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Chat log from R4 of 2020: Essendon vs Carlton

Chat log for Essendon vs Carlton, R4 of 2020

Kidult: Cutler is out
Baldfrog: So who will win the Covid cup?
casey22: Again, these pop uo ads have to go
amigaman: What pop up ads?
Kidult: previous game scaled now
AlbySmedtz: 1st quarter start is so important
exatekk: Yeah no popups here
Kidult: dons by 40
Kidult: scared to see wat Merrett gets as I was gonna grab him this week over Pittonet.
benzammit: Essendon by 13pts
cmperrfect: I may regret not VC Crippa
cmperrfect: Need 80+ please Ridley.
DrSeuss: Devon Smith going to do anything this week?
heppelitis: Smith did sweet FA last week
wadaramus: If the ads did not obstruct the teams list I wouldn’t give a shit, but they are fucking obtrusive.
Raspel31: Rather in your face wada but I did need a kitchen tool that did everything.
wadaramus: Yeah, and I need the worlds greatest dog food..
Jackwatt$: Great Coles shelves are empty again. Looks like I’ll be showering after every shit again
AuroraBore: showering after every shower?
wadaramus: Shitting and showering, same same on FF
wadaramus: Shitting and showering, same same on FF!
Jackwatt$: One of the showers is not a shower
Jackwatt$: m0ntys turned the censor on me again
Kidult: he meant butt washing
exatekk: HAHA. No problem with toliet rolls here, but we arent getting 40 covid cases a day.
amigaman: Plenty up here!
Sloan4Pres: bombers will get smashed, blues by 50
wadaramus: Bum fodder rush is just plain stupid!
Kidult: Went Pittonet + Simpkin over Merrett and Ridley/Butler
heppelitis: Shiel 7 cp but 5 touches?
benzammit: He was tackled and held it without disposing, ball up. heppelitis
Raspel31: exatekk- I live in a very small dirt town called Melboourne where supplies are critically low. Helpyour fellow Ozzies- t
benzammit: Will that make you feel better
heppelitis: Thanks Ben.I thought a possesion was a kick or handball. Learn something new all the time.
BOMBRBLITZ: Dev Smith great skills
Sloan4Pres: @ benzammit not really, but bombers look drunk
frenzy: they’d be disposals hepp
heppelitis: cheers
Yelse: wheres stringer playing?
StuL: Come on might bombers win flog
casey22: ads, ads, ads #@!$% ads
casey22: Come on m0nty, the ads are pathetic
cmperrfect: If there is an OOYF, does the player kicking it back in get a FF? n
The39Steps: No-one minds you earning a quid Monty, but these ads are so intrusive the customers’ experience is shower.
Raspel31: Give m0nty a braek casey- trying to finance a free site. But yes, annoying.
wadaramus: Time to lift Cripps!
wadaramus: Put the ads in the top right corner, then I don’t have to give a flying fuck about them!
casey22: Shift stat screen to left, use extra space to run ads which we will see subliminally
Struda: if you dont like the ads, go somewhere else
Apachecats: Put the ads over the top of the Live Game Blog ,all we need is the chat and the scores.
Pusti: Wouldn’t be a proper Essendon vs Carlton game without a few charity goals to Carlton.
Struda: simple as that
Apachecats: Might be just you left Struda ,you’d have to talk to yourself.
casey22: LOL, apachecats
wadaramus: Simple point of view.
spdysaint: Docherty and Rowell saving me tonight with Cripps, smith and greeny
Raspel31: The ads are so entertaining. Just bought 6 monthsof pet food at a great price. Now to get a pet.
Gotigres: Pittonet back to reality tonight.
casey22: I’m into food photography, apparently
RooBoyStu: Pittonet back to his usual form like when he was at Hawthorn. Up and down like a pub toilet seat 🤣 muppets got him in
bartsy: SOSOS seems to be made of paper mache but Merrett is a grub so hope he gets weeks
wadaramus: You’re a savvy shopper Raspel, well played mate.
wadaramus: Staffies are good at eating that brand of dog food 🙂
Dogs5416: What’s the go for zerrett? Missed it, weeks likely ?
Raspel31: Onto it tomorrow wada. I thought they came free with the food.
