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Chat log from R4 of 2020: Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R4 of 2020

Kidult: Keen on West for next week I think he can go 80+
Ash777: That’s if he can stay in the team.
Smac34: Need mcinerney to bring the goods, with carnage at team selection this week i have no choice
BigChief: Josh Kennedy my tip for BOG
Kidult: @BigChief hope so as I have him.
BigChief: Did you put VC on him @kidult?
Gandhi: Is Wallis starting in the midfield?
CozzieCan: Got the v on bont this game
Kidult: pushing up to midfield from the HFF
Ash777: v on bont. you crazy
circle52: Looping McInerney and Brown
BigChief: I went VC Grundy and C Fyfe
BigChief: Why was that not HTB on English?
Apachecats: McInerney good start and they missed his handball.
Ash777: He was bumped more than tackled.
Kidult: no tackle was a bump/smother
Kidult: SC is a lil slow tonight should be some big add ons at qtr time
frenzy: shake the tag Maca
GobChuck: can’t see this macrae tag keeping up too long tbh, bont seeming way too dangerous and ready to blow the game open
beerent11: Bit of rookie carnage at selection today. I bought in Simpkin and Haynes. Got b smith only here.
BigChief: West has started well.
Smac34: West looking good
Yelse: Macrae lift FFS
StuL: Maca breaks tags. Might take a while though
BigChief: Swans are looking terrible. This might be over already.
Smac34: Naughton hurt
zoomba23: Imagine tagging Macrae over Bont
Ash777: what happen to naughton?
CozzieCan: No Dunkley tonight so Bont will go huge , hence the v on him tonight
Kidult: Yeh I was hoping Bont wouldn’t get 129 so I can get him at his current price next week
beerent11: Bailey smith looking to go big
cmperrfect: Any1 traded Whitfield yet?
beerent11: Hope butler goes well. Need a couple of good rookies next week
CozzieCan: Me for now , Whitfield to Jy simpkin
jfitty: Dunkley out doesn’t affect Bont. The tag on Macrae does though.
Kidult: pending no more carnage at teams tomorrow I will be Whitfield to Simpkin.
Smac34: @ash, not certain, maybe ankle from a marking contest
Kidult: Hope pickett doesnt come in as he will be my loop for Mcinerney
Pokerface: how much will u save if he gets 125?
Grimes Jr: kidult picket no chance for a game
PlungeMe: not too worried about this season so thought Id chuck a cheeky vc on B.Smith, looking alright so far
GobChuck: pickett isn’t even emergency, no worries for him
spdysaint: B Smith needs to slow down, so his price doesn’t go too high
Smac34: Bang, solid mark by bont
Smac34: Naughton ankle. Done for the game
CozzieCan: Bruce unless
Yelse: Macrea so disappointing
BigChief: It looks that way @Smac34
spdysaint: Bruce has been bad all year
pcaman2003: Macrae is blanketed judging by his score. Haven’t seen him this qtr.
CozzieCan: @yelse macrea will ton
cmperrfect: Starcevich gonna hold his spot?
Kidult: Bulldogs are so strong in the hips even Daniel
GobChuck: can;t see a world where he doesn’t cmp
Ceema: Lift heeney
Raspel31: So keen to bring in Lloyd tonight but granny said no. Back to the crypt granny.
DrSeuss: Get Naismith back on – Sinclair is getting owned by English
pcaman2003: Surprised Maacca wasn’t paid the last tackle. Looked perfect.
Apachecats: CD not loving Macrae tonight .Not much to show for those 2 tough handball clearances off the bottom of the pack.
spdysaint: Bont rised a heap
Yelse: macrae getting stooged
beerent11: Yep that’s one I got wrong at the start of the season too rasp. Will get him in the next couple of weeks.
Raspel31: Dogs Lives Matter. Ser Macrae free!
Kidult: Bloody bont gonna cost a fortune now
pcaman2003: Horse will have a huge problem with Bont. He needs to act quickly.
beerent11: Lots of people would have gone off bont in the last couple of weeks.
