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Chat log from R4 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs West Coast

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs West Coast, R4 of 2020

CozzieCan: Cmon brander , 90 + plz
frenzy: your day today Houston
Kidult: everyone probably has him on field anyway so may not matter
BRAZZERS: only have brander in this game
Kidult: Houston playing in defence on Ryan by the looks
Ash777: I dont have houston at all.
DrSeuss: Will Houston do anything today – million dollar question
Ash777: wines back will hurt houston more
cmperrfect: Hurn will go big
DrSeuss: Houston no touches and to the bench. Great start so far.
Kidult: @cmp hope so
cmperrfect: Howe to Hurn in my sights
tolerant16: Robby mate you’re killing me
m0nty: go Cannon, that was Leo Barry areas!
Arminius: come on rozee
cmperrfect: Its not soccer Ebert haha
spdysaint: if wines proves himself, could be a great pod
Kidult: I really like Wines this year with the way SC is awarded
Gandhi: Hartlett’s delivery is always so awful
cmperrfect: Agreed @kid
Ash777: whoever the ump is at the port forward line is awful.
jiska78: These pop up ads every 30 seconds are driving me nuts
Arminius: donuts for motlop?
thiccgucci: rozee useless
cmperrfect: Princess Eleni @ash?
Gotigres: I will be dumping Houston before Howe for next week I think.
Arminius: simp ? @cmperrfect
Grimes Jr: traded houston 30 minutes before the bounce to doedee. Relieved is an understatement
Ash777: Nah she’s at the eagles end. Pretty sure it’s McInerney aka bald headed flog.
cmperrfect: lol @Ash
spdysaint: wines looking good, only on 200 teams
Gotigres: Congrats Houston. You doubled your score that quarter.
hinsch: Houston pull your digit out, tried for two weeks to trade but injuries have me smashed
Kidult: Interesting if port goes 4-0. They won’t have to go to Perth or Queensland again.
cmperrfect: Grundy to Nic Nat on the card. CD love NN.
CozzieCan: Traded Houston to Howe 2 weeks ago .. great SC season so far (not)
cmperrfect: Shhh @spdy lol
thiccgucci: Really liking gaff, boak and wines this season
Kidult: 100% efficiency is favouring Wines tho probably get 90-110 with wet inefficient games
spdysaint: @thiccgucci, same going a little under radar, but looking like some of the best players this season
Kidult: Boak tired later in the season last year but this year might favour him
Kidult: less rounds + less game time
thiccgucci: shame my team is in shambles and i cant bring any of em in @spd
thiccgucci: need a rozee ton this round badly
Kidult: Duggan has a real Mullet
spdysaint: yeh everyone in my team, under performing or getting injured
frenzy: Houston rocketing along, look at him go
cmperrfect: Premo Def who also kick in = gold this season
spdysaint: @cmp Ik so good
Kidult: Ebert looks nice at F6
StuL: Eagles cant play in qld. They think they are in a foreign country
jiska78: Pop up ads every 30 seconds are shitting me no end
jiska78: Turn the Pope
DrSeuss: Might need someone to talk me out of getting Rockliff in AF soon
spdysaint: loads of risky pods at port
jiska78: Turn off the pop up ads ffs
cmperrfect: Pop ups happening of desktop or mob @jiska?
spdysaint: I’m getting the ads on desktop
jiska78: iPad safari. Pop up ads on bottom left covering the port scores
Arminius: adblock coming in clutch
jiska78: I’d rather pay a yearly subscription fee to remove the ads
Donzoes: howe and naismith injured for me, so thats two trades gone
Kidult: Use the FF monile just above this chat
cmperrfect: Brave browser, no ads.
Kidult: mobile*
DrSeuss: Same Donzoes – gotta work out how to get rid of Houston as well
Apachecats: Try opening the stats page in a separate window -no pop ups there.Then just visit the live game chat when you feel like
cmperrfect: Nic Nat going @ 40de, still on track for a ton. CD luv child
spdysaint: wines slowed right down
Apachecats: *feel like being bombarded with adverts.
Mandolor: Houston so gone this week
Kidult: Rocket up Brander
Donzoes: Glad i swapped houston with ridley
Arminius: wines going down?
cmperrfect: Any1 in the top 500?
Ash777: TOG for wines as a mid is a bit concerning.
Kidult: not after last week
Donzoes: Neale or Fyfe for C?
CozzieCan: Kelly should of stayed at Geelong , Chris Scott should of pushed for him to stay . Bollocks
StuL: I dont think there was any stopping mrs kelly being desperate to go home
cmperrfect: Hurn gone missing this qtr
ConVoid: rozee 😐
StuL: Anyone taking Grundys score? Im being conservative in a short season and am.inclined to bank
StuL: Neale
Kidult: Going Neale with 2 Crows midfielders
Gotigres: I’m taking Grundy’s 135
Arminius: same
