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Chat log from R4 of 2020: Brisbane vs Adelaide

Chat log for Brisbane vs Adelaide, R4 of 2020

Gotigres: Fogarty out
Kidult: bruised lung and fractured rib to Silvagni confirmed probably not good for Merrett
circle52: Bit cool and overcaast at the gabba
Kidult: at the game again aye
circle52: Yep 1ok allowed this week so crowd noise will firther be loud
Smac34: This will be ugly
Smac34: How does tex still get a game
feralmong: go huge Neale
Raspel31: Damn-have to go lunch. Hate it when life gets in the way of football. Go Neale and enjoy lads.
CamT: I’m starting to enjoy these ads.
circle52: Greasy ground wilk effect handling
Raspel31: I’m very happy with my sharp knives and pet food Cam T.
CamT: lol, Raspel 🙂
feralmong: who else is there smac. Fogarty is out. Frampton?
snake_p: the ear wax ad is great CamT
feralmong: Time to trade Rowell 114 is just poor
pcaman2003: Need Laird to go big and C Neale too.
Grimes Jr: go mcluggage
feralmong: Liquorland ads are fine for me.
Gotigres: Neale in for a quiet one today I feel.
jbjimmyjb: neale is being tagged by keays
CamT: That’s probably my favourite, snake_p
Kidult: 2 intercept marks to Starc nice start but shocking kicks
Raspel31: I use a Danish vpn. The earwax ads are much sexier there.
m0nty: Keays in a lock down role, nominative determinism
circle52: Very soft there
snake_p: haha monty
tolerant16: Neale wrapped up by McStay”
tolerant16: “Neale wrapped up by McStay” hmmmm
Grimes Jr: payback for not taking vc grundy here
BigChief: I think Keays and Poholke will tag team Neale today.
BigChief: I thought that’s what he said @tolerant
RooBoyStu: Saying Neale will have a quiet one is like saying coronavirus will be gone forever
jbjimmyjb: keays wont be able to keep up with neale all day
Kidult: Starc reminds me of Adcock
circle52: Looks like push in the backs are ok. Bothways
jbjimmyjb: starc has had 3 of brissie’s 4 intercept marks
Kidult: so many lingering tackles not being called
BigChief: Keays might get 20 tackles today.
pcaman2003: Keep this up all game Laird. Liking your work ethic.
amigaman: Rayner up there with Greene. Can’t buy a free
tolerant16: Thought Tex was caught for sure there
MercAm: sigh gonna miss my multi cause of Neale needed him to get 25 disposals lol
BigChief: Adel tanking? Why would you bring in a tall in this weather?
jbjimmyjb: Neale will still get 20+
BigChief: @merc he might get there, just not effective.
Kidult: tall for tall
circle52: Umpiring not the best both ways an observation ff
frenzy: strawberry doughie for Andrews, and CD reckon he looks good on their bench
Smac34: Starc looking good out there if he could fix his kicking
Kidult: Hamill concussion test
tolerant16: Adelaide don’t look like winning a game
BigChief: @frenzy spoils get points you know.
frenzy: Hamill ruled out
Smac34: @tolerant they are so bad haha
frenzy: are they CP’s Chief
Smac34: Zorko might be out for the game
tolerant16: Oh shit zorko done
Gotigres: Zorko looks gone for the day
BigChief: Zorko may be out as well
pcaman2003: C’mon Laird. Don’t stop now.
BigChief: @pcaman I think he went back to hotel. 1 qtr enough for him.
tolerant16: Poor from Rayner there
CamT: Would half of the teams have Neale as Captain ?
jiska78: Fuck Neale is KOTD Bont style. 28 off 4 possessions one of which was a handball backwards over his head to opponent
BigChief: Zorko on ice
pcaman2003: @Big Chief. He’s been off the grtound for a while. TOG dropped right back.Bit of a worry
Kidult: Starc starting to become a decent defender one we probably don’t need to upgrade till later
Arminius: wonder how many have zorko, howe and fyfe
jiska78: Neale 5 handballs 2 kicks, 44
BigChief: @jiska do you actually understand it’s more than just disposals?
amigaman: Neale score an insult. 42% D/E
pcaman2003: FGS Laird! Nust be colour blind. Keeps turning the ball over
Vich: Amazing work @Kidult
arbel: Neale just touches it and gets +6 no matter is effective or not
CamT: Neale has got a point for each metre gained
colin wood: Lol at Neales score.
