Chat log from R4 of 2020: Hawthorn vs North Melbourne

Kidult: On Xerri watch for Naismith replacement.
RooBoyStu: We should win this
feralmong: i have 197 pts to hold off titch and xerri.
feralmong: so it really all hangs on how xerri goes.
CozzieCan: Got 2,114 sc with Sicily & Simpkin to go
feralmong: 2051 with only taylor to go. So couple poorer choices behind u cozzie.
benzammit: 2017 Wingard,Simpkin Xerri, ,Taylor
benzammit: Think you have me covered Cozzie maybe close.
MercAm: 2193 with cegular and taylor
Gotigres: Earn me some money please Xerri over the next few rounds thanks
Gotigres: My kiss of death inclusion this week is Simpkin, so apologies up front.
softwhitee: this is gonna be a long game watching simpkins every move
Breezey: Need Titch to get 62 to win my matchup
spdysaint: I am currently 1826 with sicily, simpkin, mitchell and taylor to go. need them to go huge to make up last week
DrSeuss: Just need Simpkin to beat Xerri in one league and C Taylor in the other. Not looking great.
Kidult: Wingard+Sicily+Simpkin+Taylor in this
CozzieCan: @feral Doch & c on bont only reason this week , terrible week with injuries
amigaman: Need Titch + Wingard to beat Simpkin by 12 points
feralmong: yeah got doch too and C on neale. just have a spuddy fwd line.
benzammit: What are you on Kidult anything above 2150 you would be flying
spdysaint: greenwood, smith and cripps destroyed my team this week
Gotigres: Great play by Mahoney
Kidult: site won’t load for me yet
thiccgucci: hawks home game on north home ground. love it.
pcaman2003: Need 120+ please Titch.
benzammit: Yeah true Gucci could have played at Waverley….no crowd?
beerent11: Where’s sicdog at?
thiccgucci: easy on the frees cegs
AuroraBore: @m0nty just wondering, is it at all possible to get bench icons for the players currently on the bench?
Kidult: midprice madness looks decent this year premos doin bad on all lines
Kidult: apart from the 2 ruck spots
benzammit: Considering the Hawks home ground is Nowhere were would you suggest, you will get bias anyhow.
pcaman2003: Will O’Brien ever take a mark?Drops nearly everything
beerent11: Ah there he is
pcaman2003: Good start Titch,so don’t slow down
benzammit: Oh watching Worpedo, CD are on board.
thiccgucci: Our home ground is the MCG @benz
beerent11: Is it titch time yet? Possible Fyfe trade. Anyone know his be?
circle52: Mitchell has a break even of 152 this week
benzammit: High, either him or Whitfield are my next premo
beerent11: Hmmmm
Kidult: Xerri looking good for 1st ruck when goldy retires
beerent11: Thanks circle footywire isnt showing them at the moment
Kidult: It showed them on Monday but then it didn’t
benzammit: Guess they need adds at footywire to raise revenue, mOnty give em tips.
frenzy: if we can stop the poachers Kidult
beerent11: If neither team gets to 100 no team has this round. Wonder when that last happened.
beerent11: Oh it happened last round
thiccgucci: cant remember if essendon fans were jerks before 2013 too
grossn: @beerent11 Last round lol
Kidult: Lions should have deplorable goal kicking
benzammit: Glad I took simpkin over Heeney he is a little gem, he could go past McGrath ,mcCluggage n Taranto.
benzammit: Even Ridley out of the same draft
Kidult: Cmon Wingard u gotta kick those
benzammit: Titch is back , Whitfield can wait.
casey22: Com’on m0nty, the ad pop ups are so unprofessional. Just destroy the site experience
VodkaHawk: Come on Hawks, letting Roos off the hook
Kidult: he still got that bad shoulder tho
thiccgucci: sicily is no where
benzammit: I’m still cursing my rip off from last week, common chad.
pcaman2003: CD owe Titch that last HB yet
AuroraBore: Jesus Casey, talk about a broken record
beerent11: Don’t you like free access Casey?
Kidult: Rocket up Sicily
casey22: Just signed on, That’s my opinion
beerent11: Geez the back premos are shithouse this year
benzammit: Casey if it means the site survives, I can live with it.
SneakySC: You’re getting a free site with lots of solid info on it and you’re complaining about getting a couple of adds?
AuroraBore: please make sure to keep giving it on every match chat
Breezey: These flowerin ads. Get off my screen
pcaman2003: O’Brien. Mark attempt no 6 for zilch.
beerent11: Slow down titch. No need to get that breakeven.
clay007: Can you guys settle down. Can Casey have an opinion?
StuL: Go Titch.
pcaman2003: Gee Titch! Pull your weight buddy.
AuroraBore: swear ive seen him say it on about 4 different match chats
AuroraBore: And m0nty has already replied, saying he’s passed the feeback on to the ad team
Migz: as mont dog would say, you can buy a membership
clay007: Well he makes a fair point aurora!
