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Chat log from R5 of 2020: Western Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Hawthorn, R5 of 2020

frenzy: #freekickhorforn
Gotigres: Cogs to get his breakeven of 165 because I traded him out.
G.Soreness: Keen to see who de Boer tags
CniglioSsn: Lets go mumford, be a great PoD
Kidult: Jones audition for next week
FLAG: lets go green, stay low sic
Dead_Ned: I lead by 54 with Haynes and Ceglar, opponent has Sicily and Wingard
FLAG: u win ned
Dead_Ned: hope so
Chelskiman: Need a solid game from Coniglio today.
DrSeuss: Cogs playing in the middle so far at least
wadaramus: Just saw a story on Trengove playing local footy in SA.
wadaramus: Scully down the bottom of the Hawks team list.
wadaramus: Both were once Captains of an AFL team.
wadaramus: Just trying to divert focus from how horrendous the Crows are 🙂
ajconodie: Is De Boer tagging Titch?
Kidult: another nightmare start for Sic
frenzy: CD will fix it up
Dead_Ned: De Boer on Worpel i think
BigChief: @Wada was Scully captain of an AFL club?
DrSeuss: Get Corr off the bench ffs
wadaramus: Wasn’t Scully and Trengove both captain of Melbourne?
Kidult: nah it was grimes
BigChief: I don’t think so. Trengove yes, But I believe you are thinking of Viney.
MrWalrus: Toby Greene is a knob but umps need to stop blatantly screwing him over
wadaramus: Trengrove/Grimes indeed it was Kidult 🙂
BigChief: Yep Grimes it was. Kidult is correct.
wadaramus: Either way, Crows diversion tactic is a success 🙂
Pokerface: there is better crowd noise coming from the dubbed melbourne games
Chelskiman: To be fair, there should be. The dubbed crowd is like 70k people compared to like 4k.
Silz90: Cd hate Whitfield
CniglioSsn: whoever was controlling that dubbed crowd was on point
Stu7: I need you to go big Mitchell with Ward out
MrWalrus: Lol, well played wada, well played
thommoae: McEvoy in defence. Your move now, Clarko.
ajconodie: I’m really torn. I love seeing Hawthorn get pumped but absolutely despise Finlayson.
Kidult: Swing him fwd with O’brien to Defence
CniglioSsn: Earlier today i realized the chat > is an actual person. you write very well m0nty
Pokerface: m0nty is a bot cniglio
Kidult: he has calves of steel peddaling away
Spifflicat: McEvoy got exposed as defender that qtr
CniglioSsn: Nice try @Pokerface <3
MrWalrus: Cogs & 103 v Whitfield & Mitchell…. going to be a close one.
Dead_Ned: very close @MrWalrus
Kidult: Sicily+Wingard vs 101 pts + Green
Pokerface: its true. Also uses the name Eliza to respond to certain phrases
Pokerface: you probably need to be old to get that
LuvIt74: What a shocker of a round only on 1817 with Whitfield to play
DanF: haha, Hawthorn free kick
LuvIt74: So If im lucky i’ll score around 1900
frenzy: Clarko will be happy
Pokerface: get back in the ruck Cegs
MrWalrus: Sic + wingard should get up but they can both put in stinkers
MrWalrus: Between 1950-2000 for me cogs pending, Rowell, Smith & rooks have hurt this week
pcaman2003: On 1831 with Titch,Cogs and Whitty
Harambe: Is Ceglar injured? Haven’t seen him this quarter.
MrWalrus: Oh and Hanners Hammy, glad I have to trade him
pcaman2003: Great defence Hawks. WTH
Pokerface: no, mcevoy just moved to ruck
ajconodie: Finlayson is a bigger tiprat than Stevie Milne.
Harambe: Yeah because Ceglar was off the ground for a while. He’s back now though.
Spifflicat: Because he was getting exposed down back Poker
pcaman2003: Whitfield has turned to shit lately. What’s wrong with him?
Kidult: Yeh probably end up with a bigger BE than 70 next week if he keeps that up he was meant to bottom out this week
MrWalrus: I think teams have worked out that you need to man Whitfield up or he will carve you to pieces, but soft under pressure
Ash777: Hasn’t looked right after that concussion
CozzieCan: T green best rookie this week keep going son
pcaman2003: Damn! I forgot I had T Green in this too. Now looking at 2100+
Pokerface: you dont have Taylor then Cozzie?
