Chat log from R3 of 2020: Richmond vs Hawthorn

Dogs5416: Pickett on bench for loophole, to Vc titch or not
exatekk: do it!
exatekk: cant LH Pickett. Got all green lights on my bench!
Gotigres: Watch Ceglar pump out a 150 now that I dumped him for Rozee.
exatekk: Did you start with Ceglar Gotigres?
Gotigres: Yes exatekk, for the first 2 rounds.
exatekk: Yeah nice. I dumped Brayshaw last week for Ceglar, so I’ve cursed him!
beerent11: Let’s go sicdog!
frenzy: don’t like your new pop up ads m0nty
pcaman2003: C’mon Titch and go big please.
Gotigres: Tigers are asleep
exatekk: Download Adblock is you’re using cjhrome frenzy
CniglioSsn: Cmon Cegs, i didnt start with you for you to be trash!
frenzy: yep, had one of them last yr, but thanks again
Grimes Jr: this is what happen when u don’t kick straight, shai
twinpeaks: Was tossing up between WIngard and Ebert for Brayshaw, sigh. I suppose get him next week for Greenwood
StuL: I despise the hawks but better they keep the tigers down.
pcaman2003: I expect Tigers to bounce back.
exatekk: Could be worse. Could have Riewoldt!
CniglioSsn: is this the match of the jacks? 6 of them…
StuL: Come on Mitchell. FFS Getting beaten by Pickett who I benched
Ash777: wingard, brayshaw & ebert all poor choices really.
Pokerface: how is o’meara playing.. wasn’t he out ‘injured’, therefore unable to be brought into the team?
StuL: Every second kid born 90-95 was called Jack.
CniglioSsn: it was a cheek fracture
Ash777: saints vs tigers the battle of the jacks
twinpeaks: Ash777 I beg to differ in AF
Pokerface: yes but more to the point he wasn’t named.. and not omitted as emergency
beerent11: Yes J ceg!
exatekk: ST Kilda have a few Jacks…
beerent11: Ceg goes from 11 to 39
Baldfrog: Bum cheek fracture
frenzy: thatta boy Cegs
Lodgy: Gotta givepropsto cegs, foughtbfought back wellafter last weekack
heppelitis: the big cuban ceglar
Baldfrog: Drunk Lodgy?
Apachecats: Tiger forwards have had 3 kicks between them.
Lodgy: Lol @baldfrog, lagged out and it messed up my txt, but i amon the way
beerent11: Sicdog you gun
Lodgy: If big timmy o brien can getthehand sanitiser off his palms he might be able to mark something
pcaman2003: O’Meara career not so finished after all. Gr8 comeback past couple of years
Baldfrog: Hah that’s not hand sanitizer lodgy
beerent11: Got it confused with the belt grip you reckon lodgy
beerent11: Agree pcaman lots of adversity to overcome
Lodgy: He should be callin up trav cloke, needs a glove man
Tangent: Traded Martin out and brought Smith in! Keep it up!
dezlav: Wow. Tigers looking worse the Adelaide last week
dezlav: @Tangent. How Funny, so did I.
pcaman2003: @Tangent. Gutsy move!
Lodgy: Love seeing gunston up fwd, his goal kicking has gone a bit haywire though
exatekk: Definately gutsy!
beerent11: 30 trades 17 rounds you can do that sort of stuff this year
beerent11: I sideways traded dusty to sonny for this week
pcaman2003: Is this the same Hawks as last week?
Baldfrog: Yeah I traded out Martin for Simpkin because heaps of trades
Tangent: I’m a crazy Adelaide fan myself… And I think we will lose to Gold Coast for the first time in history… 🙁
exatekk: I did too beerent11
exatekk: Yeah. We’ll lose Tangent!
Baldfrog: I just want the kids to get a run something I’ve been saying for 2 years now
Raspel31: Kept Dusty- not worth enough to trade.But just home. Wow, simply wow.
dezlav: Agreed Tangent
Tangent: Did Mitchell just come from Art class?
CniglioSsn: What’s Titch wearing?
CniglioSsn: Anyone know what that is?
pcaman2003: Get going Titch.
shaker: Tiges look a long way off the pace just like last week
DrSeuss: Need Titch and Pickett to pick up a bit
frenzy: hope Titchell is quiet, with the sore wing
exatekk: Titch has just taken a slide on the logos on the grass..
Grimes Jr: game over. we’ve been piss weak and quarter lengths are a joke
BigChief: Not sure you can blame 1/4 lengths when both side play the same time.
Raspel31: Welcome back O’Meara- looking good lad
Tangent: shortened quarters are stupid!
pcaman2003: Riewoldt’s score….LOL! .Should’ve stayed home
exatekk: haha chief.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Isn’t he just
Yelse: AFL is soft playing reduced quarter. No other sport has reduced their length of games
CniglioSsn: Ceglar and sicily, Im lovin’it .tm
wadaramus: How good is having to get rid of the ads again?!
MrWalrus: Short quarters do hurt us but playing worse than carlton reserves
Raspel31: Was going to side step from Dusty to O’Meara- pcaman- chickened out. More fool me.
