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Chat log from R5 of 2020: Carlton vs St Kilda

Chat log for Carlton vs St Kilda, R5 of 2020

BigChief: I am guessing most will have Docherty or Grundy as VC this week.
J.Worrall: Blueboys tonight
Kidult: Grundy for mine has Phillips as opponent
Kidult: If i were to vc a blue it would be Pittonet vs a solo Marshall
Yelse: carnage again this week can’t get a full side in again 3rd week in a row
BigChief: I decided to vc Doc and C Grundy
Kidult: Geary is on Doch
Apachecats: Brucey just called Pinnotet haha.
Breezey: Saints for me
Kidult: King looks taller than he is
frenzy: wakey wakey Crippa
amigaman: Go Saints
Ash777: I’m playing with a 0 this week because I had trade out howe & Sidebottom and couldn’t cover noble. 🙁
Kidult: @ash hopefully still a late in lucky he is emergency
Raspel31: My clever plan of losing Howe, Fyfe and Stewart to injury last week is paying off.
BigChief: Interesting how King can ragdoll Weitering, but Pittonet can’t ragdoll Marshall.
NugzNiggle: Evening @Breezey.
Apachecats: Is a clip on the ear in the marking contest a 50 metre penalty now?
Breezey: How is the plan going to play out Raspel
Kidult: Wilkie been a gun pickup in that preseason draft
Breezey: Gidday there Niggles
Gotigres: Did you also have Noble Raspel?
wadaramus: Lame 50 Apachecats..
biggerz: Im copping 0 too. Traded Howe to Butler without realising Brander is out
cmperrfect: Geez, Pagans paddock start.
BigChief: @Kidult 100% he has been. Saints did well.
Raspel31: Yep Gotigres- perfect week
hinsch: I got two doughnuts this week, whats the deal with Cripps score
wadaramus: Cripps a bad starting pick this year it seems.
BigChief: Saints look good early.
Kidult: 1 fa but probably done a sheppherd to not be -4
Raspel31: Should I have captained Cripps?
Gotigres: Wow, that’s bad luck Raspel
blonde0na: Philp looks so out of sorts at AFL level, surely Carlton has someone ahead of him? Kennedy?
Kidult: Steele been outstanding bar 1 game this year
Breezey: Harsh judge on Philip. First qtr of his second game
BigChief: @blonde remember what Kade Simpson was like early. Was 4 games before he got a disp?
Breezey: Philp
blonde0na: yeah fair point, spose it’s tough to get game experience into youngsters this year
frenzy: need a crystal ball wada
Raspel31: Everyone had Howe but not Stewart, Fyfeand Noble etc. Pick up your game lads,
Apachecats: Any one got Wilkie -killing it.
BigChief: I had Howe, Williams, Fyfe, Brander and Noble.
Pokerface: everyone had howe? hardly
Stu7: Come on Hill you dudd
cmperrfect: Steele killing Cripps.
GobChuck: g’day CD, you mind giving Williamson his effective handball and free kick real quick? thanks
Apachecats: Glad I pulled the VC off Patrick
Grimes Jr: oppo has cripps and pittonet!
Raspel31: I had a wilkie but I went to the doctor.
Mandolor: mr worldwide stinking it up tonight, needs to lift
cmperrfect: 2 x capes m0nty
Apachecats: might be me Grimes
casey22: ad layout great m0nty. Big improvement with our choice to view
Apachecats: Actually rough guess 60000 coaches would have Crippa and Pittonet
Kidult: Gresham donuts
Mandolor: yeah ads definitely less annoying tonight
Stu7: Was in the process of shifting King into play and got locked out now I missed him and are one forward short
Gotigres: or me Grimes
Kidult: will be cheap soon if he keeps that up
wadaramus: No pop up ads so far tonight!
heppelitis: @Gob..think he did a good tackle not awarded too…should have got a free in the forward pocket?
casey22: All though I’ll give the moisyreriser & undies delivery a miss at this stage
wadaramus: Not often this is the case but..
wadaramus: Shooter stinks since leaving the Crows!
Apachecats: Bit like don’t mention the war with the ads.