CozzieCan: Nah I don’t mate .. how many games has he played ??
Kidult: lost this week ty Sicily
pcaman2003: Unusual Titch not tackling.
Pokerface: however many rounds we have had
CozzieCan: Nah mate might look into him this week , cheers poker
AuroraBore: ffs, purposely didn’t go with Titch because i wanted to avoid the de boer tag
BigChief: @Cozzie 5 this year for a total of 7 career games.
Pokerface: no dont get on him now, price is too high to get on
pcaman2003: Cogs put his invisibility cloak back on.
CozzieCan: Spewin
frenzy: whitfield in the blink of an eye
DrSeuss: Cogs TOG has been lower today – maybe struggling with the mid time…
Justavrage: Titch v Parker next week if Rowell is broken
frenzy: Sic was at this same point last week, can he do it again
rupertmarn: The Green(e)s could have their first names up..
rupertmarn: Secod half Sicily or James the joke?
Raspel31: Perryman is an enigma. But keep going lad.
spdysaint: what is everyones scores at the moment
BigChief: 1882 with Cogs and Tom Green
rupertmarn: 1572 with 5 to play
Dead_Ned: hopefully with richmond’s injuries Pickett is back in the side
scboy123: bigchief much better than my1852 with tom green – bailey smith was costly 🙁
bhg26: 1856 with Titch, Tom Green and Whitfield
rupertmarn: Marlion Pickett will be back in the midfield with Cotchin and Prestia out.
RuffLeader: 1806 with Whitfield, O’Meara, Green and Whitfield
BigChief: @ruff 2 Whitfields? LOL
DrSeuss: Tom Green with 53% TOG and still killing it
RuffLeader: Ouch, Wingard Chief
pcaman2003: Frustrating Hawks! Gr8 1 week,then shower the next
frenzy: you’ll be introuble with Clarko Cegs
boges11: How much time is Cogs spending fwd?
rupertmarn: Sicily is not worth the stress
DrSeuss: Cogs mostly in the middle boges
Harambe: Poor Ceglar is paying the price for McEvoy being exposed in defence.
AuroraBore: Need wingard for 15+ and a goal
CniglioSsn: finlayson’s back, baby!
spdysaint: Doesn’t look like Sicily is gonna come back this week
pcaman2003: C’mon Whitty . 92% TOG and only 52 pts. Get cracxking
pcaman2003: Hawks not picking up players. Too easy for GWS
BigChief: Hawks def is terrible.
NugzNiggle: Is Mitchell alive?
Stu7: Mitchell in a coma
pcaman2003: I agree Chief. Need a lot of work.
spdysaint: And sicely both not alive
Kidult: Hawks needed snow today
DrSeuss: Cogs on the bench way too much this qtr
pcaman2003: @Kidult. Nah! Just a good old fashion butt kicking
frenzy: Clarko’s Big Boy experiment might be over
StuL: Mitchell been resting fwd
Kidult: Kick some behinds Gws need Sicily to kick it in
pcaman2003: I really need Cgs,Titch and Whitty to fire up.
DrSeuss: Corr, Green, Cogs, Whitfield and Titch – all done nothing this quarter
Kidult: Crozier got offered 1 game so Butler might get 1 extra week b4 being dropped again
CozzieCan: Sicily running away from the ball , what a doughnut
spdysaint: @dr Seuss and Sicily 3 points this quarter after a god awful start
DrSeuss: @spdy – fortunately I dodged Sicily this year
spdysaint: He’s so up and down this year Seuss
DrSeuss: Nice work taking advantage Davis you flog
spdysaint: Was happy with my team until this game
AuroraBore: Need Haynes 15+, Wingard 15+ and a goal to win $950
CozzieCan: Heeney to yeo & Sicily to who ??
pcaman2003: Titch another free against. FFS!
TheLegend6: @Aurora similar here but need Smith and Worpel 15+ too
nick2397: 15 minutes of time on that quarter?
Pokerface: dont trade heeney and sicily
Ash777: yeo has only managed 2 tons in his games.
feralmong: Gee only just gonna crack the 2k in SC. Carnage.
