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Chat log from R2 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, R2 of 2020

ryan: ladies
Kidult: cmon that was 3 holding calls
Dead_Ned: cmon houston, laird and doedee
Kidult: Keays looks like that penguin from Surfs up just sayin
Baldfrog: Slow down Crows want the no.1 draft pick
Kidult: tackle gray without the footy thats 4 missed calls already
frenzy: the blues will hand it to ya Baldy
Kidult: Crows have played B.crouch and Sloane out of the square already weird
Baldfrog: Cheers Frenzy
Ash777: who’s the no.1 kid supposed to be this year.
Baldfrog: Taping this one and watching the other so can’t help kidult dunno Ash
Cyberdyne: Rowell from GC
Cyberdyne: rockliff do something FFS
Baldfrog: Go Rozee u good thing
DrSeuss: Wasn’t Houston supposed to be good this year?
Ash777: go the hoff!
Ash777: houston must of failed to launch due to poor weather 😛
Apachecats: Kelly off for this game -ch 7
Apachecats: This is a lot better than watching the Rugba League.
DrSeuss: Where is Brodie Smith playing in this game?
Kidult: Marshall would be leading the Coleman atm?
Kidult: nvm thought he kicked 4 in the Suns game
Fatbar5tad: Not much discipline by the Blackbirds
exatekk: bald headed flog is back
Baldfrog: Yeah I’m here
exatekk: haha. nah the other one!
DrSeuss: Houston and Brodie Smith doing very little
Kidult: @ben_gogos need M0nty to get a Cody Maverick symbol for Ben Keays
Snarfy: I can see why I rushed to get Doedee into my side. To match all the other nuf-nufs I’ve got!
CozzieCan: Cmon Houston… rage trade coming
pcaman2003: I got Doedee in for what reason? I must be insane.
StuL: Crows suck
Apachecats: Some of Rozees stats don’t even rate in DT ,like that tap on and the smother earlier.Brilliant player.
CozzieCan: Houston .. was have a problem .. lift you flowering lemon
zoomba23: Thank you Doedee very cool
Kidult: Rozee to me is a combination of Judd,Wanganeen and Cyril I really rate the kid
DrSeuss: Houston just running around looking at the ball it seems – not getting near it
CozzieCan: @Seuss wondering what the hype was with him … spudding it
Dead_Ned: houston and doedee need to lift big time
pcaman2003: Lift Laird and Dodee you slackers
DrSeuss: Time to move on from Brodie Smith it seems
dezlav: @DrSeuss. Time to move on from B Crouch for me. And what is up with Houston
Ash777: crocker looks so out of place among the other crow players lol
Kidult: Well Sloane was my recruit that worked out well.
CozzieCan: B.crouch one season wonder lol
Stu7: Come on Dudee
Kidult: they went cautious with Sloane because of the margin
Kidult: I hope anyway
DrSeuss: Hard to judge from this game but Butters has been in everything
Stu7: Traded Mcasey for Dudee
CozzieCan: Step down Tex , Adelaide look so disorganised tonight
Kidult: @cozzie sloane is Captain as of last year
StuL: Everyone knows it’s Butters! That’s me!
pcaman2003: Is Laird still playing,or has he gone home?
Apachecats: Gone home I think PCA.
Ash777: tex isn’t captain anymore
CozzieCan: @Kidult shows how much I know woops haha
pcaman2003: Thanks Apache. Thought as much
CniglioSsn: Thanks Laird, you did nothing.
DrSeuss: Thanks Brodie Smith – time for you to leave my team
Yelse: laird gotta go but who worth his spot really maybe Zwilliams
CniglioSsn: the opponent in draft has brien and rozee, kill me please

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