Pokerface: id rather have one of your donuts than this gresham rubbish in my team
Apachecats: He heard you PF.
Kidult: he just gave you 2 dozen
MrWalrus: Should dodge the doughnuts this week, already soooooo far behind though
beerent11: Bloody hell how good is doc. Heavy tag still on track for 120
Apachecats: Greshams got a Split Enz haircut fot those of you old enough to remember.
Hadouken: seems cripps for 20 possies was a no no
beerent11: Is the pittonet bubble beginning to burst?
Pokerface: he did
BigChief: King too tall for Weitering.
BOMBRBLITZ: King LOOP looking good
GobChuck: I traded King……to Williamson so I could move on DBJ but not a great start
frenzy: an Enz of an era
beerent11: Had king set up for a loop and then Ben Davis and Sturt we’re both named. Hopefully one of them doesn’t play to get king
Raspel31: I can’t stop scratching my Wilkie. Except I don’t have one. Damn.
BigChief: Saints kicking with the wind both 1/4’s? LOL
cmperrfect: King my Brander cover. Keep it up
Apachecats: Yeah Frenzy they morphed into Crowed House.
blonde0na: that was holding? that was a bit ridiculous
Raspel31: Sturt is named beer- he was out for weeks?
Kidult: Was gonna bring in Williamson with both Brander+Noble out but decided to see wat happens tomorrows teams
Apachecats: One of those phantom wilkies eh rasp.
beerent11: Was meant to be rasp. On extended bench
beerent11: Crippas killing me
blonde0na: example of lack of whistle, butler was able to hold the ball for 10+ seconds and it got “knocked” in tackle
Raspel31: Yep Apache- but damnably itchy.
wadaramus: How can you be tagged by someone who has racked up 11 possies and 3 tackles?
frenzy: rage trade pending
BigChief: Shut the fuck up BT.
Apachecats: who frenzy?
beerent11: Cripps frenzy?
Crave: BT is terrible
Apachecats: I’ll second that Big Chief
Ash777: Steele is a pretty good tagger.
blonde0na: Butler – isn’t he the best small forward in the game? AFL(tm)
Raspel31: I had so many rage trades pending frenzy until I lost Howe, Fyfe and tewart. Groan.
Stu7: Hill you’re out next week. Ya dudd
Grimes Jr: butttttttttttter
piro: BT is the best commentator in world sport
Jackwatt$: You could say Jack is steeling Crippas points
Kidult: Cripps should b on 1 just gave away 2fa
Breezey: Cripps will be on zero shortly the way he is going
ajconodie: I’m losing patience with Cripps.
beerent11: Stop giving away frees crippa!
frenzy: he cant handle a tag, rather large BE this week after last week score 81
pcaman2003: Steele the premium slayer.
Apachecats: we have a s**t stirrer in the room.
CozzieCan: Sneaky V on Doc this week
ajconodie: Philp is better than Cripps. Discuss.
BigChief: Is there a worse AFL player than M. McGovern?
teachrtony: Not enough rounds to rage trade premos.
shaker: Was thinking Fyfe to Cripps till all the rookie out dodged that one
Raspel31: BT is more elpquent than a primary school teacher in Uzbekistahn. And I;ve been there.
The39Steps: @ajconodie is pixxed. Discuss.
Kidult: Owell looks like Pittonet is cashed out next week.
ajconodie: Lol
Smac34: Bigchief.. been saying that since he got to the blues
wadaramus: He had some currency at the Crows BC?!
Smac34: @bigchief shouldnt be in the 22 or even league
blonde0na: Definitely not ajconodie, close to Newnes for sure though
Raspel31: Long way short of half time lads- this game could still turn.
Ash777: I went the vc on doc so of course he gets tagged 🙁
beerent11: Pittonet breakeven -1 in supercoach
pcaman2003: Pittonet back to his old VFL standard at Box Hill.
Stu7: As long as st Kilda are playing anything can happen
piro: whats happened to mr worldwide??
pcaman2003: Gee! How did Crippa shoot to 24 so suddenly then? I missed something.
amigaman: Gresham, what a joke
wadaramus: Cripps can still ton up.
