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Chat log from R4 of 2020: Melbourne vs Geelong

Chat log for Melbourne vs Geelong, R4 of 2020

BigChief: 2 late changes for Melb? Both Jackson and Jones were dropped.
missmagic: lockart and pickett
missmagic: parfitt/steven/dahlhaus?
missmagic: narkle/henderson/parsons in it seems
missmagic: seems fixed now,clusterflop
Gotigres: Gawn to go 200+ against Fort
frenzy: and dees to smash cats
Dogs5416: Only rivers here for me 🙁
thiccgucci: need gawn, tracca, viney to go massive please
pcaman2003: I need Rivers to stay way down
Gotigres: Early goal for Fort
RooBoyStu: Jobe Watson special comments = Captain Obvious
Kidult: almost brought in Danger a week early but decided against it as I think he had 150ish be
jbjimmyjb: I have danger, oliver, gawn, rivers, viney…
Kidult: truc+viney for me
SneakySC: I have Oliver, Rivers, Danger, Fort and Pickett this game
Kidult: rivers also but on bench no e
frenzy: who C’d Maxy
thiccgucci: Gawn will be fine
tolerant16: Worst quarter of football all season
Ash777: I got Rivers on field with Oliver.
Vich: Not compared to neale/grundy he wont be.
Kidult: Rivers looks really good probably on field kid
Kidult: slow down danger I want you next week
StuL: Took Grundy happy so far. Fort goes alright. He will ton up and Scott will drop.him
Kidult: @stul very annoyed I had to cull Fort from my side after being omitted
Gotigres: Stewart shoulder problem
StuL: Stewart broken collarbone.
BigChief: Suspected broken collar bone
amigaman: Defenders going down all over the place
BigChief: FFS yet another player injured from my side. That’s Williams, Howe, Fyfe and Stewart 🙁
Kidult: 16713 owned him before this round commenced
Raspel31: How many injuries have we all suffered this week- me Howe, Martin etc, etc. And my opp none. Makes it hard
Kidult: Sloane but luckily I scraped through that as he was on 24 when he went off
thiccgucci: need a ton from viney for the price rise
Kidult: which Martin is injured?
cmperrfect: Bloody Cogs will have to remain for another week now
Donzoes: What a weird week
thiccgucci: i wouldnt trade cogs. no way u finish a team if u are still sideways trading
pcaman2003: Just 1 more injury like Mitchell, and I’ll have Bingo.
cmperrfect: Cogs role is too fwd focused this year, better value elsewhere
thiccgucci: if you picked cogs, you knew that he would spend time forward
thiccgucci: and dont think youre going to anywhere with more value than cogs at 500k
CozzieCan: My eighty year old nan looks more fitter than J Steven. Sent him back to vfl far out
Kidult: If Viney got 130+ would you hold him an extra week and just rookie grab this?
mattmac24: Why would you even consider dropping Viney after a 130+?
Kidult: well he would be 529k after 100 this week so could upgrade
CozzieCan: Chris Scott if we lose today & don’t make top 8 you’re a gonna
cmperrfect: My crystal ball must be broken again
thiccgucci: who would you upgrade to tho Kidult?
jbjimmyjb: Maxy had a huge 10 minutes there
thiccgucci: 50 point qtr from gawn
StuL: Scott ” Im a dud, I should quit”.
Kidult: well Dangerfield or Bont are only 30-40k more if he got to 529k or 70kish to Macrae
StuL: Gawn on top now
Beaza18: Gawn only needs to stand near the ball to get Champion data points. What a joke.
BRAZZERS: LMAO, broken collarbone isn’t a tombstone at all, 6-8 week injury. He’ll be back this season
jbjimmyjb: Surely there are higher priorities to trade out with all the injuries
CozzieCan: @Stul He’s had his time , move on .
Misternick: Wasted trade if you get rid of Viney imo
Ash777: I dont trust danger scoring this year. He seems like he only plays when it suits him now.
Kidult: Touchwood I got through without any missing next week
thiccgucci: wow didnt realise danger only avg 85 so far
jbjimmyjb: Danger has been very mediocre this year, probably bc i have him
Kidult: Yeh Danger is kinda a trap as he never goes this efficient
CozzieCan: All of Geelong have been pretty average this year , starts with Chris Scott & ends with G.Rohan , useless
Kidult: Selwood is tempting 151,93 and 72* in his last 3
thiccgucci: Might look at cunnington and gaff this year
jbjimmyjb: How is Rohan locked into Geelong’s best 22? I swear he does nothing
CozzieCan: @jb couldn’t agree more , he is flowering shit
Migz: Long-term injured (tombstone). This player will not only not return this game from a big injury, he won’t play for a lon
Migz: long while. 2 months is a long time you dingus
cmperrfect: Best years of Danger are behind him imo
jbjimmyjb: It’s a bit early to be writing danger off, it’s been 3 games
frenzy: Narkle was probably their best player last week, clearly not Scott’s fav.
Gotigres: Neale has apologised to those who had him in a multi
CozzieCan: Collarbone 6 to 8 weeks , Whitfield also got (tombstone) last year for the same thing …
thiccgucci: Kidult. selwood will go missing the second you bring him into ur team
Kidult: pretty sure Lin Jong come back 3 weeks after breaking his
Kidult: but they were playing finals so rushed him back
cmperrfect: Would I pay $625k for Danger? No way. Low 500’s, maybe of not a FF every second game, Scott’s a flog.
