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Chat log from R4 of 2020: St Kilda vs Richmond

Chat log for St Kilda vs Richmond, R4 of 2020

BigChief: Ryder the late out and Kent in.
CozzieCan: Thanks BigChief lovely work
BigChief: @cozzie just trying to help out.
Arminius: got the C on Pickett, come on Picko
BigChief: @arminus I went that way as well. He better dominate.
BigChief: Let’s go Saints. Keep Rich out of the 8.
Arminius: I reckon he can get 135 on the dot for me BigChief
m0nty: Ratts has his game face on!
Gotigres: Anyone else have Richmond’s jumpers look like static on the tv?
Ash777: I bought in butler this week.
TheLegend6: Stack lucky not to be dropped this week and already cost us
feralmong: if we don’t get blown away early we can grind this out.
feralmong: yeah he looks disinterested legend.
jfitty: Ross isn’t tagging Dusty, Ed just talking rubbish on the coverage
Ooost: I need Max King to outscore Brander
TheLegend6: I think Derek comes in for him next week if he doesn’t pull his finger out @feral
TheLegend6: Also, since when did Jack Ross have hair?
jbjimmyjb: Our kicking inside 50 is dreadful
feralmong: nah naish i reckon
feralmong: and can we swap butler and castagna right now.
Pokerface: will we see pickett again soon?
feralmong: here we go again.
feralmong: poker, easily for castagna or stack.
Pokerface: ok thanks
feralmong: wake tf up ya clowns the game started.
jbjimmyjb: grimes and vlastuin are the only reason why we’re not losing by 10 goals every week
AuroraBore: Had a dream that the tiges won this by 40 points so i changed my tip to them last minute :/
BigChief: Stay sleepy ya clowns. Game starts in 2 hours.
TheLegend6: Draft picks still the same this year? At this rate I’d take an early pick
Arminius: what on earth are castagna’s leg tats
feralmong: omg castagna didn’t kick a behind
MrWalrus: Ease up legend, we’ll be fine.
feralmong: daniel butler arminus
TheLegend6: haha I know Walrus just having a laugh
feralmong: its alive!
Arminius: fair enough, feralmong
m0nty: where are the Saints fans in this chat?
Kidult: Bloody almost went Butler
feralmong: the ping pong paddles with DB on it?
BigChief: Not a Saints fan, but did tip them.
jbjimmyjb: no need for saints fans
TheLegend6: Saints have no fans
Arminius: 20 sc points for that goal? he was on -8
feralmong: Saints have improved tho so kudos to them.
feralmong: keep the Tiges and Pies fans happy Monty and you’ll go far.
Gotigres: No points to King for tap to teammate which resulted in a goal?
Arminius: feral, the butler one is on his butt cheek, but i can see some shocking tatts on his right leg
pcaman2003: @Gotigres. It was a dropped marking attempt,not knock on
Kidult: Butler goes up 55k with an 84 haha
thiccgucci: hahaha out of simpkin, b.smith,butler and rozee i picked rozee hahahahahahaha
TheLegend6: Don’t think Butler will maintain this but if you got him from the start you’ve done well
Gotigres: Oh, so that doesn’t count then. Thanks pcaman.
Grimes Jr: much better finish to that quarter
feralmong: Butler never averaged more that 60 SC now its 105. Go figure.
MrWalrus: Me too gucci *sigh*
MrWalrus: Why didn’t Long get 100SC for that early shirtfront on Baker, best I’ve seen in years
Ash777: I think part of Butler’s change was his play style didn’t suit Tigers.
jbjimmyjb: kamdyn looks so different
MrWalrus: How is Dusty’s SC doing so well, butchering everything so far
feralmong: we need to get in front this quarter and hold it.
Apachecats: I was just thinking that Walrus ,1 disposal out of 6 hits a target.
Arminius: carn jacky boy
las_cons: WTF is with fanfooty? this site has aged horribly. M0nty these ads are going to tank your SEO. Woeful user experience
amigaman: Careful guys. Last time I question SC scores, I copped a whole heap of abuse
Apachecats: I’ll be carefull,thanks Amiga
thommoae: No-one minds pop ups – but when they obscure the screen? Bad policy.
piro: @las_cons those ads are whats keeping this site alive
Apachecats: well said las-cons
Arminius: get adblock
feralmong: u sure butler roved that monty. he don’t have the stat.
