Maynard will love this weather
Ash777: No heppell n zerrett. Pies should win this
Gotigres: ‘Here comes Cox’. lol
Grimes Jr: heppell is useless anyway
dipstick: im starting to see the beauty of a 17 round season. never thought i would. n more 18 MCG games for tiges and pies
scboy123: @dipstick what beauty
Kidult: Wonder if Maynard gets close to a ton in the first half again
ajconodie: Parish looks like the girl you didn’t want to dance ith in PE cos she didn’t use deodorant.
wadaramus: Nice start Grundy, go big man!
DrSeuss: Devon Smith – surely he goes in the middle with Zerrett out
frenzy: big Cox turned out to be a flop
AuroraBore: Went Ridley over Maynard to save the money, hoping i don’t regret that
dipstick: Cox not performing at this point in time. needs to lift
scboy123: Crisp tanking rn
Grimes Jr: cox will never lift. he is a genuine spud
Costanza: Cox always lurking near the bottom
Apachecats: Cox no good in the wet.
wadaramus: Cox needs a rise.
dipstick: i know Bucks loves Cox but he may need to move on from mason for another bigman in Darcy
Grimes Jr: come on dons
Kidult: Good to see Phillips actually give Dons something in the ruck
Ash777: darcy wouldn’t last a month in the forward line before he injures himself.
Ash777: oh you mean cameron not moore.
BOMBRBLITZ: Phillips surprisingly good upgrade on Bellchambers
dipstick: why did noble get dropped? is he a trade?
Kidult: Will Kelly kicked 3 in the pregame
Schillaci: mcavaney as good an opening term as he has seen. hahaha. good one coz i thought it was average at best
wadaramus: Fukn traded his aR$e dipstick.
Apachecats: scores level but Magpies get all the SC points.
Schillaci: ridley not really involve yet.Saw him twice for 2 hb
Schillaci: 98 possessions to 60 will do that Apache
dipstick: @wadw you did? i shoulda. i traded BZT instead, kinda regretting it
Kidult: and 25 to 9 marks
MrWalrus: But how are all these possessions so much more valuable for the same score?
wadaramus: Yep, kicked his arse to the kerb, trash in my eyes!
dipstick: i traded howe to ridley and BZT to hill
wadaramus: Grundfos priming for a decent VC score.
wadaramus: I flicked BZT weeks ago, Noble to Hill for me man.
blonde0na: i legit have no idea what is HTB anymore? this is some real bizarre stuff
Kidult: I had a sneaky prediction of 212 for Grundy
wadaramus: AFL rule suck Blonde0na.
Gandhi: Ask clarko @blonde0na, he decides the interpretation
dipstick: if you get a grip of a player he should have 1 second to dispose or its HTB. none of this prior shit
wadaramus: 212, I might consider locking that in kidult!
ajconodie: The Alistair Clarkson Rules Committee
wadaramus: My Cowboys getting a lesson from the Eels.
blonde0na: hold up that clears it, HTB is when you don’t take possession of it apparently
beerent11: Doubt I’ll be needing Neale as a captain this week
frenzy: teabag is on fire
beerent11: Let jake have a gut. Plays better fat.
wadaramus: Got Cox as VC beerent?
dipstick: who’s teabag? sounds like chinn nuts as opposed to walnuts or chestnuts
CniglioSsn: Bout to rain, not good for ridley 🙁
wadaramus: Lipton? Dilmah?
frenzy: he’s got a String attached to his name
dipstick: @cnigliossn he just got 12. say it again.
beerent11: Tyler brown dipstick;)
Kidult: go grundy tap out for a hball clearance then a tackle
wadaramus: Cowboys over!
Schillaci: Ridley up in a flash
dipstick: @wada you do nrl sc? Lolo is a beast. A MONSTER
Schillaci: Grundy VC alright atm
wadaramus: Grundy gonna ton up by the half, double it you gun!
beerent11: Ridley will be good. They go out of their way to use him.
wadaramus: Fucken oath dipstick! NRL SC is fukn good fun!
beerent11: And he never fucks up
Kidult: Almost went with Maynard but decided to hold the coin to trade Pitto to Gawn next week
wadaramus: Word up beer, Rids is the sh*t!
