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Chat log from R2 of 2020: Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Sydney vs Essendon, R2 of 2020

Kidult: big point free kick haha
StuL: Good start lllloyd
BigCox75: Need Ridley to have a big one
frenzy: Teabag on fire
cmperrfect: Cmon Andy, started well.
Apachecats: Got Smith and Parish -help!
Ash777: great to hear bt say lloyd again 😛
sammyo7: I did miss that LLLLLlyoyd
Kidult: no it is not, hate BT with a passion
Apachecats: With you kidult
Apachecats: Especially when he’s in the rooms after the game, complete embaressment
Ash777: that just lets you know it’s time to turn off lol.
Kidult: I use to like when the football warned you about potential other game scores now they just say it live commentary
BigChief: BT is a wanker
Apachecats: exactly Ash
Kidult: Got burnt from Ridley last year so he was on my never again list
cmperrfect: Ridley a must have. Involved in a lot of scoring chains.
Apachecats: Now I just need Parish to come good.
StuL: Why is Ridley such a gun? He’s the right mid pricer.
casey22: Take BT over Dermie any day of the week
Apachecats: yeah cmperfect ,he showed out a couple of times late last season.
StuL: The long awaited McGrath breakout might finally be real.
pcaman2003: Be good if horse gave McInerney some more TOG.
SilverLion: get a touch townsend you pelican
scrappers: BT is tollerable in comparrison to the two flogs Ling and Richo
Kidult: I don’t like any of the commentary today Watson,BT, Mclachlan and Bolton
benzammit: It is Stu, finally taking stoppages, he will have better numbers naturally.
cmperrfect: Quietest Heeney has been for a long time.
pcaman2003: @cmperrfect. Typical Heeney either really good or terrible.
BigCox75: glad I brough Ridley in looking the goods
Kidult: Heeney was talking to doc pointing top of his shoulder
Kidult: back out there tho
thiccgucci: Hoping heeney is okay, normally fun to watch
thiccgucci: Will be nice and cheap in a few weeks tho 😛
hinsch: I have Dawson & housten (PA) in my back line should have saved my $$ and taken two rookies
Kidult: he has a BE of 42 so won’t be for awhile
Kidult: just looking back at trade outs this week 2059 offloaded Starcevich but they probably still better off than me
Apachecats: That was a crowd free.
BigCox75: I kept him had to many other that I needed to trade out lol
Ash777: crowd free? He could of knocked him out if there was more force.
frenzy: same bigcox, but no E on him
BigCox75: soft as butter
BigCox75: Same frenzy missed the E
benzammit: How I’ve missed the SCG.
Ash777: Soft but still there.
Kidult: hmm just looking at the squads for next game it has injured next to Cavarra
Kidult: thought he was just omitted
benzammit: He was emergency.
Kidult: yeh its a strange one @benza
V@lks: Geez stuffed up massively picking DMac and Parish
benzammit: Maybe a shifty late change coming up ?
Ash777: Dmac has probably been pushed out of his usual role.of the midfield.
Kidult: Dmac played as a chf throughout Marsh so didn’t trust him to get any midfield stats
Kidult: with shorter games the actual midfielders spend more time in there
frenzy: my 2 Jordans going okay in this
Kidult: Wonder who Ambrose will push out
Apachecats: McKenna to come back too ,kidult.
pcaman2003: Get going McInerney
frenzy: will he come back in
Apachecats: @frenzy -to be sure ,to be sure.
Kidult: Think Mckenna has trained as a fwd for any preseason he has been in Australia
Kidult: so he may come in for Parish or Snelling
thiccgucci: smith hasnt moved at all
Grimes Jr: C on Macrae this evening. Lets hope he doesn’t spud it up and the dogs get up
DrSeuss: Be nice if Devon Smith could get a touch or 20
pcaman2003: McInerney really costing me now. Opponent has Lloyd
StuL: Lots of ppl sold dunk so watch him go 170
zoomba23: Why are Sydney still an ok team? By rights they should be undergoing a complete rebuild but they’re still competitive
oc16: pretty stupid to sell dunk after just one bad game
Kidult: was only coz they looked like losing 30k each week for 2 weeks
Grimes Jr: mcinerney 65 would be great
Kidult: and some sacrificed the underpeform bulldog for Gawn
Kidult: dirty redman lucky he didnt connect
DrSeuss: Need a big finish from Smith and Mcinerney. Also keep going Lloyd you beautiful man.
benzammit: Swans list still in ok shape, Zoomba they play every second week with a few extra players in green.
AuroraBore: Zaharakis has hair now? Did he get laser hair surgery?
feralmong: my opponent finished with 2328. i’m 530 behind with 5 players.
feralmong: lloyd smith and townsend in this.
feralmong: carn towny, tackle to 60.
Kidult: its just that 16-22 and depth players that is shower
zoomba23: Benzammit: Facts
LuvIt74: Those who traded in Heeney will be gutted
Raspel31: Not over the moon LuvIiT
Bezzina: that’s why you don’t touch heeney
frenzy: c’mon Jordan ffs, nothing since half time
Kidult: not a bad start from Zerrett 111 in game 1 and this
pcaman2003: McInerney terrible 2nd half. Needs to learn how to tackle and also find the ball
BigChief: Bombers are safe.
pcaman2003: Does anyone ever play on Lloyd? 25 uncontested touches.
StuL: Zaha is cold so he needed some hair
Kidult: he ends up with a fro if he doesnt shave/cut it
Ooost: Right, Laird out Lloyd in
BOMBRBLITZ: Parish with the sealer
cmperrfect: It’s been a long wait for a win in Sydney…. Finally.
Kidult: Bellchambers pantsed by a second rate ruckman

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