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Chat log from R3 of 2020: Geelong vs Carlton

Chat log for Geelong vs Carlton, R3 of 2020

frenzy: Danger 155 BE, juicy
Kidult: yup hopefully Curnow goes to him to make him cheap before a nice few games.
Snarfy: The Blues are out of the blocks for once!
StuL: This is terrible. Havent seen us play a quarter this bad at home for ever.
beerent11: Fuck danger
beerent11: Go watch the lions eagles much better game
pcaman2003: Maybe Clarko was right. Cats not that good.
Yelse: anyone know whats happening wth the SC this year
jbjimmyjb: Yelse they still havent decided, just keep checking their twitter
frenzy: danger has got going
jbjimmyjb: if danger can start hitting targets he’ll get 130+
pcaman2003: @Yelse. Anyones guess at this point. Probably still nutting it out
beerent11: Doc you champion
Breezey: Does anyone think the Blues can go on with this from here. Not me.
frenzy: second year blues for Walshie
beerent11: Anyone else pick up the French ruckman?
Sunharp: Carlton actually look like a decent team at the moment. Past experience tells me that’s going to change pretty quick
BigChief: It would be great if Carlton can win this. Almost upset of the season.
beerent11: Doc to be number 1 def this year I reckon
frenzy: yep beer and looking good atm
StuL: Clangerfield today
StuL: Any chance of anyone hitting a target?
Baldfrog: Wow just come on and shocked at the score
pcaman2003: Cats can’t stop the juggernaut Cripps
MrWalrus: C’mon captain Crippa!
pronga: Never seen the blues kick the ball so well
pronga: Cmon blue boys
pronga: No one has kicked a goal on welters all year
BigChief: @pronga best I have seen from them in a very long time.
pronga: Cmon captain crippa
beerent11: Crippppaaaaa
m0nty: what is even happening today
pronga: Agree big chief, nice to see from a die hard blue divk
BigChief: Today @m0nty/ How about all round? Every game been an upset so far.
Snarfy: I think I might be have had my tea spiked with some mushrooms!
Baldfrog: Lol Chief pies wasn’t upset
beerent11: Push and shove kindy level these days. From an old fart.
mattmac24: In case it has been missed. Supercoach will impose top 18 scores, like a normal bye round.
StuL: Steven looks cooked. At least he cost nothing
zoomba23: Wtf is going on lol
pcaman2003: From 56 to 79 in one go. Crippa unstoppable.
frenzy: bye bye whitfield shower
original: Surely Steven nearly had the mare icon?
cmperrfect: Butler cost nothing
teddyt: its been a crazy season with upsets it can only getting worse if adelaide some how beats gold coast
original: Or burger hehe
ajconodie: Need a knife icon for Steven
thiccgucci: hahaha thats brutal @aj
frenzy: some bench players already played without E, are they still counted
mattmac24: Don’t think so Frenzy, bench will still only be counted if they’re an emergency and you have non playing players
frenzy: best 15 it is then, yuck
mattmac24: I’m getting 18 but with whitfield and Cameron(pies) it’s basically 16. I’m hoping I’m wrong
frenzy: cats are no chance
penguins00: wow that’s extraordinary
MrWalrus: Do worry about fantasy footy gents, just enjoy whatever the hell is happening here, well except cats supporters.
mattmac24: I’m actually happy to see that Carlton are putting up such a great fight against us at home.
tolerant16: Esava muppet
pronga: Cmon pitto keep going
pcaman2003: The handbagger name might come back into vogue if they keep this up.
StuL: Usually you have to play a good game to make team. Ratu has never played a good game
Ash777: Rohan leading goal scorer for cats oh dear.
pcaman2003: @Ash777. Says it all pretty much.
Grazz: OMG didn’t expect this Blues 6 up
thiccgucci: Do i only notice casboult when he plays well? or has he been pretty good lately
frenzy: Pitto payday, yesssss
pcaman2003: Pittonet surprisingly good. Might swap him for Jacobs and take extra cash
pcaman2003: Pittonet surprisingly good. Might swap him for Jacobs and take extra cash
frenzy: And Naismith should be back next week
Ash777: It could just be that cats rucks are shockingly bad lol
cmperrfect: Pitto, Cripps, Doc. Go forth and go big.
Jackwatt$: Carlton look great here, maybe they should play all their ‘home’ games here.
teachrtony: I’ve worked it out. The AFL must’ve given the players permission to gamble this weekend.
teachrtony: To make up for lost earnings.
The39Steps: Plowman’s mistakes responsible for nearly
The39Steps: Plowman’s mistakes responsible for nearly half of the Cat’s score.
Ash777: blues better not lose this game.
frenzy: scores not updating
BigChief: Cats will win.
Dead_Ned: SC haven’t changed since 3QT?
Dead_Ned: there we go
MrWalrus: Oh dear, after the chaos we seem to be reverting back to reality
spdysaint: this year is for ruckman, all of them lookign good
The39Steps: Teague has lost this game. Didn’t defend a six goal lead.
spdysaint: carlton chocking!!!
Ash777: woah what happen there
frenzy: star my man Pitto
StuL: The skills are abysmal. If we could hit a target!
Ash777: Give eddy the star!
StuL: Abysmal skills. Made carlton look like guns
zoomba23: Eddie you legend
BOMBRBLITZ: Yes Pittonet nice onr bruvva
mattmac24: And people through Eddy would do nothing this season
frenzy: C worthy Pitto
jfitty: Pitt needs an icon, he was unreal. Cherries?
MrWalrus: Sorry, no way Pitt was as good as his SC score, was great but BOG?….
frenzy: big green $ will do

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