Migz: why isnt danger a fwd this year.
mattmac24: Only Cats player I’d consider is maybe Duncan. Stewart was on that list until today
Raspel31: Danger is used past date. Begs yhe qoestion who to bring in for Fyfe?
Kidult: May give Treloar one week and see if he worth it
thiccgucci: if viney can keep tonning up, dont see myself trading him unless real value pops up
Ash777: Fyfe should only be 2 weeks I think
MercAm: Whats everybody projecting rn?
frenzy: thats miss two weeks ash777
Raspel31: You think Aah? Can cover 2 weeks.
feralmong: not too great merc. 2129. but will win my league at least.
Arminius: what are the icons for players like brayshaw and Steven? always wondered
Vich: scroll down einstein
MercAm: Any1 trade in Mahony from NM?
Kidult: Started Mahony as my donut from rd1
Migz: wing arminius
Kidult: looks like Rivers will surpass my Brander on field =(
thiccgucci: come on traca, gone backwards this quarter
thiccgucci: thats better
Kidult: keep saying that @thicc
jbjimmyjb: wtf is oliver doing
cmperrfect: Petracca will crack 500k tonight
BigChief: Steven is a dud. So glad I didn’t fall into that trap.
Kidult: If premos keep underpeforming we may have the cash sooner than expected haha
Raspel31: My last knife wound held me back for 2 weeks BigChief
thiccgucci: lift viney
Gotigres: Bit of Mark Zanotti about Guthrie
Ash777: Guthrie looks like he he was pulled off a street to play footy lol
beerent11: Very pro Geelong crowd
pcaman2003: Someone put a sleeper hold on Viney by some chance
jbjimmyjb: If viney and oliver can get to 90 then I’ll take that
Donzoes: i thought it was full time, felt like forever
softwhitee: ton up viney you wouldnt
Raspel31: Having brought in Fyfe and Rivers this week I’m almost half happy.
jbjimmyjb: Melbourne are very underwhelming coming off a week break tho, disappointing game
masterhc2: good boy danger
CozzieCan: Dangerfields best game in a while hey , great for the people that own him
beerent11: This is why viney averages around 80 normally. Not a keeper. Good stepping stone.
Kidult: Yeh those who started Bont+ Danger will make some ground this week
Ash777: expect both not to ton up next week.
beerent11: 7 games in and no team has raised the bat
jbjimmyjb: danger hurt now
Kidult: I think Danger would as they have GCS don’t they?
beerent11: Will be eight
CozzieCan: Dangerfield possible broken jaw
Kidult: Danger falling on his head last week seems to have fixed his efficiency
cmperrfect: FF curse got Danger
beerent11: Pickett looks lively
jbjimmyjb: the injuries in the last 2 weeks have been ridiculous, there’s been like 10 premos go down
cmperrfect: Blue moon for Guthrie
Kidult: Annoyed Pickett missed that week I would have him
beerent11: Gonna be hard to bring in bubble boys this week with all the premo injuries
Ash777: danger is going to go bang now.
BigChief: Cmon Dees upset the pussies please.
Kidult: might have to go down to bubble boys for the 1 week and let every premo bottom out
beerent11: Cunnington out. Good for us Simpkin owners in the final game. Go you good thing!
BigChief: Question is are the “premo’s” really premo’s this year?
benzammit: What happens to Stewart? I was going to bring him in lucky.
Crowls: stteven looks like a 35yrs old seconds player from country footy
beerent11: I cracked the top 500 this week. Won’t be there for long.
cmperrfect: Need 250 please Simpkin haha
jbjimmyjb: Neale is a premo, everyone else x to doubt
Kidult: maybe not Simpkin may get Shiels if he don’t do Higgins
BigChief: Both Patton and Cunnington late outs for Lewis and Ahern
Kidult: Lewis in for Patton and Ahern stayed in for Cunnington
Ash777: Dees defense is woeful.
colin wood: Oliver goes from 74 to 86 for a half tackle..
Kidult: Oliver owners would be content now after him being 44 for majority of the 3rd
spdysaint: What is everyone’s projected?
cmperrfect: Steven built like Stuey Dew.
frenzy: is Jay Kolo the real deal
jbjimmyjb: Get a move on viney
Dogs5416: Has rivers touched it this half ? Fire up son
colin wood: Hopefully those half tackles come off Oliver.. should be still in the mid 70s
softwhitee: get us another 20 odd viney pls
DrSeuss: Tracca done very little this quarter
Kidult: Cmon Viney+truc the 2 match winners
benzammit: What injury did Stewart sustain?
softwhitee: lockharts a spud
Donzoes: broken collarbone @benza
feralmong: broken collarbone
benzammit: Cheers Donz.
Dogs5416: Waxing the clock hasn’t worked here, come on Dee’s!!
beerent11: I know danger plays it up a bit but fuck he’s a hard barstard
Donzoes: Horrible play there, wow
BigChief: Let’s go Dees
CamT: Rivers was even with Oliver 25 minutes ago.
pcaman2003: Lucky for me Rivers scorer has stayed low.
feralmong: can the cats lose by two points two weeks in a row
Dogs5416: Rivers one touch this half and gone down 14
Kidult: How would m0nty feel if dees win this and his side is the only team cats beat
Nuffman: sad moment when Young on the bench with a ton.. and Rivers is on field
beerent11: Nice finish viney
CozzieCan: 2,100 with Simpkin & Sicily to go
spdysaint: cozzie, nice score, im sitting on 1800 with mitchell, simpkin and sicily to go

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