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Chat log from R3 of 2020: Brisbane vs West Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs West Coast, R3 of 2020

Kidult: eek been raining all day. DO I C Neale now hmmm…..
frenzy: who else you got
Kidult: Rowell haha
Kidult: but I WIll C him he probably get 15 tackles tonight
circle52: Ground looks great. First game at gabba. No rain this afternoon
amigaman: Macrae VC looking good after Grundy
frenzy: capt option after just 2 games, lol
Kidult: I benched Brander in the wet being tall might not help him
Kidult: Hodge said the grass was really wet
circle52: Can not tell from our high position. Will know in a few minutes. Usually dewy at night anyway
nbartos: will WC fire up tonight?
Kidult: o ur at the game cool
Apachecats: Are you one of the cut outs Circle.
Ash777: glad to hear real crowds again
Ash777: I mean boos
Breezey: This is looking like it’s going to be a tight, low scoring contested game.
Kidult: wasnt much in that tackle Soft
Jackwatt$: Anyone know when the Demons game will be played? A certain 4 points stolen from my boys
circle52: Nah actually at the game and was on the first crowd shot
Apachecats: T.Kelly missing those Cats midfielders around him.
Apachecats: Cheers circle ,give us a wave next time.
exatekk: You’re at the game and on FF???
Kidult: Smith has some trunks on him
Breezey: Archie Smith is the son of champion Brisbane Bullets player Andre Moore
Kidult: cmon Starc I fielded you!
Breezey: @Kidult. Me too
DrSeuss: Starc on field for most I reckon – need to cancel this round in all things Fantasy lol
DrSeuss: What was that penalty for? Both holding each other. West Coast bring their home Umps?
circle52: Gee these ruck frees are lottery
Kidult: Naitanui score is a joke 3 clangers and 33 efficieny
beerent11: C lachie doing the job again … pig
Kidult: he couldnt even get on the ground for alot of the qtr
Breezey: Better late then never Starcevich
Kidult: woo go STarc
circle52: There you are Starc on que
DrSeuss: 1 possession – 1 goal
pcaman2003: Not watching,but Starcevich a mark but no disposal?
beerent11: He’s all hbg’s and cp’s kidult
beerent11: Suitcase finally showing up on the carousel
StuL: Viney was my stepping stone to neale. That’s going to be screwed
Kidult: @pca he marked b4 the siren so had the shot post siren
Kidult: btw they put up the news for supercoach
Kidult: best 18 this round
Kidult: in the fanfooty live feed to the right
MrWalrus: I feel like CD really overrate Neales impact sometimes gets + 6 for UC HP to oppo
Kidult: goodbye Whitfields 7
Ash777: well that’s going to screw a few ppl now
Yelse: so what happens when melb play later in the year?
Yelse: is bench included kidult?
Kidult: am i allowed to post the link in here?
beerent11: 2 rucks at the top for a change ( sarcasm)
circle52: That was a mark if you pay that to eagles in 1st qtr.
MrWalrus: Or at least emergencies
Kidult: any demons/bombers players can be traded out b4 the commencment on the last game tomorrow
Baldfrog: Lovin Nit Nat
MrWalrus: Free trades?
Snarfy: Go Brander you good thing!
Kidult: brings people with Gawn back to the pack and advantage Goldy owners
MrWalrus: Otherwise that will be useless to most
beerent11: * French rookie ruck
Yelse: that is actually making SC unfair by randomly choosing top 18
Ash777: what a mess. Should of waited to see if the game will be played later in the week.
Kidult: asking around if the emergencies take part at all in the best 18.
Yelse: game isn’t getting played later in week @ash
MrWalrus: Or just all bench players kidult, I feel like that would be close to fair
Kidult: I actually fielded all my Demons but got cover just no more cover if anyone else is out.
Yelse: nothing is fair when you have Gawn oliver viney bennel and rivers on your team
beerent11: Best way to go I think kidult
Kidult: We hope the pay off will be already having these players in your team will give you an edge when they play a double in a
danarse: test
Kidult: that was part of the article
pcaman2003: Where is Captain Neale?
beerent11: Won’t be last time either
Breezey: Who would’ve thought Starcevich would be past Neale by Halftime
Kidult: a few rounds’ time.
DrSeuss: Starcevich massive 2nd qtr
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Except he’s not past him yet.
V@lks: Fuming..have 7 ess/melb players, whitfield, Gawn capt. Should;ve been averages
circle52: Ground conditions definitely effecting handling.
Kidult: Weird feeling i have Neale C, Starc + Gaff but then I have Hurn haha
MrWalrus: Yep, I go from making serious ground to getting spuds for studs and possibly eating doughnuts
amigaman: Sorry been off air. What is happening with SC?