Pies20: go somewhere else then @las
Dogs5416: 17% efficiency and one tackle, anyone else be on 10
las_cons: and when you have to wait 10 seconds to close them off?!ds to close them off? Google
amigaman: Just a question, not complaining, but how did Gresham go from 26 to 18 without any involvement?
las_cons: @piro, i’m not opposed to ads on publisher sites. Google intrusive interstitials – M0nty’s actually at risk of a penalty
Apachecats: piro the ads are what will kill this site.
las_cons: I would if I could @pies20. As I’m sure much of the current visitors would.
noobcoach: 6 points from one handball of dusty…..
Dogs5416: Noobcoach it’s a joke hey.
jbjimmyjb: Banner ads are fine, but the full screen ones where you have to wait or scroll suck
Pies20: Yeah but if you can’t why complain you’ve got something at least @las
shaker: Just get ad blocker and stop whinging
las_cons: any business should be able to accept user feedback and criticisms @pies20
cmperrfect: Butler = Recruit of the year.
piro: what shaker said
las_cons: M0nty’s very lucky his site hasn’t been crushed by a competitor. But Google just might with a nice fat penalty.
amigaman: @Pies20 was that directed at me? I Don’t have him, just a question
las_cons: Considering I work in SEO, he should actually take my feedback seriously. His ad revenue depends entirely on SEO traffic
Gandhi: Amen shaker, even my granddad knows how to use an adblocker
las_cons: I’ve been on this site for 10+ years and haven’t seen any improvements
Dogs5416: 6pts for a dusty handball, 8 for a kick haha this is insane
MrWalrus: I think we just have to accept that SC scoring this season is a mixture of magic and random guessing by CD
las_cons: So you’re actually stealing money from M0nty with your adblocker…and you call me the bad guy?
Pies20: walking a fine Iine @las keep talking, have who amigan? Not sure what you on about mate
Kidult: Short and effective Kick: 4 Long to advantage (effective): 6
StuL: King on the ground. Not how it was meant to be. Damn
feralmong: hopefully astbury not serious
noobcoach: @las all about user experience, atm its questionable from all parties
pcaman2003: Butler again! He’s killing it this year
jbjimmyjb: astbury had a lot of knee issues years ago when he was a fwd
Gandhi: Butler has looked solid this year
Kidult: combine +1 for hball recieve or +4 for loose/hardball get
amigaman: @Pies20 no worries mate. thought you were replying to me
las_cons: Exactly. The user experience hasn’t changed in 10 years. Site was designed for low internet speeds
MrWalrus: Good game, saints looking genuinely good
cmperrfect: CD has a dart board, I’m convinced of it
Arminius: flower me, just watch the footy, nuffies
las_cons: This site is built for dial up, so much untapped potential with 4g
Kidult: People are gonna be able to downgrade Butler to Whitfield at this rate in round 6
Pies20: Just saying @las why complain if you keep coming back it’s more than suitable mate
heppelitis: Got sick of Long stinking it up. Did not trade,,,benched, of course he goes well tonight
las_cons: As I said. I don’t have any other choice otherwise I would. This should be invaluable feedback for a website owner
noobcoach: Fair enough but you cant blame those using adblockers
las_cons: Any business owner who buries their head in the sand from user feedback is destined to fail
mattmac24: Australia has bad internet, Leave the site the way it is, I’ve never had an issue with the design
MrWalrus: Las shhhhh, stop trolling because you lost last night
las_cons: But anyway, carry on using your adblockers and stealing ad revenue from the site you hold so dear
Kidult: Ruptured PCL to Howe if some people wanted to kno
pcaman2003: Traded in Petracca ahead of Butler this round. Hope it pays off
Dogs5416: Hill down ?
jbjimmyjb: monty has other projects at the moment
las_cons: Australia has bad internet by comparison. By and large it’s more than sufficient to handle a heavier web payload
Gandhi: Hill looks bad
mattmac24: AdBlocker is always disabled for this site
Dogs5416: Nope scrap that on hill, good news
las_cons: And i’m sure they’re just as good as that mr football idea from 8 years ago or whatever it was
cmperrfect: Howe to Maynard, thanks @kid
shaker: Are all Pie supporters whingers?
