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Chat log from R3 of 2020: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Fremantle vs Port Adelaide, R3 of 2020

thiccgucci: big games please rozee and ryan
frenzy: need Sturt kept quiet
frenzy: adjust your clock m0nty
jbjimmyjb: this is houston’s last chance
frenzy: started on the pine Jimmy
beerent11: Looks like a heavy 7 after 6 races
hinsch: jbjimmy 100% agree, kept him got rid of Dawson from Sydney that was a bad move
valkorum: I guess the umpires dont like paying marks for Freo – that was a mark to Young
DrSeuss: Got enough other issues with my team – but Houston certainly isnt performing as hoped
Kidult: ball was touched thats why it wasn’t a mark ya shit commentators
frenzy: Kenny will fix Houston for us
The39Steps: Houston, we have a problem.
MrWalrus: Haha Houston just got fixed
StuL: Come on fyfe. Not again
The39Steps: ….although we may habe found a solution.
oc16: those comments didn’t age well haha
Stu7: Come on Sturt
beerent11: Fyfe does this now starts slow tons up. Don’t stress stul.
pcaman2003: Yeah! Come on Sturt.Get involved son.
Kidult: didn’t think Sturt would do any good against port but stil had to to play him
Kidult: freo are swarming
Stu7: Tucker up!!
beerent11: Got 330k in the bank this week to play with. Gonna be interesting.
jordan M: houston can’t be your biggest problem
pcaman2003: Brought Sturt in this week. That’ll teach me.
Kidult: sturt is for the money not the score
benzammit: SC screwed me, had 7 in dees v Bom take too 18 but obviously subs were gone already.
benzammit: If the positive test by an Essendon player call was not enough.😂
StuL: Every player counts now since best 18. Need Sturt
Kidult: some 2.1k+ projections in league with fyfe on most of those.
benzammit: AF took average much better.
Ash777: lets see if port have learned to play in the rain.
benzammit: Not logging in again to SC
ajconodie: Had my VC on Kelly and my C on Oliver, forgot to change my C to Lycett. FMSCD.
m0nty: Lesson there is never pick too many Bombers.
frenzy: need to poke Houston again
Kidult: Ryan playing on Rozee interesting…
benzammit: Monty those HS flogs can get get ……….
Kidult: @ash Port smashed WCE in the rain at Optus last year
Ash777: oh right
hinsch: Sam Sturt looks like he was a good pickup might be a SC record 100 one game 1 the next
MrWalrus: Wow AJ That’s balls
beerent11: Watch sonny dominate now the rain has come
Kidult: Rozee gettin face/jaw looked at
ajconodie: MrWalrus – Sums 2020 up in one foul weekend of footy 🙂
nick2397: Sturt in the one game wonder club, like Ben Ronke, Jason Tutt etc.
Ash777: it’s like watching a game with a broken antenna lol
MrWalrus: What happened to my new dusty rozee?
Apachecats: I’m 3/26 in this.Rozee .Shultz and Sturt.
Kidult: back of leg/heal into face had face/jaw looked at but good to go
Stu7: What was Sturts claim to fame 1 tap out?
Kidult: heel*
Stu7: Sturt the Tavere of footy
Kidult: haha Sturt has just levelled the playing field for some that brought in melbourne rookies.
frenzy: everybody starts with 1 point Stu7
jbjimmyjb: Sturt’s playing at centre half bench
StuL: I’ll be getting Whitfield s 8 at this rate.
pcaman2003: Sturt had a proj of 100. lol!
Stu7: Thanks frenzy
MrWalrus: Thanks for the info, Rozee is full of himself but he sure can football
Ash777: so far port look like the only team that could win it this year.
Apachecats: 3/20 now ,going backwards
Kidult: had 20 playing thankfully lost whitfield’s 8 already
marls: Traded Dusty and Brayshaw for Petracca and Rozee…
MercAm: Dam sturt just doesnt really want to touch the ball
pcaman2003: @Apache. I’m 2/10 with Sturt and Schulz who was the E
Stu7: You don’t have to be stiff to be dead maris 😫
DrSeuss: Does Cerra normally play on ball this much?
frenzy: lift Houie Lift
Kidult: no inside 50s for freo this qtr won’t help
Apachecats: Lucky we don’t have Mundy PCA
Ash777: I have schulz n westhoff.
pcaman2003: @MercAm. Abducted from the field by aliens. Unseen for 2 qtrs.
DrSeuss: Houston gone very quiet again
beerent11: The rozee thing was always temporary. They won those games easily and now teams are onto him. Next year.
beerent11: Worst possible conditions for Sturt.
pcaman2003: @ Apache. And to think he was once a good premo.
zoomba23: Fuck off rain. It’s bad for Brayshaw and Sturt’s game style
Kidult: Sturt on bench when they go into 50 for the first time haha
Stu7: Sturts in the change rooms eating donuts
beerent11: I reckon Simpkin is more sustainable than rozee
nick2397: 2001 spectators at Metricon Stadium tonight including Sam Sturt
nick2397: @zoomba23 what game style, Sturt only has to get an umbrella up now!