jbjimmyjb: If you get a CP which is ineffective but not a clanger, you gain points
Kidult: Was happy with no Fyfe/Howe but I have Sloane =(
tolerant16: Even for a wet game the ball skills seem bad
Migz: sounds like a lot of people dont have neale :p
BigChief: @jimmy some people just don’t understand that. All they see is disp total.
jbjimmyjb: I feel like the umpires are making an effort to just keep the game going, very few frees paid today
NewFreoFan: Neale has 7 contested possessions of his 10, 5 tackles, of course his score will be high
pcaman2003: Gr8 qtr Laird for a big 7 points.
beerent11: Sooks
Kidult: Neale also gets his own football which is +4 itself not this +1 hball recieve crud
jbjimmyjb: I avoided Fyfe/Sloane/Zorko, I did not avoid Howe/Hamill
Erich1036: @newfreofan neale has 2 tackles, don’t know where you’re looking
NewFreoFan: @Erich1036 well clearly I just can’t read
BigChief: 5 marks, not tackles. Easy mistake to make @FreoFan.
Kidult: might just cull Sloane for Serong and hold cash for a week or 2
frenzy: whats an example of an ineffective contested possession
Migz: missing a short kick or missing any handball.
Migz: a long kick to a 50/50 or better is considered an effective possesion. handball on target, effective.
Kidult: 17 shots to 2 should really be 70+ up
Phasir: I’m a bit disappointed that Thomas Berry isn’t playing!
frenzy: thanks Migz, but I reckon they’re disposals not possessions
Migz: IIRC the CP doesnt have much to do with the disposal. But a prefix to the disposal. You either receive the ball via
MrWalrus: The scoring system is still very subjective, it has rules but they get applied in different ways
Migz: hball or a kick. Other wise. its a loose ball or free kick both which are CP
Migz: but hey i could be way off the mark. Just my interpretation
hinsch: might trade Howe for Starcevich that should slow him down a bit
Migz: and the data the public is missing is pressure rating per possession/disposal.
frenzy: yep, you take possession and you dispose of the football
pcaman2003: FGS Laird.Get your DE up and keep the clangers down. Not that hard.
MrWalrus: Hmm, how long till some crows boys enter the chat?
thiccgucci: one of those days where u cant complain about CD (being a neale owner) lol
BigChief: They won’t show up unless they lead.
Apachecats: Just logged on ,are the popups gone?
pcaman2003: Anyone know why Laird is off the ground so often?
jiska78: Imagine if CD were transparent with their scoring. Possession and points awarded.
Kidult: booked their winter holidays after taking advice from Dees supporters on great places to go
Gotigres: Great scoring Neale so far but keep going
MercAm: Cant neale just convert one goal please
thiccgucci: neale would be on track for 170 again if he slotted those
Kidult: 21 shots to 8 now and its only 18 pts
Migz: wont be public because then they couldnt sell it to the clubs and media for a bazillion dollars
jbjimmyjb: Neale was so mad that hipwood didn’t handball it to him then
Grimes Jr: doedoe, traded you in for houston, will take 65
beerent11: Anyone whinging about sc scoring system there’s more than one game in town. Afl fantasy might be more your go.
tolerant16: There’s a Neale clanger!
tolerant16: @beerent11 Tom Rockliff and his alts
jbjimmyjb: ok so that kick from neale was +2, i can understand why people get mad at that
blonde0na: all I see is SC purists complaing about SC scoring – you sure there’s other games in town?
Migz: Even if the opposition mark it, that doesnt make it a clanger.
MercAm: Ok Neale kick this
Kidult: it was a clearance Hball recieve +1 then +4 for clearance but then negative for ineffective kick
Kidult: something along them lines anyway
jbjimmyjb: usually they pay the first handball as the clearance
BigChief: 7.14 is pathetic from Bris.
Kidult: if its still in the contest then isn’t clear
tolerant16: 7.15 this is getting ridiculous
jbjimmyjb: Neale is everywhere, he could still go 150+
JRedden: Neale just doesnt rest, 98% tog for a midefielder is ridiculous
benzammit: Looks like Neale will surpass, Grundy score, good😉
lock98: the first effective disposal that results in a clearance of the stoppage is the clearance
Migz: ihope he keeps going, i forgot to take the C off neale and take grundys score.
beerent11: 20 more points lachie then grundys score doesn’t mstter
Kidult: would be another monster score if he converted atleast 2 of his 4 shots
jbjimmyjb: I don’t think Neale went off for that entire quarter
benzammit: JReddan midfielders should rest forward and play mid like the old days, they are generally able too do it.