MrWalrus: Hills generally up and down by definition
Arminius: las, stop being racist, black lives matter
las_cons: My point is. Live scores and team tracking is what people want. Not another fantasy game to play
noobcoach: Settle down champ
las_cons: Enhance this experience and you’re set. Instead, there’s screen blocking ads. w.t.f
noobcoach: I agree and the site provides it perfectly fine with the assistance of external user
Pies20: Try emailing @monty @las and speak you for the scores watch them and comment about the game I’m out
FLAG: bring back purple name game please
m0nty: I am listening and will provide feedback to the ad team. The ads are supposed to be frequency capped.
MrWalrus: Wish I could block Las
Arminius: same MrWalrus
Lawls: Maynard will be an interesting pod for sure.
las_cons: Frequency has nothing to do with it monty. Google intrusive interstitials…
noobcoach: We’d love a mute function wouldnt we Walrus
las_cons: You’re at risk of a google penalty and this risk will only increase with the user experience algo update next year
noobcoach: Maynard may not be a POD with his scores and Howe’s injury next round
AuroraBore: I personally liked Mr Football when it was newish, bit of fun
AuroraBore: an AFL manager game like FM would be awesome
Ooost: Can someone poke King with a stick please.
Arminius: las, just quit the racism mate and watch the footy
heppelitis: running at 30MHz
Apachecats: Frequency has a lot to do with it for me.(talking about the ads before any wise cracks)
jbjimmyjb: with howe out, does that make maynard more accountable? or will crisp just move back
Pies20: Now I’m with you @walrus flower me drop it @las or flower off
Kidult: I want Sydney to play Mills as midfielder he done well vs Bont and bring in Gould to play the defender role
Kidult: Might pick him as a pod
benzammit: Las_cons give it a break pal, we like this site if you do jot and think you can do a better job, send me a link?
cmperrfect: Is Varcoe available?
Ooost: Agreed Kidult
LuvIt74: why am i getting all these adds
frenzy: nanscrevis is a bluemoon if ever there was one.
las_cons: well, yes that’s actually true @apach but the screen blocking element is a slightly larger factor 60/40
heppelitis: Marshall better without Ryder
CozzieCan: mOnty does a great job on this page @las , cut him some slack aye or flower off
Pies20: or actually I’ll stop speaking and you can all talk about upgrading this site instead of the game
CozzieCan: Everyone having problems with ads , try using “Duck duck go web browser “ no adds
spdysaint: dan butler should be a great addition to teams, looking great out there like he has for a couple weeks now
benzammit: I still play a hit of Mr Football, a good concept a true list management simulation.
Kidult: m0nty is the one and only GOD with Ben his deputy
las_cons: you guys should be advocating for this…it’s your site too!
las_cons: Why can’t you scroll to the previous weeks games in the navigation on desktop? Mental lack of functionality
spdysaint: what is mr football?
Arminius: oi Las_cons…. aren’t you the guy who advocates for accelerationism? flower off
las_cons: How about viewing player notes on mobile
cmperrfect: same again 2nd half please Dan
las_cons: Two very minor changes that would enhance the user experience…instead you all stay silent and nothing changes.
Ash777: there used to be a afl browser game like hattrick but i dont know what has happen to it.
CozzieCan: @Las time for a holiday mate , zip it .
las_cons: You’d actually all benefit from my whinging
Gandhi: People literally want to get off this site because fo your whinging bud
Arminius: las cons mate, you are a well known racist, just flower off
mattmac24: Scrolling to the previous week on the top panel? just go to the archive? it’s pretty simple
cmperrfect: Free site have ads, that’s why it’s free. Or pay a subscription @las
Warney: las_cons is right, this big ad in the bottom left blows
benzammit: Las sounds like you have your model, get busy, don’t think do!
las_cons: Go on keep defending this poor user experience with your cult like dedication and inability to be objective
las_cons: Keep using your adblockers you absolute pretenders.
las_cons: I’m providing legitimate and valuable feedback whilst you lot steal money from m0nty
las_cons: My feedback (particularly seo related) will not only protect his revenue but help him generate more!
las_cons: The collective IQ of you lot is about 15
Gandhi: You are driving away consumers of the ad money, you are clueless
CozzieCan: Las you flowering donkey , did your uncle touch as kid hence your mentality? Take a hike
m0nty: alright las, enough of that please, you’ve said your piece
Arminius: las cons is a racist, dont listen to him
las_cons: I’m not opposed to ads at all cmperrfect!! I’m happy for them to be there and understand the need! It needs to be done
las_cons: It needs to be done properly though
benzammit: I just close them, mOnty any jobs going to silence this tech head.
