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Chat log from R3 of 2020: Gold Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Adelaide, R3 of 2020

BigChief: Any news on what’s happening with the Ess/Melb players for SC?
Burnsy03: Bye system this week (best 18) then they will have a double round when they are back
happylab: @bigchief best 18 this week, whenever ess/melb play their scores will be added to the closest round it occurs
jocka: What about Draft?
Kidult: the imaginary C on Rowell to keep me interested
cmperrfect: Still establishing who went near McKenna for how long first @chief
Kidult: sounds like its the starting back 6 who he was with
pcaman2003: Greenwood and Laird,nice start. Keep it going lads
circle52: apparently the concern is the group o 8 that were involved in weight training indoors.
cmperrfect: Saw the graphic on CH7 b4 @kid – Merret and McGrath too
Apachecats: Nothing said about draft jocka ,probably just get your bench scores..
circle52: Still getting voice back after last night.
cmperrfect: And training drills all using the same ball @circle
cmperrfect: Traded out McPherson, watch him ton up
Apachecats: Any one catch the vision of McKenna snorting out the virus at training ..
StuL: If half the squad becomes a cluster it will be messy
pcaman2003: Laird you plonker
frenzy: DMac will bite traders
m0nty: are we sure the Crows haven’t all got the rona?
cmperrfect: I traded for Butler, very happy @frenzy
circle52: Maybe still in holiday mode only just arrived on coast
circle52: Yep appache
Apachecats: Feeling the bite frenzy ,he hardly got a touch in rounds 1 & 2.
frenzy: the roos shared a plane to syd last week with Ess
exatekk: Never seen a more non cohesive football team..
TheLegend6: they missed a budarick kick
BigChief: @frenzy yes but McKenna was not there.
cmperrfect: McKenna wasn’t on it @frenzy and he tested negative 5 days ago
TheLegend6: @frenzy he didn’t have until tested Friday, negative tests all week beforehand
circle52: @perfect think that is the issue where he caight it given 5 negative tests
frenzy: where did he contract it
cmperrfect: An OFI is the rumour @frenzy
TheLegend6: @frenzy thats what they are investigating, looks like he went around isolation rules
pcaman2003: Why is Laird so bad this year so far? Underperformed like his team
beerent11: Something brewing on the Gold Coast. Look a different side this year so far.
Apachecats: They could just hand the rising star to Rowell now
BigChief: I have heard it can take up to 5 days for results to show a positive reading
Raspel31: Cannot believe I left Rowell on the bench last week. What a find,
Apachecats: Got a good coach beerent.
circle52: One saving grace for Crows is Sums per kicking so only down 13 points.
TheLegend6: @BigChief the tests these days can see results the day of the test or day after
jbjimmyjb: GC are fun to watch this year
pcaman2003: Rowell a star at 18 years. Massive future looming
circle52: Agree players getting used to new coach.
StuL: Budarick will dig through to China soon
tolerant16: Saying the scoreline flatters Adelaide is an understatement
cmperrfect: Maybe the Crows watched Geelong last night and think a 6 goal headstart is the go
thiccgucci: think he means the person who has it to test positive @thelegend
Kidult: Gary lyon said Budarick been very impressive haha
The39Steps: What’s the record for most players with donuts at quarter time?
beerent11: Ssshhh keep it quiet raspel don’t think many are into him yet
Apachecats: 3 seconds on the clock -goal!!
pcaman2003: Oh dear! Shocking defence Crows
Raspel31: My bad beer.
cmperrfect: There could be 6+ GC tons today
tolerant16: Richmond Tom Lynch might outscore Adelaide Tom Lynch
jbjimmyjb: Budarick has done a lot more than the 6 points suggest
circle52: agree jimmy – Think some stats missed
Kidult: everytime i seen him he fumbled without possessing it
BigChief: @Legend what I meant was the virus can take up to 5 days to show up, not it takes 5 days for test results.
Crowls: laird copping a flogging and still got 39pts gutless seagull that he is!!
cmperrfect: Good start Lairdy, if Crows are this bad all year, he’ll get plenty of it
Kidult: incubation period of the virus can b 5-10ish days
cmperrfect: #falsepositive @kidult
pcaman2003: Scores scaled up just nicely for me then.
cmperrfect: Not often a FF leads the pos count
frenzy: greenwood is bont esk scoring
Patty19: Brodie Smith looks terrible, are they still trying him inside mid? Play him HBF then he might get near it
pcaman2003: Crows need to dump Walker. He’s totally useless.