spdysaint: I’m going Neale need to take some risks
jiska78: Gawn 180+ against Fort
CozzieCan: @Stul money talks , but yeah shame really ..
jiska78: Going Neale. Taking a risk. LOLOLOL
StuL: Yea. Im also inclined to risk. Neale and gawn surely both pig it
CozzieCan: Neale to be tagged today I reckon
Dream Big: Neale much more likely to be tagged tomorrow than today.
Ooost: Who’s going to tag Neale from The Crows?
jbjimmyjb: Adelaide has no good taggers though
CozzieCan: @Dreambig apologies , thought the game was today .
mattmac24: Just because Gawn is up against Fort doesn’t guarantee a large score.. still needs to perform well
StuL: Smith? Id prol go Gawn anyway. We always let oppo guns kill us.
Ooost: Fort has a chance to make a name for himself and boot Stanley from the team 😀
Dream Big: Yeah Cozzie just having a laugh. I’m going to the game tomorrow.
CozzieCan: Surely Adelaide would of observed Neale last few games …? They don’t stop him Adelaide in trouble
cmperrfect: Is Stanley a long term injury? @StuL
Ooost: Adelaide are in trouble whether they tag Neale or not.. you’re right, they’ll have to give him attention
cmperrfect: Adelaide need a way to find the goals first @Cozzie
CozzieCan: @DreamBig enjoy it mate , in (vic here ) abit jealous ..
nbartos: kelly been woefully inaccurate
amigaman: WCE drop Alen for Hickey. There’s an investment in the future
amigaman: *Allen
Dream Big: Yeah I feel bad for the Vic fans, they will be the last to get back to the footy.
cmperrfect: If at all @dream
StuL: Medial i think so 4-6?
cmperrfect: Fort make a handy F5 or F6 perhaps
StuL: Ok they dont seem to know how long. Strain. Not a tear though
Donzoes: what a colossal backfire houston has been
amigaman: @Donzoes. He’s an absolute spud
frenzy: not touching any Cats
Donzoes: So many people sucked in, including myself
Dream Big: If they can’t even get fans to the grand final, surely they host it at Optus and pay off the MCG.
StuL: I wouldnt get Fort. Our dud coach will probably drop him for Ratugolea
amigaman: Me too mate
frenzy: again Stul
Dream Big: MCG gets very little from hosting a match nobody can attend, just play Optus and compensate MCG with some of the profit.
mattmac24: Duncan and Stewart the only cats I would consider
tolerant16: @Dream Big need at least 40k to turn a profit at the G apparently
Kidult: If Port choke thats 3 versus WCE in around 720 days
Struda: thats not how contracts work dream
tolerant16: There’s a force majeure clause in the mcg contract
Ooost: Glad I opted to keep Brander on the bench for Rivers on field at this point.
Kidult: Make him eat his words Brander
Ash777: Clurey’s hair is awful!
Arminius: bloody rozee is useless
ConVoid: rozee 😐
amigaman: Sheesh he’s just a kid
Ooost: Rozee is almost Houston caliber trap material
Ash777: 2nd year blues probably
Gotigres: Houston, what are you doing? You’re actually scoring some points.
Ash777: great goal hoff!
tommy10: Wtf Rozee!
StuL: I dont remember Dixon going from big hipster to big meataxe.
Ash777: so glad I traded out yeo
cmperrfect: Glad I wasn’t sucked into Rozee
hinsch: Was looking at Boak or Fyfe this week went Fyfe maybe a good call
original: Cmon nic nat ffs
Arminius: guess I have to stick by Rozee, bloody showerhouse
original: Brander on field but that’s the game with rookies hey. No non playing Defs so no looping
Fatbar5tad: Fucking Rosey. Be lucky to hold his spot.
Arminius: rozee finally gets the ball, switches it to Boak, all for 0 flowering points??? wtf
Ooost: What is the icon on Liam Ryan?
Stu7: Houston please don’t be a problem!!!
Kidult: Cannon
frenzy: sick of the sight of the pop up chick
cmperrfect: Gaff looking good with run of home games..
Kidult: Keant in for Ryder
BigChief: No issues here @frenzy
spdysaint: cmon brander, keep the points coming
Kidult: lots of points to come
mattmac24: Hurn becoming a bit of a liability.. really need him to ton up
Kidult: @matt should come good with Mcgovern back
BigChief: Bloody Dixon, why today? My opponent has him.
Kidult: they also return home soon
pcaman2003: WC on a big downward spiral.
mattmac24: This looks to be 3 below 100 scores in a row. I’ll be keeping him, hopefully he turns it around soon
BOMBRBLITZ: Are we taking Grundy’s 135 as Captain or Going Neale?
Ash777: what is with qld that kills eagles.
Kidult: still going good tho with the 152 in round 1
BigChief: Ryder out for Saints.
Ash777: round 1 was a long time ago.
tommy10: Yay Rozee got a touch….ya knob
BigChief: @bombr I took Grundy’s score.
BigChief: 200 sc approx still be allocated.
Arminius: yea waiting for it to go to rozee and nicnat

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