Ash777: the crazy worked. who would of thought that swans would make the horrible decision to tag macrae
CozzieCan: Took a punt tonight with bont , last vs Sydney 150 SuperCoach points
Apachecats: Why is Longmire called horse ,does he eat a lot or something?
beerent11: Got the vc on him cozz?
Misternick: Surely Hewett goes to Bont in the second half
AuroraBore: Schlong size @apache
CozzieCan: Yeah mate I’d send you a picture if I could , gonna loop Grundy
StuL: If its not long face It’s horse #*!k
beerent11: Nice hope he keeps it up
frenzy: Schlongmire
CozzieCan: Wish heeney would lift thou
GobChuck: John Schlongmire hung like a horse
Apachecats: Thanks ,I get it.
RooBoyStu: The nickname horse is because he grew up with horses. A relative of his Emma Longmire is a trainer
Kidult: Hmm debating whether to bring in Pittonet if Naismith gets 100+
CozzieCan: @Kidult , dropped Jacobs for Pittonet .. has -91 B E
Apachecats: Hope they find Macraes 2nd clearance during the 1/2 time review.
Kidult: Yeh i got the E on Naismith and Grundy+ Jacobs so I might actually make a trade elsewhere and bring Gawn in next week
piro: @rooboystu nah its due to his schlong
amigaman: New boy Butler going well
CozzieCan: Pittonet vs bellchambers.. should be an easy one
frenzy: when is Hunter back
Gotigres: Well done Cozzie
LuvIt74: liking McInerney’s score
The39Steps: Lunatics running the GWS asylum – Jacobs out for Mummy. Why get Sauce in the first place?
Smac34: Lloyd landed awks and off the ground, shoulder
Smac34: S.lloyd that is, soz dont panic
Apachecats: Will be looping McInerney off the bench methinks.
BigChief: @39steps Jacobs has been terrible. Deserved dropping.
Apachecats: Mummy good for 8 FA.
Kidult: Butler good score for very bad de
beerent11: *english
The39Steps: Yep, @big chief, agree. But Mummy. A huge liability in FAs and ordinary around the ground.
Raspel31: This game Sydney’s to lose. Clever tactics.
Kidult: West beat Kennedy in Contested looseball
pcaman2003: Start trying now Macrae.
DrSeuss: Umps loving the Dogs tonight it seems
Dogs5416: Why would anyone get pittonet now over Naismith ? Before tonight Naismith obvious choice
BigChief: @39steps that is true. 6 of 1 1/2 dozen of another really.
Kidult: Mills running with Bont now
CozzieCan: Thanks Gotigres, lucky punt so far
frenzy: hello Maca wtf
DrSeuss: Get involved Lloyd
pcaman2003: @frenzy. Macrae’s disposal off the boil this year along with his intensity
Stikman35: Bontempellyyyyy
Kidult: Daniel looks to be must have with his de this year
Raspel31: New to SC and AFL- why do all the men run around doing nothing?
frenzy: how long have you known this
Apachecats: No Dogs5416 ,Pittonet is this years RO’Brian .Naismith doesn’t have that level of improvement and is injury prone to boo
beerent11: They get to touch the ball in numerical order raspel
StuL: Yea ok. Maca is stuffed
beerent11: That’s why they have numbers on their backs
Stikman35: Pies on the cake walk.
CozzieCan: Heeney having a quacker this game .. what to do what to do..
Apachecats: The commentators just said not a happy horse.
Raspel31: Thanks beer- Lol.
Apachecats: Terry Wallace is called hoarse.
Apachecats: *hoarse
LuvIt74: bloody wrapped i traded out Macrae after round 1
pcaman2003: Send Macrae to the AFLW. He’s playing like a girl.
GobChuck: averaged 115 since you traded him out LuvIt you can’t be that happy
CozzieCan: @Luvit , Macrea was the most reliable player last year in my sc. Shame this year so far
Nuffman: When you’re two rookies are both outscoring your 1 premium
Apachecats: third try hoarse.
Apachecats: very funny mOnty
Raspel31: Glad you’re wrapped LuvIt- do you have a forwarding address?