The39Steps: In SC if you have Brander as emergency will u get his score for Rivers if its best 18?
spdysaint: if you dont have players as emergency, do they still count to top 18?
circle52: I think so 39steps, So long as he is listed as e I have the same.
cmperrfect: Tine to retire Tex
Kidult: i think Hamill will be a good rookie with all the I50’s they concede
jbjimmyjb: Non emergency bench players aren’t counted
The39Steps: Thanks @circle. I have four Dees/Bombers plus Whitfield. If i get Branders score it will be a big help.
beerent11: If he comes into the ground as an emergency he is then a scoring player. So will count if top 18 is how I understand it
pcaman2003: C’mon Greeny,you’re going backwards.
Raspel31: So circle, do you regret those anti Essendon commemts. Monty would have banned you?.
frenzy: budda flying now
beerent11: Noble might become laird for me this week. Or rampe.
Kidult: Budda gonna be awesome backpocket for the suns
circle52: Heat of the moment stuff Raspel before knowing full facts, So yes.
spdysaint: I didn’t put on my emergencies and have five melb/ess players and have whitfield.
Raspel31: Rowell-will you have my children?. Mind you, you haven;t met my ex wife,
cmperrfect: Ellis killing it. Pod?
circle52: @ the39Steps as has been said so long as you have the e on Brander it counts.
jbjimmyjb: I wouldn’t go near Ellis, he was very lazy at Richmond
Raspel31: Sorry circle- that was harsh. Doing a great job x
cmperrfect: GC biggest beneficiaries of Covid re fixture?
circle52: No issues raspel both passionatesupporters of our clubs.
Apachecats: McPherson has slowed up a bit thank heavens.
beerent11: Good signs from the dude
jbjimmyjb: All 3 key injured GWS players are a chance to play next week
Baldfrog: Buderick is looking ok
pcaman2003: Have Doedee on bench after last week. Doh!
Kidult: some people went early on Doedee and traded him backout after last week
Gandhi: Suns are great to watch this year
Baldfrog: I’m guilty kidult
beerent11: Can you loophole him in pcaman?
feralmong: in best 18 my opp is screwed. he had grundy i have neale.
pcaman2003: Laird and Greeny only 17 pts between them this qtr so far. Grrr!
zadolinnyj: crows are cones for second week in a row.
Juzzo: I kept faith with Doedee. Hope he keeps going.
Apachecats: Any one got Rowell ,Powell and Harrrrbrow.
Baldfrog: I got Doc for him so still happy
beerent11: I know rookies tail off towards the end of the season but Rowell is 11th top mid now.
pcaman2003: @beerent. He’s listed as E but Laird is my last backman this rnd.
cmperrfect: Witches hats at the ready @m0nty
feralmong: if you have the E on him pca you still get that score.
StuL: Damn. Should have captained Rowell!
thommoae: Sounds like your local Law firm, @Apache
Ash777: was anyone brave enough to C Rowell?
Raspel31: Is it down to best 18 this round? Well, cut me off at the knees and call me tripod, Great.
feralmong: ahh my bad only if the E is used. sorry.
pcaman2003: Can someone be a legend after 2 games? Wowee!
Juzzo: Only if 1 defender or more not playing
Baldfrog: Sadly yes cmperfect but when you don’t integrate kids into your side this is what happens
frenzy: think kidult did
StuL: Crows are a rabble. I know how you feel
feralmong: Melbourne clubs will throw the kitchen sink to get Rowell asap.
Apachecats: Crows look like they’ve given up.
jbjimmyjb: Geez this crows team is disgraceful, no effort whatsoever
cmperrfect: I hear ya @Bald, Sheedy never traded for kids either.
mace485: rowell could win the brownlow
Ash777: doubt rowell will be lured away so easily.
Yelse: Apparently the essedon blues game might also be postponed. Just a little rumour
feralmong: in this odd year Suns may make 8 and play finals. if they happen.
Crowls: I am enjoying watching the Suns and the debacle that is Adelaide
The39Steps: 2 things confirmed today – Rowell rising star and crows wooden spoon.
feralmong: ash, def won’t be easy. but you would give picks and players to get him.
jbjimmyjb: Didn’t rowell say he’d stay at the suns for a while if they got Anderson too?
feralmong: rowell a dynasty player with a few good ones around him.
Apachecats: Yelse that game is 50/1 to go ahead.
zadolinnyj: chayce jones no midfielder. flat footed and does not man up.
frenzy: pies game not outta the woods yet Yelse
Baldfrog: Least we will have our first ever top 3 pick this year we
feralmong: he tackles, wins ball, kicks goals gains territory. Complete player.
cmperrfect: 2nd wave coming in Vic @feral
cmperrfect: 1 touch for King in Q2.
Apachecats: Any one spotted BestCoast this year?
Pinoy: Walker dropped next week
Ash777: no one will have the currency to trade for him either.
circle52: Think Bombers next games will depend on tests on Tuesday, Gill said games will go on if Bombers have 22 fit players.