Kidult: the good Wingard+Simpkin then I have Taylor+ Sicily
VodkaHawk: Wake up Sicily..
feralmong: I want more ads monty. especially for hookers.
gotigers04: sicily get going you spud
pcaman2003: FGS O’Brien. You must be able to mark something,surely.
cmperrfect: Lift Simpkin
benzammit: But what are you on now Kidult?
pcaman2003: Srry Gotigres but I need Sicily very quiet. Apologies!
feralmong: or lingerie.
thiccgucci: lift simpkin? he is killing it
poolboybob: Donut or icicle for Brown
benzammit: Feralmong, do you substitute pros by wearing lingerie?
Phasir: Lift Ziebell more like
Kidult: 1834 had premos under peform
benzammit: Worpel is pushing a strong case.
casey22: Havn’t seen a m0nty response. If he has acknowlrdged the placement is shite then good
beerent11: Terrible week for the yeahnahs will be lucky to crack 2100
hinsch: I got 80 point + Taylor vs Simpkin going to be close
VodkaHawk: I’ll take an 80 from Sicily from here, cheers
beerent11: Some of you buggers already have 2100 +
pcaman2003: Lift Titch!
m0nty: I will be having a long toalk with my ad guys during the week, we will fix the situation.
casey22: Thank you, monty. Enough said.
Kidult: Put Sicily on your shoulders Wingard and take him with you
benzammit: you had said that mOnty, let em wine.
clay007: who is titch? I know the tiges have Titch Edwards!
pcaman2003: Simpkin is a gun
beerent11: Cmon boys!
Gotigres: I traded out Sicily a couple of rounds ago pcaman2003
feralmong: hehe ben, i’m not going to turn myself off. lol.
feralmong: well the age has 10 ads on the site. no one complaining about that.
Kidult: Funny Taylor probably end up with an avg Sicily score and Sicily will get the rookie one
BigChief: @clay surely you jest about Titch.
clay007: @Big Chief, I don’t jest. Can I assume it is Burgoyne?
benzammit: No feralmong, don’t I love the banter , go roos
Gotigres: T Mitchell clay
BigChief: Burgoyne is Silk and Tom Mitchell is Titch @clay
benzammit: My opinion of Wingard was low, forced trade put him in, cant complain.
benzammit: Derrida n Taylor 125+ combined I’m happy.
beerent11: Anyone bringing in any of this rounds bubble boys?
clay007: @Gotigres. Thanks mate. It makes sense. Tom=T and Mitchell = itch, hence Titch.
benzammit: If he scores low it’s a B for bugger n he becomes Bitch.
Grimes Jr: i have wingard, sicily, taylor….
Kidult: was born out of sam mitchell being in the game
casey22: Benzamit, It’s “wine” as you ahve with dinner: “whine” is when you carry on like you!
LuvIt74: What do you all think the average will be this round?
Kidult: 2130 probably
jbjimmyjb: I’m at 1965 + ceglar, simpkin and taylor
BigChief: Thinking 2080
benzammit: Yep auto correct I know, grammar nazi
beerent11: Gee seems like a lot of teams bought in Simpkin
jbjimmyjb: yea I got him this week after watching him closely last week and liking him
benzammit: Also you “have wine” not
Donzoes: Chose Petracca over Simpkin, fun times
benzammit: Sheez, Casey if ya gunna have a go check your spelling in the addressing message, pal
pcaman2003: @Donzoes. Simpkin probably won’t stop like Petracca in the 2nd half
benzammit: Petracca ain’t far off Simpkin currently but potential is there.
Spiv: Is Norf running a tag on Sicily?
thiccgucci: whats been wrong with cunnington ?
frenzy: Nup Spiv
benzammit: mOnty did you employ, the lad from yesterday? You could make millions.
benzammit: Gucci he got the snip, the bruising is hampering his fitness, he’s wife’s happy though.
frenzy: they say sore back, but have doubts thicc
benzammit: Cunners is restricted to cun lingus
Spiv: Cheers frenzy, is he playing badly or just can’t get near it?
benzammit: No more mOnty , sorry.
Kidult: Truc had a compression bandage on his thigh this week so didn’t expect a big score
beerent11: Anderson goes well in the mids when given a chance
Grimes Jr: wingard looking busy through the centre
The39Steps: What’s a good SC score this week please?
spdysaint: 39 steps, I would say around 2200
clay007: Sicily on the comeback trail
beerent11: Now watch sic dog go a 60 point half finish 75
Kidult: @clay shhhhhhhh
Kidult: he will go back into his shell
clay007: i need him to lift @Kiduit
thiccgucci: dig deep cegs and sicdog
Kidult: yeh but it works in reverse majority of the time when u ask him for it
pcaman2003: Where are you Titch? Don’t let me down now.
beerent11: Not mine 39 steps
softwhitee: need a 160 total from simpkin and sicily. Am getting nervy
Grimes Jr: pittard is a useless spud
The39Steps: Thanks @spdysaint. Me either @beer.
