Chat log from R3 of 2020: North Melbourne vs Sydney

frenzy: Cunners could be costly
MrWalrus: Be a few with mcinerney too
frenzy: yep, me
jbjimmyjb: if sydney get smashed today, which is looking likely early, mcinerney should get back in next week
CozzieCan: If heeney doesn’t ton today , rage trade coming .
Raspel31: After losing Dusty And Whitfield- and now Heeney has the tag. FFS
FLAG: heeney will ton, kyron who?
Burnsy03: How many weeks of supercoach is there again this year?
MrWalrus: First season for the last 6-7 I haven’t started with Goldy…..
yablettt: i cannot stand ben browns run up
jfitty: Take that forward pocket icon off Simpkin, he’s a kid now
MrWalrus: Looks like we are getting freakish Heeny today
jfitty: He’s a mid ** damn phone
jbjimmyjb: That was a classic ruckman kick at goal from goldy
MrWalrus: Yet somehow his SC score still went up
Raspel31: So far only young Pittonet looks able to stand against the big 3.
heppelitis: blink and you miss these quarters
MrWalrus: Naismith maybe if he can stop breaking down
Radzi3216: it’s annoying, why are the qtrs shorter if there’s less rounds, bring back the normal qtr lengths
thiccgucci: need a 60 from curtis taylor please 🙁
Kidult: It is unfair to change QTR lengths during season as results may have been different
Raspel31: Half time already? That quarter lasted 5 seconds?.
BigChief: It’s annoying that people complain about shorter quarters. They are not got to change it, so why complain?
MrWalrus: That was absolutely a mark
circle52: Agree Big Chief the AFL had to make a decision on the season allowing for contingincies and shorter quarters was one in
Radzi3216: because if people enough they usually change things in the afl haha
Radzi3216: complain*
BigChief: Don’t get me wrong I don’t like it either, but complaining would do anything.
heppelitis: Heard from someone high up in te AFL head office they are not expecting this season to finish.
Raspel31: Yep circle- that concession allowed games to happen.
jbjimmyjb: Lift Curtis
MrWalrus: But short quarters was a bad call, penalises the fitter teams, makes defending low scores viable.
MrWalrus: Agree no point complaining though
cmperrfect: Whitfield to Simpkin?
blonde0na: shorter quarters allows for longer breaks which means more ad money 🙂
Grimes Jr: no other codes have shorter quarters of halves. its pathetic
BigChief: @blonde great point.
circle52: Not sure how true but just got a tweet that todays Covid numbers for Vic not looking good.
circle52: Urgent discussions under way.
MrWalrus: Maybe vic teams should go to a hub
Raspel31: Agree Grimes. But those were the conditions set. Que sera, sera.
jbjimmyjb: 3/4 of the new daily covid cases are returning travellers, hardly anything to worry about
BigChief: @circle I think 90 odd % of those are international travellers
circle52: So basically shorter quarters were introduced in case of having to play numerous games to catch up unlike other codes.
BOMBRBLITZ: come on Curtis get a touch you spud
MrWalrus: It is AFL after all not VFL as much as people sometimes forget that
bones351: Have some visitors around and the distraction means I didn’t see McInerny is a late out dammit.
Grimes Jr: victoria community transmissions have increased
heppelitis: Should have wiped round 1 then and started the season in June at full length qtrs
circle52: hopefully bigchief.
Raspel31: Mr Heeney, the football is a leather bound bouncy thing. Make it your friend.
Grimes Jr: taylor, touch the pill?
jbjimmyjb: He touched it and then didnt get rid of it
Radzi3216: big shove in the back and gets holding the ball against flower curtis taylor haha
Raspel31: Sinclair beginning to get on top of Goldy.
MrWalrus: Two shocking reviews
Kidult: Rookies are shot next week, think we gonna struggle to get full premo
StuL: Heeney has turned back into a pumpkin
StuL: Simpkin seems to be real.He’s come from nowhere
jbjimmyjb: Yeah cash gen this season is a big worry, Pickett might lose his spot soon too
CozzieCan: Heeney 2nd quarter started mate . Fruit tingles
BigChief: That’s a BS free to Zurhaar. He was holding Mills.
heppelitis: Ruckman are going to break all the SC records this year. With 3300 still up for offer they have a lot of involvement.
duckky: HAs Taylor arrived at the ground yet?