Bezzina: Ridley’s cheap chips are beautiful
scboy123: well this game is going horribly wrong for me
Costanza: good tough footy
beerent11: Tyler brown like a deer in the headlights
BOMBRBLITZ: Ridley 100 per cent fellas
Rilian: “Coxzilla” bringing the goods..
m0nty: Hooker two handies, Cox no touches
Kidult: Those are stiff Cox jokes m0nty
Jackwatt$: Haha Classic m0nty!
wadaramus: Hooker and Cox..staying down low together
dipstick: @m0nty well its a Yankee. The same as a quikie but you do it by yourselfie
piro: surely pies bring back darcy cameron…
cmperrfect: Hibberd still thinks he’s playing VFL.
frenzy: Reid played in the scratchie
casey22: Vague memory of being banned by m0nty for some Dean Cox humour!!!!!
Yelse: at least maynard paying his dues. pies will lift
Kidult: @ I think Kelly might get a debut
benzammit: Moore Cox is Hooker Fantasia.
Jackwatt$: I see Moore brown around the Cox, Sidebottom will be back soon
Kidult: Maynard will go up 26k with 113
benzammit: 7 small forwards goes ok in the wet we may have got lucky for a change.
Kidult: Ridley +39k with a 95
dipstick: @benzammit just dont mention cox and roughhead in the same sentence and you should be fine
Gotigres: Love the dog in the crowd
Apachecats: Ham is now called Snelling according to BT
cmperrfect: BT you flog
CniglioSsn: love the sneaky coach in the crowd
dipstick: a treat for blues to beat dons 1 week then the dons beat the pies the next :]
Grimes Jr: cox, well done flog
Gandhi: Haha what was that
Gotigres: Wow, what a decision
Grimes Jr: haha cop that collingwood
Kidult: probably would have hit the post anyway but should have been a ball up in the end
BigChief: WTF? When did the rule change? I thought if it hit the goal umpire it was play on
Fatbar5tad: Nice work goalie
Grimes Jr: don’t give me a tricky decision grundy, go big or go home
Schillaci: bad luck pies. unlucky bounce
Trindacut: Good call by review ump
Kidult: because the umpire called for review it wouldn’t been able to play on
dipstick: has their been a penguin in the history books for the 3rd qtr?
StuL: Gee, not getting Ridley was a good idea. grr
DrSeuss: Devon Smith doing very very little this quarter
casey22: “Not seeing much out of Cox tonight”, nice piece of commentary
Fatbar5tad: Far out Cox is hopeless.
Schillaci: Out: Cox
Trindacut: It hit the post after it hit the umpire anyway, so either way a point
Grimes Jr: cox hits positive figures!
Trindacut: Would have had to be all the way over to be a goal
Grimes Jr: put the penguin on cox
Gotigres: Ridley for me next week I think
Kidult: Stupid Cox not doin anything up fwd so gets put in the ruck now Grundy not going anywhere
Schillaci: Cox to Tippa goal hahaha
cmperrfect: far too placid Cox
DrSeuss: Cox with the tap straight to Tippa
casey22: Goal assist to Cox: nice tap to Tippa
Fatbar5tad: Cox in ruck, Grundy off, Essendon goal
frenzy: Cox is rising to the occasion
Gotigres: Game over
BigChief: How Cox gets games over Cameron is beyond me.
dipstick: @fatbars thats what i call cox blocking on grundys score.
CniglioSsn: picked up maynard in draft after the rival picked howe after round 1, think i came out ahead.
Trindacut: Surely time to hit the piss Sidebottom
Trindacut: Hot the drink
Pusti: Big Cox looking a bit flaccid.
Trindacut: I got Maynard in my draft too, 3rd pick 10 man league
Schillaci: 5pts v 50pts sice the first 3 goals.
Yelse: bucks and cox. seriously in the wet shoulder have played all smalls
Kidult: Wonder how many went Howe+Stewart to Maynard+Ridley
Ash777: I went maynard+pendles. already have ridley
Hawks_13: Tipungwuti has been fantastic. X Factor already
Kidult: I didnt have Howe and seems I have missed Maynard+Ridley aswell bummer
MrWalrus: Will Stephenson ever do something after quarter time?
dipstick: no goals for toothless pies. who woulda thought a magpie had no teef?
