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Chat log from R2 of 2020: St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs, R2 of 2020

frenzy: need DBL ton from Maca, Lol not likely
V@lks: Cmon Bont, biggin plz
DrSeuss: Need Macrae at 68 or less to win. Not liking my chances
Ooost: JMac to outscore Bont please.
Gotigres: That’s the way King
StuL: King will still end the game with 30 something
frenzy: Bont must of winked at CD
Ooost: I hope so StuL
StuL: Go doggies! Macca!
StuL: I dont Oost.
Crippa9: close match
Ooost: He’s losing points as we speak!
scrappers: yep bonts handball was just as good as kings goal;
frenzy: Ling Jon the only hit out for dogs
nbartos: LOL Frenzy
Kidult: bloody inaccurate dogs once again
pcaman2003: C’mon Macrae.Need 150+ from you minimum.
The39Steps: Ryder and Gresham both wearing number 4?
scrappers: bont did 5 farts in the direction of st kilda players! bonus points!!!!
LuvIt74: Only had 21 players coz I had to make my changes early as I was out and only got 21 players currently on 2160 with 2
LuvIt74: Whats the average score this week ?
Dead_Ned: i need king to get 247 sc to win my h2h. easy win
LuvIt74: @DeadNed your name says it all for this round mate…
LuvIt74: I got King & Gardner playing in this
LuvIt74: bloody hell doggies pull ya heads in
pcaman2003: I have Mcrae and opponent has Bont. I have no hope with CD in the mix
MrWalrus: Hi all
MrWalrus: Hannebery looking like the player he used to be
pcaman2003: Please tell me Bonts score is a gag. Just got 4pts for a fumble
mattmac24: Bont with a lot of contested ball, hope he keeps it up
Grimes Jr: lift macrae
StuL: Dogs have to be better than this. Saints arent good.
pcaman2003: Is Steele tagging Macca cos he’s gone very quiet?
Grimes Jr: macrae is just coming off the wing and getting none of it
Raspel31: Rather a weekend of upsets what say?
shaker: Saints looking good Ratten might be the man they needed
Dead_Ned: steele on bont in centre bounce, but getting alot of the ball himself
frenzy: the Bevo magnets will be zingin half time
Kidult: its a pitty we have this awesome midfield just shit at both ends
Grimes Jr: dogs just not using macrae
las_cons: how is bont on 42. He’s had no impact. SC is a joke towards premos
Ash777: midfield was playing shower 1st game.
AuroraBore: Can’t believe people traded Dunkley after one bad game
pcaman2003: @Kidult. Usually good,but Macrae seems to have lost his usual intensity
CniglioSsn: traded dunkley, the money i made easily was worth the other scores i got.
feralmong: how’d you make money before prices change?
CniglioSsn: i meant scores, but they’re about to translate anyway.
zoomba23: Absolute lol at all the people talking up the Dogs. There was never any reason why they’d do well this year
Ash777: we’re the essendon on 2018 this year
Kidult: yeh sucks had the perfect game plan in 2015/16 then Beveridge
Kidult: goes and makes it worse
Grimes Jr: i reckon the dogs will turn up in this second half and win
StuL: Macca was defence a lot that qtr and a long way from the ball
frenzy: I think you can have too many midfielders
Kidult: Tigers took it and involved it and look at them now
Kidult: we have too many half back runners and midfielders trying to play fwd
Kidult: evolved*
Ash777: muppet bont
StuL: Fox air? W##k air. I watch footy at home to see it up close
Kidult: cya in 2021 over this season
Grimes Jr: cheers macca, good to see ur scoring well
Apachecats: bye kidult.
GobChuck: Cmon Bazlenka repay the faith
pcaman2003: @Grimes. Jr. Macca not trying too hard. Looks disinterested
valkorum: Time to move Macrae off the wing and try to impact the game
pcaman2003: @Valkorum. Since 5 vmin mark of 1st qtr, Macrae only scored 32 points. Ouch!
Grimes Jr: captain macrae. never again this year with these rubbish quarter lengths
valkorum: @pcaman2003 yeh it hasnt been pretty
frenzy: wow Macca, wots up
feralmong: go a ruck capt. they’ll take most of the game time.
GobChuck: Macrae costing me 2350 right now, dunks and baz holding up their side of the deal
heppelitis: long looked good in jlt…then got 120 odd off 12 touches game 1…looks disinterested
valkorum: oooh, I just saw Macrae get a touch
Ash777: Macca can still ton from here
Grimes Jr: couple of cheap ones to finish the quarter pls macca
Grimes Jr: this is piss weak from the dogs. st kilda suck
pcaman2003: Unless Macca can get another 60 from here, I’m finished.
DrSeuss: Under 69 AF please JMac
feralmong: carn macca get an orange slice in ya
GobChuck: 2230 with a quarter to go…… bring it home strong boys
beerent11: great start to the season for Bailey smith
LuvIt74: Glad i traded out Macrae this week
Apachecats: Bont and Macrae to get home with a wet sail.
LuvIt74: 2160 without Gardner & Kings scores
LuvIt74: I’ll step Viney up once he’s made 500k plus and these super premo’s drop
exatekk: 2295 with King in play
Apachecats: Not even going to look at JLT form next year ,its no guide.
poolboybob: English is a massive crab, gets smashed by every other ruck in the comp
Sixty656: English has Manute Bol syndrome
Ash777: English still very young
DrSeuss: Ok stop now Macrae – that’s enough
pcaman2003: @DrSeuss. Enough! he hasn’t even warmed
BigChief: Who said earlier King would only get 30 odd?
feralmong: nice max. will be a handy rookie.
pcaman2003: My tipping this week really sucks bad.
frenzy: oh my word, that was showerhouse
GobChuck: turns out rookies this year won’t be quite as bad as we expected……thank goodness

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