BigChief: @Wada how many good games did McGovern actually play for Adel? Less than 5 be my guess.
Kidult: Don’t think the saints needed to pick up Hill
wadaramus: I thought he was pretty consistent, hence why I was disappointed when he left!
MrWalrus: McGovern was very handy at crows, always had mismatches
teachrtony: BC, he had one glorious moment against Collingwood and that was about it.
BigChief: @wada bet you are happy now.
teachrtony: He looked ok when we had a strong forwrd line in ’17 but was never real class.
MrWalrus: Was 4th forward after tex, jerker & lynch
heppelitis: Mitch reminds me of Lloyd Christmas for some reason
teachrtony: Walrus, after those + Betts ^ Charlie too.
CozzieCan: J.Newnes was useless for st kilda & still is for the blues .. shocker
wadaramus: Because he was 4th forward he always got the easy match up I guess?
wadaramus: Na BC, the Crows suck arse!
teachrtony: Hey Wada, how long will it take do you think, ’til we come good?
The39Steps: 🤔 I have under-estimated a fair few Saints. And probably the team?
wadaramus: Reckon our list is up sh*t creek mate.
Ash777: Newnes wasn’t always useless. He’s fallen off the cliff.
wadaramus: We’ve been consistent for 30 years, but I reckon we’ve got some painful years to come.
Kidult: newnes was better as half back
CozzieCan: @ Tony until Ricutto & McLeod come out of retirement lol
wadaramus: The club has not managed things well since the 2017 GF loss.
wadaramus: Deplorable mismanagement of club and players.
scboy123: Max King 3 disposals 48 points 🙂 quality not quantity
teachrtony: Yep, competition so even now we are a long way off.
wadaramus: The camp was a debacle and we refused to recognise and acknowledge our errors.
wadaramus: Tried to just let it go away without being honest about it.
teachrtony: Cozzie, if you saw Bunji you would think he could run straight out. Man is as fit as abull.
wadaramus: Cost us a stack of players and now we’re stuffed!
teachrtony: Roo not so much.
wadaramus: I’m paying for my season ticket, but glad I don’t have to go to AO!
Kidult: Cripps at FF
teachrtony: lol, I’ve been working remote for 7 years with 3 tickets.
teachrtony: I live close to Adelaide now and no footy.
teachrtony: y the time we’re worth watching I can probably go to a game.
beerent11: Not the best start to the weekend. Cripps Pitt doc
Kidult: Go Pitto and now Docherty is on the wing
wadaramus: Inspired coaching hey kidult
Hadouken: cripss to have a 10 possie qtr to get the blues back within 10
beerent11: Cmon pitt
Kidult: Selfish cripps probably wont make distance
StuL: In SA we figure we are all equally parochial. So we cut off this AFL game to bring you Norwood v Luton
BigChief: Nice assist Crippa.
blonde0na: jesus Martin is a beautiful kick of the footy
beerent11: Feed the crippa
mattmac24: With the exception of last week, I’m loving the Jack Martin pick!
beerent11: Anyone pick up any bubble boys yet?
pcaman2003: @beerent. At 11 points a pop,he’ll ton up super quick
Kidult: nice spoil from pitto lets see hes on 38 pts
StuL: King 48 at HT. Will still end the game with 60.
BigChief: Muppet for Jones surely.
Stu7: Crapps is on the move, settle petal
wadaramus: Cripps only needs a dozen possies to ton up in SC!
scboy123: 6’8 but moves like 6’2 maxy
Stu7: StuL I hope so as I didn’t play him
beerent11: Hope so pcaman
CozzieCan: @stul king 66 ? Lol
StuL: Prove me wrong stringbean
Kidult: Pitto just got Hota then a clearance keep it up m8
teachrtony: Stul, I think CD have in their team on the ground this week.
Breezey: Or even 66
StuL: Just what I need Cozzie. How are your cats going? Better win this week.
StuL: It just updated super slow. I swear he was on 48 3 mins ago.
Stu7: How does Hill get a game?
StuL: I’m looping him so bring it on.