BigChief: @m0nty can you please ban this guy. I don’t come here for his dibble.
benzammit: For someone with a low IQ I see you angle Las, he will contact you soon.
Arminius: he is a racist, ban him
CozzieCan: Agreed with @BigChief , Holiday for Las
m0nty: back on the game please
Dogs5416: Great comparison, Edwards 1 more kick than dusty, kicked 1 snag, 1 more tackle and pressure act, 4 score involvements..
cmperrfect: Shape up or ship out @las
benzammit: Geez Tigers are in need of a good old spray.
NugzNiggle: @las. Providing quality entertainment during the dinner break.
NugzNiggle: Making this bourbon taste even better.
Arminius: las is a known racist in and around footy circles
Pies20: Well said @monty blah blah blah blah blah is all i got out of last comments
las_cons: Happy to oblige, Nugz
amigaman: Scotch very nice too
las_cons: Well done @Pies20, the only person on the chat to not contribute to the collective IQ
Pies20: from @las
NugzNiggle: Nice one @amiga. What’s the choice? Surely tigers turn this around.
Kidult: No kemies to Dusty with low efficiency is surprising
amigaman: Glenlivet Single Malt
MrWalrus: Shiraz, love an uncle Dan clearance
StuL: Good idea guys. Time for s Sailor Jerry
frenzy: got nobody in this, feels strange and kinda hard to sit through the CHAT
MrWalrus: Wow, that was a real gift
Kidult: I got Pickett (74 Points) and thats not bad for someone not even playing =)
exatekk: i havent either frenzy
StuL: Come on King. Just to save an embarrasing 20 something
FLAG: kick a goal king
Pies20: Flower off Muppet @las either shut up or Flower off and make your own site you genius
circle52: only Dusty for me.
nbartos: not sure BHills move to the Saints will end well for him
mattmac24: @Kid McInerney sitting on my bench with the E but every one of my midfield players are playing 🙁
Kidult: unlucky my opponent played Brown on field with the E on Green and he has all playing aswell
TheLegend6: We’ve been so poor ffs
Kidult: so could come down to that 1 rookie for the win
Gandhi: Does Hannes look like hes on a HFF?
AuroraBore: bit of Turkey and coke for myself atm
cmperrfect: Stack, what a fall from grace.
mattmac24: I’ve got Green with the E on the bench too. Rivers and T Brown on field.
NugzNiggle: Nice @aurora. Tigers look woeful down back.
Kidult: the week u pray for rookies to be late outs haha
Ash777: any chance king will be omitted after this game to make way for Ryder?
Gotigres: Surely Chol, Naish and Balta deserve a chance to play a few games now.
softwhitee: half our team are duds this year
spdysaint: King is not gonna get ommited
MrWalrus: Don’t take away from the saints guys, they’ve been good
Kidult: Ratten did flag resting King earlier in the year but who knows now
spdysaint: Rested maybe, but not at this point I would think
softwhitee: wouldnt mind seeing some RCD this season too
StuL: Come on Saints. No comeback allowed
Arminius: carn tiggies
Kidult: @soft might see Dow first for Ross
MrWalrus: This is the best we’ve looked since the break I reckon
nbartos: Monty calling it lucky Walrus 🙂
heppelitis: @soft, They said RCD was raw when drafted..that was because I was one of his junior coaches lol
TheLegend6: We’ve been very undisciplined today
MrWalrus: Lonie should get done for staging, been flipping all game
Gandhi: Richmond would like Butler back today
frenzy: the Butler did it
MrWalrus: Haha NBartos, that one was more than lucky, just generally
softwhitee: yeah fair enough@heppel would like to just see them shake up the team some way or another
Kidult: bloody Martin
MrWalrus: Nank been great, good to see he’s got his body right
softwhitee: dusty entering rage trade territory…
NewFreoFan: Houli barely touched it that quarter
CozzieCan: Seasons to short to worry about dusty this year , time to move him on
MrWalrus: The player I’d like to see given a crack is Balta, could be anything
softwhitee: got a big soft spot for dusty but have to agree with you Cozzie
NugzNiggle: @soft. With ya there mate.
heppelitis: It is a luxury to play Dusty fwd…teams struggling. Get him in the middle.