Kidult: Simpkin and Pittonet ideal trade ins at this stage for rd4 pending teams
pcaman2003: Whitfield is going to beat Sturt. FGS!
valkorum: Cant wait for Pearce and Hamling to be back so Cox can leave
Stu7: Has Sturt broken a new record of no touches?
frenzy: went Rivers over Sturt, rather chuffed atm lol
Kidult: lucky Sturt will b averaging 50 after this game lol
nick2397: Good half Sturt, by impersonating Courtney Walsh’s batting average!
pcaman2003: Will stilol win my game,but shaking my head wondering how I did it.
Kidult: DBJ looks a decent D6
spdysaint: think i might give up on supercoach this week stinks
Kidult: different and would give me my first Port player to help cover the team spread
Grazz: Sam Sturt wtf
Kidult: so don’t end up with 3-4 from one team in more potential postponed games
CamT: Did anyone take Rozee over Simpkin ?
frenzy: he’s been good for 12 mths now
spdysaint: lycett adding another member to the big number rucks
blonde0na: this could be the year for a ruck brownlow 😮
Ash777: If umps played sc maybe lol.
Kidult: yay intercept from Sturt
Ash777: sturt got a touch!
valkorum: Looks like a hamstring for Duursma
DrSeuss: Duursma gone….
spdysaint: need to get fyfe in team
MrWalrus: I did cast, I did, cheaper and better be, also bigger impact player
MrWalrus: *camT
Kidult: If i go Simpkin+Pittonet this week should have the cash for Fyfe in round 5.
MrWalrus: To be fair couldn’t predict injury and still a half to go
CamT: I think plenty of people would have done that MrWalrus
spdysaint: how much is simpkin, Kidult?
Kidult: Sturt injured now
MrWalrus: As for brownlow Rowell would already have 6 votes so 1/3 of the way there already
Pinoy: sturt out
Grazz: Sturt looked very sore
StuL: The great Sturt must have is over. Carted off
DrSeuss: Houston doing nothing again to start this quarter
Kidult: +60k so around that 483k mark
DrSeuss: Any Freo fans on here – does Cerra always play this much on ball?
spdysaint: is whitfield gonna be out next week, could get simpkin in for him
MrWalrus: And once again Houston scores on que when mentioned
valkorum: @drseuss he progression is towards more midfield time.
beerent11: I would do that anyway saint
Yelse: need hogan to get a goal to win my multi this not looking good
Ash777: cerra played in defence last year.
pcaman2003: Buyers remorse on Sturt this week. Doh!
DrSeuss: Cheers @valk – has been all around it tonight.
beerent11: Ryan is playing
valkorum: @ash77 yes with small stints in the midfield, was always increasing this year
frenzy: Houston will struggle to beat Duursma
DrSeuss: Where TF is Houston? Havent seen him all quarter
LuvIt74: What a shocker of a round, I have Gawn, Zerrett, Oliver, Viney, D Smith & Rivers and now Sturt.
Grimes Jr: houston gone next week
Bezzina: Forward rookies to get in now sturts gone down?
mattmac24: Sturt not included in my 18, thank the lord
LuvIt74: Does anyone know what’s going to happen with the scoring now that Ess vs Melb was cancelled.
beerent11: Brad Ebert definitely worth a look
Stu7: What happened to Sturt?
spdysaint: luvit similar issue, also have whtifield and didnt place any emergencies
DrSeuss: Brayshaw taking off the 3rd quarter as well it seems
MrWalrus: Nice Seuss, you just got him scoring again, keep calling him out please
LuvIt74: oh and Whitfield bloody hell
CamT: Didn’t have Whitfield, LuvIt74 ?
Kidult: Will b interesting to see who replaces Duursma wonder if Mayes or a debutant like Mead
Gotigres: My forward line is formidable with Whitfield, Sturt, Rozee, Smith, Taylor and King. Buderick leading the charge.
jbjimmyjb: Sam Sturt, more like Sam’s Hurt. 2nd injury in 3 weeks
mattmac24: LuvIt, round has reverted to Top 18 scores and they’ll play a double one round and scores from both games will count
MrWalrus: Best 18 is killing me, no Whitfield no Sturt, stood to make a lot of ground.
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Going as well as the Tigers this!
valkorum: brayshaw has been quiet this quarter
DrSeuss: Conca is having an absolute nightmare
frenzy: Brayshaw, wtf get a kick son
spdysaint: I am basically playing with 15 this week, 5 mel/ess no emergencies, whit and sturt
Gotigres: Yes pcaman2003. Great weekend of footy for me. lol
beerent11: Just get to 60 please Ryan
DrSeuss: Brayshaw took the 3rd off with Houston – hopefull they both remember to play the 4th
Tangent: I will be happy if Fyfe gets 150
frenzy: sturt only a bandaid now
pcaman2003: Schultz was 15 at qtr time and now on 13. How useless?
nick2397: Fyfe as C is saving this week from being a train wreck!
spdysaint: should be bloody happy if fyfey gets 150
MrWalrus: My worst 4 scores will likely be worth about 200 assuming rozee scratches to 40
beerent11: Top 18 2051 plus whatever Fyfe ends up with for me
spdysaint: doing a whole lot better than me beerent
Kidult: nice beerent
MrWalrus: One league opponent will beat me losing doughnut, sturt whit & Steven 36pts total… *sigh*
beerent11: Don’t know if that’s good or bad
Tangent: Guess who forgot to trade Dusty out?
beerent11: Just lucky no dons and dees covered with bench scores
nick2397: It’s fair to say that Dan Houston will be traded out from most teams this week, mine included!