Yelse: shouldn’t crips be on 9 possies?
Kidult: keep battle on Pitto pls ratten he getting lots of hota
beerent11: Screamer
wadaramus: Casboult you hack!
wadaramus: Got sucked in by you in AF!
beerent11: Crippas on tackling like a mf
blonde0na: did anyone see steele just drop the ball there in the crippa tackle after having it for a few seconds?
BigChief: @blonde yup and no free against. Surprised he didn’t get given a free for holding.
wadaramus: Storm v Chooks a cracker.
beerent11: There’s a bit of steel about the blues this year. Zoolander style.
BigChief: Hanners done.
CozzieCan: @Stull I reckon Gold Coast might give us a run for our money .. I reckon a shocking loss thanks to @Chris Scott
pcaman2003: Hanners should give it away. Will never be injury free
Ash777: so long hanners
Kidult: Steele 136 BE so still could make money
Stu7: Casboult is having a blinder 😂
teachrtony: No way Cozzie. Suns will hit a wall at the Cattery.
StuL: I’ve never forgiven Scott for the Chappy vest in 2013. I reckon that cost us the flag.
beerent11: Hope so cozzie
StuL: And then I read Chappys book and from what he said, the guys a nob
Haydo: Monty you have Betts as #18, I believe he is 19
BigChief: Cripps is a terrible set shot kick for goal.
pcaman2003: Has Steele stopped tagging Cripps?
CniglioSsn: I dont think the suns will be able to get past the cats. rowell has never been properly tagged before, and i dont know w
BigChief: @Haydo good pickup.
CozzieCan: @Stul Chapman was my favourite until he went to the bombers .. shame hey
CniglioSsn: ho will step up in his place
scboy123: finally ending all this nonsense carlton hype, up the sainters
Raspel31: And the Pittonet critics fall silent. Not a gun nut a lovely chap.
The39Steps: Shocking turnover bt P-S (?) cost Blues that goal. Poor skill.
Kidult: wow Marsh was a midfield cba
CozzieCan: Personally I think the suns are on a high .. Our players are A+ .. not so much in the box starting with Chris Scott..
beerent11: He’s doing his job raspel $$$
The39Steps: Liam Jons – useless! (Margaret).
blonde0na: no excuse for poor skill and blues deserve to be down but they’ve been a bit unlucky with the whistle
Raspel31: That he is beer- a cheap date.
StuL: The way we played last week was awful. That won’t beat the suns. Need to change it. Fast.
Ash777: another year might see setterfield as a 100+ avg
StuL: Hanners, how the mighty have fallen. Dig a hole.
Breezey: Seriously Battle has to better than that on the siren.
Kidult: Imagine Martin in the Suns lineup this year
CniglioSsn: bit dissapointed with cripps, doc and pittonet. hopefully pittonet has a big last q for moneys sake
teachrtony: The way you played last week was against Clarkson.
CozzieCan: Ahaha that kick after the siren was a pissa
teachrtony: Only way to beat you on your odd shaped oval, shut it down and slow it down.
Hadouken: cross next to hannebery….no waaaaaay
teachrtony: Suns can’t do that. To young and run n gun. will be a great game I reckon.
The39Steps: Ok team, need to buy a slab tomorrow and need a change from James Boags. 3/4 time suggestions?
frenzy: blues got him for free yeah kidult
Raspel31: I did consider Butler until Howe, Stewart, Fyfe und so weiter got injured last week.
Ash777: cats are a slow team and positioning and accurate kicking is how they win games so just close down their space.
Raveneyes: Melbourne Bitter. Stuff those namby pamby boutique crap. Go for a REAL beer!
beerent11: Bit different to jb’s 39 but I’m onto coopers xpa
Kidult: cmon Pitto 40+ pls incase Gawn goes 180
teachrtony: 30 Steps, try west End Draught…One slab and it won’t matter, all beer will taste good afterwards.
beerent11: Do we need these bullshit quarter break interviews?