Baldfrog: Hard too see Carlton reserves being any worse than league side
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I’ve kept Dusty too. Can’t see value in trading him out as he’ll be back next week.
zadolinnyj: happy with short. was my pod but first time he has done well
MrWalrus: Carlton reserves don’t have Cripps
exatekk: will he tho pacman?
benzammit: Oh humdinger
heppelitis: frawleys handball must have been outstanding
Raspel31: Agree exatekk- prognosis now 2-3weeks
thiccgucci: hope sicily can repeat his 1st quarter and go massive
beerent11: You’re letting the pickett, sicily, ceglar team down marlion
exatekk: ribs are a funny thing…
Raspel31: Indeed exatekk- they tend to hurt.
CniglioSsn: Same here beerent, but picket dont really matter: everyone has him.
pcaman2003: @Exatekk. Hardwickhinted that he should be okay for next week
heppelitis: Too many frees paid tonight.
Dead_Ned: i don’t think anyone saw this coming
pcaman2003: Games not over yet .
Raspel31: Indeed pcamam.
Yelse: tigers nothing without artin
beerent11: This scoring system is weighted way too far in the favour of ruckmen
bones351: How do they not call that holding the ball on Smith. I never understand that.
LuvIt74: what happened with dusty?
beerent11: I’ve got ceglar but there’s no way that was a 79 point half
Apachecats: Heard it was chest bruising from wearing his medals at training Luvit.
BigChief: 7 contested poss and 6 clearances help Ceglar
Stikman35: Stacks a hack
LuvIt74: love it Apachecats….lol
LuvIt74: I forgot they were playing tonight been flat out and forgot to check, is he out for long or not sure?
Apachecats: Sounds like a one weeker Luvit.
Grimes Jr: players just haven’t turned up
beerent11: You know it’s easy when Wingard dominates
Raspel31: Riewoldt was my captain tonight. God.
Gotigres: Game over
MercAm: Oh I love this, Stack is legit playing for Hawthorn
exatekk: no way Raspel
beerent11: Haha rasp
Baldfrog: Time for the orange cones to appear next to tigers players
Breezey: I can’t lie. I’m absolutely loving this hiding
Raspel31: I’m simple but not a cretin exatekk.
exatekk: I am too Breezey!
pcaman2003: Hawks tackling crazy good compared to last week
beerent11: Didn’t even know reiwoldt was playing
MrWalrus: Orange cones except backs
pcaman2003: @MercAm. It’s okay cos Worpel playing for Tigers. Clanger king
DrSeuss: Pickett needs more TOG and Titch needs to tackle
BigChief: @Baldfrog that’s an insult to orange witches hats LOL
LuvIt74: I need to bring in a forward and have $214k im thinking of bringing in Steve Hill for $190k?
BigChief: @LuvIt Sam Sturt is cheap from Freo
Baldfrog: Lol Chief
beerent11: Here we go raspel
Baldfrog: Yeah but is Sturt gunna have JS?
exatekk: risky Luvit. wait a week
dipstick: the AFL made a grave mistake reducing qtrs to that of the Ansett Cup. I reckon only pro sport to do so
beerent11: ….Maybe not
Raspel31: Agree Big Cief- a ton in round one and held on
BigChief: About as much as any other cheap fwd really.
LuvIt74: @bigChief had him since the start mate. So Its either Berry for $124k and on the bubble or Steve Hill $190k
dipstick: why doesnt JRoo have a penguin. His scores on its knees
LuvIt74: I also brought in Cameron this week…
Lodgy: Would lovetobe in the heads of gunston and breust, used to be dead eyes at goal, infallible
frenzy: penguin is too good for him dipstik
cmperrfect: Is Pickett another Mark McGough?
Lodgy: Almost as jftheyhavegotten older and doubt has crept in
Baldfrog: T Berry did some nice things last week
Breezey: There is a steady stream of cardboard cutouts leaving the MCG.
BigChief: Taylor from Nth, Brander or Georgiades all good options.
Lodgy: Almost as if they have gotten older and doubt has crept in
Baldfrog: Lol Breezey
Raspel31: I have a feeling Richmond will pull this off. I am also going to hospital tomorrow for certified insanity.
GobChuck: in a similar jam – picking 2 out of rivers/sturt/berry/pickett
DrSeuss: Titch needs to get his shoulder fixed ASAP – not 1 tackle in 3 quarters – reflected in his scoring too
pcaman2003: Could be further ahead if not for Worpel. Is very careless tonight
Baldfrog: Still support Tottenham then Raspel?
zadolinnyj: lol breezy
dipstick: what did Jroos ZERO SC score say to the 8? I like your belt. Has Jroo got a sour look on his face?