Baldfrog: Yeah Ash he will cost a fortune
circle52: Plus emergencies
Pinoy: we are trying to get Carlton to take Tex and give us Betts back
feralmong: yeah 2-3 years I think Ash. but like the hawks/syd/freo trades.
Raspel31: I strategically dropped Rowell and kept him on the bench as an easy 171 was not part of my game plan.
Crowls: tex will be captain coach of wentworth or Berri next year!!! :)))
feralmong: it would be good if he just sticks with them and wins a premiership.
Pinoy: Crowls ..Their B grade maybe
circle52: 2Easpel he may save us a trade fast becoming a keeper
feralmong: i suspect tigers won’t get their shit together this year. bottom 6.
frenzy: even Rankine is signed up for 4 years and lukosius i think
Baldfrog: Hope you guys have Rozee as wellanother star in the making
OnTheRocks: Rowell has perma-captain written all over him in the future
Crowls: game 3, all australian, future legend,
DrSeuss: Anderson not doing too much today – but Budarick going strong.
frenzy: better chance of getting Hately and Caldwell outta GWS
cmperrfect: Crows lowest half time score since 1995?
CamT: GC will have ti invest in a Mumford type to stop Rowell getting roughed up in the future.
Ash777: Rowell looks older than he is.
circle52: Witts is not too bad Cam
BigChief: Can’t wait to see Rowell with muscle and not puppy fat.
frenzy: wakey wakey Laird
Kidult: haha wat was the point of doedee coming off the ground for the low time he was off at 99%
StuL: Suns will make finals. Why not? Everything is upside down this year
Apachecats: This is a slaughter now.
mattmac24: Are the crows just that bad or do the Suns actually look good! It’s great to see
circle52: Nice kick from Macpherson
Kidult: port smash suns and crows now gc smashes adelaide i think it is both
StuL: Suns are good Matt
TheLegend6: Suns look very impressive
jbjimmyjb: The adelaide midfield is basically letting GC do whatever they want, but GC are still a lot better
Raspel31: The world has gone upside down.
StuL: I think a lot of Suns are breaking out this year
pcaman2003: Crows impersonating Keystone Cops and doing it brilliantly.
OnTheRocks: 70 please Budarick, 150 please Rowell. Goodbyue Whitfield’s score
jbjimmyjb: m0nty I think its time to pull out the witches hats
Raspel31: Rowell gone next week- needed 171
pcaman2003: Keep tackling Greeny.Love it!
Grazz: How good is Rowell. He’s something special.
Kidult: rowell a lock for M8 no point wasting 2 trades going down or up just for a underpeformer
pcaman2003: Raspel. Good one!
Grazz: Agree Kidult who could you upgrade him to anyway there is nobody
cmperrfect: Wait till GC have to travel….
StuL: Rowell looks like a Judd or Ablett. Even jnr started slower.
Grazz: At the minute Rowell is my M1
Kidult: itll be a downgrade to someone at 550k at this rate haha
pcaman2003: Laird you couch potato. Start your motor again.
Grazz: Yep lol
Grazz: Cones for the Crows. That’s where were at. 2020 sucks
DrSeuss: Is Macpherson playing more mid this week? Or just because he is playing Adelaide?
OnTheRocks: @Raspel: Ikr, 171 or gtfo of my team
Kidult: 9 tackles + 10 Cp at this stage is awesome
frenzy: time to trade Laird, seen enough
cmperrfect: Adl make every1 look good Suess
TheLegend6: Budarick! lets goooo
Kidult: man crush on jnr Buddha
Kidult: sorry marty hore
Raspel31: OnTheRocks- gfto is above my pay grade
Ash777: putting budarick on field was a good move
jbjimmyjb: Budda with the cherry on top
pcaman2003: @fenzy7. Good 1st half then flops. Sick of him too.
ajconodie: WTAF Kelly. -20 metres gained is pathetic for a defender.
nick2397: Crows will be asking Ricciuto and McLeod to come out of retirement soon!
frenzy: 2 touches since 1/4 time
TheLegend6: Laird could still ton which is fine
SneakySC: Laird should ton after scaling anyway
feralmong: whats everyone looking for 18. round 1900+ here.
cmperrfect: How did Day ton last week?
mattmac24: It’ll be hard for laird though, defenders don’t have a lot of major scoring opportunity when this far behind
exatekk: Surely Crows are tanking? I havent seen Carlton play this badly in 30 years!
MrWalrus: Matty Rowell is a genuine star, not just at fantasy but for real, is unbelievableM seeing this kid dominate
cmperrfect: Laird to who @frenzy?
nick2397: @exatekk if Adelaide keep this up all season, it will be like Fitzroy in 1996!