MercAm: Need 5 disposals and a goal from Neale and then make bank in my multi, come on mate
JRedden: benzammit, most midfielders are at around 85% tog, 98% is monsterous
benzammit: Still could be if he motors in the last then scaling 160 is not beyond him
circle52: @bigchief our kicking has been pathetic. 10 behinds reasonably easy
benzammit: Yes not the elite though, shortened game, he is special no doubt.
Kidult: Neale would probably be on 155 if he didnt get early tag
Gotigres: The game isn’t over Starcevich. Still another quarter to go.
exatekk: I need another goal from Crocker for two hundo!
cmperrfect: Get to 80 Starce, you can do it
BigChief: Is there late changes in other game @m0nty? I see Jackson and Jones in your lineup
Kidult: it just doesnt update yet but no changes
thiccgucci: no late changes dees cats game
Gotigres: Wow, Harris’s score jumped heaps
Kidult: input data from previous round easy then make changes
thiccgucci: neale over under 150 here?
BigChief: @gucci under would be my pick.
Ash777: wish I had neale
pcaman2003: Oh Well! Looks like Laird has decided to go home early.
beerent11: Missed the first half was there a tag on Neale?
BigChief: 1.5 from McCluggage and 0.3 from Neale.
BigChief: @beer ant yes from Keays.
frenzy: Keays Beerent
thiccgucci: yeah looks like neale isnt doing much so far this qtr
amigaman: Jeez McCluggage Could have gone huge, just missing shots on goal
tolerant16: Neale you tease
Ash777: Looks like the whole crows team has gone home early
beerent11: Good sign then that he managed to work through it. Development from last year.
MercAm: 20 behinds wew
frenzy: starc packed up at half time
jbjimmyjb: lions should be up by 15 goals
zoomba23: McCluggage. It’s the two big posts mate
JRedden: Neale is spent, he hasnt been to the bench in second half yet
Kidult: Neale just teasing the goal noiw
jbjimmyjb: Neale. It’s the two big posts mate
feralmong: whoever needed 25 disp from neale is almost there.
Dogs5416: Neale and clugg had 12 shots between them for 1 snag. What a joke
pcaman2003: Another 20+ Laird. You have to get at least 1 touch this qtr.Try!
zoomba23: 30 scoring shots to 10 and Brisbane only have 2 more goals. Holy shit
Dogs5416: Had neale 25+ and any time goal kicker in this multi. What a joke 😭😭
m0nty: nominations for star please
AuroraBore: same dogs
Grimes Jr: mcluggge
thiccgucci: Tex walker BOG
BigChief: McCluggage easily.
Kidult: yeh Mccluggage
MercAm: Come on Neale please, need 1 disposal and a goal please!
Gotigres: Wouldn’t be surprised if Neale gets taken off now
tolerant16: Yep
MercAm: @dogs mate same here im fuming right now!!!
Migz: so happy to watch tex lose.
Kidult: Need a silver star instead of gold coz of his 5 behinds
MercAm: @dogs all we need is a mark on the siren from neale out in front of goal
BigChief: That was his chance for a goal. Won’t get it now.
softwhitee: traded the suitcase out round 2 for viney…
AuroraBore: oh get fucked neale
Migz: there was his chance.
pcaman2003: Laird of yet again. There goes my round for certain now.
jbjimmyjb: ahaha Neale just racking up the behinds
thiccgucci: Is a behind still an effective disposal?
Dogs5416: Neale got me crying, any other day he kicks 5
Valorlonga: @MercAm he would still miss
zoomba23: Tbf that was a pretty bloody good effort from Neale. Can’t criticise him for missing that one
BigChief: Missed again LOL
Dogs5416: Neale oh wow . 14 shots for 1 goal between clugg.
MercAm: I just give up
Gotigres: 0.6 for Neale
tolerant16: Hahaha neale without some major shithousery here
Migz: haha fuckin neale
BigChief: Does 6 behinds count as a goal? LOL
AuroraBore: im so done
Arminius: cop that neale
jbjimmyjb: Neale could’ve scored 300 points today if he kicked straight, had the opportunity for 7.
Kidult: still 170 to come
Dogs5416: Biggest stitch up in history from neale
MercAm: Im flowing fuming right bloody now
feralmong: well he did get 1 goal, in points.
Dogs5416: Neale 0.6 and two didn’t make the distance. Far out.
AuroraBore: what a joke
Kidult: pity it was a goal and not just 6 points haha
pcaman2003: Crows best defender gets 75% TOG. Deserve to lose coaching like that. Poor form!
frenzy: I need Andrews
Kidult: 147 to neale apparently
BigChief: @pcaman Talia had 89% TOG. Not sure what you are reading.

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