CniglioSsn: I went Williams and howe to hill and ridley. i wish i had picked up haynes instead of williams tho.
Moona: Cox hasn’t fired a shot all night
frenzy: the females are born with one Dipstik
CniglioSsn: @Trindacut Neither were taken in the OG draft, both were up for selection after round 1 (when Howe was picked up)
Trindacut: There you go @MrWalrus
CniglioSsn: And then round 2 where i got Maynard
StacksOn: 200K in the bank, reckon ill go with the hype and upgrade to maynard next week
MrWalrus: Awwww, I’ll be quiet now.
CniglioSsn: Anyone got a number of what Ridley will get to with a ~130 score?
Gotigres: Not a dangerous tackle
Moona: barry crocker decision right there
Apachecats: a gift
cmperrfect: Cmon Grundy, own the VC
BigChief: That’s a terrible free
Ash777: what a gift goal
duckky: That was atrocious
Grimes Jr: classic, collingwood get given free kicks all the time
original: That’s terrible umpire
Ash777: oh just saw it a high tackle anyways
benzammit: Oh dear!
DMS774: even the ‘cut out’ crowd knew hat wasn’t a free…
duckky: Ash – it was deemed a sling tackle.
Kidult: looks like the cash is squeezed out of Brown now
MrWalrus: Umps normally get in pies best players
DrSeuss: Devon Smith do something FFS
Ash777: yes but he the tackler originally got him high anyways so if it wasn’t the poor call he deserved a free.
Apachecats: another soft one
CniglioSsn: Was that a disposal by Cox?
circle52: Gee I hate these play on calls when everybody stops.
StacksOn: jeez umpire waited a bit to call advantage, everyone stopped
dipstick: reg grundies VC locked in now. sorry neale gotta pass for the first time on ya
Grimes Jr: that holding the ball decision was a joke
Ash777: there was some dodgy/soft calls both ways.
Kidult: Grundy to kick the sealer pls
CniglioSsn: free kick collingwood all the way today
MrWalrus: Double the frees now, and many directly resulting in goals….
DrSeuss: Moore, Mayne and Crisp have been terrible at the back
CniglioSsn: Didn’t you learn your ABC’s @Kidult?
StacksOn: Keep going Riddler! stop going backwards!
MrWalrus: Happens way to often for them, hopefully they still lose
Apachecats: Woods have got extra men on the ground.
Trindacut: Umps desperate to keep their multi alive
Bezzina: Ridley gonna get scaled up to 130
frenzy: devon done SFA 2nd half
DrSeuss: Devon Smith do something you useless twat
Kidult: that one was more a dangerous tackle on Adams but footy gods even it up
Ash777: good stringer gone for hurting maynard.
The39Steps: Umpiring tonight has been disgraceful.
Apachecats: Phillips will get another game.
DanF: Didn’t realise Pies are playing Rugby. Excellent pass that one,
StacksOn: Finally validated for going to ridley instead of maynard this week
BigChief: @39step just tonight?
AuroraBore: Pies losing cost me a grand, never picking a h2h in a multi again
cmperrfect: So many HTB not paid, disgrace.
Ash777: also pies are cooked. no finals for them this year.
CniglioSsn: wooo bye bye pies
Grimes Jr: #hotpies
casey22: Wheres the obligatory shot of Eddie?
StuL: Bombers! Take that you pie maggots!
Pokerface: press red for ed
MrWalrus: Smith finally in the dying seconds, Grundy adds the icing
StacksOn: aaaaaaaaaand now slapping the C on georgiades and taking grundies whopper
Trindacut: Put the C on Brander at 3QT
bones351: Jarrod Brander gets his first gig as Captain for Bones Bombers
frenzy: bye bye belly
bones351: If Phillips can keep up that effort we may never see Belly again. I would be happy!
Pokerface: who gets the anzac day medal?
frenzy: Ridley
cmperrfect: Is Anzac Day in July now?

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