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Last year it was your arm,now your insanity. Can’t win,can you?
twinpeaks: DrSeuss, encouraging that he can score close to 100 adjusted without tackles though – still a bargain at his starting pr
LuvIt74: I have Rivers, Sturt & Picket so gotta get rid of Gardener and bring in either Berry or Hill
shaker: Garbage Tiges look like they have been eating donuts instead of training season way to short to play this crap
exatekk: Riewoldt’s squared the ledger
Raspel31: Well. pf course Baldfrog. So sad to see Man C whip the Gunners 3=nil.
pcaman2003: Big last qtr Titch. Tackles and more kicks please
GobChuck: hill can wait until next week. get berry
BigChief: Mitchell needs more CP
LuvIt74: yeah i think i’ll get berry Hill averaged 78 in 2017 and 73 in 2018 but only played 3 games last year and averaged 37
beerent11: Nice kick George
LuvIt74: cheers guys
heppelitis: finish off strong cegs….get back some extra points for last week
Baldfrog: Arsenal have created their own problems Raspel. Penny pinching too long
beerent11: Twitch has a sore shoulder bigchief
Raspel31: Oh pcaman, this year a dtached retina- it just gets better- back to the footy.
Baldfrog: Arsenal *
Baldfrog: You really need to stop playin chess raspel
dipstick: @baldfrog assenal
Baldfrog: M0nty why cant I say Ar$enal
Baldfrog: TY Dipstick
pcaman2003: Hawks starting to give tigers too much space.
BigChief: @Baldfrog because of Ar$e in it.
Raspel31: Lol Baldfrog- funny.
beerent11: Muppet lynch
Apachecats: Riewoldts SC LOL
MercAm: Bhaha beautiful
dipstick: @bladfrog you did say Ar$enal. You just cant say aresenal
Baldfrog: Still I’m not swearing
BigChief: It’s the same as Bris coaches name. Can’t say that either.
Baldfrog: Fagan
BigChief: Wow it’s allowed now.
Raspel31: I’m bringing in Riewoldt next week to leave on the bench. Going for $2.50.
dipstick: True. Lucky Contstable is spelt with an o otherwise you couldt say that either
pcaman2003: Hawks falling over again this qtr. Patton useless as TOAB
Baldfrog: Cunstable
Raspel31: And yet suddenly”
BigChief: @Rasp Nick Riewoldt would be a great inclusion
Baldfrog: Watts is better than Patton
TheLegend6: 16 min quarters are useless, in this instance annoying it gives us no chance at coming back
beerent11: Vc / c strategies this week? Neale – Fyfe for me
CniglioSsn: Thanks for giving him a chance though pcaman
dipstick: grundy/neale
exatekk: Neale to Gawn
Raspel31: Ah Nick Big Chief- a hero.
Baldfrog: Grundy/Neale or McRae is due for a big one
cmperrfect: Grundy into Neale if needed @beerent11
BigChief: Whitfield into Fyfe for me.
Ash777: looks like pickett is a perma bench option now.
GobChuck: Hope Tigers don’t score for the rest of the game. 5.6.36 again
Raspel31: Grundy to Neale for my money.
StuL: What chance Neale gets tagged this week and gets 80-100? Law of averages. He can’t get 170 every week.
cmperrfect: Geez, total points bets would be interesting this season.
GobChuck: Dunkley into Neale this week. No Hutchings so Neale should get an easy enough run
beerent11: Grundy sore?
dipstick: macrae playing on the wing and sooking like a baby is not a good option IMO
Baldfrog: Libba is back Stul you could be on to something
exatekk: Hutchings isnt plsying. He’s WC tagger.
Baldfrog: Disregard Stul wrong opponent
cmperrfect: No tagger for WCE
beerent11: If Rowell can go 171 v eagles what’s Neale gonna do?
TheLegend6: That wingard free about sums it up haha
Breezey: Richmond are currently 5 goals 6 behinds. Exactly what they scored last week.
StuL: Shuey could go with Neale? Shut him down and getg 30 himself.
Raspel31: I wouldn’t touch Macrae- though I’ll keep him. Well said Dipstick.
beerent11: Bailey smith seems to have McRaes spot atm
Breezey: Until now
dipstick: ditto @GobChuck any other taggers at eagles? Neale should graze on points like a bull with a full
Bulky: Pickett has turned into Relton Roberts in the space of 3 games.
Raspel31: And I left Rowell on the bench Beer.
Baldfrog: Stuff McRae then Neale it is
beerent11: Shit raspel
StuL: Dogs are rubbish. Surely Mac has to go straight back in to the guts?
pcaman2003: Turnovers in our def is awful
dipstick: anyone see Rowell play? I cant. I hear he is like a beast. Any chance he’ll ton massive this week?
cmperrfect: Entire Rich back line tonned up haha
Baldfrog: No one saw that comin Raspel wouldn’t feel bad
Yelse: is mcrae really on the wing?
TheLegend6: We actually could have come back and gone close here, goalkicking horrible
Baldfrog: Agree Stul
MercAm: Time for pickett to go?
StuL: thanks Baldy. Just need to know I’m not crazy.
StuL: Glad I benched Pickett.
TheLegend6: @Merc just put him in the bench until BE is too high
frenzy: benched this week Merc
beerent11: Playing crows dip so yes
exatekk: haha Richmond
StuL: Yea Yelse. Macrae was on the wing last week. And I don’t think he knows how to play wing and nor should he.
beerent11: Nice start for my boys this weekend. best of luck all
CniglioSsn: See you tomorrow lads, up the Giants

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