StuL: Youll only be full premo by gf day this year. If that
CozzieCan: Heeney -4 this quarter .. what a spud @mOnty
BigChief: @duckky he went to Arden Street.
duckky: Feeding the Elephant is he Chief?
jbjimmyjb: At least Taylor’s BE is -59, so he’ll still go up by 20k, but then he’s gonna get dropped
duckky: Simpkin looks good this year, but Im worried about breathalysers
Sunharp: Just tuned in, sorry if its a stupid question. How come no Cunnington?
heppelitis: vic 25 cases…1 international
Ooost: Lloyd 😀
BigChief: I think Thomas and Taylor ARE the elephant food.
MrWalrus: Going to be a big range of scores this week with all the carnage.
Kidult: Can see No Pickett, McInerney, brown happening next week
Kidult: Cunners out With back
BigChief: Imaging having Thomas, Taylor and Whitfield in your team? Oh wait I do 🙁
MrWalrus: Taylor could still get to respectability
hinsch: lucky I got rid of J Dawson this week has not scored 70 total this season
frenzy: Lol hinsch
hinsch: kept Houston PA he had better get 150+
mattmac24: Was there a reason for the McInerney late change?
Kidult: Think they just wanted to have Mclean + Sinclair to play Goldy
Sandi2Pav: I’d say McInerney out to give swans another tall to compete against goldy
Sandi2Pav: Essentially dropped which is a worry
mattmac24: How long is Naismith out for?
Kidult: was just short on prep into training this week so probable for next
MrWalrus: Heeny goes +50 in 3 touches even with the missed goal
Kidult: 0-3 in tips incoming lol
Ooost: Heeny score surely a mistake ?
StuL: Heeney on the banned list regardless.
heppelitis: pickett to simpkin this week for me.
MrWalrus: He’s scoring like a ruckman
StuL: Tracca better not spud it up. He could have been Simpkin
Kidult: Simpkin + Steven are my targets
StuL: Pittard and Libba both need tattoo advisors
The39Steps: McCartin and Tarrant together are like dancing draught horses.
DrSeuss: Lloyd taking the 3rd quarter off? Has he touched it this qtr?
MrWalrus: Is there a more bruise free player in the comp than seagull lloyd?
Kidult: at this rate Sincliar will be dropped for Naismith and they will keep Mclean as the fwd/ruck
Baldfrog: Glad I got rid of Dusty for Simpkin
Kidult: just a heads up Hogan is out for freo
Kidult: sorry he will play hill is out
circle52: Gill McLachlan press conference at 4 Rumours Connor McKenna tested positive for Covid
Baldfrog: Hall can do some good things but not often enough
Baldfrog: Didn’t he do 14 days quarantine tho circle when he came back?
Kidult: Simpkin is now approx +34k and counting
MrWalrus: Went RozeeWent over simpkin for dusty for BE, not feeling good about it
Yelse: Looks like eseedon game might be off
CozzieCan: Where is OhSoRozee
Baldfrog: Kidult now Cozzie
arbel: @circle if correct they’ll probably shut the league down. Said they would if a positive result came in
Kidult: ME haha it got annoying to type in with case sensitivity
CozzieCan: Ah cheers baldfrog, what about GOD ? Haven’t seen him in abit
circle52: Wait and see what eventuates at the press conference. Hope not immediate though given I have tickets for tonights game.
Kidult: interesting one if Mckenna was on last weeks flight coz they flew with North Melbourne to Sydney
circle52: at the Gabba.
Baldfrog: Inevitable when Vic keeps getting more cases. Vic clubs should’ve went into hubs
Raspel31: Damn. Which Essendon player oroved positive?. Bound to happen I guess.
arbel: If true they’ll play out through but cancel Essendon game I reckon
StuL: Let the bombers forfeit. We play
Baldfrog: How many allowed at the gabba tonight Circle
circle52: Not sure whether he self quarantined or went into forced Baldfrog but he trained with bombers so that is the issue now.
Raspel31: Ah, McKenna?
circle52: So the net will go wide if he was classed as infectious last week when Bombers played Swans
Baldfrog: Rumours say so Raspel
circle52: Only 2000 was lucky to get tickets in the ballot.