MrWalrus: Also, if you haven’t looked go check the other game….
amigaman: OK. Only have Viney & D.Smith so should be good
Ash777: should of been projected scores
Ash777: Got ridley, piggy and rivers.
amigaman: Oppo has 6, so basically a walkover
MrWalrus: Do you get non emergency bench players?
Ash777: someone forgot to change the time on the gc crows game lol
Ash777: wait nvm I misread.
Kidult: yeh both games tomorrow are a few hrs later than b4
mattmac24: Don’t think so MrWalrus, it’s just like a Bye round, only on field players and emergencies
Breezey: How is that a dangerous tackle.
arbel: Wow softest free ever. Just a tackle. No sling and didn’t get into his back!!!! Well done umps
arbel: Yep good to see umps controlling the game again.
circle52: Similar to Andrews in first half
beerent11: Have sc said what they are going to do yet?
beerent11: Llllllllaaaaacccchhhiiieee
MrWalrus: OK, deep breath, aaand letting it go, what happens happens, like your C going down in the first minute
Lawls: Top 18 scorers
Kidult: Hmm interesting to see what happens i benched Brander and fielded Rivers.
Kidult: best 18 @beerent
CamT: Should be top 18 out or your 30 players.
beerent11: Thanx lawls and kidult
Kidult: wow Hurn rocketed up
beerent11: Seems fair like a bye round
mattmac24: It’s only one team missing out, even if you can’t plan for it, you shouldn’t have that many from just two teams.
V@lks: Not fair beerent. Cripples teams with several ess/melb players e.g. me with 7
CamT: In the bye rounds you have non-starters on the bench.
Kidult: This mare of a round has gone in my favour hugely after Thursday/Friday carnage. Hopefully Sloane plays to put
beerent11: Captain lachlan doing the job yet again
Breezey: Ton for a Neale. Sneaky
CamT: In Bye rounds you put non-starters on the bench.
beerent11: Life v@lks
Kidult: the cherry on top
V@lks: Not really, shouldve awarded averages beerent
pcaman2003: @Beerent. He’s like the new Rolls Royce of SC now.
beerent11: We’re all in same catamaran
arbel: #freekick Brisbane. This a joke. It’s 8 free to 1 on the quarter.
mattmac24: And when this happens then you’d be sure to be using all of your emergencies and to have playing players on your bench.
DrSeuss: It’s not really fair if they take best 18 – imagine if you had Viney, Bennell, Gawn, Tracca, Rivers, DSmith and Zerrett
beerent11: Truer words never been spoken pcaman. Used to be in the Fyfe shadow.
pcaman2003: C’mon Starcevitch. Gone backwards this qtr you chump.Get moving!
Breezey: I have exactly zero of those DrSeuss
Kidult: @pca he had no points till 3 seconds before qtr time mark then goal post siren haha
thommoae: Have that many from one team in your onfielders, Dr S., and that’s the risk you take isn’t it?
thiccgucci: Thats exactly who I have @DrSeuss minus zerrett add clarry
CamT: The 18 player rule came out an hour ago. No time to sort things out.
DrSeuss: That’s rough Gucci – I don’t have them in my team – but that would be a strong team and quite possible for some
CamT: DrS was supposed to know someone would be positive Covid19-19 and know what the rule change would be ?
V@lks: no thommoae. Not uncommon to have 3-4 across all four positions early in a season
Breezey: How was Rayner ever picked before McCluggage in that same draft
circle52: Interesting they have just said that when dees and bombers play they will score double points for thst round
DrSeuss: Best 18 would help me tbh – but not fair for a bunch of people
Breezey: Never have too many from one team after a Pandemic. It’s my Golden Rule.
mattmac24: Plenty of time to sort things. You need at least 4-5 playing bench players this early in the season anyway.
thiccgucci: @circle they said that best18 was to prevent exploiting averages… but cant ppl trade in thse players for the 2x points
MrWalrus: @thommoae, That’s just a ridiculous thing to say
Kidult: Mcinerney might be a cheap r2 next year if Martin retires
Kidult: and he still probably will be Ruc/fwd
V@lks: gucci, that is silly logic. Burn trades for dbl pts in one week. Players could get inj/stink it up for the season rmndr
MrWalrus: What? Double points? So quadruple Gawn? That is absolutely stupid
V@lks: Also, greene, martin, zorko, kelly were already outs. Whitfield. Teams are gonna be f’d
V@lks: Cunnington too
thiccgucci: v@lks trading in someone who will get dble points and risking injury is worth it
Kidult: Funny Hurn may get replaced by Brander in best 18.
CamT: McInerney would be in plenty of teams also.
Kidult: Kelly out so I grabbed Neale and Captained him and had Whitfield on field now he won’t be in my 18.