Raspel31: Pardon me- I’m having a nice chardonnay. Though a few beers were had earlier.y
wadaramus: Big Shed Boozy Fruit 🙂
frenzy: used to take melb bitter to parties, cos nobody would touch it
Breezey: 4 Pines Pale Ale. Great drop
StuL: No BestCoast and his $2000 bottles any more?
Raspel31: Wise man frenzy.
Chelskiman: Cascade Draught > Boags
The39Steps: Tried West End once went teetotal for two years!
beerent11: Monkeys shoulder neat raspel, cheers.
Kidult: Root Beer
wadaramus: If you want to make an impression, got to be Coopers Sparkling Ale.
Raspel31: Apes bottom to you beer.
The39Steps: 4 pines brewery just a few kms from me so have tried before. Modus Operandi 400m away so will try that.
teachrtony: Yep, that’s the stuff.
wadaramus: Get some original Red Label into ya.
Raspel31: When you grow up Kidult- speak to the professionals.
cmperrfect: Get a touch Butler
Spifflicat: Talisker 10 here
beerent11: 363 projected doc crippa pitt, don’t think we’ll get there somehow
Apachecats: Coopers is the only major brewery still in Australian hands.
CozzieCan: @Kidult .. love me ginger beer
Raspel31: Have all 3 beer-another week of misery.
wadaramus: Word up Apache, the cloudy green label is my stock beer, fucking delicious.
teachrtony: And it’s good beer too Apache.
Apachecats: It s the only beer I drink ,big fan.
Raspel31: You chaps haven;t sampled my home brew- burp.
wadaramus: Not good TT, the best!
Ceema: Do i loop king for budarick or taylor?
Ash777: loop king
StuL: Buda. Playing the mighty cats. LOL
beerent11: Taylor
wadaramus: Did I say the Storm v Chooks was a cracker? We going to GP!
Apachecats: Absolutely take Kings score Ceema.
Ceema: Yeah i know to loop king but for either taylor or budarick
Stu7: Why wouldn’t you loop king 82
Raspel31: $5 is the normal fee Ceema. Well. of course you do!
beerent11: Shhhhh watching that next warderamus
Apachecats: coin toss ceema
BigChief: @ceema it’s your team, so up to you.
beerent11: Crippa to ton
teachrtony: Scaling on King to come too Ceema. Absolutely loop.
wadaramus: Sorry beer, no spoiler.
Apachecats: Cripps to ton up off a horrible start.
Apachecats: Maybe budarick cos I’ve got him on the ground.
StuL: I’d bench Buda because everyone knows it’s Budas! That’s me!
wadaramus: Cripps on a bull run!
beerent11: Bloody hell hes a gun . Very average game will still ton up.
BigChief: WTF was that 50 for? Surely not what Murphy did.
Ash777: softest 50 ever
Raspel31: The minute you posted Apache- phew
Gotigres: Carlton unlucky with the umps tonight
Ash777: not even a 50 even
pcaman2003: Pittonet is a sloth.
beerent11: Never rage trade crippa frenzy
teachrtony: Anyone else find it a bit freaky the difference in the SC and DT scores with the short 1/4s Dougal??
beerent11: Starting Steele next year
frenzy: safe beer,lol
Kidult: Pittonet wasnt even in the ruck for 70% of that qtr bloody threw Casboult in there
Raspel31: But a cheap wage earning sloth pcaman.
Apachecats: No Blues or sainters in the room tonight?
BigChief: @tony nope as DT doesn’t give points for smaller things.
V@lks: CD? Cripps 4x clangers 3x FA, no effect 1st half, Carl never close ..doesn’t add up to me.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. True enough! Still making a few bob.
beerent11: 398k ruckman 80 is fine. Settle gretyls
CozzieCan: Doc to ton
BigChief: @apache there was 1 saint earlier.
blonde0na: do you think gov would get a game if curnow was fit?
Ash777: saints win. lets talk to hanners about his injury.
scboy123: King 82, not bad, not bad at all
GobChuck: six touches 2 goals is not 82 points sc…….king owners getting pampered this week a bit
beerent11: Was good early gob points worth more at the start of games
BigChief: @gobChuck all of his disp were contested and zero clangers. 82 points is very close.

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