Kidult: @cmp he has Talia this week
Blaknight: So is Neale going 300 next week?
Apachecats: Day copped a big knock earlier on cmperfect.
frenzy: pootracca for the the double dip score
MrWalrus: Also not sure what’s in the water on the GC but suns looking legit, look out the rest of the AFL.
CaptainWho: 1916 with Houston to play (Rowell and budarick to finish)
Grazz: @exatekk I hope they fine us so we have an excuse.
CaptainWho: Crows will go 0-17
cmperrfect: Cmon Laird, seagull up son.
Apachecats: First coach to go this year?
feralmong: thats ok capt. mind you my 1900 is with rowell and bud already at proj. so will go up.
tolerant16: Can any team afford to sack their coach?
feralmong: worsfold apache. lol
dunny73: How do we stop the scores disappearing under the boxes at bottom of screen?
exatekk: You dont sack a couch three games in.
Kidult: we paid 102k for budarick didnt we?
blonde0na: dont think any coach is getting sacked this year
blonde0na: suns look exciting this year but cant take them seriously after AFL handouts every single year
Apachecats: very funny feral ,thats already a done deal.
frenzy: yep, i’ll keep budda and dump Laird
Grazz: C’mon Rowell ton up in DT and put a cherry on top.
feralmong: how many assistant coaches lost their job already.
Kidult: they will get even better if they bring in rankine+ Flanders for Holman and Powell
DrSeuss: Need Anderson to get a few last quarter touches
CozzieCan: @Kidult don’t forget Ellis from Richmond .. he’ll be back soon
Ash777: They’re just partying now the suns
Kidult: he is in haha
CozzieCan: Hahaha open your eyes hey .. he was out with injury thou ?
exatekk: Ellis is playing Cozzie!?
Grazz: haha
feralmong: corey ellis. lol.
thiccgucci: still a shower load of SC points to come… rowell could 170 again
Grazz: lol
CozzieCan: Yeah yeah my bad , just tuned in haha woops
Grazz: Played ok too haha
TheLegend6: Corey Ellis a good ball user but unfortunate with injury
jbjimmyjb: 400 points to come, give them all to Rowell
CozzieCan: OhSoRozee when did ya change your name m8
Kidult: didnt know he was on their list he was fit last year and played neafl
Grazz: Took the heat of the Crows Cozzie bless ya mate
Kidult: preseason because the case sensitivity sucks especially on phone
pcaman2003: Gr8 to see Dodo having a good game. Will make money now.
Ash777: can doedee get the heart for being the only good player for the crows lol
CozzieCan: @ Grazz last game I thought Big Tex was still captain .. lol the chat went bezerk
StuL: Essendon has to field a team next week according to the rag. So no delays it seems
Kidult: kinda annoys me they pronounce it do day when it looks like dow dee
CozzieCan: @Kidult ah righto mate yeah abit shonkers
Grazz: Haha I’ll organise you a membership Cozzie that’s gold.
Ash777: so the group mckenna trained with cant play?
pcaman2003: Keep those tackles coming Greeny. Loving it son.
Grazz: @Ash that was their defensive group
StuL: That group might all not play so bzt is back!
Grazz: All of them I think which they AFL recommended teams didn’t do
blonde0na: as a blues fan i wouldn’t mind seeing a spare parts bombers backline next week 🙂
Kidult: BZT+Ambrose probably if game went ahead isn’t to bad cover
Ash777: automatic loss if that is the case.
thiccgucci: Do GCS realistically have a shot at the top8?
pcaman2003: Sheep to the slaughter. Call the RSPCA quickly.
cmperrfect: Be surprised if Ess is the only team compromised by COVID19
Apachecats: If they’re deemed to be close contacts they won’t be clear for 14 days.
Grazz: They all went through a weight session together
frenzy: anyone got the list of players
Kidult: happy with Sloane after looked likely to be out this week
blonde0na: @frenzy – saad, hooker, hurley, guelfi, ridley and redman
Kidult: and running around hampered
cmperrfect: Would any of them be within 1.5m of McKenna for 15mins solid?
pcaman2003: Ton up Laird.
Kidult: little slow and sore with the corkie to lay many tackles
frenzy: Did you capt rowell Kidult
Ash777: It wouldn’t matter because assistants would of worked closely with everyone in the group that was with mckenna perfect
frenzy: ta blondeOna
Kidult: nah C on Neale but Rowell was the backup after carnage on Friday
CozzieCan: Thank you you laird rippa
Grazz: True
thiccgucci: Second ever time ive heardthis song
MrWalrus: Rowell already 6 brownlow votes, worth a sneaky look
hinsch: Rowell will be worth $650K plus by the end of 17 rounds at this rate

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