Kidult: Funny thing is if they go ahead with the 2x point round someone like Gawn may only play 1 of those games if they back up
Ash777: I put the E on mcinerney. who I dont have the e on.. T. Brown 🙁
Kidult: on short breaks
V@lks: gucci. Disagree massively. Would be a tiny minority that would/could do that. Viney or Gawn for 135 x 2
MrWalrus: One day something will go right for me in Fantasy Footy, not today, soooooo not today, but one day.
Kidult: go look at the SC scores in the other game
Yelse: the ost common and sensible thing would have been an average of melb and bombers players
MrWalrus: Sorry v@lks but double gawn for upgrade you’d have done anyway then add the C potentially for quadruple points
jbjimmyjb: I agree Yelse, this best 18 thing has just ruined owners of 6+ melb/ess players
CamT: That’s the only. thing that makes sense now, Yelse.
Breezey: These short qtrs shower me to tears
Kidult: yeh they didn’t do that because of the rookies with high avg
V@lks: Walrus, not following how you quadruple points?
MrWalrus: Totally worth it
thiccgucci: thoughts on bringing in gaff for jelly next week
jbjimmyjb: Neale should win the brownlow this year, gone to another level
Kidult: SC @ heraldsun said they would have the Demons+Dons 2x points for the game they make up for 2 games in 1 round.
Ash777: It’s going to be a long time for eagles fans until the team moves out of qld lol
beerent11: Anyone stick with suitcase? I traded him out after round one
Kidult: and people could bring in Gawn + Viney and C this round just to get that avg score if they went that way.
thiccgucci: easy solution is to lock the melb/essendon players @kidult
Baldfrog: Who is suitcase beer?
thiccgucci: i think the best thing to do is to move on.. many ppl shafted but it is what it is
jbjimmyjb: Only current owners of Ess/Melb players should get the extra points from the double round
beerent11: Do it if you like consistency thiccgucci
Kidult: I say advantage to those who have Grundy+Goldy at this stage to the season
thiccgucci: meanwhile, starcevich gone backwards this half
beerent11: I’ll give you a minute baldfrog
jbjimmyjb: Have the SC scores frozen?
AuroraBore: That would be mccluggage Baldfrog
CamT: The Whitfield owners want best 18 and are trying to justify it.
beerent11: Agree thicc
AuroraBore: And yes i did stick with him actually, hopefully he pays off in the long run
Kidult: @jimmy yeh logical but if its short turnaround they may only play 1 of those games or none of them.
Baldfrog: McClugg yeah I still have him
pcaman2003: Starcevitch 3 points since half time. Pathetic
MrWalrus: Well if they are doing double points for meb/essentially players then you chuck the C on wouldn’t you get quadruple?
beerent11: hipster reference
Baldfrog: I’m flyin this w/e if I lose because of BS changeswont be happy Jan5
Kidult: I actually like the idea of avg score -20%
Kidult: would make Gawn 138 to like 111 and a rookie with 59 to 47
Dogs5416: Top 18 scores,. Just a usual bye week
CamT: I reckon just play the Melb/Ess game regardless.
CamT: It should never have been called off.
beerent11: Can someone correct my memory? Was gaff the trade pick in the Judd to Carlton trade?
Kidult: Sc did freeze
Stu7: Neale you good thing
Baldfrog: Thought it w ass Kennedy Beer
Phasir: @Beer, nah, that was Chris Masten
Stu7: Go Neale you good thang
beerent11: Think it was Kennedy plus picks baldfrog
Breezey: Oscar DT compared to SC. Crikey
Dead_Ned: Neale captain, can never go wrong
spdysaint: went off for a second, neale suddenly on 150
beerent11: Might be right phasir
Kidult: they got pick 3 + 20 + kennedy for JUdd + pick 46
beerent11: If gaff was on the east coast= superstar
Kidult: they picked masten with that pick
Kidult: tony notte was pick 20
Phasir: Can someone try to compare McInerney’s SC to Nic Nat?
beerent11: Thanks kidult
pcaman2003: Thank you C Neale. Great game yet again.
beerent11: Tony who?
Kidult: wat a beautiful day Neale C, Gaff, Brander, Hurn + Starc
CamT: CD have doubled the ruckmen’s scores this year.
beerent11: Nicnat does this about every 3 years
Baldfrog: No Cripps and Doc Kidult?
beerent11: If you don’t have Neale this year you’re not winning
beerent11: Eagles can’t get back to Optus quick enough
spdysaint: @beerent11 agreed, a league above the rest
exatekk: C Neale!
Kidult: didnt check other game yet but i got Doch
MrWalrus: SC scoring is so subjective, rucks, neale, bont
exatekk: SC will go back to 2 ruck bench spots before long..

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