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Chat log from R3 of 2020: Collingwood vs St Kilda

Chat log for Collingwood vs St Kilda, R3 of 2020

Baldfrog: Collywobbles by 40+
pcaman2003: Impact on SC will be interesting now. Will affect my strategy. So flowered
Pies20: Hope so @baldy
BigChief: @baldfrog not on last weeks performance.
Baldfrog: At Marvel would be close not here Chief but happy to be wrong
Baldfrog: SC will be flowered as this won’t be the last case confirmed
pcaman2003: To happen in the middle of the round unfortunate
cmperrfect: Afternoon all
Baldfrog: Anyone know how long the club is in lockdown?
Pies20: Got Grundy c in rdt big game please
frenzy: Lol got 6 ess and dee players onfield, now what?
AuroraBore: Up the pies
Baldfrog: Have Grundy VC
Baldfrog: Hmmm donuts frenzy
cmperrfect: Ridley, McGrath, Smith, Rivers for me. Sigh.
feralmong: had the C on Gawn. Switched with Neale.
frenzy: was flying to this point, Lol
Pies20: You’ll just have to wait and see @frenzy haha but it’s shower hey
Yelse: they have to not score this round till they play and add it then
feralmong: yeah would be good to know frenzy. if you bench them and they score well later in the week.
Ash777: uh oh howe forward tag
circle52: If Game does not count will have 2 donuts – Viney, Gawn, Smith and Rivers on field at the moment and can cover only 2.
Apachecats: Hardly worth watching now.Very disappointed.
circle52: Hope for some announcement though as was going Neale to Gawn,
Pies20: great start to my c choice haha
frenzy: season 2020, the shower sandwich
Kidult: Wonder if they would turn it into best 16 like a bye if no game goes ahead later.
GobChuck: Thankfully only 1 donut (gawn) if dees don’t go ahead later in the week. Would it be worth consider a ROB trade sideways
Kidult: Dreaming anyway to get rid of Whitfields putrid score haha
Pies20: If game doesn’t count that’s stupid gill grow a pair make the hard decision instead of postponing things
jbjimmyjb: There’s no way SC can just eliminate Melb v Ess from this round, I have 7 players in that game
Baldfrog: How will the game go ahead later in the week if they have to isolate for 14 days?
Apachecats: I’ll let them know jbjimmy.
StuL: If they all test negative i dont see why they have to isolate? Think of SC!
Pies20: It’s not just about fantasy it’s about the season
jbjimmyjb: Cheers Apache
Kidult: Stephenson 8/10 times is pies 1st goal scorer
Baldfrog: Stul I have no idea what happens more confused than anything how this will work
Pies20: agree @stul not about supercoach though
feralmong: and the vibe, Pies20
Ooost: Season will be postponed again
Grimes Jr: do i have to go grundy into neale now rather than gawn?
Raspel31: Sadly think you on the money Ooost.
mattmac24: I don’t think they’ll postpone the season, if Essendon can’t play, they’ll have a team get a bye each round
StuL: I know. I was being silly
Pies20: Yeah @fermalong
feralmong: Should rename this season to the Escort Cup.
Kidult: I didn’t really wanna VC Grundy coming up against 2 decent rucks and his injury week
jbjimmyjb: I’m doing Neale into Rowell lol
arbel: They either scrap the game or the round from fantasy. Cos when it goes ahead theyll have to make changes to team
cmperrfect: Plenty of VC loopholes to chose from now
Ooost: Surely the season will be ended.
Baldfrog: Yep feral no grand final this year will be compromised anyway
Kidult: @jimmy funny enough that was my second option
arbel: Then if someone comes in ie BZT and people looked him could cause issues. So reckon they ‘ll scrap the week
Pies20: Same @stul I don’t play supercoach
Raspel31: Early days and heading out- but Grunty to O’Neale for me. Don’t think he’s tested positive.
teckert: they will give average scores for the game like they did with postponed Ade v Geel game when Walsh was murdered
BigChief: Pull ya finger out Jack Steele.
softwhitee: knew this would happen trading howe in this week, still to juicy to miss out on
frenzy: did mckenna play last week
Yelse: Grundy shower might need to go fyfe
feralmong: Grundy going great.
jbjimmyjb: I’m a fan of that average score idea teckert, a nice 136 from Viney
DrSeuss: What is Howe doing? What role is he playing?
jbjimmyjb: Apparently Howe is being tagged
BigChief: @Frenzy not at AFL level. Might have played scratch match though.
Raspel31: Trouble is- Saints putting no forward pressure on so Howe in the Bahamas.
FishStick: I imagine no Magden means Howes role changes also
Kidult: Read somewhere that they played 18 that round like a bye round that cats vs crows game
teachrtony: @teckert, I don’t remember, think I was too shocked. That mean a guaranteed 2×138 from Gawn if Captained?
frenzy: thanks Chief
Yelse: how getting a fwd tag by marsh
PowerBug: AFL Fantasy gave average scores. SuperCoach went best 18, from that PWalsh scenario
DrSeuss: Great – Brought in Howe and Adams this week. Decent returns would be nice – freaking tags ugh
Kidult: Don’t think they would allow you to just abuse the C like that on Gawn or Viney for instance
Grimes Jr: butler is the pick up of the season