Apachecats: my keyboard has developed a speech impediment.
pcaman2003: @Rasp0el. Cheeky fella! Haahaha!
CozzieCan: @Raspel good one m8 lmao
pcaman2003: An easy 100 this qtr please Macca. You can do it. Don’t think,do.
Raspel31: With you pcaman
CozzieCan: @Kidult stay away from Naismith lol , go Pittonet
Ceema: Why is heeney in my side
beerent11: Naismith will be in and out all year with injuries
Raspel31: I have a heeney on my bum- Agree Ceema.
Kidult: Butler must be really good to play on Heeney and keep him quiet
frenzy: to think I used Maca VC last week
DrSeuss: Lloyd with 3 whole handballs this quarter – pick it up my Seagull friend
pcaman2003: @frenzy. Likewise. Next week,by Macrae and hello Fyfe
Apachecats: got vc Macrae ,hope Grundy goes OK.
LuvIt74: @GobChuck a $670k player to score 103, 93, 133 & another sub 100 game tonight, bloody oath im wrapped i got rid of him.
Kidult: Speaking of Heeney he just got outbodied by Daniel haha
thiccgucci: im not sure why i didnt start macrae, but im glad that i didnt
LuvIt74: His BE will be 180+ and he’ll continue to drop, if he becomes more consistent then I’ll bring him in again.
BigChief: Did BT just call Cunningham Seymour? He has not played for approx 15 years.
Yelse: need heeney to get a goal and macrae to get 25 possies and i will be over the moon
Smac34: Its BT so most likely
Kidult: West will be in for me next week only gonna improve if he tackles
thiccgucci: gonna bring macrae in when he drops a bit and hunter returns
Raspel31: The verb enrapture has variables- wrapped is not one of them.
pcaman2003: Macrae…greatest player of all time.
DrSeuss: Do something Lloyd – Macrae is going to overtake you FFS
BigChief: Said no one ever @pcaman LOL
CozzieCan: Keep or get rid of heeney ?
Burnsy03: Macrae surely junk icon up to 82 sc
Breezey: How about flowerin English tonight. Pardon my French
Raspel31: Okay, apart from God who avtually has the Bont .Fess up. Wrapped if I did.
LuvIt74: bloody hell Macrae should ton up after all
TheLegend6: I got Bont
jfitty: Big junk Macrae
PowerBug: Bont owner here
mattmac24: Had Bont from the start, wanted to move away from the pack that started with Dunkley and Macrae
Apachecats: I got Bont rasp ,but no c or vc on him.
Burnsy03: kept him in raps and dumped houston instead, enjoying the return tonight 🙂
pcaman2003: Keep going McInerney. Get to 80+
frenzy: lol Rasp, very dry
BigChief: I only have Bont in draft league.
tolerant16: Atlas for papley
DrSeuss: Mcinerney stopped at half time PCA – much like LLoyd
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Just needs a last gasp
Smac34: Becoming a big fan of west
Raspel31: Lol Frenzy
Ash777: Thanks for repaying the faith English
jfitty: Any player that can score 150 from 18 touches is worth owning. Even after a few quiet games.
The39Steps: English suggests u need only one ruck this year.
BigChief: Bont 3 votes, English 2, Papley 1?
DrSeuss: @pca – yes – him, Lloyd and Naismith
JRedden: English is a jet
CozzieCan: Can we just take a look at English , such an improving player
beerent11: Slow second half for smith 55 at half time
Raspel31: Except jfitty- the world is not built on one game alone/
pcaman2003: Bye Macrae. Welcome Mr Fyfe. Very disappointing
DrSeuss: English was getting outrucked by Naismith – but has killed Sinclair when Naismith was off
frenzy: Bont had a quiet second half, Lol
Haydo: Wouldn’t advise getting rid of premos, i traded bont to Neale last week and it hasn’t worked out so well
CozzieCan: @frenzy still a 60 point half .. not bad given shorter quarters
BigChief: Only thing Naismith was beating English at was hitouts.
beerent11: You won’t regret that over a season haydo.
frenzy: for 3 possies cozzie
Pokerface: shorter quarters make no difference to sc

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