pants42: Was soft
wadaramus: Haha, staffy puppy free with every 10kg bag 🙂
cmperrfect: Pittonet BE is – 90, cash cow city @rooboy
Raspel31: Indeed cmperrfect.
The39Steps: All sides 22.4 at HT. Not bad kicking.
BigChief: I will take the easy cash on Pittonet.
benzammit: @Dogs 5416, slight rib tickler, nothing in it, I suspect he bought an injury in? Soft knock.
heppelitis: Im gonna sleep with a tap dripping on my head. Will be bliss after these adds lol
jiska78: Good boy pitty
FishStick: Zerrett will miss at least a week, intentional to the body, and sent him to hospital
exatekk: who cares if he’s a cash cow? If you start Grawndy it doesnt matter LOL
jiska78: It’s bs suspensions are based on outcome. Should be the act
Raspel31: I’ll rent you my apartment for a weekhepp.
Dogs5416: @benzammit cheers buddy
cmperrfect: Zaka’s days are numbered.
exatekk: On my last point, who is taking Grundys 135? IZ feel like i should roll the dice on Neale?
Raspel31: Well exatekk, I think the moral of the story is you don’t start with 22 guns. It’s called building.
wadaramus: Locked it in exatekk, 135 is sufficient insurance.
CamT: I’ve taken Grundy’s 135
cmperrfect: What’s your overall rank @exa?
exatekk: Yeah but Grawndy are 2 guns you dont have to build….IMO
BigChief: Must be nice to have a team full of guns exatekk
exatekk: I dont have a team of gund chief. But i started with 2 guns in the ruck.
Bezzina: My opp took grundy’s so I have to roll the dice on Neale
Raspel31: Same Bezzina.
Bezzina: Against Adelaide, if Rowell goes big Neale should go bigger
wadaramus: Dochers you gun.
Kidult: Docherty starting to get back to that VC territory
Bezzina: Fyfe done his Hammy
Stuart88: Carlton only have their self to blame if they lose this
spdysaint: Cripps useless, but Docherty you beauty
cmperrfect: Draw would be fitting, terrible game.
LuvIt74: i give up Fyfe, Howe, Merrett hope its nothing though
Arminius: who the flower is michael gibbons
cmperrfect: Games have 4 quarters m0nty
Raspel31: I just bought some great weight loss techniques. Loving the pop up ads.
Kidult: oh shower didn’t even look at Williamson nice score
a1trader: Got to find another site that gives stats like this without those annoying ads that pop up in the corner every 2 mins
heppelitis: I can now cook Wantons @Raspel
wadaramus: Burn excess kilos while drinking beer and watching footy Raspel?
OnTheRocks: lol at those who traded Grundy for Pitto
Raspel31: Lol- that’s the plan wada/
Kidult: Tombstone Naismith gonna outscore Pittonet
Raspel31: Dinner at yours heppeltis- I’ll bring the wight loss tablets.
CamT: It’s double point s for ruckman this season, whoever doing the SC scoring for this game.
Kidult: Wonder hm points a ruckman gets tap to himself gets the Clearance
Kidult: 16 points apparently haha Pitto jumped 72-88
cmperrfect: Pitto could ton up
CamT: They should need to be reminded of the new scoring system. Very unprofessional.
Raspel31: Hmm, plans thrown askew by losing Howe and Fyfe- but no regrets Pittonet.
Kidult: lucky mark
cmperrfect: Nice ton Riddles
OnTheRocks: @camT: I think SC didn’t get that memo about dble ruck points for Bellchambers
Kidult: Might need Ridley at d6
Gotigres: Nice comeback Pitto
AuroraBore: pls no recount on crippa CD, need the 20
Kidult: nice game to watch in the end
blonde0na: umpires tries their hardest to gift bombers the win there
CamT: That’s right OnTheRocks.
Stuart88: Good hold but jee umps did their best
Struda: if youre trying to blame anything on the umpires as acarlton supporter, you were watching another game
benzammit: Some solid grabs paid 😜
Struda: absolutely gifted 3 goals, and missd free kicks potentially 2 more
spdysaint: lucky ridely owners
BigChief: nice 75m penalty at the end.
wadaramus: Dochers 177!
spdysaint: tonight went shocking, crippa, smith, greeny and budarick, but was saved by rowell and docgreeny, budarick. but rowell

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