StuL: This week stinks for sc scores. Lets scrap it.
Baldfrog: Best 18 seems fairer
Pies20: Is the feeling like before rona hit that this could be it or maybe more confusing now?
teachrtony: I am Grundy to Neale atm (SC) but have ops with Gawn C, so don’t want to risk if I don’t have to.
exatekk: The wont give a C score on Gawn. If you C Gawn, you will get VC score
Pies20: Go pies!!
frenzy: blues next week and pies in two weeks, wot happens?
teachrtony: Thanks Exatekk.
Raspel31: No one knows yet Frenzy, alas, But, in the present, Grunty to Neale an obvious choice.
Yelse: hannas needs to get rid of the dirty moe
DrSeuss: Come on Adams – get involved
MrWalrus: I hope this round doesn’t get messed with, 2200 projected, looks huge given the carnage
benzammit: Best 18 won’t happen, I have 7 out due to that match.
nbartos: is Mayne injured? 1 HB what the?
CamT: 2200 could go close to winning this week, Mr Walrus
MrWalrus: Fingers crossed all test negative, have Tuesday or Wednesday game
benzammit: Ridley,McGrath,Smith,Gawn,Ollie,Riv,Bennell
StuL: What’s with the saints and the reverse mullets?
Apachecats: If he trained with them this morning as reported its going to take more than a day or two to get the all clear.
MrWalrus: I know cam, need it after first 2 weeks too
benzammit: Carnage if the 18 rule is played I’m 700th
Stu7: Come on Ryder you dudd!!!
teckert: actually have a feeling you will just get donuts…. as the game has been postponed not cancelled. Just unlucky if you h
benzammit: 80 odd for Grundy this qtr?
DrSeuss: Whitfield, Mcinerney, now Adams as my Captain….FFS
arbel: Yeah doubt they could play in a few days when he’s had contact with people. Would honestly be quite reckless to do that
Stu7: benzammit – I dont think so – but wuld be awesome if he did!!
Struda: they wont do donuts, they either go best 18 or some kind of average
DrSeuss: Is Adams ok? Or done?
Ceema: Not watching what happened to adams?
teckert: they cant go average as the game is still to be played
arbel: Just winded … just got the goal
Baldfrog: All aboard the Grundy train
MrWalrus: Just kicked a goal
Apachecats: Grundles building nicely.
DrSeuss: Thanks Arbel
Ceema: Cheers, swapped him for macrae so better score well
BigChief: Why is Marshall playing 2nd fiddle to Ryder? He is a much better ruckman. SMH
Raspel31: He is indeed Apache- but heading out sp punting on Neale.
Baldfrog: Why would you get rid of McRae.?
feralmong: happy with Daicos as a mid pricer
thiccgucci: keep going please grundy!!
Baldfrog: That background crowd noise sounds like rain
jbjimmyjb: Noble 4 points for the quarter lift
DrSeuss: Forward tag still on Howe? Doesn’t seem to be helping the Saints
Raspel31: Ps- Grundies is not the plural of Grundy. Night chaps.
Stu7: Anyone know what Ryder is doing apart from nothing?
jbjimmyjb: Seuss na they’ve dropped the tag, Howe is now the spare man
DrSeuss: Thanks JB, hopefully he builds from here then
thommoae: PPS Grundy’s building nicely
pcaman2003: Stu7. Must be palying cards with King who also does nothing
Kidult: Cox back for Cameron likely at this rate
jbjimmyjb: CD with the generous 23 points to King for solely kicking a goal
Kidult: o Wow just looked at T brown Wowee
Juzzo: Took your advice Kid and got Pitto and Sturt instead of Cameron, winning so far!
LuvIt74: what happens now with essendon game being canceled
Kidult: hopefully all works out in ur favour then haha
Kidult: Still think Brown will go out for Treloar even with a good performance
frenzy: cameron needs to extract the digit also
Stu7: pcaman2003 – ha ha true 🙂
pcaman2003: @Stu7. King needs a rest. He’s had 2 touches so must be exhausted.
Pies20: If a bombers player fully flowers the season thanks hmm
DrSeuss: Got Howe and Adams in this week just in time for them both to take the night off
Pies20: I wouldn’t worry about the plurals if that happens @raspel
thiccgucci: 12 point qtr for grundy
MrWalrus: Ok, this game is really killing my weekend, bring on best 18!
DrSeuss: 4 point qtr for Adams
Pies20: I’m out hopefully speaking to you all tomorrow or next week flower knows!!
Pies20: Go pies!!
pcaman2003: @MrWalrus.. I wish!
The39Steps: Bucket load of SC points still up for grabs.
Pies20: Go Grundy!! Later
pcaman2003: Looks like King and Schultz will be my early trade outs
thiccgucci: distribute those points between grundy and howe and call it a game
Yelse: grundy got stooged
beerent11: Would have been disappointed by howes score 1st 2 rounds. But now everyone’s got him doesn’t matter
Kidult: pumped with T Brown but think everyone would have him on field
Kidult: Zorko out as Ellis -Yolman in
Breezey: SC ton for Crispy
frenzy: nice Tyler
Yelse: very low SC scores
teachrtony: @Kidult, where do you get your eearly info?
pcaman2003: King 3 pts for contested mark and HB. hope that gets adjusted. Need every point
beerent11: 330 scaling points
frenzy: direct line to m0nty teachrtony
MrWalrus: Well done Adams, thought he was done early
Kidult: you can check the site or clubs twitter feeds

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