Kidult: probably top 2k for the round that score
spdysaint: tagent, oh god
MrWalrus: That should be very good Beerent, like top 100 good maybe
Yelse: AFL fantasy did it the correct way. Bombers and melb players get their 2020 average
beerent11: More arse than class
jbjimmyjb: I’m not even going to hit 1700 with 5 of my premos out + whitfield/sturt
beerent11: Ar s e not alps
spdysaint: yelse, thats what they should have done
StuL: Sturt tackle and free. Rack em.up!
spdysaint: top 18 gonna ruin my season, same boat as jimmy
m0nty: careful beerent
MrWalrus: I’ve got a few top 100 players in leagues jone looking to score much beyond 2150
Tangent: Petracca is a good buy… 130 last round
pcaman2003: I’m sitting on 1904 with Schultz still going. Think I’ll end up on that score.
Ash777: sturt back from the dead
mattmac24: People could have taken advantage of the average scores for melb/Ess. Top 18 is fine.
spdysaint: couldnt you just get lots of meblourne and dees players for the double
StuL: Sturt back off.
Tangent: On 1900 with Fyfe, Walters and Boak to go 🙂
benzammit: Monty let’s star Mr Football together!
beerent11: Feel like I’m back in year six Monty 🙂
Kidult: could but u compromise being full premo by finals
spdysaint: geezz tagent top 100 for you mate
benzammit: Oh don’t run off on a Tangent
Kidult: would burn too many trades culling rookies early to get enough of them in
m0nty: what talents do you bring, ben?
mattmac24: I’m on 1950 with Fyfe and an extra 166 for Neale(VC) to come.
Tangent: Fyfe full forward, he could rack up points!
frenzy: Houston and Brayshaw have been outscored by Sturt this half
Yelse: seriously hogan please one damn goal
Dream Big: Brayshaw would be a decent player if he was allowed onto the ground sometimes.
Gotigres: I’m on 1831 plus Houston (assuming Rozee gets less than 44).
benzammit: Experienced play on the original, with flair n glitter of course!
Yelse: brayshaws time on ground pathetic
m0nty: yeah but I hate glitter
beerent11: Champion
Tangent: Called it! Fyfe can go for 175!
LuvIt74: I was in top 5000 and now im screwed , only on 1373 excluding Fyfe & Sturt’s score so i’ll score 1500 to !550 top
benzammit: I know the pitfalls n can improve on the current format.
spdysaint: luvit same, basically giving up for the year
nick2397: The atlas symbol would suit Fyfe right now!
benzammit: Feel the hurt luv it
Tangent: I think I might get top 100 for the first time!
m0nty: The new game doesn’t look much like the old game. A lot of new features.
Stu7: Why is Bradshaw on the bench again , is my opponent coaching?..
benzammit: I was 700 odd gone seven in 22 subs played changed the rules.
jordan M: brayshaw still has a lower leg issue ?
Kidult: still 500 points to come
Stu7: Walters off! Yessssss
Gotigres: Congrats Tangent
MrWalrus: Seems like lots of carnage but there are a few who got kissed on the tip
frenzy: Houston is useless
benzammit: It’s a shambles, I’m logging out
Tangent: Thanks Gotigres
Kidult: Brayshaw was meant to be an endurance beast and now barely plays 60% of games
Grimes Jr: looking forward to trading u houston, useless spud
Tangent: Hahaha nothing going good for Shulz
benzammit: In all my years since day dot, I like SC ….no now AF at least they gave average
spdysaint: on 1653 with sturt to go. 🙁
Stu7: Go mother tucker!
spdysaint: benzammit, agreed
LuvIt74: So what happens with SC this round they wont give Essendon & Melbourne players averages as their score?
Ash777: best 18 luvit like a bye round.
spdysaint: nup top 18 and melbourne essedndon will play two games in a later round
LuvIt74: That is absolutely ludicrous that SC don’t give out average for those players that were listed to play once teams came
Tangent: Port still not making the 8
LuvIt74: thanks guys
StuL: Best 18 isnt great when you have 5 dees and two bombers. Only saved by opp having the same
spdysaint: luvit agreed, hate SC atm
mattmac24: They didn’t do averages for the Geelong vs Adelaide game in 2015. They did top 18 then as well
frenzy: something must be wrong with brayshaw
Tangent: 430 points from this game! And I only had 3 players!
Stu7: frenzy. – yes there is, he’s crap
Ash777: yay hoff boo schulz
mattmac24: They also can’t do avg scores since it would throw out scores/value when they play two games later on.
frenzy: Lol Stu

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