Baldfrog: Yes it will Circle
Ash777: poor mccartin’s are cursed
GobChuck: McKenna wasn’t on the flight to sydney last week or else this game would’vebeen stopped on the spot.
Baldfrog: Bummer m8 hope it goes ahead
Kidult: they may postpone all tomorrows games and test everyone from those clubs and play them mid week if all clear
Kidult: and postpone next weekend a week
Raspel31: Well, we all do Baldfrog or season kaput.
MrWalrus: Don’t want to sound cold but what happens to fantasy footy? Finally having a decent week, especially in SC
ajconodie: Kidult – They will need to hold off at least 14 days before making the call.
TheLegend6: @MrWalrus Have fun with it this year and come back fresh next year haha
Raspel31: Well MrWalrus- hard to have fantasy football if games are cancelled.
Raspel31: Inmed cases and season went ahead. Hmmm? the EPL Brighton had confir
Pies20: What a shamble and the Vic premier rags on SA maybe the hubs should have been wa SA and qld?
MrWalrus: Well yes, more wondering what a split round might look like
MrWalrus: Also I think some people owe mr heeny an apology
Baldfrog: Pies20 Andrews was only deflecting as he has bigger problems
Jolles: Typical arrogant Victorian.
Kidult: leggo JPK 140+ pls and rocket up Taylor
circle52: Ban Essendon – reports are McKenna trained yesterday whilst waiting for results of Covid test, Blatant disregard.
BigChief: Cmon Papley, I want more.
Baldfrog: That’s ridiculous if true Circle
circle52: Presser being delayed till conclusion of game.
Apachecats: As per last year don’t rely on the site to report on late changes
Pies20: How @baldfrog he ragged on us for not opening the border to everyone why would we when they still got cases?
BigChief: If that is the case @circle Essendon have to forfeit. Now way they should be allowed to play.
Raspel31: Circle- don’t jump on the anti Essendon bandwagon, Wait till we know more. Either way, not looking good.
MrWalrus: What? The bombers flaunting the rules…. well I never
ajconodie: Is Jy Simpkin the real deal or jsut having a purple patch?
Ash777: dons will probably fined if the player trained with the group while waiting results.
Kidult: it is confirmed MCkenna on afl site
Pies20: Not getting into that topic on this site see what happens i guess
StuL: He’s real i think. Aj
Baldfrog: I agree and our only case atm is a vic visitor but he was being hounded about branch stacking
MrWalrus: Jy is real deal, full time mid now
Jolles: Did Vic clubs have an option to go into hubs interstate?
Kidult: every player tests 24 hrs b4 a game so no issue
BigChief: @aj since he has moved to mids he is growing for sure.
ajconodie: Hmmmm. very tempted but awkward price if he ends up stinking it.
Baldfrog: Simpkin on footywire shows every year improvement
ajconodie: His CP are excellent.
Ash777: Jy is a natural mid
TheLegend6: Simpkin going huge
Hadouken: afl site confirms mckenna just now
Kidult: 140 makes Simpkin jump approx 41k around that 465k mark
Apachecats: Nothing on the news about Covid and AFL ,was that just a rumour about Essendon.
Raspel31: He may have it Kidult- what counts is how it was dealt with EPL went ahead after 3 Brighton players tested positive.
ajconodie: Kidult If he is going to sore consistently he pays for himself. Assuming we still have a competition.
ajconodie: What news are you watching? Gil presser in one minute.
BigChief: Ess v Melb postponed.
arbel: @apache it’s on both news and AFL he has
pcaman2003: Melb Ess game postponed.
pcaman2003: McKenna tested positive to Covid
circle52: Beat me to it pcaman Just got the tweet
circle52: All other games going ahead
casey22: What impact on Dt/SC etc
CozzieCan: SuperCoach should round of average for players between Melbourne & Essedon
mattmac24: I would say this SC round wont count towards anything unless Melbourne/Essendon goes ahead mid week
danarse: They will probably make it top 18 or 20 players’ scores.
circle52: Game only postponed so results will be held over imo. till the play
StuL: Surely bombers players van be tested and the game goes ahead if they are clear?

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