DrSeuss: Get involved Jy
Kidult: not liking games that much so much time spent without scoring
benzammit: Xerri was great for quarter, 100 with Taylor.
pcaman2003: FGS! Titch has taken a holiday this qtr.. Do something Titch
benzammit: Titch 110 no more please, I love take ya with the price drop for viney or Cotchin.
Kidult: Going to be interesting next season to see if McEvoy becomes Def/Ruc
benzammit: Retirement I’d say Kidult.
pcaman2003: Big comeback from Sicily. Will probably still ton up.
Grimes Jr: sicily, what an effort
Kidult: did Shiels go to Simpkin at all?
benzammit: Sicily has been great hen needed.
The39Steps: @softwhitee can breathe a little easier.
benzammit: Hawks will snag Cameron, Big boy will retire too much cash waste.
benzammit: Have you got a peacock symbol for Sicily mOnty
thommoae: Cameron’s staying put.
pcaman2003: Sicily could cost me here. I have Titch,Opponent Sicily and Simpkin
Kidult: well doesn’t look like I have a ruck replacement for Naismith yet might have to pick up a Defender
DrSeuss: Looked like Titch and Simpkin were running with each other in the 3rd at times
beerent11: 55 point quarter sicdog?
clay007: sicily on fire!
pcaman2003: Someone give Sicily a giant headache
CozzieCan: @Pca any chance your versing cozzies cats ? They are my last 2
softwhitee: onya sicily!!
benzammit: Oh Kidult, Gawndy is the combo tried n tested.
CamT: 3 Votes … J Sicily … Hawthorn lol
benzammit: Grawndy
Kidult: Yeh I could hold him till Pitto is fattened up
softwhitee: haha best on for sure
Kidult: but then its 2 trades in 1 round to bring him in
pcaman2003: Stuff me! Mitchell still on the bench.
Grimes Jr: sicily, hero
beerent11: Enough signs for me to buy low on titch
Ash777: Wingard looks alot better after the break.
pcaman2003: @Grimes. I want to give him a fat lip right now. lol!
Grimes Jr: this game is why ben brown isn’t going to be a great.
benzammit: If you can hold n burn trades in the ruck , with the carnage, ur well placed.
StuL: I didn’t really believe Ziebell that they had belief.
feralmong: the mitchell bench time and xerri gone missing saved my league win.
beerent11: Finish off jy
Grimes Jr: rhys shaw had his pants pulled down this evening
beerent11: Fair suck of the sav pcaman. He’s
Ash777: so far the only playing I’m bringing in is wingard.
beerent11: He’s had nearly 2 years off. He’s gonna see the pine.
DrSeuss: Simpkin and Mitchell both allergic to kicking tonight it seems
Kidult: I actually thought Brown would do ok today
benzammit: Ship finds its own level, Roos are done without Brown in reasonable form.
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Mitchell allergic to touching the ball. Scored 29 pts this half so far. Let down!
Kidult: cmon Simpkin 115+ Taylor 60+
benzammit: Ziebell,Zurhaar, Brown oh my 1 between them.
clay007: Can North do it?
BigChief: Zurhaar outmaking McEvoy? Joke.
beerent11: Shinboner spirit!
benzammit: Simpkin goal , Xerri goal draw!
beerent11: Sicily was about 15 at the half
Ash777: oops hawks got complacement
pcaman2003: How on earth did Sicily ever go past Mitchell? Cost me big time. Just lost. Damn!
Ash777: complacent rather
clay007: 6 points the difference. Great finish
beerent11: Cmon!
TheLegend6: Hawks hahaha what’s going on
Kidult: Cmon Simo or Taylor to level it then Wingard to seal it
beerent11: Handy point
feralmong: winning point there.
beerent11: Here we go
BigChief: That point will cost Nth. Hawks win.
TheLegend6: Hawks very lucky
pcaman2003: Hawks very,very lucky. We’ll take the win.
Grimes Jr: hawks just proved they’re not contenders
Kidult: wow titch outta nowhere
feralmong: lucky hawks wear poo and wee.
Arminius: wtf titchell?
VodkaHawk: Lmao.. yeah lucky
feralmong: wtf titch.
VodkaHawk: Well done Hawks, way too good 🙂
feralmong: i just lost league game by 3 pts and was ahead 45, 5 mins ago.
Ash777: that last 5mins gave titch n sympkin a huge boost
benzammit: They had a chance, good game
feralmong: hope to be saved by some corrections
benzammit: Hopefully Cunners is back from the snip soon.
zoomba23: Following this team is like being in an abusive relationship I swear
BigChief: I am hoping scaling doesn’t go against me. I lead by 5 atm
pcaman2003: @ferlamong. Mock our jumper and that’s what you get. lol!
benzammit: Not enough to share around week it is!
benzammit: Poo n wee pcaman
Arminius: 2200 for me…everyone else?
SneakySC: Depending on scaling around 2250-2275 i’d say
spdysaint: im sitting around 2200
benzammit: Par is 2250 this week

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