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Chat log from R2 of 2020: Western Sydney vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Western Sydney vs North Melbourne, R2 of 2020

frenzy: Lift Roos haha
Ooost: Hopefully My Zac Willaims recruit works out.. Houston out Williams in.
Kidult: took the safe option of benching Taylor for cavarra to loop the 58 from Brander
Kidult: and he probably end up playing now
Ooost: Damn
Ooost: Coniglio and Williams unique in this.
frenzy: Dbl teamin brown as usual, so sumone should be loose
Ooost: Last time De Boer tagged Cunnington he got slammed didn’t he?
Kidult: Cunners top score is like 70 vs GWS in the last 3 years
cmperrfect: Ziebell must be allergic to leather
Kidult: Went with Jacobs instead of Pittonet haha
Kidult: Kelly is going backwards
Raspel31: Ditto Kidult-whoops
Apachecats: Same Kidult ,sold English for Jacobs ffs ,think I would have learnt something after 10 years of playing, but no.
shaker: Sold English for Cameron and will get Pittonet this week
shaker: Jacobs is a lumbering beast I was shocked he scord that much last week
Kidult: just need Jacobs to get to 70 and Ill b content
CniglioSsn: stay safe dutchys shoulder <3
cmperrfect: 4 possessions for entire Roos midfield
cmperrfect: Why is Ziebell not on the ball? Is he injured?
Kidult: @m0nty i like your thoughts on Williams “starting foward for some reason”
wadaramus: Perfectly executed high tackle there from Whitfield!
BigChief: @cmp he is a forward now.
StuL: Another AFLW score coming.
SilverLion: Did you learn nothing last year shaw? Ziebs is a shit forward, get him on the ball
cmperrfect: Hey m0nty, are you developing a mobile App?
StuL: I guess God has Zurhaar in his team but not with the C
SilverLion: lmao good joke perrfect
Kidult: Caldwell is interesting at 190k
m0nty: I am, but not a FanFooty one.
cmperrfect: What’s with the lows scoring, geez?
SilverLion: When are you going to update the forum m0nty?
Kidult: Well Jacobs plan didn’t work out was hoping to grab quick cash but Pittonet comes in next week
StuL: Nice kick Hall.
cmperrfect: A footy app m0nty? Or something else altogether?
kiss01: mOnty when will this app be ready to go and what will it be called? Can’t wait!!!
cmperrfect: Could anyone take Caldwell’s spot @kidult?
SilverLion: Hately, Green, and when he’s fit Taranto could @perf
Kidult: Ward leading Gws disposal count in 1st game back
Kidult: well kennedy was injured so maybe him or Green or Hately but for him to come in with no significant outs
Kidult: maybe till Taranto is back
Kidult: Caldwell adds something different to their midfield other than the like for like Hopper, Ward, Taranto, Green, Hately
benzammit: These shortend qtr are making the game too defensive, too much energy to defend both ends of the ground.
BigChief: Maybe the AFL should make it 16 on field to try get more scoring.
cmperrfect: I won’t be paying money to watch this even if the crowds return.
Kidult: The old time on is when scores come through alot
Kidult: more players playing close to 100% time everyone is fit to chase and tackle
cmperrfect: Put 6 on the bench and move the game back to full length.
Kidult: Slow down Taylor I took Branders 58
Kidult: i think 6 would make the same null result
beerent11: Is the off button broken on your remote cmperrfect?
BigChief: That’s why 16 a side could help. less congestion.
Kidult: at this stage looks like T.Stewart, Howe ,Haynes are the ones to have in defence
m0nty: I am developing a mobile game called Mr Football.
kiss01: Nice mOnty. Release date?
BigChief: @kid Crozier not to be forgotten
StuL: Feel free to flower off now cogs.
Kidult: Well Taylor just added to my woes haha
Ooost: Jacobs owners 😀
CamT: Jacobs won’t even get a game next week.
Ooost: Imagine being omitted for a done Mumford
DrSeuss: What’s happened to Cogs this half? 🙁
StuL: I told him to go away dr Suess. Come back when he’s in my team
cmperrfect: Perhaps @bigchief
Kidult: cmon Jacobs,Whit and Kelly 30+each in the last
cmperrfect: AFLPA sooked up about fixture, so AFL caved on game time
StuL: Come on North. Huge r upset than last night
zoomba23: Josh Kelly with 75 at 60% eff and a couple of clangers is a joke
DrSeuss: Thanks StuL
zoomba23: StuL: This will not be a bigger upset than last night lol
m0nty: December is the projected release date.
CamT: Release date of what, m)nay ?
cmperrfect: It’s still the Goldy, Gawn, Grundy show this year
CamT: * m0nty
SilverLion: dont disrespect pittonet like that @perrf
frenzy: That was for you Kidult
Ash777: I have C Taylor on field so happy.
Kidult: Taylor seems to be the 2nd half specialist so far
Kidult: Jlt he owned the second half and round 1+2
cmperrfect: Is Pittonet in your team @silver?
DrSeuss: CTaylor and Starcevich both on my bench will help me lose all my leagues this week lol
SilverLion: nah got Gawn/Grundy, but Pitto definitely a viable option
Bezzina: missed out on Starcevich but Taylors a little jet
Bezzina: let’s go taylor
Ash777: go norf!
Kidult: only Cogs has really moved for GWS this qtr
Apachecats: Smackable Greene had a quiet one.
CniglioSsn: sad 🙁
HolyNorf: Surely we don’t choke this
Apachecats: Think you’re home Holy
Kidult: scoring picked up alot
Ash777: going brayshaw to simpkin has paid off
CniglioSsn: defence really broke down.
CniglioSsn: always rated the roos
frenzy: Well done boys

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