Kidult: Didn’t want to start Whitfield+Martin but did anyway gonna cost 250k in their own value decreases when could have picked
Kidult: them up cheaper later in the season
Kidult: and got a 0 + 8 in the week 3.
Struda: i went gawn over whit and traded dusty out last week how good
frenzy: dusty is always cheaper around rnd 7, every year
Ash777: Whitfield was an unfortunate outcome. Martin is like cogs being played in a position that hurts his scoring.
Grimes Jr: butler is a gun, should’ve traded rioli instead
thommoae: Dusty must be rusty?
cmperrfect: 3rd ton in a row for Butler
pcaman2003: Easy 13 pts for King
MrWalrus: McIntosh was heaps better when he was bald
Kidult: need a 3 goal last qtr from him but not enough to win them the game
AuroraBore: If clark could get 15 touches i’d be very happy
Gotigres: Game over. Season over.
Gandhi: Lambert is killing me in keeper this year
Kidult: @aurora hm this time haha
m0nty: geez Tiger fans, you didn’t even start playing last year until the byes, turn it up
pcaman2003: Nank playing a blinder in a losing side
StuL: Looks like Bart is stupid again. (Richmond dynasty) however 2020 is just wrong
MrWalrus: Tough from here, season not over yet, not even close
TheLegend6: Stack gotta be dropped
AuroraBore: 630 @kidult
StuL: Might buy Dusty for 400k in a few weeks
StuL: Must win or we will join you lot. Probably will happen
frenzy: they had to travel this week, dont forget m0nty
TheLegend6: m0nty stay out of it mate, we’ll do tigers and you stay to the hawks
softwhitee: not at all encouraging to watch how we are losing tho i must say
Grimes Jr: haven’t been good enough. but this umpiring is rubbish
Kidult: 1 more @aurora!!
cmperrfect: time to order pizza
NewFreoFan: How’s the salt TheLegend6
MrWalrus: Haha Monty, I know right, I sometimes wonder about other tiges supporters
Gotigres: Short season means we won’t have time to work into good form
Arminius: horrific umpiring decision
AuroraBore: Also need bachar to get one more but that should be fine, if this wins it has been a very good weekend
Ash777: Tigers seem to always start slow in the season. Exception was 2018.
Kidult: yeh wats that like 1300
MrWalrus: That’s it Grimes Jr, focus on our true enemy
cmperrfect: How many wins will get into the 8 this year?
Gotigres: Atlas for Nank?
softwhitee: we are back on lets go bolton
Kidult: probably 8.5-9.5
Ash777: 10 wins I think guarantee finals.
MrWalrus: 8 or 9 + percentage I reckon cm
AuroraBore: It’ll actually be 2200, won 700 odd on thursday night haha. Just large stakes on 3-4$ multis
cmperrfect: So Tiges not dead…. Yet.
Kidult: o nice
Kidult: u got it covered
pcaman2003: Houli luckyfor pts then HB to oppos player but no clanger.
AuroraBore: looks like it, just nervous bc i didn’t see the touches to get them over the line, am stressing a recount after the game
beerent11: Anyone know what max king’s be is ?
Kidult: love Ratten as a coach
StuL: Saints fwd line is better than ours. Not hard. We don’t have one.
jbjimmyjb: our problem is so many of our players are out of form, and the ones that arent are undisciplined (vlastuin)
AuroraBore: me too @kid, booted from Carlton way too soon
m0nty: Marsh has a lot of McKernan-style newborn colt about him.
cmperrfect: Blue moon for Nank
Kidult: wow bigboy Nank
pcaman2003: Good win by the Saints. Worked hard for it.
beerent11: I’ll take 80 for dusty after that 3rd quarter
frenzy: CD taking the pee
MrWalrus: Nank bit stiff to say blue moon in year of the ruck
StuL: Greshams eye. Should he be on? Ouch
AuroraBore: Max kings be is -18 beer
Kidult: Cutler is out
beerent11: 200 points to scale
circle52: Yet another game with 200 points to allocatte.
Kidult: 150 of them to Dusty pls
jiska78: How the fuck did dusty score 80? Wow.
Struda: loving this scaling tho

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