Kidult: Need Green to stop and 73+ from Wingard/Sicily
pcaman2003: Need 43 from Titch,Cogs and Whitty last qtr for the win.
CozzieCan: Sheuy out & Eagles back home … looks promising for him
AuroraBore: @Legend looks like your home with everyone but wingard
Kidult: Crows and Freo next 2 opponents aswell
FlyinRyan2: who we trading in for rowell?
rupertmarn: Might be time to trade Ceglar
Kidult: For Eagles
CozzieCan: Thanks Kidult .. like your thinking hey lol
m0nty: bring on the snow
Pokerface: how does shuey out help him? won’t change his role, just more likely for a tag
TheLegend6: @Aurora best of luck mate, Wingard lift mate!
thiccgucci: come on coniglio…. you owe us a ton
pcaman2003: Hell! Cogs and Titch on each other.
feralmong: flyinryan2 i’m thinking duncan. but lets see how long rowell is out.
Pokerface: sheed probably the best benficiary
Kidult: Yeo also had a 57 with 7 FA so could’ve tonned up
softwhitee: i am on track to score about 1800. Gee whiz
CozzieCan: A tag from Adelaide & Freo from who ? More possible possessions
ajconodie: Haynes is so underrated.
Pokerface: Keays shut down Walters today
Pokerface: how would he get more possessions. his role wont change. weak opposition yes, but shuey out doesnt affect yeo
Kidult: I’d say Kelly/Yeo would get a tag b4 Yeo who usually runs with someone himself
Pokerface: but dont trade Heeney out in the first place
pcaman2003: Where is Whitfield? Doing stuff all the whole game
Kidult: Kelly/Gaff not yeo haha
CozzieCan: @Pokerface more “possible possessions” didn’t say for certain mate
Pokerface: true, gaff more taggable
AuroraBore: This new HTB interpretation is terrible
pcaman2003: Whitty got a kick playing bruise free footy. Amazing!
Bezzina: These umpires have been so shit
frenzy: anybody seen Ceglar
amigaman: Haynes BOG
Apachecats: Tipped 9/9 for the first time in 5 years.Yeah!
pcaman2003: Only need 16pts now. Fingers crossed.
Pokerface: *8/8 apache.. i’m an optimist.
Yelse: why is cogs been so bad lately
TheLegend6: Worps one more touch mate please!
Apachecats: from how many players PCA?
pcaman2003: How bad can our defence get? May as well pack their bags.
Apachecats: reckon GWS are home PF
Pokerface: leigh matthews rule says not yet :p
ajconodie: 21 I50 for 17 scores. That is amazing.
spdysaint: Not even gonna get 2000 at this point
pcaman2003: Hi Apache. 3 players,but just won then, currently on 2056
frenzy: think your days are numbered Ceglar
Pokerface: dam Paige has Haynes. I had her beat, but Haynes v Sicily hasn’t gone great
BigChief: That tackle was no different to Croziers. Ceglar should be in trouble.
CniglioSsn: @apache i sure wouldn’t mind that
gdshifty: Whitfield junk is a beautiful thing
cmperrfect: Titch may miss he BE
pcaman2003: Go Whitty. Gr8 qtr.
Dead_Ned: thank you Haynes. Making up for Ceglar big time
Apachecats: hany score PF with all the injury disasters this round.
Apachecats: How many do people think Redden will get ,pretty low act.
gdshifty: 40 pt last quarter for Whit. He’s back
Apachecats: *handy
rupertmarn: disaster with Sicily and Ceglar
Kidult: think he just got fined 1250 but 750 with early
Apachecats: *handy score PCA I meant
pcaman2003: Finished on 2087 with upscaling to come
frenzy: one CP whitty, you couldnt bruise a tomato
feralmong: finished with 2030.
CniglioSsn: had sicily, ceglar, kelly and cogs to beat mitchell and about 200 points. big letdown by the hawks, but im not dissapoin
spdysaint: finished with 2010, thanks sicily
bhg26: 2122 thanks to Andrew Brayshaw
pcaman2003: Nice scoring bhg26.
bhg26: Cheers pcaman
spdysaint: is scaling done?

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